Ryan Preece Humbled By Whelen Modified Tour Bud 150 Showing At Thompson

Ryan Preece (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

By Denise DuPont

THOMPSON – Wednesday the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour went to Thompson Speedway for the Bud King of Beers 150 and defending champion Ryan Preece was ready to make it two wins in a row in the event.

Preece ranked third in practice, but during his qualifying session he was not as lucky.

His momentum was interrupted with a red flag about two minutes into his group’s session when Ronnie Williams spun and hit the turn two wall. Fluid from the accident was coated with Speedi-dri so the track surface was not the same for drivers when qualifying resumed. Preece rounded up his qualifying session thirteenth in the end.

On lap 123, Preece pitted and restarted fifth. With about twenty laps to go, he was running sixth holding his own. Then on lap 138 Preece pulled down pit road ending his day. His crew did not even go over to the car as Preece unbuckled and got out.

“The motor burned up, we lost a motor,” Preece said. “It got hot and now it is not any good anymore.”

The incident was a big disappointment for Preece.

“We have been good here at Thompson in the past,” Preece said. “It has been good this year. But tonight we were just not good. We may have missed the setup. But there are a lot of things playing into it and I am not going to blame those things. I have to change something. I will have to make some adjustments and free the car up.

“It just was not that good. Then we did not have a lot of practice. I really did not think that it was going to be that bad when we showed up at the track. All in all racing is a humbling sport. It can bring you back down real quick. I had a rough day. I thought that it was going to be better than it was. It just was not that good.”

Preece was unable to zero in on only one item that could be the root cause of his tough day.

“I do not know there was just a lot of different things,” Preece said.

Striving to make the move up into the NASCAR XFINITY Series full-time, Preece has had a hectic 2018 schedule. He finished fourth at Saturday’s XFINITY Series event at Watkins Glen (N.Y.) International driving for his Joe Gibbs Racing team.

“I am getting to the point that everything is taking away from my Modified stuff,” Preece said. “Soon am going to have to pick one or the other and obviously we all know what I am picking right now. I am just trying to finish out the rest of the year and hopefully stronger than what it was today.”

Preece will not compete in next week’s Whelen Modified Tour Bush’s Beans 150 at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway because of a commitment with Craftsman, one of the sponsors with his XFINITY Series team.


  1. Walter Maguire says

    You deserve an xfinity ride asap. You can run with the cup guys and that is the truth. Stay strong and you’ll get it.

  2. There are reports that Ryan and Daniel Hemric are being pursued by JTG Daughety racing for next year. Shawn does Ryan have any input on that.

  3. The way this article was written has me wondering. Could an announcement that Ryan has a full time Xfinity ride for 2019 be coming? Really hope so. Ryan is more talented then about 90% of the Xfinity drivers, and about 75% of the current cup drivers

  4. Rat Skoglund says

    Keep focused on your plan.
    You have the best modified owner on the tour.
    He’s behind you and gives you what you need to succeed.
    You got this Ryan!

  5. Bretthearn fan,
    Ryan isn’t talking about anything that’s possible for next year. The “reports” (which is just an online rumor published by one source) is just a news outlet projecting him as a possibility for a vacancy. There’s no indication in what was reported that there is anything more to it than that.

  6. Stop talking silly.brethean..

    Just let stuff play out and sit silent.
    Be an adult

  7. Rumors also have it DEI may be interested as a replacement for Sadler in the 1 car next year.

  8. Stop. It humphrwy
    Sit silent and wait lime an adult ong!!!!

  9. Jeffrey T Thibeault says

    What happened to these people Shawn
    Always staring some crazy rumours..

    Leave Ryan alone!!!!
    Stop runni g crazy talk with no facts as usual… omg!!! This world is so sick!!!!!
    How bout integrity and truth is that trending….probly not

  10. Please stop these rumors
    Here it is ryan is with gibbs!!!!
    Thats it !!!!!
    Just cheer the kid on !!!!!

  11. Humprey enough !!!!!!
    DEI. OMG!!!

  12. It’s pretty obvious that Dale Jr. likes Ryan Preece.

  13. Humphrey, DEI stands for DALE EARNDHART INCORPORATED, for whom Steve Park drove the #1 car. So unless Ryan Preece has access to a time machine, don’t see him signing with them. They sold out to Ganassi in 2003.

  14. Go read it for your self on jayski about Ryan and jtg racing. He’s not going to have to many options for next year with a lot of guys under contract already unless he brings a sponsor on millions of dollar.

  15. Dear Rob P, you think I don’t know that? How intelligent are some people (Jeffrey) to buy into it though? God I love it when I throw something out there and people take it hook, line and sinker LOL……………..

  16. humphry, Jeffrey knows far more than you can imagine. Dale Jr. likes Preece quite a bit. Talks him up during the races. Dale Jr. is not DEI, in case you didn’t know that.

  17. “The motor burned up, we lost a motor,” That may become a familiar refrain in the not too distant future.
    On September 22 the NHMS will hold it’s inaugural Muskat 250 for the NWMT. An ill conceived replacement concocted by NASCAR and the NHMS I assume to replace the wildly popular Monster Series date that was shipped to another track because New England apparently isn’t worth two race dates. A ridiculous race 2.6 to 2.8 times longer then any current race on the schedule. Taking cars who’s roots are firmly planted in short track sprints and making them race a distance on a full blown NASCAR intermediate track that may exceed the known mechanical reliability of even some of the best cars.
    It’s likely the top funded teams can afford the wear and tear on their equipment and order up replacements needed to stay on top. But this year a strength has been good fields including not so well funded teams that are being made to participate in this abomination of an event.
    It’s likely that all the great fans that drive hours to tracks like Stafford through thunder storms in hope that rain will miss a NWMT event will appreciate the chess match that the Muskat 250 represents for the teams. I doubt for the casual fan it will do much to generate brand loyalty for the future.
    Soon teams will be leaving for the distant land of Tennessee to participate in the Bush Beans 150 on the high banks of Bristol. I assume the reason is for TV since the stands are usually mostly empty with no human bodies to absorb the roar of the engines echoing off the aluminum bleachers. Compared to Stafford and Thompson where fans are on their feet waiving as the green flag flies and you wonder why Tennessee. Abandoning the series base and region at the most spectacular time of the year in the Northeast to travel to a place they don’t care so much about modifieds.
    I don’t know who actually made the decision on the laps to run for the event but it carries the NASCAR brand. NASCAR has been known to make blunders and this may be one. The purpose of the Muskat 250 is simply to fill a void and in the process sacrificing a series that is being asked to do something it was never intended to.

  18. Joe Lajoie says

    I know it’s apples and oranges, but for years Mr DIRT Track USA at Lebanon Valley has been 17.5 to win for 100 laps. Last week the track announced that this year’s edition will be at least 25K to win. Still 100 laps.
    I seen where this Loudon race will require at least 6 sets of tires. One of the reasons I’m really not thrilled with a 250 lap race.

  19. Well, people are still mourning the loss of the Thompson 300. Yes, there is a huge difference between Thompson and Loudon, but there can still be a place for one epic race per season. I like that the Musket 250 has already been heavily promoted.

  20. Humphrey, now I get it ” alternative facts”. Be careful though Dareal might get mad with you stealing the spotlight.

  21. Comparing the Thompson 300 and Musket 250 is apples to jelly donuts.

  22. Why would you say that Humphrey? There’s only a 62 1/2 mile difference, couple that with the much higher speeds at NHMS, and the aero effect the higher speeds bring, and bingo you’ve got the same race lol. About the only thing that might end up being the same is the number of cars that A. finish the race, and B. the number of cars on the lead lap.

  23. If Preece is done running modifieds then Ed Partridge needs to put Showtime back in the car!

  24. Ed LaJoie who has proven to be right almost always reports that Partridge is fielding his car for Preece exclusively and only when he is available.

  25. Doug, his car so I guess he can do what ever he wants with it. What I find funny is when he got rid of Ron Silk and replaced him with Preece, it was because he wanted to attend more races. Now, his car sits because Ryan’s priorities are elsewhere.


  26. Joe Lajoie. I know better. Sorry.

  27. Great link. I love the reference to the VMRS maybe allowing spec motors. Boy did that not happen.
    It’s a tough deal. Preece ascending with more conflicting dates. No one wants to see the 6 parked and everyone has their favorite fill in. It wasn’t at Stafford so we’ll just wait and see. It must be frustrating for Partridge to have a plan then see it change during the season. On the other hand Preece is just so special it’s got to be hard contemplating moving on without him. Biter sweet all around.

  28. Thank you dareal..

    Im happy to see you letting people know i know whatt ima takingg bout

  29. Dareal/Jeffrey one in the same? Beginning to think so………

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