Unmuffled Episode 34 – Featuring Ryan Preece, Woody Pitkat, Rob Fuller, Terry Eames And Tony Membrino Jr.

On Episode 34 of Unmuffled we have a Sunoco World Series Weekend flavor of things.

On this week’s show we welcome soon to be NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series driver Ryan Preece, who will be in competition this weekend at the Sunoco World Series at Thompson Speedway.

We caught up with Whelen Modified Tour and Valenti Modified Racing Series driver Woody Pitkat, who had plenty to say about the recent Valenti Modified Racing Series drama, chasing a championship with that series, his busy schedule for World Series weekend, his plans for 2019 and if those plans might include a return to racing weekly at Stafford Speedway.

We also talked to Thompson Speedway general manager Terry Eames as he prepares for his first World Series working on Thompson Speedway.

We also chatted with Rob Fuller, owner of LFR, who will have a busy weekend with 10 LFR cars ready to the track for the Whelen Modified Tour Sunoco World Series 150 on Sunday.

And we close out the show catching up with Stafford Speedway SK Modified driver Tony Membrino Jr.

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  1. First time I listened to this and I must say very impressive. Ryan Preece was good to hear but Rob Fuller was most impressive. Very well spoken and to the point on topics and the questions he was asked. I learned a lot about his approach in what he does and it makes perfect sense. What he has done with LFR is impressive to say the least. Not sure how the others will keep up honestly. Shawn, can you get a live broadcast with this format and take callers in? I would love to ask Fuller some questions and opinions on my personal racing and get his thoughts on my possible next steps to get my son in a tour car. He has worked with some big names for sure. William Byron drove for him and now is at Hendrick. Would love some of his insight and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Just a thought. Thank you for all you do Shawn and keep up the good work bud!

  2. We are a new LFR customer. Henry to answer your question they can not keep up. The cars are incredible and Robs support is unreal. He is so smart with these cars and knows what the driver wants and how to give it to him. He is very intense. I can see how he runs folks the wrong way for sure. Very opinionated but with his background we listen and he’s been spot on with everything he has said. Our team is learning so much with his guidance. We have never been so excited to start a race season. 2019 can’t come soon enough!

  3. Someday someone will find that these LFR cars are illegal and this will all go away. Fuller has something going on with them. He was a engineer on Cup cars. All those guys do down south is cheat. Sorry but he’s doing something. Not drinking the LFR koolaid yet.

  4. Ned, do you think there’s some kind of conspiracy?? Maybe Russian collusion.

  5. Ned, with all the tear downs the #15 and other LFR cars they’ve had, don’t you think they would have found something already. They’ve checked carbs, motors, shocks, springs, tubing thickness, transmissions, rear end, clutch. Please give us some insights on how they’re cheating.

  6. I don’t know about Russian collusion because that determination is yet to be made. However it’s safe to say that there is a greater chance of that then LFR getting such deep penetration into the NWMT market with some illegal secret weapon so stealthily hidden that it on so many occasions evades recognition on every inspection.

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