American Modified Tour Secures First Dates At New London-Wateford Speedbowl

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  1. Where r the rules?

  2. Steve,
    Apparently those will be announced at a later date.

  3. Tour engines or sk engines?

  4. Another touring series. What is the purse, what are the rules? How do you make a decision what series you will race in if you don’t these answers. All we know is American Racer tires which leads me to believe a re-branding of the former MTS. I guess we will wait, see and hope for the best. Good luck Bob.

  5. just looking on says

    This new series is great an all but do we as owner’s really need another touring series? There was rumbling a year or so ago about a couple of guy trying to start a modified club and they’re were going to try to run a “Matinee” style show on Sundays at the bowl . Self contained / Self policing like Danbury was years ago for those of you who have grey hair may remember. I don’t know what other people think, but “Real Modifieds” with a home track would be nice for Connecticut. There has to be something good about it, Stafford is doing it and its getting legs under it there. Would love to know what others think.

  6. The fans and tracks need to stop supporting all of these tours. It is killing weekly racing and just raises the prices. If you can’t races with the big boys on the whelen tour than you should be racing weekly at you local track. All these stupid tour need to end.

  7. Crazy in NY says

    “The fans and tracks need to stop supporting all of these tours. It is killing weekly racing and just raises the prices. If you can’t races with the big boys on the whelen tour than you should be racing weekly at you local track. All these stupid tour need to end.”

    Nothing gets Crazy more cranked up that Tour snobs. Hey Franky why did Stafford drop a Tour event and add 2 more opens? Most expensive and best are not necessarily synonymous. Give Bobby a chance to pull off what Gary couldn’t. It’s a good thing to have choices and let the best series win . TTOM is my personal favo but let the others compete. I think the MRS would suffer the most but let the series get off the ground before we all condemn it.

  8. Henry Lecomte says

    I liked going to Danbury they had the flat heads and most cars there were pretty much locked to that track due to the rules It be nice to go back to something like that then have the top ten or so from each track compete against each other.

  9. Gee CRAZY why is it that people who like and support the WMT are TOUR SNOBS?? I have and still have my issues with NASCAR but the tour is 35 yrs strong, has good quality of cars and racing, HAS improved the PURSE and point Fund $$$, but anyone who dares support the WMT is a SNOB, we DONT NEED more tours, the WMT, MRS AND ROC and whatever open SHOWS by TTOM has are more than enough for the cars to run, THE MTS WAS a joke and now another GREAT SERIES AS TOLD BY CARRITA, just like GARY NIGHT PROMISED. u live in NY just because yur tracks wont commit to run a WMT event except for OSWEGO, yeah having 5 or 6 series with 20 cars each is much better for racing, NOTTTTTTTTT.

  10. old observer says

    Crazy is right, give him a chance. I believe he has more credibility than the last American Tire promoter.

  11. A brand new, unoriginal series. With no credibility.
    Waterford Speedbowl: “Lets invite them to our track……….Three times!” Nice to see Speedbowl ready to make a turnaround.

  12. sour grapes of doubt says

    turnaround?? until they fix the stands there can be no show. seriously.. I wont attend there after last season . you can “FEEL” the stands move and that’s with a crowd to my observations a third filled on its best night(s) ???.. its just not safe !!. now I see social media blowing about alleged point fund pilfering posted by the sk champ and his minions prior to the planned “banquet” .new GM bashing old GM…Is anyone willing to step back to reality with the speed bowl???. no public announcement on capitol improvements from the new guy who swears he is all about transparency ??.

  13. Crazy in NY says

    Chicopee it’s Knight not night AND it’s not people who support the Tour ( like me) who are the snobs .

    Franky wrote this: ” If you can’t races with the big boys on the whelen tour than you should be racing weekly at you local track.” That’s just BS. And when you write WE DON”T NEED more tours….. who the heel are you to speak for the collective we? Me living in NY has ZERO to do with anything why would you bring that up. Go to the ones you want or stay home….but why hash out your hate on everybody else here? That’a crazy.

  14. LOL!!!!

    Yet another *new* modified series, and aligning with the NLWSB.

    So what will make this new series special?

    Hey, watch this!!!

    Hey, hold my beer!!!

    I’m having a deja vu all over again.


  15. Sourgrapes…you are living up to your user name. Not sure where you have been, but the stands are on their way down. Maybe you missed the posts asking for volunteers a couple weeks ago? Maybe if you had stopped by, you would see the beginning of the Capitol improvements or maybe get to help, rather than be a keyboard critic. The season has been over for barely a month and you’re upset over a lack of public announcements?

  16. IF U DONT THINK THE WMT has the best teams and drivers than any collective series yur on drugs, yeah I know yur boy HIRSCHMAN has his select tracks he runs so that’s all that matters to you, I like what the MRS has done until the total BS with Rameau and the LEE fiasco, the TTOMS has IN MY OPINION slipped a bit the last few yrs in teams and purse, that’s NO OFFENSE TO JIM SCHAEFER who has done a GREAT JOB, and I think the ROC has some up and coming talent along with steady veterans, NOT LIKE the old days when teams would run 50 races and having 5 series with 75-100 races overlapping each other DOES NOTHING FOR MODIFIEDS

  17. Good to see NLWSB is taking the professional route with volunteers,maybe anybody who had a erector set as a kid can help out with the new stands

  18. humphry, I think it’s time for you to do a drive-by and file a report. You know, real news.

    Crazy said, “Go to the ones you want or stay home….but why hash out your hate on everybody else here? That’a crazy.” Written by the biggest Tour and Tour fan hater.

    So Steve, were the proper permits obtained from the town for such work?

  19. Stafford has figured it out, why pay for an outside series to come when you can do it yourself without the drama and have 100% control. In case anybody hasnt noticed, SK racing is dieing, Tour Types are growing and a Track should make Tour Types their headline series moving forward.

  20. I am on it, dive by and a report forthcoming. Yep they need a demolition permit prior to anything happening. Who is carrying the liability and workers comp insurance to cover any injuries that could potentially occur? Serluca, where are you? Transparency was the buzz phrase, waiting for it.

  21. Bob Carrita says

    I would like to wish everyone at RaceDay CT a Happy Thanksgiving

  22. NH MOD CHASER says

    Thanks Bob and you to.When will the rules package be posted and are you planning to hit any NH tracks??

  23. To you as well Mr. Carrita!

  24. Rich, SK racing is dying?? I hardly think so. Not everyone can or wants to race on a tour. Lots of racers, owners and fans still like their weekly racing at their home tracks. i.e. Stafford, Waterford, Thompson. Keeps everyone’s costs down, including the fans.

  25. Permits are not needed for the work that has been done so far. Sorry to disappoint you on another chance at a bashing. Elect…nobody said anything about volunteers putting UP new grandstands. I think that will be left to the professionals..sorry that leaves you out.

  26. Yes sir its dying, Stafford, Waterford and Thompson are all down in cars. The costs of SK racing is now parallel with running Tour Types( not WMT), the purses for Tour Types are more economical. MRS has 20 plus cars everywhere it goes, WMT has 25 plus, and Tri Track has 30 plus, new American series will also have 20 plus in my opinion if done correctly. 90% of all those cars dont run WMT they all came from your local tracks as someone else said, bringing down local car counts.

  27. I am certain if the insurance carrier knew what was going on they would have a lot to say about the potential liability if a private individual was injured nerver mind the OSHA investigation that would follow. Hopefully everyone has been issued the proper safety equipment and properly trained.

  28. sour grapes on the plantation says

    Steve ..not knocking volunteers who did previous repairs … however taking down the present stands is NOT just for any individuals with a sledgehammer.. agree with others someone could be injured or worse. perhaps they are getting people to sign a waiver prior to them providing labor?? so let me get this straight. I lease a track. get people to sign a waiver to work for free on capital improvements … I give them what ? a free season pass? no money?? your helping racing ?? who`s drinking the kool aid??? while the guy with the deepest pockets who owns the place has assets frozen that could allow for professionals to do the work…?? then the new slave master/GM bashes the old GM for stealing?? who’s kidding who?? . bring Eames back please !!!! LOL

  29. Mark Andrews says

    Steve.your dedication to the speedbowl is admirable but misplaced.To ask unqualified or uninsured people do do demo work of any kind is insane.Live wiring.unsupported structures.hazardous dust and materials.I find it hard to believe Beamer would allow this.Sex Offender?yep.Pervert?yep.But an intelligent Businessman.So many unreal accusations and actions since his acquiring the Facility with Theft.Gossip.Inside Sabatoge.You name it.its all there.Now Serluca steps up.His strings are being moved by the previous Gm.Praise the Lord Hint.Hint.Of like to thank my Lord And Savior.Hint Hint.Makes Terry Eamea almost bearable.In time it will be sold.and only then will it flourish again.Needs a huge broom to sweep it clean of all the know it all fools who have ruined it and think they have the plans for a better mousetrap.By the way Da Real……you are a fool you stated over and over that Whitney was Beamers Puppet.Want to change your mind on that?

  30. Fact or fiction.
    Rich has said a couple times SK’s a dying. Can’t say anywhere else but at Stafford it didn’t seem so but what so the numbers say. Added in SK Lights just for fun.
    Comparing the last 5 events in 2017 to 2018.
    2017 averages. SK-23.2, SKL 21.
    2018 averages SK 20, SKL 20
    Dying may be harsh but a drop of 13% year over year in the SK’s is notable. The drop of 1 car on average or 5% in the Lights is insignificant.
    Rich also said there is a future for tour type modifieds and he may be onto something. Not the NWMT guys they are their own thing but the built VMRS type tour engines with the lowish CFM 4 barrels. That actually turn slower lap speeds then the SK’s at Stafford. That make expensive but marginal value added machining upgrades to the engines subject to the laws of diminishing returns.

  31. I wonder what will die off first- all of you angry baby boomers who criticize everything about racing or the sport itself after this endless negativity? Gee whiz!

  32. Crazy in NY says

    I’m asking Santa for this new book:
    ( the collective works of every nutmeg ‘expert’ on everything)

    Be a great read over a warm cup of rum punch.

  33. I can’t believe some of the jumping to conclusions that has been done here. Now we are insinuating about live wiring, unsupported structures and dust?! Liability insurance, OSHA ? None of what the volunteers did, has crossed into those lines. Why is it such a huge deal in your minds this time around, and why do you guys actually care so much, other than to bash? You know we had volunteers years ago when the walls were done, also? We had volunteers in the early 90’s that helped smooth the old North pits. It’s not a new concept. The professional needs and requirements will be handled as such. In the meantime, what is anyone hurting by pitching in for the simple, non-technical, stuff? Look, I can understand legitimate concerns and voicing those concerns, but the constant and repetitive bashing(especially if it is directed at certain, specific, people) gets old real quick. It also, always seems to come from the same people, *hint hint*

  34. Back on the subject of this article…. my first thought was, “another one?”. I guess we will have to see if the owners/drivers , and sport, can handle another tour. I will be surprised if it can.

  35. There is something happening at the Speedbowl that’s pretty amazing from a historical standpoint and his name is Mike Serluca. Sledge hammers, the stands, Bemers trial, accusations of a stolen point fund and all the other chaos is secondary to this charismatic guy that seems to be carrying the hopes of the shoreline oval on his shoulders.
    A relentless promoter and constant poster on facebook connecting with race teams and fans as well to build a new network from the ashes of the Whiney debacle. Staying connected by promoting numerous seasonal charity events and rallying support for donations. Talking about next year, the schedule, who’s in, who’s out. Yes there will be a banquet and yes is will be great. No the sledge hammer deal was a simple side project with nothing to do with the stands. And as of a couple weeks ago he is not addressing the stands like at all. Maybe that changed in his visit with Shawn.
    What Serluca has done is a brilliant job of compartmentalizing. You can’t put on a show and attract fans without race teams and at this stage he seems singularly devoted to proving he’s on their side. As for accessibility he is the polar opposite of Whitney. He routinely gives out his number and office hours at the Speedbowl and virtually invites you to drop in. On the other hand the facility challenges including the stands seems to be off limits. No news to report so why talk about it. Equally off limits is Bemer, his trial that now appears to have been pushed back to January and the fact that there is no longer any pretense of a lease or any degree of separation from the embattled owner.
    Most amazingly all the deep, emotional attacks and threats of boycott that were leveled against the track going on two years ago have mostly evaporated. Serluca sits in the eye of a hurricane with chaos swirling around him. Bemer is his boss but is innocent until adjudicated otherwise so that will take care of itself. Probably the way it should have been viewed all along. Same thing with the stands. It will be dealt with at the appropriate time but that time is not now.
    What he can do is build enthusiasm for next years schedule, rally the teams, be optimistic and accessible and on that score he has no equal of as far as I can see.
    I admit to being merely a Stafford fan that roots for the Speedbowls continuation but I pay attention. My humble view, Serluca and the equally important team he is the face of is THE story of the 2018-2019 off season.

  36. OK, so now Steve is loosing the battle about the bowl we need to get back on subject? Really? How about since this is a free society we just let the masses express their opinions like you do. Keep drinking the kool aid bud, the place is in disarray whether you want to admit it or not and the only thing that will fix it is a complete change from top to bottom. As the saying goes “a new broom sweeps clean”! Long live the bowl with a new owner and management.

  37. Steve , you still need permits and someone who is licensed to do demo at a public place , it’s not your house where you can sneak it by. , and you have no idea what I do by the way

  38. Mark Andrews, the previous GM was a ventriloquist’s dummy that got fed up having Bemer’s arm stuffed up his anal sphincter. Let’s see how long Serluca can take it.

    I’m really curious to see what’s left, and what the Town will allow for construction, and shall require. Humphry, eagerly awaiting your drive-by report. Perhaps they just took down the really wobbly stands so those stands won’t have to be closed off anymore. It will look better with no stands than closed stands.

    How will the demo scrap be dispositioned? There are requirements for lead and asbestos remediation. And that costs 💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵. This is wicked old stuff that no doubt has lead paint.

  39. Mark Andrews says

    Da real,Serluca has stated unequivocally that Whitney WAS NOT a Beamer puppet.He stared publicly that Whitney’s Money Guy got fed up and pulled out.Its on social media.So your calling Serluca a liar?You really don’t know do you!I will agree with you on one thing though.The stands do need to go.Some say here that they are ok and have been standing a long time.A structure of any kind standing fir a long time is not an indication of it’s saftey.They are unsafe period.Jyst go underneath and I are a look.Even a layman can see this.So far,Serluca is answering all inquiries and I applaud that.Dont agree or like the answers but he’s trying non the less.It needs New Ownership, Management,And Staff…clean skate,clean sweep.Then and only then will there be a trust from fans,racers,and sponsors.The past few years of drama and so forth have done some serious damage to it’s reputation and ability to move forward.Possibly even more damage than the Eames era.

  40. Steve Georgiades says

    Everyone that works (volunteers) at the bowl does it because they love racing and they don’t want the bowl to close… it’s that simple. No one is doing it for profit like other speedways. I for one really appreciate it. I just wish I had the time to help out. I always felt welcomed by the whole staff when I bring my car to race car on a Saturday night

  41. Crazy in NY says

    …….having Bemer’s arm stuffed up his anal sphincter…………

    The Waterford stands are coming down and this is staying up?
    Really Shawn?

  42. Is this tour type mods or that crate modified tour that was talked about? I was told the last series that ran with Amercan race tire was not supported due to the use of that tire. If it is tour types, I am not sure we need another series. It seemed when we had all them tour type series they struggled for cars especially when there was scheduling conflicts. I will probably take the same approach I did last year. Skip any shows where there is a conflict.

  43. old observer says

    This may not make it past Shawn, please edit as necessary, I would like the basic message to get thru.
    WTF is wrong with you people? A new racing series with a different tire may not be the best idea but give it a chance. You may not like the Speedbowl but a lot of people have loved it for years. It’s a racy little track & I’ve seen a lot of great races there. I’m not a regular visitor but still like the place. With many tracks dying every year, it is in our best interest to keep it alive! Constructive criticism is OK but continuing bitching & complaining ISN’T!!!
    Hope to be able to make a show at the Bowl next year, couldn’t fit it into my schedule this year.
    See you at the races!!!

  44. Mark Andrews wrote, “Da real,Serluca has stated unequivocally that Whitney WAS NOT a Beamer puppet.He stared publicly that Whitney’s Money Guy got fed up and pulled out.”

    Yeah, and Trump says he’s the smartest person. You believe him?

    Okay, so who is this Money Guy that you speak of? Who was Whitney’s money guy? LOL !!! This get’s better and better. Was he at the meeting Whitney had with the Town to discuss the multi-year plan he was blowing up the Town’s anal sphincter? The meeting that the Town officials told Georgie to go away and come back with real plan that they actually will do and want the town to consider and approve. Did that follow up meeting and plan ever happen? I think the amateur photographer Ryan Gilbert/Mod Squad “reported” on that debacle. What is a Money Guy? C’mon Mark, this is getting even funnier. What Money Guy is going to fund millions of dollars to a lessee for improvements to a track leased by the lessee? The story was that George had too many rained out events so he bailed. Where does this Money Guy come into the picture? If that’s not the story, what is? Was Georgie’s Money Guy Bemer’s right arm? Do you really think that a tenant is going to take on the responsibility and liability for the remediation of environmental issues, reconstruction of numerous structures, buildings, etc. at the cost of millions? Do you think the owner would lease the track and just let a tenant do that with no involvement? LOL!!!! I know door hinges that are far smarter than you.

    Mark, why did Georgie’s Money Guy get fed up? What about? LOL!!!

  45. Mark Andrews says

    There you go again…..not even addressing that you were wrong about George being Beamers puppet.i relayed a response from Mike Serluca regarding a question about geierge and what happened.i relayed the answer I read verbatum.its on social media sites you don’t use because people use thier real names.To answer your question.a money guy is also a silent partner/investor who typically stays in the background and let’s an individual with knowledge handle the day to work’s/worked for his Money guy.hope you can comprehend moron.p.s love the emoji that what you drink from or bath in?

  46. So what do we know about Bob Carrita?
    We know he owns or has owned Carrita’s Racing Engines and Somerset Speed in Somerset, Ma. That he was the tech inspector for the VMRS that saw that Ted Christophers gas was not the right shade of purple and disqualified him at Waterford. We know Carrita is a strong Trump supporter as his social media presence makes clear and has a rousing sense of humor with some of the best reposted funny clips and bits you’ll ever seen in one place. He’s also the guy that misfired in 2018 on this very plan of a new racing series.
    Last year when Shawn’s racedayct article October 2017 appeared on facebook there were 13 replies………all negative. On November 14, 2017 Phil Smith wrote a piece for the Chrome Horn that talked about Knights MTS switching to Hoosier, the lock Hoosier had on modified racing and the motivation for American Racing Tire to back someone to use their tires. On October 10, 2017 Speed51 had an article providing the reaction to the announcement of another tour and predictably none of them were supportive.
    Sounds like déjà vu but this may be different.
    What is not different is that American Racing Tire needs a modified series to sell tires to. What is different is the landscape. Stafford has downsized to 1 VMRS race and is doing 3 Opens in house. I don’t know for sure but Serluca and Carrita seem close, the Speedbowl is in need of a positive vibe and if they can get the support of a tire company in the process so much the better.
    So far what I see is a need to sell tires and the Speedbowl arranging kind of a Stafford like in house Open program. Good promotion and sales is finding a need and filling it. The Speedbowl and American Racing Tires have needs that are being filled. Stafford took a pass on the new series, the Speedbowl is perpetually on shaky ground, pun intended and so what we see here makes perfect sense. Is it enough?
    Do fans want another region wide touring series? I see no evidence of any widespread support and a whole lot of strong comments against it every time it is mentioned. Do modified teams want another series and more options………unknown. Will the America Modified Tour get dates and promotion from other regional tracks…….unknown. Is Thompson critical? Spring and fall showcase the VMRS and NWMT series that are vastly different. Will the American be different and wanted or viewed as diluting well established series? Unknown, unknown, unknown!

  47. Interested Owner says

    AMT sucess will ride on the Purse Structure, Rules, Race distance and amount of Tires allowed. Not many teams like the American Racer Tire to be blunt, and sofar he has 1 track, its not a Touring Series yet. Only way another series can surrvive is if they do something totally diffrent than the others(ie bigger purses, less rules,shorter races). When I first brought my car to MTS I was excited for something diffrent, then I quickly realized it was run by idiots,rules were changing race by race, formats, car #s,etc. Bob Carrita was apart of all that, so I will take the wait and see approach with AMT. I wish him well and his intentions are no doubt good for the racers, hope he learned lesson from MTS

  48. The MTS on AR tires started, stumbled, farted and fell so I guess we will see what happens this time.

    As far as Serluca, his “money guy” and the bowl goes, they need one common denominator, friends, lots and lots of friends to put cars in the pits and butts in the stands thus creating revenue. If they can’t they will take the same route Whitney did and that is DFR.

    Carrita is in the same boat as he needs lots and lots of friends. Only problem, what is the series exactly? Crate engine, SK, Tour Type? Everyone out there is preparing for 2019 so it would be nice to know what he is planning at a minimum for rules so any interested parties could make an informed decision.

    Can’t really determine if Serluca and Carrita are close however, “birds of a feather flock together”.

  49. Mark Andrews wrote, “There you go again…..not even addressing that you were wrong about George being Beamers puppet.”

    Mark, I did address it, all of it. It’s all there. I can teach, but I can’t make you understand.

    Do you realize that your introduction of the covert Georgie’s Money Guy changes everything and effectively obliterates everything we knew about the 💸 and the 🚽.

    Great information Mark. So good ol’ Georgie wasn’t the money, someone else was. LOL!!! Sounds like a vast conspiracy. What a 🤡 show.

  50. I just read in a racing paper that the reason the new series didn’t get going last year was due to a bad car accident Bob Carrita was in back in April that he’s still recovering from. He knows the ins & outs of the VMRS from previous employment. American Racer paid their share of the MTS points fund directly to the racers. I think the VMRS lost some credibility the eyes of many fans and at least some racers as well, due to the Oktoberfest @ Lee USA which had a huge effect on the VMRS championship. Hopefully the new series does well and offers another alternative to racers and fans.

  51. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

    What is different about any new series that will make it not appear to be another example of insanity?

  52. NH MOD CHASER says

    Sorry im getting off topic because i hate that !!! BUT look whos on the pole for the Turkey Derby !!!!! Will someone please check my math !!

  53. sour grapes of doubt and conspiracy says

    I know one thing Serluca will just be another name ..another pawn or chooch who will go down in flames unless three things happen. the stands are replaced… no word on that from” Mr Transparency” . The great GM, racers friend, the guy that can get anybody to do things for free Serluca. .Bemers trial end in a not guilty verdict ..the burden is different but it WILL effect the civil issue at hand … and he resumes the reigns with a checkered reputation and does his intended capitol improvements …but the most important is support from fans and racers and right now it aint happnin`. too much Drama

  54. Turkey Derby. Let me guess. Hirschman or Blewett right?
    Wrong, Dave Sapienza. A popular win if race monitor got it right.
    Thanks to the CHASER for changing the subject just in time.

  55. Sell me race tires four 99.00 sell me racing gas for 5.00 gallon let 5 pit crew members and driver in for 10.00 each pay me 200.00 to start ,My team and car will be their that’s what it will take 66

  56. 66 Andy Shaw?
    With all due respect Mr Williams we all know that is not happening. Like ever without a time machine.
    So what’s your bottom line. Realistic numbers and what tracks would you be interested in?

  57. Doug, let’s not go Columbo here. Cos owns modifieds not taxi cabs.

  58. So just maybe the promoters should stop trying to make a living on the backs of the racers and start putting fans in the stands like the old days it’s pretty hard to sell sponsorship for a race car when there’s only 200 people In the stands start promoting and use some imagination to fill the place up

  59. Well said Cos, well said!

  60. “Dying may be harsh but a drop of 13% year over year in the SK’s is notable. The drop of 1 car on average or 5% in the Lights is insignificant.”

    It’s important to point out that Stafford saw very little rain this year, and a good amount in ’17. I’m there nearly every week, and I think a lot of cars that started the season may have run low on funds earlier than normal due to a lack of rainouts. Some that were not in points contention seemed to take time off in August and September, possibly saving cash for the Fall Final.

    Also, the 99 only ran until early July, and TC was lost last year, both ran nearly every event in ’17. ’18 also saw a few regulars run irregular schedules for odd reasons, like Avery’s new car not being ready for the SS, then burning up. DJ Burnham seems to be doing other things, as are Preece and Woody.
    Subjectively, I think I saw more strange cars running a week or three than in previous memory.

    I can’t think of many SK’s who skipped races, or the season due to running tour events elsewhere. Except possibly Kopcik working as a NWMT crew chief so the 31 stayed home, and Woody occasionally in tour cars?

  61. NH MOD CHASER says

    You got me Doug,I guess my math has been checked LOL.Glad to see Sapienza WIN !! Now lets stir the pot,was he in his LFR car or his Troyer ??

  62. Excellent points Barry. Only one rain out. A grueling season.
    I’ll do the season first half year over year when I get a chance.
    To be clear I’m not suggesting any real issues since the SK’s have the strong SK Light feeder system. Just numbers to keep an eye on.

  63. Looks like an LFR……….

  64. Could LFR have won their first turkey derby……….

  65. Cos that will happen when you start selling 2year old pre owned (not used) cars for a couple hundred bucks , I’m sure your not in business to make a profit

  66. It was the Troyer

  67. Troyer for SAP

  68. I’m going to thank Elect for saying what seemed obvious to me and the thread for weighing in on the winners chassis question.

  69. just looking on says

    To comment on the SK’s are dying post and to answer the questions of why everyone whats to run a tour type vs an SK I did some math of my own. Please keep in mind I didn’t factor in the cost to build the car and to be honest with the Whelen Tour running specs it made the 18 * program much more affordable for budget teams as does the steel head program of the MRS. That is really the only cost difference. The chassis are the same. Also remember that with the tour open shows you don’t get hurt by a handicap system.

    SK @ Stafford : 2 tires and fuel $475. 1st is a 315% return, 10th 61%, and to start is 31.5%

    Stafford Open 80 : 5 tires and fuel $1015 1st 345%, 10th 81%, to start 65%

    Tri Track $6000 to win : 5 tires, fuel and entry $1128. 1st 531%, 10th 105%, start 88% just to show up 36%.

    Whelen Tour best guess: 5 tires, fuel, and inspection $1005. 1st 498%, 10th 119%, start 75%.

    MRS best guess tires and fuel $845. 1st 295%, 10th 89%, start 59%.

    These are all numbers that I could find on the internet or speaking to teams tonight quickly. I maybe off a little for the 10th place return on cost but not much. I know people are going to bitch about travel expenses and other licence fees but it really is small money over the season per event. The numbers don’t lie. Right here is the reason the tri track has 43 cars show up at a shitty track on a rainy Sunday morning to run for 24 spots. PERIOD. Also that is why the tour is starting to grow again. Its not what 1st place pays. There is only one winner and lets be honest the winner doesn’t need the money. Its the rest of use that race from 5th back that need the extra cash at the end of the night. Instead of teams needing rain outs to be able to run a full season why don’t these promoters and track owner figure out how to put asses in the stands to buy the show they are selling. Lets do some other math here. If every team brings 6 people into the pits at $30, and 6 into the stand at $20 and the track is making $50 per tire and lets guess $3 a gallon for 15 gallons that comes up to $445 from my modified alone and to take the green I get $150. Tracks are living off the back gate and we as racers can’t do it forever.
    So to get back to what this article is about and if Bob reads this please take into consideration what it really cost the teams to give you and your series a product to sell because we can’t afford another place where we buy at retail and sell at wholesale.

  70. Elect but I wouldn’t charge my machanic to come to work every day ,

  71. Bob Carrita says

    I’ve been on both sides of the fence purse structure and rules that fit a Premier tour are high on my list

  72. Horsepower: 533 horsepower
    Torque: 477 ft./lbs.
    Maximum RPM: 6700
    Engine Displacement: 376 cu. in.
    Crate Engine Type: Deluxe Crate Engine
    Compression Ratio: 10.7:1
    Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Roller Tappet
    Cylinder Head Material: Aluminum
    Piston Material: Hypereutectic Aluminum
    Crankshaft Material: Nodular Iron
    Camshaft Duration (.050 in): 226° intake / 236° exhaust
    Carburetor Included: No
    Intake Manifold Included: Yes
    MFG. Part #: 19331563
    Connecting Rod Material: Powdered Metal
    Warranty: None
    Sold in Quantity: Each
    Valve Covers Included: Yes
    Assembled: Yes
    Cylinder Heads Included: Yes
    Oil Pan Included: Yes
    Water Pump Included: No
    Harmonic Balancer Included: Yes
    Spark Plugs Included: Yes
    Spark Plug Wires Included: Yes
    Wiring Harness Included: No
    Camshaft Included: Yes
    Camshaft Lift (in): .525 intake / .525 exhaust
    Cylinder Heads: LS3 Rectangular port
    Internally Balanced: Yes
    Bore x Stroke (in): 4.065″ x 3.620″
    Block: Cast aluminum, six bolt cross-bolted main caps
    Chevrolet Performance’s deep-breathing, high-revving CT525 6.2L crate engine is based on the LS engine family and delivers serious power for serious racing series, including Super Late Model and modifieds.

    It is similar to the 6.2L LS3, but we’ve adapted it to circle track racing with a carbureted intake manifold, 6-quart racing oil pan and more. The engine is lightweight and strong, using an aluminum block with cross-bolted 6-bolt main caps and high-flow LS3 rectangular-port cylinder heads. This combination produces 533 hp at 6,600 rpm and a hefty 477 lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 rpm.

    The CT525 6.2L comes with coil-on-plug ignition, and an SFI-certified balancer


    Use LSX ignition controller (P/N 19171130)
    Requires addition of carburetor, starter, fuel system, exhaust system, and front accessory drive system
    The 6-quart circle track oil pan is designed to clear most GM rear-steer chassis with stock engine location. Requires external oil filter and cooler (will increase capacity to approximately 8 quarts)
    For Circle Track Racing only – Not intended for street use.
    The CT525 does not include a water pump or factory exhaust manifolds
    Circle Track racing engines from Chevrolet Performance include anti-tampering seals installed
    CT525 Spec Sheet (PDF)

    Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws/regulations
    this would be a good starting point 7600.00 speedway motors free shipping

  73. Good point Cos I didn’t look at it that way, maybe you can work on the entry fee but gas and tires ,not going to happen. I believe years ago drivers and owners were organized with Dick Armstrong as president and had a little say ,don’t know what ever happened to that organization, or maybe it just didn’t work

  74. What is key to Cos post is 533 HP @ 6600 RPM. With those numbers that engine would live a long life properly maintained. Now, if they keep the engine builders out of the mix so they don’t drive the price out of this world by adding enhancements like they did with the SKL engines you would be on to something. Only problem I see is you would still have to change the oil pan for a modified for ground clearance if I remember correctly. Good post Cos, common sense approach to racing.

  75. That was an outstanding post indeed as was the real world view from just looking on.
    Question: the aluminum blocks have much shorter life spans do they not. What’s the theory, no rebuilding. Use them up and buy another completely new engine?
    Can an argument be made that the infinitely more durable and rebuildable cast iron engines refreshed over several seasons come in at the same or lower multi year cost?
    Just asking.

  76. As an SK fan the view from just looking on is a little alarming. One would think that most SK teams given the numbers would simply race Opens, the VMRS or the new AMT. Something seems to be missing.
    Could travel be a significant cost? Is the cost to build an SK cheaper so if you amortize your expense to enjoy racing over a number of years it ends up being less wasted money?
    On the engine builders a couple questions. Aren’t the tracks ultimately responsible for the engine rules and existence of costly rules allowing expensive enhancements. Also in this world where you’ve eliminated any reason to specialize in circle track auto machine work who will be left to do the little work that is left? Would it be a world where you use the engine a couple years, chuck it and buy another?

  77. Cos makes a great point in that tracks and promoters have been living off the racers lately. The fans are supposed to be the customers and are supposed to be the source of revenue, the teams are the seed and investment to produce the returns.

    Cost reduction is good, but getting fans in the stands is a far better result.

  78. Maybe the ideal engine would be an aluminum block with replaceable steel sleeves. Providing the block itself is still in good shape, installing new sleeves during a rebuild process might be cheaper than replacing the engine block or buying a new engine.

  79. Simple math, 500 fans @ $20 ea = $10k, 1,000 fans @ $15 ea = $15k. Drop the ticket price get more butts in the seats. Increase revenue from the concessions for the additional 500 fans. Maybe I am missing something.

  80. Doug to refresh tour type motor min 15000.00 you can buy two of these creates with that ,one should last two seasons with just valve springs , sell it on line to a hot rod guy for 1500.00 when your done cost savings over 2 years50,000.00 min tour motors refresh two times a season 30,000.00 say two years they you throw the block away .and start over this would be major game changer on all the short tracks .and putting a side the work of putting in and out.the tour motor this motors oil change and valve springs very little maintenance sk motor complete 15,000.00 to 18000.00 a time bomb faster you go the bigger the blast .freshening sk 5500.00 to 7000.00 if its not blow up . I know i have done them all.

  81. humphry says:
    Simple math, 500 fans @ $20 ea = $10k, 1,000 fans @ $15 ea = $15k. Drop the ticket price get more butts in the seats. Increase revenue from the concessions for the additional 500 fans. Maybe I am missing something.

    yes, you’re missing the 500 people that are waiting for prices to be $5 cheaper to attend a race!! my best guess is that a person is a short track local racing fan of they’re not. i dont think lowering tickets by $5 will miraculously increase the fan base. or, maybe i’m missing something

  82. All these ideas for engines are great and should be thoroughly investigated as a cost saving solution however, NASCAR nor the tracks will ever allow the engine builders to be out of the equation as that will effect both of their revenue streams.

  83. If you lower the ticket price you’d have to do some advertising to make people aware. I don’t know how they do it, but I’ve been to Lebanon Valley Speedway about 2 dozen times over the years; all but one was not a “special show”. Only $10-$11.00 to get in, reasonable food prices, and packed full grandstands every time!

  84. To message humphrys numbers a bit for special shows. 2000 @ $30= $60000. 2500 @ $25= $62, 500 plus more concession income. I know Stafford has that 10% tax but come on man, why not try it just once for the May Open when the weather isn’t ideal and the kids are in school.
    Epically good thread. Thanks Cosmo for the inside scoop. It’s screaming to have the ideas at least considered for testing.

  85. Bob Freeman says

    Volume is the name of the game. Every empty seat in the stands is not spending money at the concession stands. Track owners/promoters are pricing themselves right out of business. Less really CAN be MORE.

  86. Look spice it up a bit say bring in the food trucks during the day.let them sell during the race 10 to 15 food trucks bring in a radio station to advertise during the event let every buddy in for 10.00 including the pits for a week collect 10% from the food truck gross for them being their, let the top 4 cars option to start in the rear for bonus money if they get back in to the top 4 spice it up on re starts every body in line on the inside if you want out of line to get to the front you can go to the outside lane fans don’t even know they can go in the pits .cut the winning purse way down so you can buy down the price of tires and gas have point fund funded with a 50/50 raffle weekly top 10 in points get money .do something to make long yellow flags more interesting to the fans with some kind of entertainment. just some out of the box idea’s

  87. cosmo williams suggestions:

    10% food truck gross: i’m thinking that the track would probably make more $$ just doing their own concessions

    top 4 cars starting in the back: thats Bowman Gray’s “Fan Challenge” nights. those are very cool! however, i think they are more fitted for Southern short tracks that time trial to qualify and the fastest cars start up front. in the Northeast, most tracks start the main events through handicapping so the faster cars are usually in the back of the lineup already. but i have been to the Fans Challenge night at Bowman Gray and i love them.

    the raffle idea concept could work, but with ticket prices for short track races high as it is, it could be a tough task getting more $$ out of the people. speaking for myself, i would DEFINITELY buy 50/50 tickets at tracks that put the other 50% into the point fund. but, i always have been a sucker for most 50/50 ticket sales at events. i still havent won one though!!

  88. Phil you are missing my point. Lower the ticket price and double the attendance provides increased revenue to the track. I really don’t care what the price of the ticket is I just used those numbers as an example. And to Cos point, the tracks have always made their living on the backs of the car owners. Time to change that.

    Fast Ed, the reason Lebanon Valley makes it work is because they know what the hell their doing.

    Let’s make it simple, no cars, no racing, no fans, no track!

  89. I have a stupid question. If someone was really creative, did their homework and found some interest. Would it be worth considering a new tour using the crate engines or something like them Cosmo mentioned? Perhaps making the start date a couple years in advance. Or is that just pie in the sky nonsense?

  90. If you can pack the house for WMT Tour Events, then theres no reason why you can’t increase the weekly crowds. I wish Track Revenue was public, I believe it would be eye opening to see what they pay out vs intake

    Heres my guesstimate

    1000×40=40k pits
    1000×20=20k stands
    5k beer
    5k food
    70k Intake with Stafford entire purse at 18k total leaves 52k, payroll, insurance, taxes, utilities maybe subtract 20k and that leaves 30k positive cashflow per weekly show. I didnt even factor in Tire and Fuel profits. Not sure what Track Owners/Promoters are paying themselves, but its killing the guy up all night in the garage(after full work day) trying to get to the track.

  91. Why start a new tour, make the change to an existing tour. We have enough tours already…….

  92. What y’all are missing in your thinking is that racers are addicts… addicted to racing.

  93. First of all this is an excellent thread, There is a lot of interesting information on this one. I especially like the comments on cost to compete and return in the various series. Thanks for sharing.

    Stafford used to have a buy one get one free general admission night. It was early in the season, maybe first Friday night. I think it got rained out a couple years in a row and not made up. It was pretty good deal, I would try to introduce someone to racing on those nights. Most of the first timers were really interested at first but as the night dragged on they would start to lose interest. One time I had to leave before the SK’s because the new fan was too cold. From my limited experience, the biggest issue Stafford has with new fans is all their divisions look the same. SK and SKL are indistinguishable. The Late Models and Limiteds are nearly identical aside from the rear wing. I didn’t bring anyone new this past season because I. as a race fan. stopped going, I was finding myself bored most of the night. The car counts in some divisions really didn’t provide for entertaining racing and they routinely ran the more competitive division last forcing you to stay. Honestly, price was also an issue for me, I just didn’t think it was worth the money and time anymore. I went a total of 4 or 5 times this past season which is an all time low for me. I knew it was bad when I walked into Stafford one night late in the season and my buddies at the picnic tables asked if I was lost and proceeded to throw a mock welcome back party. I missed the people much more than the on track entertainment which in my opinion isn’t as good as it used to be.

  94. As I write this the last two entries include statements that the competitors in racing are addicts and the shows at Stafford are boring and not worth the money.
    An alternative view.
    As a young lad I could barely contain myself in anticipating the excitement when dad said we’d be taking in the weekly show at Danbury RaceArena. Then Saturday night, entering the facility, hearing the roar of the motors, ascending the stairs to our seat and getting goose bumps seeing the flat head powered coups on the track taking practice laps.
    Fast forward to last season. A sparkling night, blue sky and the perfect gentle breeze to moderate the suns rays. Entering the track, ascending the first ramp to the main grandstands at Stafford to see the Open modifieds roaring by. I still get goose bumps and the sense of anticipation is still there for this old man.
    Are the competitors addicted? Maybe in a sense. Some people are addicted to their hobbies or jobs or volunteerism……whatever. Could segments of the Stafford show use some work to make it more relevant to new and younger audiences? That’s the challenge isn’t it? Are racers equivalent to degenerate gamblers and the shows a dying relic of days past? No I’m not buying that at all.
    Maybe some of you are jaded and your time to enjoy the sport as a fan is past. You’ve forgotten how incredibly hard it is to field even a last place car and put on the most mundane of weekly shows at a less then ideal time of year. Maybe you’ve lost your patience to let the race night unfold and wait for the drama that usually comes in some form. Maybe you’re confusing racing with streaming entertainment where you can get exactly what you want, when you want it and you know you’ll enjoy it.
    For me it’s still magical to see cars and modifieds especially in a desperate struggle with few rules giving all they have to get to the checkered flag first. It’s entertainment value is not, nor will it ever be streaming entertainment. It’s live and unpredictable. A certain degree of patience, knowledge of the sport and enthusiasm is required. A challenge in these days of instant streaming gratification but not one that can’t be overcome with a little creativity and imagination. I believe on that score Stafford is trying and we are seeing some positive results.

  95. CG, did you go to the same Stafford I did? SKs and SK Lights were worth the price of admission every week. Throw in the streeters and its a good show. Am I missing something? some of the best racing i’ve ever seen

  96. I have to agree with Doug and Turn1, although I’m “track hopping” during the year looking for the Modifieds. Is every show fantastic? No. HOWEVER… there is the challenge of some tour mods being better at some tracks more than others. AND who will have the best setup, the fastest, lucky, unlucky, and win? That’s the excitement and intrigue for me! Also, you have the “weekly teams” racing, sometimes in common classes and sometimes in classes unique to that track. They have their own version of my previous statement. I can honestly say in 50 years of attending races, there is always something I see that made it worth going, whether it’s a great side-by-side battle, teams overcoming adversity, a great performance, or a spectacular and unpredictable finish!

  97. I did go to Stafford a few times, far less then any other year. I started off strong and my interest waned fairly early. I then went for the MRS show late in the season. I would concede that yes the SK’s are typically very good and probably the best nascar weekly division around. However, they lost a lot of their star power over the past few years with TC, Preece, Woody and Pennink leaving. The SK lights are good, I think they should do more laps, they are the second best division on the card. I will admit I enjoyed the street stocks this past year, opening up the rules really helped. The problem is the mind numbing Limited and Late model divisions which accounts for roughly 40% of the show. You include the meaningless heats in all divisions and a good portion of their show was not entertaining in my opinion. When you have to put a bounty to make a race more interesting because one guy wins every week, there is an issue with the competition in that division. I just wish Stafford would take some steps to minimize the limiteds and late models divisions affect on their show. I could support them more if I saw some changes going forward but to continue on the same path and expect a different result is a disservice to the fans. Many ideas have been shared in these threads as most people seem to agree there is a problem with these divisions. Simply running one of those divisions last would go a long way to making their show more entertaining for the fans.

    Who knows maybe it is me, I have been supporting local racing as a fan for over 20 years. I have held season passes and would rarely miss a race. I planned vacations to hit new racetracks. To me, it just doesn’t seem as entertaining as it did in the past. I don’t think it is just Stafford as other tracks I have been to have car count and competition issues. The cost to compete is too high, kids and young adults are falling out of love of the automobile. I read a study recently saying 16 year olds are more interested in a new phone than getting their driving license. I mention Stafford because it is the track I went to the most over that time period. If Stafford is slowly losing me as a fan, they are in trouble because the core of their fans are getting older and the younger generation does not seem to be all that interested in racing.

  98. Unlike Doug, I am going to keep this short and to the point and not get into how the crisp morning air greeted my nostrils as I exited my vehicle and the sun brightly shown on my balding head.

    Went by the bowl yesterday to see what was going on. Two vehicles near the trailer, one roll back down near the first turn stands with some red lumber near it on the ground (I would guess it is some old planks from the bleacher seats). All stands fully erect, concessions boarded up, rest rooms intact, fences in place so essentially nothing has substantially changed since the season ending race.

    I will continue to watch, report and wait with baited breath for something fabulous to happen while ever so cautiously sipping the proverbial kool air offered by those who truly believe that Santa and his elf’s will bring an air of change for 2019 to the bowl for Christmas.

    And before you say it Doug, yes prickly!

  99. Thanks Humphrey!!! I just went by the speedbowl to see what was going on and it is all chained up with NO TRESPASSING signs up. I spoke to a gentleman at the gate and he said anyone caught trespassing will be prosecuted. The man told me the police have been notified and only employees vehicles are allowed. I would like to say thanks Humphrey for publishing things you don’t know about. I guess we will all wait and see qhats going on there in time.

  100. 7 Adam, I drove right into the parking lot from Rte. 85 unmolested, pit area was closed and locked as always and that was as of 10:30 AM yesterday morning the 30th. Met absolutely no resistance from anyone and just one additional tid bit of info showing how observant I was. The roll back that was parked between the catch fence and lower bleachers in turn 1 I believe had a white cab and silver color body.

    So with all this said, nice attempt to discredit my observation and post.

  101. Well i was there today all chained up with signs. I spoke to a gentleman and nobody but employees are allowed. I think you should go by and investigate more Dick Tracy.. F.Y.I Humphry today is the 30th how could you drive in yesterday the 30th. The guy is posting things that he dont know about and don’t even know the date. Take a ride by and the truth will come out. Seeing is believing.

  102. I am happy you saw what you did today, I was there yesterday and you are correct on the date it was Thursday the 29th, my bad. Glad to see it was chained up today with no trespassing signs. To bad you were a day late or you could have got the same up close and personal view as I did on what it is really going on.

  103. Mark Andrews says

    Track will change hands before the season starts.Shawn Monahan’s long term plan will come to pass.Praise the Lord!He will purchase the track with a new ownership group and get will steer the ship.

  104. Great news Mark, fact or prediction? Your last prediction for new stands prior to the 2018 season did not go well. I don’t know how many times I have heard this new owner deal so I can’t believe it until it really happens.

    I see the bowl has released their 2019 schedule which can only mean the Town has issued the permit to operate for 2019 with the current infrastructure intact. Interesting, don’t see how that can happen since this is 2018 or maybe this is all tentative which is good for planning purposes. I call it writing checks with your mouth that hopefully your butt can cash. I guess we will see.

    Anyway thanks for the inside scoop!

  105. Well lets state facts here. As far as management and ownership that will not change. I can say for fact that Mike Serluca and Rich Turcott will return to manage the 2019 season. As a car owner and a person who loves the speedbowl they did an amazing job managing the end of the season. I can say it was the best management i have seen at the track in many years. They worked as a team and worked together. I and many teams have discussed how well they operated the track. I’m sure they will be there for the 2019 season as myself and many teams wish for. They have started to turn the track around and it will only get better in 2019
    I want to say thank you Mike and Rich for making the teams, drivers and fans feel like we are important to the speedbowl again. As for the bleachers who knows whats going on. I drove by and saw a truck by turn 1 from the road but the parking lot is blocked off and can not enter. I’m sure we will all know whats going on when the time is rite.

  106. I am not sure Waterford releasing a schedule has any correlation to the city/town issuing a permit to operate in 2019. Weren’t they scrambling in the last few springs to get final approval to open and they had dates already scheduled with MRS ISMA and GSPSS. I think if you want to secure certain dates for touring divisions you need to schedule them this time of year whether you have final approval to open or not. My guess is this is one of those tentative schedules subject to change at anytime without notice. Hopefully any necessary capital improvements can be completed in the spring before the season starts.

  107. Mark Andrews says

    Humphry or is it DaReal.i accepted my mistake for the stands in this very thread long ago……I like your idea that the town has rubber-stamped the stands issue for this year because the track released a schedule.You are just too smart for all of us.lmfao.

  108. Releasing the schedule does not mean the track is clear and permitted to operate. It’s just a schedule, it can be cancelled, as it was before.

    Hey Mark, et al., I’ve been right all along. The stands and all other reconstruction, remedial action, etc. never took place, just as I said. And the reconstruction will not happen as long as Bemer is still tied up in his legal troubles. Not gonna happen. He has bigger issues and the stands are not one of them. Reconstruction and remedial action of the place will run in the millions. The things that the Town said they didn’t like and want changed, the environmental issues, etc. add up to a pretty big bill. That ain’t happening until Bemer is clear of his legal troubles, and that means cleared in the criminal case and not liable for damages in the civil cases. Only Bemer can make those things happen. He could end up in prison, so he’s not going to invest anymore than the absolute minimum necessary to keep the place open in any condition. He loses huge value if the track is not allowed to operate. He will still have the civil lawsuits that are already stacking up and getting ready, waiting for the conclusion of the criminal case. Those will happen regardless of the outcome of the criminal case. His partners in this situation have all pleaded guilty and will cooperate with the prosecution against him, so it’s not looking good for the bowl the next few years while these cases make their way through the courts. The folks renting the track are not going to spend a couple million out of their own pockets to rehab the facility. So be prepared for a couple years or more of the track being what it is right now, and just surviving.

  109. The stands. It’s complicated.
    On the one hand you have a fan saying he can feel them sway under the weight of even a modest crowd. That looking underneath he can see the dangerous conditions that demand something be done.
    On the other hand they continue to get coverage from massively risk averse insurance companies. I don’t know but I’d guess they do with the help of a report from an engineering firm that examines the structure. The town and permit are only one link in the chain. Relationships exist with all these parties. Obviously among all the parties that are responsible for moving forward there is confidence that once again it will be managed. Tours have been told it will be managed, they trust Serluca and sign on. Permit in hand not necessary.
    This isn’t last year. Trips by the track are unnecessary. Serluca is an open book. A book that is in the racedayct library unlike last year. He’ll simply tell you when there is news to report on the stands. Maybe in a pod cast. Or, unlike last year with Whitney he’ll give the story to racedayct and unlike last year we’ll read about. Not in the rationed, nail pulling, adversarial manner of last year but from a more constructive, promotional standpoint. Serluca will l do it not so much for the fans. He’ll do it to demonstrate to race teams whom he is singularly devoted as good faith that everything for next year is under control and it’s OK to order parts and fab those cars.
    Then there is the wild card. Bemer’s trial goes off in January as I understand it. By the spring it will be resolved as well as the general direction of the civil suits. If you know how that is going to play out I’d like to get your advice on a couple risky stocks I’ve been looking to buy.

  110. Having insurance means nothing. If something happens, the carrier will demand to see reports, inspection records, engineering analysis, etc. and they can deny claims. A track like the 🚽, or a rent-an-operator, is powerless and defenseless against a billion dollar insurance carrier.

    Good ol’ boy George was supposedly a great guy, trustworthy, someone that everyone believed was going to make it all happen, and the 🚽 was going to be the gem racetrack of the universe. How’d that work out? I can say pretty much exactly as I said it would. It was the biggest, best, most amazing, greatest ZERO, nothing was done, the 🚽 is still on life support in the ICU, waiting for an ownership transplant.

    Hey Sybil, given that Bemer’s associates have all pleaded guilty and are cooperating with the prosecution, I’d stay away from those risky stocks. He had a no-jail deal but turned it down, there must have been other terms and conditions that were rather tough. Can you imagine turning down a no-jail deal for charges like this, and that all the associates have already pleaded guilty? He’s all in on high stakes gambling. Unless he wants to finish out his life in prison.

    Forget new stands, concessions, lavatories, electrical remediation, sewage, and environmental abatements. Until Bemer is gone, all you 🚽 denizens can hope for is operating as-is.

  111. Mark, you are dodging the question on the track changing hands before the start of the season. Again fact, speculation, prediction? You seemed pretty confident in your statement. You know this how?

  112. I won’t presume I know exactly how commercial liability insurance works. I believe you can’t get insurance unless there is a risk assessment. The days of getting insurance and hoping for the best are far in the rear view mirror. The Speedbowls stands issues are legend now so it makes sense that the liability carrier, town, track and engineering firm work hand in hand. Maybe someone with commercial property experience could weigh in.
    As for Bemer it’s time to dial down the emotion and let the situation play out since we’re in the home stretch. Everything that could be said has been said. Everyone has taken their side and it’s time to let the judicial system do it’s job. Guaranteed the lay of the land will look far different in the spring.
    For the score keepers in the forum that feel it important they be right I’d make just one observation. Mark Andrews has nothing to feel bad about since every single person that has made a prediction regarding the Speedbowl has been wrong at some point. Some including myself spectacularly so.

  113. Mark Andrews says

    Just wait Humphry……….Its been in the works now since Beamer got pinched.Let it play out.

  114. Yea right. Christmas is coming too! He turned down 2.75 which makes me believe he is not interested in selling.

  115. Just Wondering says

    Is this tour happening in 2019? I can’t find any recent info, even on the Tours facebook page which hasn’t had much action in the recent weeks/months.

  116. Just Wondering,
    I haven’t heard that it’s not happening, though the only thing they have are their events at the Speedbowl. They announced a series director a few weeks back. Beyond that not much that I’ve heard.

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