Northeast Race Cars & Parts Named As New Authorized Fury Dealer in Northeastern U.S.

(Press Release from Fury Race Cars)

It was announced today that Northeast Race Cars & Parts has been named an official FURY Race Cars dealer in the Northeastern region of the United States.

Beginning in 2019, Northeast Race Cars & Parts will be an authorized new-car dealer of FURY Race Cars Late Models and Modifieds, as well as an authorized repair facility and authorized parts dealer.

Northeast Race Cars & Parts and its staff have over 50 years combined knowledge of the racing business. 

Based in Pascoag, Rhode Island, they offer same-day repairs to get their customers back on track, as well as in-house setups, at-track test days and phone support.

Their fully-stocked race support trailers can be found at all of the biggest Modified races up and down the East Coast, supporting the Modified Racing Series, the Tri Track Modified Series, and select NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events, including most races at the Waterford Speedbowl and all events at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.

“We are very proud to put this deal together with FURY Race Cars, and we’re looking forward to working hand in hand with everyone there,” said Brad Lafontaine of Northeast Race Cars & Parts. “Their cars are extremely successful at the track and they’re some of the smartest and most experienced people in motorsports; We can’t wait to offer their cars to our customers. If you are looking for a new FURY car, please consider Northeast Race Cars & Parts to be on your winning team.”

“We are very pleased to add Northeast Race Cars & Parts to our growing list of authorized dealers in North America,” said FURY owner and General Manager Tony Eury Jr. “Our dealers are an integral component of our business because of their existing relationships with their customers and their reach within the regions they serve. We only partner with dealers who offer the same level of quality, customer service and support as our own shop in Mooresville, N.C., and the relationship we’ve built with Northeast Race Cars & Parts has demonstrated that they are able to live up to that standard.”

For more information about Northeast Race Cars & Parts, please visit

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  1. Sounds like Fury is desperate to get their name out there doing this. Wonder what Troyer thinks of this. Brad just gave up Troyer to sell something that has no recognition up here. The LFR brand is evolving so who will evolve that brand is the question. I purchased a Fury spindle from Oval speed just to find out that it was NOT what was on my LFR car. Not a bright move by either party.

  2. Looks like they are trying to flush Rob Fuller and the LFR deal ……

  3. Chris,

    You state: “Brad just gave up Troyer to sell something that has no recognition up here.”

    Is this factual?

    Shawn can you please update us on this? I know we have Oval Speed and Flamingo selling Troyer parts but would like to know as we need things throughout the winter.


  4. Al,
    I haven’t heard anything about Brad not selling Troyer. And Troyer is still listed on their website ( I can’t vouch for the validity of anything that is said by anyone in the comments section. I think if you’re really wondering, the best way to get an answer is to call Northeast (800-766-4748 Or 401-710-9992) and ask them.

  5. Shawn, can you explain LFR and Fury Modified situation? I was told LFR doesnot build cars, Fury build for them? Verry Confusing if Northeast is going to supply the same car LFR is?

  6. Rich,
    My understanding in the most basic terms is that at this point Fury manufactures a Modified chassis for LFR that isn’t fully completed, LFR then takes that unfinished chassis and essentially finishes it with their own proprietary work that is unique to LFR. So an LFR Modified is NOT a Fury Modified, they are two different cars. That’s the best I can explain it in simple terms.

  7. So it’s the same that Brad was doing with Troyer back in the day. Makes sense. Thank you for clearing that up. I did know that the bolt on LFR parts are different from Fury. We purchased a LFR car this year and the parts are different from the first chassis we purchased.

  8. Here it is. Fury mods don’t exist. Brad is calling all the LFR customers trying to get their business because he was sold on the fact that LFR is the same as Fury by those coat tail riding red necks in NC. Open your eyes. They have not developed or improved on anything in 2 years time. In that same time LFR has redesigned all the bolt on parts and in the recent release they redesigned the chassis as well. I hope Fuller is smart enough to go somewhere else to have the metal welded. Heck I can weld steel. Wait til Brad finds out that all the parts he bought are not even on the LFR cars up here. Someone should call Dennis at oval speed. He just found out the same thing. It’s all about Ego. Fury wanted to claim all the LFR success in New England just like they walked up to all the LFR cars in NC and made them put Fury decals on. SHADY folks down south. When they sit down, design a chassis, run it on track and race it in a complete race with success (just like Fuller did) then you can call it what they want. I don’t know how Fuller puts up with this drama. I like many others watched him do all the work and turn wrenches himself while developing the chassis. Yes some things broke and didn’t work correctly but that’s the point! He figured it out and now they are killing it. Not once did I see Eury or Fultz at a mod race. Ask Burt or Eddy Harvey how Bristol went when the Fury guys showed up to help. ask Todd Zegedy who developed that chassis. He was the driver the whole time. You guys just don’t make sense. Rob P especially on the LFR article. Your a joke dude. Ask around to guys in the garage that deal with all this and know. Ask Ryan Stone or Phil Moran who designed the car. Not couch riding losers.

  9. Just so everyone is clear , Fury Race Cars bought the design rights to the LFR Modified and SlM. The same employees that built the first LFR still build tem today. You can buy complete or you can buy just a chassis. We all have a lot of support and friendships with Rob. The reason you have a different spindle is because you have a spindle that has been design to replace parts being bought at Fury. At any rate if you want a great modified come buy a Fury , we fill strong about our product , you can bolt on what ever you want but at the end of the day a Harley is still a Harley. LFR has done a great job with the at track support this year , we wish them the best an hope they continue to help our customers , but if not we will be there to help any one that has a Fury. Look forward to seeing everyone at the Beach. No since in getting confused its real simple.

  10. Just so no one gets confused. Fury bought the design rights to the LFR Modified and the SLM. The same group of people that built the first couple of LFR modifieds still build them today. You can call them what ever you would like. The reason your spindle is different is because you bought after market parts being built by LFR to try to confuse the customers into what kind of car they have. There are a couple of things that have been modified
    Shock tower
    Strut rod mounts
    By the i have built all of these but the spindles , because i really dont have time to be changing cars every other day. We are very thankful of all the track support that LFR over this last year. Please dont get fooled by all the the crazy stuff out here. Its real simple. Remember every house has to have good foundation , if you have good foundation it doesnt matter what kind of siding you put On the house.

  11. Tony,
    Great info. One problem. They are LFR customers. You have not sold any modifieds to anyone but LFR. LFR is servicing LFR customers. To be expected. People are buying LFR cars for the support. Who is helping the Fury customers? Brad???? He hasn’t tuned in a mod in years. How is it smart to have Oval Speed, NE race cars and LFR all in the same area for 10 customers? Your not Troyer and you never will be. You didn’t need dealer support. You need LFR. I can’t believe you guys can’t see this. You do not have any modified employees there. Especially with Fullers credentials. I was at Leavitt’s when he had the first mod built. There were 3 guys there. I asked Rob what his plan was because we were interested in a super. He said he was going to have to do supers because there were not enough customers in mods. This is going to hurt your business more that LFR. They only want a couple teams. You sound like you want a bunch. Not happening. Last question. The new parts you said we’re changes that LFR Fuller made that they had you manufacture (to confuse the industry??? How about better their product. They are lighter and stronger designs) Do you sell those parts as Fury or LFR parts? See where we are going with this? They should be called LFR and they are not. That would upset me as well. Then you sign up a Troyer dealer to be a Fury dealer? Wow. Now Brad is calling LFR customers trying to get there business. Not professional. He should call Fury customers in NE. Not LFR customers. This will all be old news soon. I just don’t believe it will turn out the way you guys expect. One guy built that company. He’s a mod guy. You guys are super guys. It would have been fine if you just let the guy that designed and developed the car do his thing. Seemed like it was going well until this. I’m calling Troyer for my new car. This is just too much drama from you guys down south. LFR best of luck. You have a great piece.

  12. Well, now there will be good ol’ Brad, who is always at the track, supporting the Fury modified. All that wisdom and expertise that Brad has accumulated will now be applied to the Fury chassis.

    Bravo!!!!! Can’t wait for the 2019 modified season.

  13. Dareal are you being serious? I’m hoping this is sarcasm. Brads a good guy but way out of touch on what is winning races today. Colton doesn’t even know honestly. That’s the issue with Troyer. It’s the blind leading the blind. LFR will just keep doing what they are doing. My money is on them. Again. Sorry, you southern boys never could keep up with northern boys. Not changing now. Someday when Fuller doesn’t look like he hates the world at the track I will approach him. I respect what that guy has done and continues to do in modifieds. He has made everyone wake up and has evolved the entire garage with LFR. Great job.

  14. Shawn, How much money would it take for you to reveal the actual names of these people on these comments? This is crazy the comments on this post. This whole LFR and Fury thing is a cat fight. Why wouldn’t fuller keep lfr in the first place? From my understanding lfr was a fail, An investor came in and took over fury, fury bought all rights to the chassis. If you call lfr to get a chassis, it doesn’t come from lfr, it comes from fury, lfr assembles, the cars are built by fury. It would be no different if brad got his cars from Troyer and renamed the troyer to his own name because he assembles it. Makes no sense.

  15. Seekonk fan says

    All ready a few Fury SLM cars racing in the Northeast. Seems like a pretty good piece. Give these guys some credit, they know what ther are doing.

  16. Exactly. That foundation is Fuller. We all know that a smart guy can win with any chassis. He’s a smart guy. If Troyer hired him that would be game set match. Dareal must be kidding. This year is going to be horrible. The 51 will run away with it. 15 not running and 2 just lost their mojo along the way. Want good racing watch a DIRT race! BTW there are no Fury cars up in the north. All LFR. Who is Brad going to sell to anyway? And buying rights to a design race car? Really dude?? Any smart chassis company wouldn’t do that. If your going to stay on top you have to keep getting better. If I know Fuller he’s had another design ready before this one was done. Buying a chassis design is like buying a phone design. Doesn’t make sense. It’s old by the time you turn it on. Unless you don’t know that. Uh oh………

  17. sour grapes of fury says

    so someone says brad and billy colton cant get a troyer to run or win ? ….brad is going to get wins using a fury CHASSIS ?. its NOT the bare chassis that wins its whats bolted to , or in it along with driver, set up and some luck. I would be excuse the pun furious if I bought a new troyer and my vendor is selling the competition as well …. this is a bad business move for brad in my opinion.. mod racing is already too expensive and getting worse. these “wars” don’t help at all with cost control… pretty soon there will be no tour ..lets get crate motors spec shocks and claimer rules and stop the insanity. limits on tires etc..

  18. Joey,
    Fuller never wanted a huge chassis company which is what LFR became. I wouldn’t call it a fail. They sold a ton of cars and someone wanted to buy it. Failed companies file chapter 11 and shut down. Not the case at all. I’ve heard the issue was the way it went down. Fury wanted all the benefits of purchasing the company without purchasing the company. There are no design rights in racing. The LFR was a polished up Troyer car. If that was the case Troyer could have sued LFR. Nascar has a strict guideline on construction so you can’t do much. Spafco copies the LFR front clip and now Troyer is getting in the game with the similar LFR design as well. So the design right is a joke. Any attorney will tell you the same. Fury left Fuller with a ton of debt which he paid off. Fury did a asset purchase to avoid the debt. Look up asset purchase on line. Then they go around telling LFR customers to change their cars to Fury. Not legal technically. LFR was still in existence because they would not purchase the company. If the company was purchased it’s a different situation but because the way it was done everyone kinda got a sour taste in their mouth. Listen, Fuller built the company. Period. He was the boss and made all the calls. Ask anyone that worked there. He was done wrong. Legally he should have shut down and walked away but knowing him, I know he didn’t want to do vendors wrong. He’s been around a long time and wants to keep a good name. Instead all his hard work went to people that tried to screw him so he’s upset as anyone would be. He can build whatever he wants but will not take on the overhead or risk. Don’t blame him. His design is the LFR design. Fury manufactures it. The design is more important than the manufacturing. Many many companies in many different industries do outside manufacturing. It’s smart business. What Fury is about to realize is the hardest thing to do is sell and LFR does that well. To sell is to understand and no one understands modified cars better than Rob Fuller. You have to sell first then manufacture. The SMART manufacturers let others distribute design and handle customer support. Most SMART manufacturers don’t want to deal with that or the headache and expense that come with that as well. Toyota always wanted a luxury line….but they are Toyota. Along comes Lexus. Point and case. Furniture is another industry that uses this process. One furniture manufacturer will produce several different lines. Very common. Someone on here mentioned ego. Bingo. The owner of Fury is upset that they can not sell mods without LFR and is trying to accomplish that with Brad. Not a good move for either. They should have left well enough alone. Fury will lose sales. From 10-12 down to 3-4 next year. Then they will decide to drop mods all together which is smart business and construct Pinty cars or ACT cars. More in their wheel house. Mark my words folks. LFR will be in mods for years. I have not spoke with Rob in over 2 years but I was involved when this all went down and these are my opinions. NOT facts folks. Nothing is FACT here so let’s all agree on that. All opinion including mine. Enjoy the Holidays!

  19. Sour grapes of Fury I agree. Bad move by Brad. Troyer put Brad on the map now he does this? Fury had great sales from LFR and they sell Fullers designs to a Troyer dealer? Not cool. The owner of Fury is obviously not a racer. Just another rich dad messing up this sport. Keep your drama in NC guys. We are doing fine up here without it. GO LFR!! Been a Fuller fan for years and love what Rob did with LFR!! Jeff was HOT!! Didn’t he drive for Brad?

  20. LFR customer says

    I have been a LFR customer for only a short period and spoke to Fuller a couple times on the Fury relationship and he never offered much info actually. After reading Tony’s comments it ALL makes sense as to why there is tension. Mr Eury please listen. We are NOT Fury customers. We are all LFR customers. We all know who is manufacturing the chassis. If we wanted to be Fury customers we would have called you. Your comment about how LFR does a good job taking care of YOUR customers explains the entire issue here. You show no respect to your ENTIRE modified resource. He has sold all of your modifieds. You have ONE modified customer. You should have tried to make him happy by manufacturing what he has redesigned and improved on. Instead you say he is trying to confuse the industry? He just wants to get better and wanted you to be a part of it since he HIRED YOU in the first place as well as EVERYONE there! I won’t touch on that part. He purchased 10 or more chassis this year and you have done NOTHING to support them but if I buy 1 you will support me? Not buying it sir. Truth be told, if Fuller was not a option I was a Troyer guy. I have spoke to several other LFR customers and they feel the same. We feel Fuller puts us on top at the track and on the phone. I will never call N.C. to discuss Stafford or Thompson set ups. Sorry. Not calling Brad either simply for obvious reasons. He has not been involved in current set ups. Why don’t you guys build a house car and prove us all wrong by outrunning the 15 car. Never happen. That’s why I am LFR. Fuller puts his heart and sole and personal cash into making LFR the best. I’m in. I actually texted him last night and verified these facts. He is LFR and I am and will continue to be a loyal LFR customer. Brad would NOT have taken this on to sell and service something that does not exist. He is ASSUMING he will service the LFR customers. Scott has called me TWICE to ask if he can get my business. He has called all the LFR customers asking the same thing. Point and case. LFR is the success story here not Fury in the Mod’s. They told Brad that they have all these customers up here that he can steel from Fuller. Spoken from Tony Eury’s quote. Shady. Very shady. Stick with fenders. You obviously do not understand the culture in New England Modified racing. Looking forward to 2019 in my LFR CAR.

  21. I was blown away when Fury took credit for the 51, 15 and 2 car on social media after Bristol. They showed their true colors then. Figured out what was going on that day. Didn’t mention LFR at all just took credit for the LFR house car 001 that Fuller built himself, a car that LFR built 51 and one of LFRs most loyal and first customers 2. True story. Look it up on their Kaz Grala……..I mean fury Facebook page. Don’t trust anyone in N.C. The entire industry is different down there.

  22. OK I’ve read all the information on the original sale, am a devoted fan of Fuller and what he has accomplished for Northeast modified racing and all the wonderful commentary here.
    I have a dream. Of a modified universe where all this turmoil, name calling and positioning never existed. Where no one was stabbed in the back and where the result of this move is good for Northeast racing.
    In my imaginings contact was made between Northeast Race Cars and Fury for whatever reason. The topic of a distributorship was discussed and structured and a proposal put on the table. Part of the process was Fury calling LFR and discussing the plans and getting feedback. LFR’s foundation is a Fury chassis. Friend’s, maybe, maybe not. But in what world do you burn a valuable customer and innovator responsible for the market penetration you have in a region.
    In my world Mr. Fuller was not happy about it but agreed that the two could coexist since their missions and goals were different. Fuller being full service, limited edition, results oriented company with it’s own line of in house tested bolt on products to market. Parts that in their own right are worth the price of admission. Northeast Race Cars more of a generic parts supplier able to supply parts and services in higher volume to more divisions and series at more tracks. LFR self described as focusing on the NWMT. Northeast Race Cars ready willing and able move aggressively into VMRS modifieds, SK modifieds and to supply Fury backed parts and chassis components even to SK Lights and Sportsman modifieds. Northeast Race Car also positioned to market Fury Late Model chassis’s and services to the very popular Late Model areas of the Northeast that we modified fans tend to forget.
    The tug of war over Mr.Fuller’s wildly successful creations being Fury or LFR is just silly. It’s like calling a Shelby Mustang a Shrelby or a Mustang but insisting it can’t be called a Shelby Mustang.
    Most informative sentence in the thread in my view:
    “ LFR then takes that unfinished chassis and essentially finishes it with their own proprietary work that is unique to LFR”
    Proprietary being the key word. The source of the most important sentence being the honorable proprietor of this establishment where we now gather.

  23. Eddy Harvey is a hour away from Fury and drives 14 HOURS to LFR. There is a reason folks. Sounds like LFR customer knows the reason.

  24. Well, all y’all LFR fans better hope that Fury stays in business and continues to supply LFR with bare chassis. Remember, it’s the SLM chassis that keeps the doors open at Fury. Fury is sole source to LFR, a great position to be in.

    Proprietary? LOL!!!!!! If it ain’t patented, it ain’t proprietary once it’s out in the open. LOL!!!!! What sort of legal force is there for proprietary? Once the thing is seen and out in the public domain, it ain’t proprietary anymore. If you want it to be proprietary, it is your responsibility to keep it a secret. And then what happens when the chassis is sold from one racer to the next? How is that “proprietary” thing maintained from owner to owner to owner? LOL!!!! The 💩 some of you people believe is incredible. If the product is out in the field, it ain’t proprietary anymore!

    Does LFR require all teams to keep the LFR cars covered and hidden so nobody can see all these big super-duper proprietary (not patented) secrets? 🤣

    It’s hilarious watching some of you people be amazed when words like “technology” and “proprietary” are used, you get all goo-goo goggly. It’s all a bunch of 🐂-💩. What exactly is the friggin’ technology? And exactly what is proprietary? 🤣

    LFR cars weren’t going anywhere until MSIIIR ran them and applied their experience and expertise. That’s what got the ball rolling. The top teams and talent have a knack for making stuff work. And motors, shocks, dive control and flux capacitors are also factors.

    NASCAR better be ready to tear apart shocks each and every race this coming season. BOOM! 🤯. The rulebook defines chassis rather well, such that there is little that can be done anymore to make the pipes that much better. The front suspension is what it is and will be. But the shocks… hmmmmm. They can do some very important things. Rear suspension is an ever changing experiment. What was old is new in a couple weeks. Adding bling masquerading as “technology” can only work for so long.

  25. Just a reminder, last year after one race Dareal says Troyer 1 2 3 , that was the last day the chassis was everything , now it’s everything but the chassis. What a ————

  26. Tony Eury Jr tried to explain it. FURY builds the chassis for LFR. LFR adds some bolt ons, which makes the rolling chassis an LFR, but it’s still a FURY chassis. As far as Billy Colton, and TROYER, they might not have great success on the NWMT, but they kick ass in other touring series. TROYER cars also won multiple track championships. So if you say TROYER cars don’t perform, you should check the facts.

  27. People, let’s watch….. Word on the street is Fuller is looking for someone to manufacturer his Gen II chassis so he doesn’t need Fury in the future.

    Hey Dareal,
    NASCAR took Fullers shocks and spring setups 3 times in 2018 and they all came back legal.
    So much for his coil binding setup not be legal.

  28. Tell Fuller to give Doug a call. He’s also known as WeldingWonders.

  29. That’s kind of exciting.
    The old Hot Rod Mag article on Fcury said the same guy has been doing the chassis fabrication since the beginning. My guess is Fuller has faith in the guy that has kept him using Fury for his basic fabrication.
    I don’t know what the deal is with Chassis Dynamics or CD Racing Products or whatever they call themselves now. Their online presence is outdated and sketchy. But if Mike Paquette is still doing modified chassis work it would be great to see him work with Fuller. Mikes worked with Preece and lives, eats and breaths modifieds like Fuller or at least he used to.
    May someone could weigh in on CD with an update on what they are up to.

  30. Just Me, who said anything about coil binding? I’ve made it clear in these forums that there is no real coil binding going on. Some people think they are coil binding, but that’s another story.

  31. Fuller, aka: LFR, is working the teams that buy turn-key cars. Watch the LFR releases… they produce turn-key cars. He’s targeting the extremely well funded owners. Troyer teams build their cars. Once they learned how to set a car up and get it running, they now provide track support. 😜🤪🤨🧐🙄 Did you all forget what a laugher Fuller was driving his own cars? Again, look at his driving record. Was Fuller giving out set up advice and track support to the top teams back then, just a couple years ago, when he sometimes finished a race? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who was searching out his expertise back then? And this font of expertise formed in just a couple years? The top running teams are the teams with the best collective talent.

    Selling bare chassis to a niche racing style (modifieds) will be tough to survive. Troyer has DIRT, Fury has Supers for volume. He needs to sell added value, as in the whole car. Only the well funded teams buy new, and that’s just a handful of teams. Those teams then sell their stuff to the aftermarket.

    The 44 has a great driver, but rarely runs commensurate with the driver’s skill. I so wish Santos would go to another team. The top running teams are the teams with the best collective talent.

  32. Is Chase Dowling working at Northeast?

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