Tri-Track Mod Series Haunted Hundred At Seekonk Postponed To Sunday  

Officials from the Tri-Track Open Modified Racing Series announced Thursday morning that the Haunted Hundred event scheduled for Saturday at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway has been postponed to Sunday because of weather concerns.

“Tri Track Modified management would like to thank everyone for their understanding as we stay committed to put on the best racing in New England,” read a statement from the Tri-Track Open Modified Series on Facebook.

A scheduled practice for the Tri-Track Open Modified Series, Pro All-Stars Series and registered Late Models will be remain scheduled for Friday from noon to 5 p.m. Pits will open at 10 a.m. on Friday.

The Sunday race schedule will remain the same as originally scheduled for Saturday with pits opening at 8 a.m., front gates at 11 a.m. and features starting at 1 pm.

Over 40 cars are entered for the 100-lap Tri-Track Open Modified Series event, which is the season finale for the division. Ron Silk and Matt Hirschman sit tied atop the Tri-Track Open Modified Series standings. Sunday’s event will also include the 150-lap Pro All-Stars Series North championship event and a 50-lap Late Model feature.

General admission is $27. Children under 12 are admitted free. Pit gates open at 8am with admission of $37.  Practice will take place from 10am to Noon in rotation.

Qualifying will begin at 1:00pm with 15-lap heat races for the PASS Super Late Models, 12-lap heat races for the Late Models and 15-lap heats for the Tri-Track Open Modified Series. Consolation events will be held if necessary. Feature events will be immediately following qualifying action. The schedule may be subject to change. For more information check


  1. Good decision and great job on getting the word out early. Thanks guys!

  2. National Weather Service for Norton (Seekonk) as of Thursday morning:

    “Mostly sunny, with a high near 50. Southwest wind 3 to 6 mph”
    “Mostly cloudy, with a high near 57”

    Gas up the haulers. It’s starting to look more promising.

  3. The Sunday forecast is getting better!!!!

    This looks good.

  4. As long as Mother Nature behaves herself, this will be the best race of the year!! And you can’t beat the ticket price!

  5. James Schaefer says

    Expected cars for the Oct 28 Tri Track race at Seekonk –
    0 – Mike Holdridge
    0 – Zane Zeiner
    06 – Les Hinckley
    3 – Matt Swanson
    6 – Sammy Rameau
    7 – Kurt Vigeant
    9 – Tommy Barrett
    10 – Todd Annarummo
    10 – Bryan Narducci
    12 – Rob Richardi
    12 – Danny Cugini
    13 – Dylan Izzo
    15 – Jake Johnson
    16 – Colbey Fournier
    21 – Tommy Rogers Jr
    23 – Dennis Perry
    24 – Todd Patnode
    25 – Brian Robie
    25 – Chase Dowling
    25 – Calvin Carroll
    27- Anthony Sesely
    33 – Michael Gervais
    33- Bill Dixon
    35 – Andrew Molleur
    39 – Sal Accardi
    43 – Ron Frees
    48 – Jon Kievman
    50 – Ronnie Silk
    50 – Carl Medeiros
    57x – Andy Jankowiak
    60 – Matt Hirschman
    62 – Les Rose
    63 – Chris (CJ) Bolton
    75 – Chris Pasteryak
    76 – Matt Galko
    79 – Geoff Nooney??
    82 – Rob Murphy
    88 – Russ Hersey
    88 – Keith Rocco
    92 – Anthony Nocella
    92x -Brad Babb
    99 – Richard Savary
    176 – Dana Dimatteo

  6. Fast Eddie says

    The list above looks like 4-5 heats, 2 consi’s, AND the feature!! COOL!!!!

  7. just looking on says

    They should go back to the “B” Main format.

  8. Best race of the year you say Fast Eddie. The next race is always the best race. But I banked my best race already, twice. The Stafford Opens. 80 degrees at race time, $3 But Lights and 70 modifieds in three divisions.
    But when it comes to opens who’s your daddy……….Tri-Track hands down. And what an interesting field.
    Entries from all over the Northeast with teams from the VMRS and ROC well represented. Wild cards aplenty with diaper dandies like Narducci and Moeller playing with the big boys once again. Moeller always has a car for every occasion but what is Narducci driving? Not the Todd Owen prepared car he drove at the Speedbowl.
    Michael Gervais is bringing his 33 SK. A car from Rocco’s stable I assume with upgraded horsepower.
    Goeff Nooney is a ??. Got that right. The guy drives to an 8th place finish in the big SK final at Waterford with supposedly his old SK Light engine. ??. Now he may pop up in a spec engine legal race??
    No Preece, Coby, Bonsignor, Solomito or a Rob Fuller car it appears. No Pitkat, Goodale, Emerling or the 7NY. Is Hirschman enough star power? Is Hirschman even star power at this stage? Tommy Barrett may not be star power but he’s definitely a compelling guy to watch at these deals and usually is a factor at some point in the race.
    Hirshman may be the favorite but certainly not a lock like in the past. Otherwise isn’t this a terrifically balanced field with some crazy wild cards to add just the right amount of spice. VMRS doesn’t race at Seekonk. Todd Patnode is a dragon slayer on small tracks. Todd Patnode as a dark horse?
    Can’t go. No worries $19.99 will buy you a seat in your own home to see all the action as long as you’re over 100 miles away from Seekonk.

  9. just looking on says

    I must agree. It is a shame that NASCAR doesn’t “approve” of there pedigree racing at open shows. 15 or 20 more cars at a show like this would be great !!!!!

  10. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, the Stafford open shows were very good; I agree and was at both. And yes, not many WMT names in this race. BUT… how often do you see 40 Moodifeds competing in the same category? there’s ROC vs. WMT for the championship with Hirschman vs. Silk. Dowlling is in contention in a VMRS car he’s driven in only a handful of races, but has two wins with the #25 VMRS team. Old Blue with Swanson will be interesting to watch. Then there’s past Seekonk TriTrack winners Savory, Annarummo, and “Ten Grand Tommy” Barrett. Along with strong Seekonk runners, Hersey, Hinkley, Nocella, & TriTrack winner Patnode. WMT vs. ROC vs. Riverhead, vs. New England! I’m guessing Narducci will be in the VMRS #10 he ran 7th at Thompson in. AND THEN… There’s the PASS championship on the line with LM’s. The Seekonk ProStocks and LM’s will be trying to defend the home turf against the “invaders”. I’d bet both classes will need consi’s to set the field. C’MON DOWN!!!

  11. Speaking only for myself obviously this sort of open with so many unknown crosscurrents. With so many drivers from different places of different ages and experience levels. With equipment that may be rejiggered for just this one race. Where it’s the last race and no one needs to conserve equipment, points are an afterthought and dollars are the carrot. That is pretty much as good as it gets. It’s better for these races not to have a few elite teams limiting the possibilities of who ends up on the podium.
    And the Patriots playing on Monday and Red Sox game starting at 5:15 certainly won’t hurt attendance.

  12. NH MOD CHASER says

    Doug how can you say Hirschman is not star power??? In his last 6 races he has won them all in 4 different cars !!! Guess i wont see you at Seekonk on Sunday seeing it has to be 80 degress out for you to go to a race……

  13. I think it will be more like 30-35 cars but we will see.

    Practice at 10A, heats at noon, features following.

  14. Hirschman has won the last 6 races in 4 different cars. OK, that’s nice, what series ROC, WMT, VMRS? Don’t recall seeing his name in the WMT since Oswego or VMRS so that only leaves the ROC. I am impressed that he dominates the ROC. Star power because if that probably.

  15. Whoa NH MOD CHASER. I’m asking, not taking a position. Note the question mark. You tell me if Hirschman is a star and I’ll agree with you either way.
    No this old man is not driving near 2 hours to Seekonk. That’s out of respect for people on the road by the way.
    Now if you would contact Seekonk, Tri-Track or Speed51 and lower the blackout to 75 miles I’d proudly buy a video ticket. Or if someone knows of a bar in the western part of CT that will show the race I’ll do 25 miles to see it as well and happily pay the cover charge.
    Hope you enjoy the show you big lug. I’m jealous.

  16. I would take this show over pretty much anything else offered in the area. The one exception being the world series at Thompson. You have Modifieds, Super Late Models/Pro Stocks, and ACT style late models for a combined 300 laps of feature racing. 3 headlining classes. All killer and no filler.

    I just hope they get a good car count. This time of year can be tough and having to run Sunday may deter some of the long haulers. Also the Red Sox game starts at 8.15 not 5pm. So don’t use that as an excuse not to go.

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