Kyle James Keeps The Heat On With Another SK Mod Win At The Speedbowl

Kyle James (Photo: Tiesha DiMaggio/Vault Crew Productions)

The domination of Kyle James in the SK Modified division at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl continued Saturday.

James, of Ashaway, R.I., got his seventh win in 11 starts in the 40-lap SK Modified feature Saturday at the Speedbowl.

Todd Owen of Somers was second and Andrew Molleur of Shelton third.

Jason Palmer of Berlin got his fourth win of the season in the 30-lap Late Model feature.

Anthony Flannery of East Hampton was second and Brian Norman of Clinton third.

Jason Chicolas of Sutton, Mass. got his second win of the season in the 30-lap Sportsman feature.

Al Stone III of Durham was second and Shawn Gaedeke of Groton third.

Doug Curry of Groton got his second win of 2018 in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature.

Charles Canfield of East Haven was second and Ian Brew of Wood River Junction, R.I. third.


  1. rocco is not there
    if he was janes would be 2nd every week

  2. Thanks for your incite, Jeffrey.

  3. Who won the SKL feature?

  4. Casual observer says

    Best of the night was a MRS driver and regular SK driver at the bowl allowed to run the SK lite race and winning it. Who comes up with these rules?

  5. 1st visit of the year to Waterford last night. Few observations on Modifieds which are supposed to be the Main Event

    Car counts are surprisingly low, SK field is full of slow cars. Majority of Sk field are running SK lite speeds or slower.

    No offense to James or Owen, you can only race who shows up but that has to be weakest competition level in Modified Racing anywhere from Cearmont to Bowman Gray.

    SK Lites offered more value.

    Hope Management can fix this.

  6. Hillary 2028 says

    James passes at will on the outside much like Rocco had. Gallo wins one week, stays home the next. Guy from Maine drives 5 hours to race at the bowl in an sk. Guess if you have an sk and want to race on a Saturday night.. Say what you want about Terry Eames but good for him to show up last night and give a nice tribute to Bubby. And then hang out for the rest of the night in turn 1 with the regulars.

  7. The car count sucks only about 10 cars a race. Not much of a race. Need more of the good drivers to come back..

  8. They have only had 11 races in the SK’s this year? I know they had a bad stretch of weather but had no idea it was that bad. Congrats to James. And how about Todd Owen running 3 tracks this year. That is impressive. Waterford had 14 cars there this week. For all the bashing Waterford typically gets that is only 3 cars off of Stafford last week. Now in no way am I implying the competition and depth of the field is the same but car count wise they arent too far apart.

    Also it was announced at the Star ISMA show last night that the Waterford ISMA race from wings and wheels originally rescheduled for OCT 6 is not going to be made up.

  9. Humphry,
    Andrew Molleur won the Bubby Brouwer SK Light Modified Memorial event. Results were listed late from the event after the original story was published.

  10. Mark Andrews says

    Would like to hear some opinions here.Dont know the Molleurs from adam but with alot of folks questioning the health and well being of short track racing,Does it make sense to run 3 diffrent modified divisions.He has run sk,true value or tri track.Obviously its thier dime and thats great.I was under the impression that in general racing divisions were originally created on basis of talent and expense.Meaning you started in a affordable lower division and by gaining talent and experience moved up through the divisions as it were if that was your choice.Now i understand some due to lack of funds or other reasons choose to stay in an affordable division based on thier budget and at times tend to dominate and win alot of races.No issues ther either.But latley i notice atrend of spending absurd amounts of money on equipment,haulers and so forth to keep up with the joneses.when will we see a plateau or an end to this madness.20,000 dollar for cast iron 2 bbl motors,two car toterhomes.lightweight and coated parts.alot of store bought stuff for johnny and suzie to play with regardless of the talent,respect,or worried about the local scene right now……loss of car counts is a direct result of expense and secondary is a true lack to set realistic and specific rules and enforce those rules seriously.Back in 2005 at the bowl.wacky wednesday had legends,xmods,superx and xcars.all resonably affordable with basic and enforced rules packages.20 to 25 legends,up to 40 or 50 super and x cars.10 to 15 xmods.healthy car counts in my book.Was hoping that a gm 4 bolt crate engine from gm.235hp,300ftlbs tourque with a chip would have helped the car count in xmods.a restrictor plate was chosen to be used on a full blown sk motor.that was the decision made…fine.Anyway the super and xcar guys put on great shows and the rules were stricktly time went on the racers themselves cried at the rules meetings…oh we need racing tires….oh we need racing shocks…and you have what you have now.a divisions whose original intent is have a full blown race car 8 and 9,000 motors,its very sad that the powers that be cant stick to the plan.Grass roots affordable racing with a reasonable payout for winning to finishing last.Lets go back to an affordable division structure with rules that are enforced and a equal rules and division package for all three connecticut tracks.This is not personal to the Molleurs or anyone else.I just find it unreasonable to have a 15 year old kid who has 3 cars for 3 divisions at his disposal…if we as race fans and competitors cant make it affordable our sport will go away.

  11. Mike you correct – there is really no affordable racing anymore due to some racers that outspend everyone else and terrible rules. the tracks used to have a rules to prevent racers from running lower divisions on the same night…Stafford used to have a 3 win rule in the dare stocks. Lower division engine rules should consist of a base crate engine- sealed by GM or a crate engine part numbers built by anyone.

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