First Family Of Fenders: Ryan Fearn Keeps Up Family Domination At Stafford

Ryan Fearn celebrates his third consecutive victory and sixth victory overall in 2018 in the Limited Late Model division Saturday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – The most dominant drivers across the five weekly divisions at Stafford Speedway in 2018 was Late Model driver Tom Fearn.

On Sept. 7 at Stafford, Fearn used his 12th victory of the season to clinch his second Late Model championship at Stafford with two races left in the season.

Fearn also became the winningest Late Model driver in the history of the track on Aug. 3 after his 10th win of the season.

But Fearn domination wasn’t just reserved for the Late Model division at Stafford in 2018.

For the final four events of the season it was actually Fearn’s two young cousins taking full ownership of victory lane in the track’s Limited Late Model division.

Ryan Fearn drove away from the field Saturday to win the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature at Stafford.

It was the third consecutive victory for Ryan Fearn and his sixth overall in the division in 2018.

“Six wins is absolutely insanse,” Ryan Fearn said.

Ryan Fearn said in addition to improving his skills driving, he has gone through a season long lesson in improving his mindset while driving.

“I guess the way to put it is just because it’s the middle of the season or just because it’s the end of the season doesn’t mean that you can’t still work on yourself and improve,” Ryan Fearn said. “There’s just less consecutive time if you will. Consecutive times going to the track every single week, making it a routine, makes it a lot easier to sort of work on those things, especially with mentality behind the wheel. And that’s been a big thing that I’ve been trying to nail into my head all season. I think in the last four weeks or so, four or five weeks, I’ve really got something going. I call it Trust The Process™. … That’s just the little three word that thing that reminds you of what I’ve just been trying to internalize and it seems to be working. Three wins in a row, I’ve never done that before. Fall Final, I’ve never done that before. I don’t know if I’ve raced at a Fall Final because the mentality has just been keeping me from finishing out seasons like this.”

Before Ryan Fearn’s three consecutive wins to close out the season, it was his older sister Alexandra Fearn winning the Aug. 31 Limited Late Model feature.

Ryan Fearn took the lead from Justin Bren out of turn two on lap five and never trailed again Saturday.

“It was a bit of a gladiator battle there,” Fearn said. “… It was just one of those classic kind of short track thunder battles in the beginning throughout the whole entire field. You never know what’s going to happen. You just have to settle in and pick your battles wisely.

Tom Fearn will try to give the family 20 victories overall for the season in Sunday’s 30-lap Late Model feature.

“It really is amazing,” Ryan Fearn said. “It’s just what we love to do as a family.  It’s just, wow. I don’t even know how to put it into words. The payoff is just big. We work on these things so hard and winning is what we love to do. It’s a common interest across the entire team.”


  1. Congratulations Ryan, you beat on average of 8- 9 other cars each week and wrecked how many more earlier in the season. If they had an actual real field. You should have been suspended for at least one week. Your sister drives with respect and class. You can learn a lot from her as you “mature.” It’s nothing person Ryan. My beef is with Stafford for putting us fans through two 9 – 10 car races every Friday all summer instead of combining the classes and running another division. I can’t wait to see real racing tomorrow. The sk lights have put on amazing races each week. At least tomorrow I will have one division to head to the restroom and concessions and not miss a thing. Shawn probably can prewrite that story today for the LM race tomorrow. Thanks Stafford for the built in race break.

  2. Wow That was strong

  3. Strong but fair. Specially the part about putting the fans through some boring stuff.

  4. They rebranded the Streets very successfully. Is it time to rebrand the the other full fendered divisions to the Fearn Models and Limited Fearn Models? Couldn’t hurt.
    As far as the frustration goes with the LM and LLM’s and Staffords insistence on maintaining the status quo Racer28 summed it up perfectly for many of us. But for better or worse the die is cast.
    The LLM’s had a banner day breaking out 13 cars. Teft and Gorman popped in for a visit and a very competitive Robert Bloxsom as well. The Open races, MRS appearances. Quite a varied resume for Robert this year.
    The LM’s almost mirroring the Sizzler showing had 18 cars that is actually a respectable field. Richard Ciriello a Street regular was there apparently learning the ropes so what’s up with that? Other new faces included William Kuhn and Tom Keller and infrequent racer Jeff Conors. Old pro Tom Butler dusted off his car for his forth appearance of the season and logged a respectable 2nd in his heat.
    Does all that portend better numbers on a weekly basis next year and competitive racing. Doubt it but fingers crossed.

  5. Doug, thank you for the nice compliment. It would be different if the brain trust of Stafford told us fans what their plans are for those two divisions. What are they doing to fix 2/5 of their weekly shows that clearly need work. Instead we are in the dark instead. I can’t wait to racing to start today.. it’s beautiful weather and the buffet has awesome food.

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