With Ugly Forecast, Stafford Speedway Makes Early Call On Rain Out

With a forecast calling for possible heavy storms through the evening, Stafford Motor Speedway officials made the call Friday morning to cancel this week’s racing card.

The Call Before You Dig sponsored 50-lap event for the Late Model division scheduled for Friday will be moved to the Friday Aug. 24 schedule as part of that evening’s Back to SKool Blitz program.

“We have been looking at the forecast all morning,” Stafford General Manager Mark Arute said in a release. “We just don’t see a big enough window to get tonight’s event in. Unfortunately our weather luck has run out and our consecutive race streak without a rain out will have to end at 16. We’ll see everyone next week for Call Before You Dig Late Model 50 and Back to SKool Night.”


  1. Good call by Mr Arute! No one wants to sit and deal with weather only to not get the show in any way!

    All the better for DaReaLiberalFella to make his “take a knee during the anthem” debut on back to school night! Supposedly Jaffery is bringing him to the track in a hedge fund limmo!! God help us!!

    See you next week!!!

  2. It’s to bad Seymour the clown can’t be there to make it three

  3. And Bozo the clown will make it 4, we have a full blown circus here!

  4. So the modified teams didn’t get out of Bristol until 11 pm on Thursday. A 12-14 hour drive would get them to Stafford at around 2-3 pm IF they drove all night with no sleep. So if Dowling, Kopcik, Williams and no Preece why race? That’s the real reason? How much rain actually fell last night Mark?

  5. In my oppinion by what the forecast called for / the radar showed all day it was a no brainier that he needed to cancel.
    Despite all these conspiracy theories Mr Arute made the right decission. Even if you consider these stupid theories Mark is a business man, he would surelly of chosen to have opened last night and generate revinue instead of cancelling. Cut the guy some slack! It’s the most racer friendly track in the N.E. and you still want to bust his balls?? Seriously???

  6. Knock me down with a feather. I’m not so surprised that they cancelled last night as surprised they went out of their way twice I can think of to get shows in under questionable forecasts.
    The first rain out. That’s got to be at or near a record.
    I suspect the track has a number of races they expect to get in to generate a certain number and expect, in fact depend on some rain outs. Mostly to give teams a break from the expense and grind of appearing every single week and to recharge their batteries. It’s exhausting. And what better time to get a breather then the dog days of late summer with the home stretch in sight.

  7. It rained enough in Stafford last night that they wouldn’t have got the show in ,does that help you sk fan

  8. James Scott says

    A no brainier to pull the plug. Can’t wait till Friday!

  9. geoffrey doppelgänger says

    When Jeffrey and I buy the track we will install sliding roof. No rain.

  10. I went to the tour race in Bristol and just so happened to be on the same flight home with the Williams crew including Ronnie. The plan landed at Bradley at 2pm so they had plenty of time to make it to Stafford. Real racers make it to races and the Arute’s know that. I’m sure the call was made not to run due to the dire forecast not on the fear of who would be there. I’m sure most race teams welcomed the first night off all year. Although, I did hear that the 75’s motor was not back from a refresh job, hmmmm? (Just kidding)

  11. By the looks of the thunderstorms all over the radar Friday night, I think they made the right call.

    Rain delays are one thing, but thousands of people standing around the tallest metal structure in the area is another.

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