New London-Waterford Speedbowl Releases 2019 Schedule

Officials at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl announced a 22-event schedule for their weekly racing divisions for the 2019 season Saturday morning.

The Speedbowl will kick off its 2019 season with the Budweiser Blast Off May 11-12.

The Blast Off event will feature the first of two events at the track for the Modified Racing Series. The division will return to the track for the annual Wings And Wheels event in Aug. 17.

The Speedbowl will also host the American Modified Tour three times for that division’s inaugural season. The American Modified Tour will compete at the track June 8, Sept. 7 and as part of the tracks finale weekend Oct. 18-20 (feature Oct. 20).

The track will host it’s Full Fendered Throwdown presented by Belltown Motors Tire Service Center of East Hampton on May 25 featuring the Granite State Pro Stock Series.

The Granite State Pro Stock Series will also compete at the track on Aug. 3 and as part of Finale Weekend on Oct. 19.

The NEMA Midgets and NEMA Lites will also make multiple appearances at the track in 2019.

“We’ve worked hard to put together a slate of events that will once again give the Speedbowl a strong schedule for competitors and fans,” Speedbowl general manager Mike Serluca told RaceDayCT. “We look forward to getting through a busy offseason of plans at the track and getting back to racing.”

The track also announced its 14-event Wacky Wednesday schedule, which will kick off May 22 and run through Sept. 4.



  1. I like it.

    But dose anyone know anything about the “350 Super Mods” Is there something wrong with ISMA? Or is this a new tour like the new “American modified tour”

    I never did like how ISMA raced at Lee the night befor the Speedbowl. If someone crashed the night befor that would be one less car that showed up at the bowl.

  2. 350 supers instead of Isma is surprising.

  3. I am not sure why they went with 350 supers, they run at LEE and Star as a regular division and there is not a full field of them on most nights. Not sure where they are going to get a field of 350’s especially if they are running at Star that night. Maybe there is a new 350 super tour starting. Last year, wasnt the ISMA portion of wings and wheels postponed then cancelled last minute. If my memory serves me, it was an issue with DEP or town. Maybe ISMA didnt want to work with Waterford or maybe Waterford wanted to go for a cheaper division.

    I like the schedule. We did learn the new American Mod series is running 75 laps which probably means no tire change, not counting cautions. That should put that series at a ticket price a little less than what they got for MRS shows. AMT facebook page has announcements of driver support and it appears to be a tour type modified series based on who is supporting it. Woody, savery, Mckenedy, Alexander and Barret are listed as supporting the series. I havent heard of any other tracks scheduling the AMT. Hopefully the new series catches on.

    Seekonk released a preliminary schedule, though it is not very detailed. I havent seen anything from Thompson aside from the Whelen Mod and ACT dates. It is always exciting seeing the schedules come out.

  4. OK then we all know the cloud that hangs over the Speedbowl but this is a pretty great schedule isn’t it?
    The American Modified Tour bills itself as something different with the goal of side by side racing resulting in more fans in the seats. A noble goal but aren’t they simply the cars in the VMRS mostly. Giving those cars 5 races at the Speedbowl and comparisons will be made. Is the American different or simply a vehicle to sell different tires? Teams gravitate to low costs and high payouts so we’ll see.
    These Supers. Aren’t they the folks from Star and Lee? Interesting.
    Stupid question. The 1/2 price town nights. What’s the deal? You live in town, show your licence and get half off? If I got it part right that’s the kind of promotion we all long for isn’t it?
    A track schedule press release written by racedayct. Things certainly have changed from last year. Serluca is the real deal race fans. Under estimate him and you’re missing out.

  5. I’ve decided this is my last post I understand people don’t want to see a track close but it is beyond my rationale how anyone would be associated or give one penny to a rapist of people unable to make their own decisions

  6. Impassioned and resolute bill d and who doesn’t respect that. Then again you’re bumping up against the entire deal of a person being innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers. Moreover you confuse people supporting the sport they love with purposeful forgiveness of wrongdoing before a verdict has been reached.
    Myself I thought we were done with the holier then thou know it alls with no faith in our judicial system.
    Clearly I was naive.

  7. Ok Doug you seem like a reasonable guy the animals admitted to it read the findings then got lawyers and said plead not guilty you have money and they are not good victims for the prosecution they offered him probation which is unreal he declined because he has plenty of money to fight it so let’s give him some more also use this scenario many of there victims had the mentality of a child

  8. A little background on 350s. Oswego added a 350 division for 2019 using Star rules. Oswego doesn’t run weekly. Star does. As such, Star has over forty 350 Supers registered already. I’m sure a lot of those will be part time but still impressive. I don’t know how Waterford is getting all these cars down there for their race. Someone else will have to fill in the blanks.

  9. @bill d-
    Wow! Now it’s a rapist! That’s quite the jump from “soliciting a trafficked person”. I guess that fight I got in back in 1999 makes me a murderer. Dumb statements by dumber people.

  10. Fundamentally we agree Bill d on the crux of this sordid affair. What we don’t agree on is the timing to come to judgements. Nor condemning the entire racedayct community based on one issue that is racing toward judgement day by the proper authorities.
    Your strong feelings on how the Waterford racing community compartmentalizes the issue and keep it at arms length from race plans and activities is completely understandable.
    This is what I’ve noticed. Regardless of ownership the Speedbowl network that goes back generations is it’s own entity regardless of ownership. Their commitment to preserving their traditions in the face of all the turmoil is a self generating force.
    I’m absolutely convinced that Bemer will be judged fairly and harshly and suffer severe consequences. Meanwhile I chose to compartmentalize that issue as well and support the Speedbowl community.

  11. I guess Doug you are OK with the prosecution ie. State of CT, funded by taxpayers money being used to make appearances in court only to have the case continued waisting taxpayers money while games are played by the defendent who is waiting for a better deal? Then we have the trial costing the tax payers money, I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick and tired of individuals waisting the hard earned money I contrubute through taxation on this type of BS. And then you expect individuals to support the bowl creating more revenue for him to fight the State judicial system? Anyway it’s your opinion and you are entitled to it.

  12. Looks positive!!! Lets see how the criminal trial goes this coming Wenesday.

  13. B.T.W., What’s going on with the stands?? Does anyone really know? Could they be a deal breaker?? Seems only a bunch of rumors right now.

  14. With all due respect humphry I don’t believe I’ve ever supported wasting taxpayer money. Nor in stating how I have compartmentalized the situation am I trying to convince anyone to feel the same way. People picked their sides long ago.
    I can say I understand your frustration and respect it completely.

  15. Thanks Doug in the future I can only hope that one day I can walk through the gates of the speedbowl with new owners I do not want to lose another race track I seen some great races there over the years.I look forward to talking about that

  16. Just Jerry says

    Anybody care to bet that there will be brand new grandstands at the Speedbowl in 2019? I too have talked with a town official and was told the new GM reached out to the town in the beginning of November and has permission to remove boards and the front fascia of the concession stands, since nothing structural is being disturbed a demo permit is not required. Yet. I have not been down to the Bowl in a few days. Tried to go there yesterday but there is a chain across the entrance. Saw a silver SUV and a yellow car parked near the office trailer, but couldn’t see much more. When I was able to pull in last week I did notice the fronts of most of the concession stands closer to turn 4 had been removed completand pile on the midway. I also noticed a big 53 foot box trailer parked on the midway down near turn 1. Seems something is going on. I can only guess that Serluca is not dumb enough to announce anything major until permits are pulled with the town. Who knows with that guy though…

  17. Just Jerry, what’s your definition of “brand new grandstands”?

  18. rumor is that the grandstands have been purchased (used)
    It’s been a decade or so that I had trouble finding a seat at the bowl.
    personally i don’t think the stand alone grandstands in turn four and turn one need to be replaced so I’m thinking a section that holds 500 more people would be plenty, they can always add later if need be.

  19. That rumor about used grandstands having been purchased is a couple years old.

  20. Rumor about the used stands has been floating around for 2 seasons now. Supposedly they were the back stretch stands from Daytona that were removed. Don’t believe everything you hear.

    My guess they are doing cosmetic work on the place that is why the fascia is being removed along with the planks on the grandstands. Unless Bemer has cut loose with the $$$$$$$ nothing substantial is going to change. And don’t forget the Town will have the final say when they inspect the facility and grant the permit to operate prior to the season opener in May of ’19.

    So Jerry since you spoke with the Town, are they aware that most of the wood and steel structure very probably contains lead paint? Lead pain is cause for remediation by a licensed professional hazardous materials contractor. And the town is OK with volunteers doing the work? Does the track owner, Mr. Serluca and or the Town want to accept the liability of knowingly allowing untrained individuals to perform work with the potential of contracting lead poisoning? I guess we will have to wait and see.

  21. Fast Eddie says

    If the town has an issue with the big block supers I would guess it to be noise related, as they usually were last or next to last on the evening. I don’t know where JD’s numbers are coming from but I don’t think that many 350 Supers exist. I’ve been to Lee and Star a number of times when they were running. Lee usually had 10-12 and Star usually had 14-16. Most were usually the same teams running both tracks, as around here that’s the only tracks that have them. I think once I saw 18 out of at least two dozen events. I would bet they would put on a good race at the Speedbowl though; the right size track for those cars.

  22. At Oswego they had 27 Small Block Wingless Supers, 34 ISMA supers and 16 350 SMAC supers.
    It was a super nova of super modifieds.

  23. 16 at Oswego. 21 pitted and 17 took the green in the feature at Wiscasset on August 11.
    16 at Waterford would be fine.

  24. I don’t believe the Town has a particular issue with ISMA. I believe ISMA may have an issue with the track after their show was canceled last minute in 2018. I think the purse structure along with if it is a point event will be the overall determination on how many cars the 350’s draw.

  25. Not sure what will happen to the stands at the Bowl, but the stands at Thompson could use some work.

  26. Mike Serluca says

    I am very capable of doing things properly. Thank you for your concern. Daytona bleachers are a myth so we can stop talking about that. You will have to wait, just like everyone else, to find out specifically what we are doing. I do not release anything until all necessary and truthful information is available. I do appreciate your colorful speculation and I am constantly amused at the misinformation that you “report”. Keep drinking that Kool Aid though. In the mean time, my team and I will push forward and use your negativity to fuel our success. See you in 2019!

  27. Mike Serluca says

    Also not true. Probably should file that away with your lead paint theory. Man, you have quite the imagination though. I guess if I was anonymously spewing off at the mouth consistently, I would have a vivid imagination also. Keep up the good work. Curious to know, what’s your next theory, is it Route 11 will be finished and the exit ramp is slated to be on the infield of the track? Is Jimmy Hoffa buried in the infield? Is the 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll employed by the track? Wait, I know, the town won’t approve any work there because Bigfoot has been sighted on the property. I mean, come on guy, you are so far off base with your comments I just HAD to say something.

  28. My 350 numbers come from the Star FB page as posted by Mr. Webber (Track Owner). Entry list for 2019 is over 40. Registration list is posted there for you to fact check me.

  29. Mark Andrews says

    You Go Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!Da Idiot,Humphrey,and the rest of the Hillary Worshipping Scumbags.Choke On That!

  30. Mark Andrews said on 11/30/18; “Track will change hands before the season starts. Shawn Monahan’s long term plan will come to pass. Praise the Lord! He will purchase the track with a new ownership group and get will steer the ship.” These are your exact words on a previous thread.

    This is the third time I asked this question about your statement; fact, speculation, prediction? You seemed pretty confident in your statement. You know this how?

    Choke on what, really? And now after saying Monahan will be taking over throwing Serluca under the buss you are kissing Serluca’s butt? Really man? I am not choking on anything but is certainly appears you are……….

  31. Fast Eddie says

    JD, thanks for the info! Those numbers are great for that category! it would be very cool to see 20+ at an event!
    Mike Serluca, thank-you for scoffing at the negative comments and continuing to work at getting the Speedbowl operational for 2019! Looking at the track itself, I have seen some really good racing there over the years and sincerely hope that continues to be possible. Thanks again!

  32. Now, now, Mike, many myths have turned out to be true. The Daytona stands for one. The ModSquad group reported on a sit-down with the town and George about the major capital improvements, and nothing happened – again. So Mike, be careful about lashing out. The customers have been fed loads of 💩 continually for years. Those authorities associated with the ‘bowl have been caught spreading manure before. That seems to happen more than anything else. So you’ll have to endure the skepticism until you deserve otherwise.

    But it is probably best that you don’t say anything so that it will never be known when you failed. Just do what you can when you can, and let it be. Actions speak louder than words. That has proven itself over an over the last couple years. Inaction also speaks louder than words.

    But you can put to rest that you, as the renter, will not be rebuilding, rehabilitating, remediating, construction, or doing any other significant work to the facility. You do have a legal lease from Bemer? Pretty much anything other than operating the track in as-is condition and you will effectively be operating as Bemer’s agent.

  33. Might be old fashioned but I just don’t see the upside of a promoter entering a forum he clearly has no respect for to kick pretty much everyone in the nads. Why not rise above it all, lay out some information courteously, show you’re not petty or vindictive and make a few friends that may buy tickets?
    Sean Foster was a class act that took a lot of heat in his series and he always held himself to a high standard.
    Excepting Sean, drivers, owners, management rarely mention or thank the people saying nice things about them. They usually just focus like a laser on the bad stuff and go off like a grenade.

  34. Mark Andrews says

    Humphrey.not throwing Serluca under any bus.Simply congratulating him on setting you fools straight.He and Monahsn are close friends.Duh.You must be related to the Scarecrow from the wizard of Oz.Lmfao.Prior to him getting a brain.

  35. Mike Serluca says

    Ah… da real… lol. You amuse me. Don’t confuse me with George Whitney and please stay up to date on current events before you speak. After originally announcing I would lease the track, the “agreement” was revisited, announced at the track to drivers and competitors that I am working directly for the owner at this point. You would’ve had to have been there I guess to know that. As far a “lashing out”, you see it one way and I see it as another. There is no “lashing out” here. I’m killing rumors. When I have an announcement to make, I will make it. You, and the rest of the Anonymous Army can keep hiding out and trolling and basing statements off of previous false info from people who are no longer around. Would you like to bring up anything from the Carter administration while you’re at it? I’m sorry if you can’t handle someone actually defending and squashing rumors that spew forth from your keyboard regularly in this comment section. I’d suggest before posting things in the future, try to get some facts. I’m sorry if you’re not comfortable going to THE SOURCE, which is me. My contact info is readily available and I’m pretty accessible. You can fire back with whatever attempt at wit you’d like, but at the end of the day, I’m telling you and everyone reading this, you know NOTHING of what you speak when it comes to me, my team, or what is happening at the track AT THIS POINT. You can go ahead and bring up old stuff all you want, but presently and I’m talking September 18, 2108 and forward, you know absolutely ZERO. Have a great day sir or ma’am.

  36. Mike Serluca says

    Doug- I am not your average “promoter”. I will definitely come on here and set any false reports straight. Seems like everybody likes to bash the ‘Bowl and I’m supposed to sit back and let it go? When you bash my track, you bash me, which effects my drivers, and my staff. We have been doing things at the Bowl and when the time comes, info will be released. It’s all fun and games until “Big Bad Mike” who should never say a word, speaks up and defends falsehoods. Nobody in my position has ever defended the place publicly. I’ll always answer to my critics. Especially when they speak on things they don’t know about and are completely wrong. I could easily hide behind some fake name and say the same things on here, but people with integrity don’t hide behind an anonymous name because they are confident and have the courage to let THEIR opinions be known and THEIR statements to be heard. With credibility. Does that mean I don’t care or don’t want the support of all? No, it means I WANT people to know that I don’t hide and I will correct any false “reports” and confirm any true “reports”.

  37. Just Jerry says

    Mike- I, for one, respect you defending your position. I know most of the supporters that I talk to do too. These clowns seem to run rampant on here. No bully likes to be stood up to. Piece of advice: you’ve said what you had to, now just let your actions speak, which those who speak with you know will speak loudly. Keep up the good work. You and Rich are doing great. Toy drive looked to be very successful last night and that raffle had to be one of the funniest I’ve ever seen. Thank you for all you continue to do.

  38. Mark the spin doctor. Nice try, what side of the fence are you on today? So now it is time for you to set us fools straight about your comment.

    Mark Andrews said on 11/30/18; “Track will change hands before the season starts. Shawn Monahan’s long term plan will come to pass. Praise the Lord! He will purchase the track with a new ownership group and get will steer the ship.” These are your exact words on a previous thread.

    This is the fourth time I asked this question about your statement; fact, speculation, prediction? You seemed pretty confident in your statement. You know this how?

    Lets hear it as you made the statement. Please don’t injure yourself jumping that fence it is a little frosty this morning.

    BTW, who is Monahsn? Scarecrow? You better look in the mirror!

  39. Mike, just a piece of advise and do with it as you wish. Do yourself a favor and when you speak or write loose the words I, me and my. It makes you sound possessive and look like a control freak. Substitute them with we, our and us that way you make individuals feel like they are part of something not just your personal possession. People are not possessions they are human beings and should be treated that way. You are only one cog in the wheel and without a “team” of individuals or support staff you will be nothing. Always remember as the saying goes “there is no I in team”. Take it from a person who has spent the better part of his adult life in management building strong successful teams by having people take pride and ownership in what they do.

  40. Mike Serluca says

    You are absolutely correct sir. Terrible wording on my part and I stand corrected. There is no I in team and I am admittedly embarrassed at my poor choice of wording. Thank you for pointing that out. I have no argument there.

  41. Crazy in NY says

    “People are not possessions they are human beings and should be treated that way.”

    May I quote you on that in the future when you’re making veiled accusations or innuendo’s about
    teams and/or drivers you may not like?

  42. Mike Serluca wrote, “Ah… da real… lol. You amuse me. Don’t confuse me with George Whitney and please stay up to date on current events before you speak. After originally announcing I would lease the track, the “agreement” was revisited, announced at the track to drivers and competitors that I am working directly for the owner at this point. You would’ve had to have been there I guess to know that. ”


    Hey Mike, I’m not confusing you with George, but George was considered the savior. How’d that work out?

    Well, I’m not inclined to do much more than read media outlets for info on the ‘bowl, so indeed I may not have all the latest information. I probably don’t even see all that is published about the ‘bowl. Really no loss at all. The place has been a joke for years, and looks like it will continue to be a joke for years to come. Not high on my list of current events at all, more like comedy, or tragedy 🎭. Like watching the proverbial slow motion train wreck. I’m like the many teams, sponsors, series, and sanctioning bodies that stay away from the ‘bowl due to current ownership. You can ridicule me all you want for not knowing the latest news about you and the ‘bowl, but it will only come back to the issue as to why this mess exists, which are the legal problems your boss is in. Your boss wouldn’t be needing a front man like you if he wasn’t in the trouble he’s in. You can only deflect away from that for so long. Mike, you are just not that important for me to exert an effort to find out if you are leasing the place or are working directly for the owner. If you look through previous posts about the Bemer/’bowl problems, I’m pretty sure I opined that the lease arrangement is untenable given all the issues the track has and that a lessee can’t be responsible for, and address, without participation 🤑💵💰🤑💲 from the owner.

    So Mike, since you are acting as Bemer’s front man, will you be doing the absolute minimum just to keep the track operating until Bemer is free and clear to sell it [which may be many years, or never happen], or is forced to sell it, or will you be overseeing the promised facelift, including the new grandstands, concessions, electrical updates, lavatories, etc. and all the other changes needed to bring the place up to code? Looks like you will be doing the minimum to keep the place open, to maybe what can be done without requiring permits or invoking code mandated updates.

  43. I’m betting those 3 lines Mr. Serluca garnered you more respect then anything else you’ve written in this forum to date.
    Man I’d love for you to answer all the questions. You and your team did a stellar job on the schedule and it’s mostly in the bank. Your support for the race teams is vocal, intense and a continuing theme. Keeping Speedbowl network of supporters engaged with good works including turkey give-a-ways and toys hits all the right chords.
    I’d like you to stop the rumors and end all speculation. Are new stands a short, intermediate or longer term goal or simply unknown? Is approval of the current stands for next year the greatest likelihood and when in the late winter, early spring does engineering, repairs and inspection by the town generally come together? Are there aesthetic repairs planned and what might they be? Are the concessions being renovated or moved? Are drainage and environmental issues a thing that is being managed or is that all bunk? Has a property sale ever been mentioned?
    All that said I’m guessing most of it is either in flux, indeterminate, out of your control or nobodies business outside of track management. Not even fair to ask, Infrastructure is the property owners responsibility. And if you have an indication of the general direction of things you obviously can’t be popping off about it until you know for sure and are authorized to do so. Hovering over all this is the huge albatross you carry on your shoulders. The owners criminal and civil trial issues. That even you do not have a right to ask about I should think but places a burden on everything Speedbowl.
    So you do what you can do. Keep the track pointed in the right direction, rally the fan base and race teams, duke it out with the troublemakers on occasion and put one foot in front of the other.
    Gotta say looking a year or so down the road I’m thinking book deal. I’d buy it and read it for sure.
    Good luck!

  44. Mike, don’t let the conspiracy theorists and the know it alls rattle your cage. it’s the only enjoyment they get out of life. Keep up the good work you’re doing and everything will come to fruition.

  45. Thanks Mike for acknowledging my post and not an issue. Just surround yourself with good, honest people and you should be fine.

    As for you Crazy, you are an MH guy and probably part of his organization so I get your loyalty. That’s fine with me however, I don’t believe I ever said I personally don’t like the guy. Matter of fact I was one of the first ones that took issue with the way Coby dirtied MH in the Seekonk tour show in 2017 when he was leading and got taken out. You probably don’t remember that though.

  46. Bob Not. wrote, “Mike, don’t let the conspiracy theorists and the know it alls rattle your cage.”

    Conspiracy theorists????? Who needs conspiracy theorists when we have all this happening????

  47. Star Speedway in Epping NH released their schedule. They have their weekly 350 Supermodifieds scheduled for AUG 17th the same night the 350 Supers are scheduled for Waterfords wings and Wheels. Not Sure there is enough 350 supers in the area to support both races with full fields on the same night. Is there a tour for 350 supers?

    Sat. August 17
    Back To School Night
    350 Supers – Late Models – Street Stocks – Six Shooters – Classic Lites – Star Troopers

  48. The grass is greener somewhere else.

    The tracks and promoters are going after the same pool of sponsors and fans. How small can a series or tour be before it is too small?

  49. Street stock fan says

    What does all this have to do with the schedule
    It’s just a bunch of BS
    If you don’t like the bowl don’t go
    Looks like we will have a excellent season
    Thanks Mike

  50. Street stock fan says

    What does all this BS have to do with the schedule
    If you don’t like it then don’t go
    It’s looks like a excellent season
    Mike thanks

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