Tri-Track Open Modified Series Announces Robust Schedule For 2019

(Press Release From Tri-Track Open Modified Series) 

In what will be the most robust schedule since its inception, the Tri-Track Open Modified (TTOMS) announced six race dates for the 2019 season.  The series will visit the Granite State three times during the season in a schedule marked by both traditional favorites and budding newer events.

“It is always exciting for us to know that track operators have faith in the product that our competitors and series officials put out year-after-year,” said TTOMS Managing partner, Wayne Darling, “not only to keep our existing events but to also secure new dates.” 

Once again, the Series will kick off the season at Claremont Speedway in Claremont, NH, with the running of the second annual Claremont 100 on Saturday, May 25. The event was hugely successful in its inaugural year with strong car counts, enthusiastic fan support and great racing. 

The summer events kick-off with two traditional favorites. The popular $10,000 Open Wheel Wednesday at Seekonk Speedway will take place on June 26. The SBM 125 at Star Speedway is set for Saturday, July 27 at the ultra-competitive Epping, NH, bullring. 

On Saturday, August 24, TTOMS will make its debut at Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford, ME. The 100-lapper for the Modifieds is set for the eve of the Oxford 250.

“To be part of what is one the most prestigious weekend of racing in New England, if not the country, is a huge opportunity for our Series,” said Darling. “We plan to make the most of it.” 

The final two events of the season include the Monadnock 100 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, NH, on Saturday, September 14 and the fun and festive Haunted Hundred on Saturday, October 26 at Seekonk Speedway.

Over the course of the six-event schedule, competitors will vie for over quarter of a million dollars in purse money. 

Pre-registration for teams looking to compete in the six-race schedule with eligibility for the point fund and bonus plan will be open in the coming weeks and will be available online at  

To learn more about the Tri-Track Open Modified Series, visit or find the series on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. How many years now has it been called the tri track series? And how many of those years has it not actually been a “tri” track series? Will you guys please fix this for the love of god.

  2. You know what Buck, just thinking of that myself……

  3. If we call it the Quad Track series all will be right with the world? My God some of you are really reaching…..

  4. O.K., so now we have the Double Tri-Track Series, or three sets of pairs, or the Six-Pack Series… call it whatever makes you happy. I think no matter how many events they have it should always be the Tri-Track Series because that’s how it started. I call them the best Modified races I go to!

  5. “Over the course of the six-event schedule, competitors will vie for over quarter of a million dollars in purse money.”

    Why call it quad track when there are 6 events? Am I missing something here?

    Remember, we are all human beings and should be treated as such. We also have the right to voice our opinions and I am sorry if they don’t agree with yours.

  6. For all the travelers among us that wander about to take in these great shows bravo. More choice is good. Especially a trip to Maine for a race, some lobster and a pleasant overnight at Sebago lake or on the rocky coast.
    For the modified teams that want more choice, more competition among tracks to get them to race with higher pay outs. Bravo to you as well.
    For we local yokels that wonder if our track will be able to round up the best field it possibly can for our track this is very distressing.
    Will the American also throw a monkey wrench into the works with more dates? For the love of God will the suspense ever end?

  7. Crazy in NY says

    Fast Eddie gets it. Humpy dump doesn’t. Surprise? Who attacking your rights here? Of course you have a “right”. ( Determined by SC btw not some crazy guy in NY). I screwed up anyway. It’s 5 tracks not 4. At 6 events the TRI TRACK series is at it’s all time high as befitting a successful organization.
    Looking forward to a trip to Maine and a return to the Dog. However without Preece, Coby and Bonsignore in the events it will have to remain “second rate”. Oh well…hope we can get over it.

  8. James Schaefer says

    Sorry to disappoint every one over the name of the series. After our first year, we jumped up to five races and Dick Williams wanted to change the name, and I advised against it. I told him, we’ll probably be back to just three races next year. So far that hasn’t happened. But you never know….. so keeping that name until we get it right and are back to three. PS I now vote for Tri State series!!! If anyone wants to buy a lap ($20 will go to the leader of each lap sold at each races), let me know.

  9. Doug, it’s only 65 miles to Seekonk from Stafford, and 85 miles to Monadnock. Maybe you can check out a Tri-Track race this year. Three heats, one or two consi’s, and then the 100 lap feature…. GREAT STUFF!!

  10. Correction Mr. Schaefer. One vote to keep Tri-Track. My view the logo is the best of any modified series and brand identity is everything.
    It’s 77 miles Eddie from Enfield but the easiest and preferred route is via the Mass Pike and a 100 mile two hour jaunt. Too much for this old man.
    Now if Speed51 would put the blackout distance at a more reasonable distance I would gladly buy a pay per view ticket.
    On a personal note I do so admire your adventurous spirit Eddie and what I think is the best knowledge of racing in the Northeast from a fans perspective on this forum.

  11. Old Time Bowl Fan says

    Sure wish the series would return to the Speedbowl as traveling farther than Seekonk is too far for this old timer. The racing at the bowl was great and the car count was top notch. Mr. Schaefer, Mike Serluca, or anyone else know why we will not see the TTOMS back at the bowl now the the great G.W. is gone?

  12. old observer says

    It is best to keep the Tri Track name for continuity & avoid confusion with the MRS/VMRS, MTS, or MRS.
    Changing names every year would add confusion to the casual fan.

  13. Ok, I never would have thought people would agree with keeping the name. To me it’s just another confusing item. First trying to explain to a newcomer what the difference between a SK, SK Lite, Tour Mod, Open Mod (which is no easy task). Then explaining all the different touring modified series. Then having to explain that the Tri Track series really isn’t a tri track series. But hey if opinions vary then so be it.

  14. How about we change it to the Try Track series. “Try it! You’ll love it!” 🙂

  15. Personally I wouldn’t change the name. There are too many modified series starting ending being announced recently, changing the name will just confuse people who don’t follow racing closely. Plus you have to register a new domain name, facebook page, print new t shirts.

    The tri track series is my favorite racing series. I like the variety of drivers the series has attracted with MRS ROC and some Whelen drivers running. I love the bullrings and for the most part this series has run the smaller tracks. I also feel that with the format, the driver roster, and price it is the best value in local auto racing. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen one of their shows.

    I am a little surprised the series would branch out to Oxford. It is a little bit out of the modified geographical area and long haul for the NY’ers. Oxford is 3/8 mile which I believe would be the biggest track they have run to date. MRS has struggled to attract a good field up there in years past.
    Based on last years schedule, I believe that the tri track race is scheduled on the same weekend as the big SLM prostock Oxford 250 race weekend. I may have to make a weekend of it and go to my first 250 since they went to ACT Late models and have since gone back to Pro Stocks.

    I am really excited to see Monadnock on the schedule, another 1/4 mile bullring. I have seen some good modified races up there and would like to see a count of 35 to 40 attempt to qualify. I believe the tri track and Monadnock will be a good show. The holdover tracks Seekonk, Star always put on a good show. I cant say I made it to Claremont for a tri track race but everyone I know that went last year enjoyed the race.

    I haven’t reviewed this Tri Track schedule in relation to MRS, AMT, Whelen and ROC. My guess with adding dates this year and another tour starting up there probably are going to be conflicts especially if there are any make ups. I hope increasing to 6 shows doesn’t deter some drivers from following the tour for points.

  16. Buck, just do your self a favor, agree with crazy and all in the world will be just fine. And BTW, when it comes to opinions his is the only one that counts so don’t waste you breath expressing yours.

  17. Thanks Doug! I don’t know a whole lot, but I do love the Modifieds! IMHO to many people, just like “The Garden” in Boston will always be “the Garden” no matter what corporate name is attached to it, so should the Tri-Track Series always be the Tri-Track Series. It has an identity with fans and I think it stands a better chance to increase the fan base by keeping the name, regardless of the series’ growth. The best part about it is that it’s more of a “run what you brung” series, and you see teams who do not race each other regularly going head-to-head. To me that bumps up the competition level, running with some drivers they may not be very familiar with. WMT, VMRS, ROC, Tour-type Mod… BRING IT!! And hope you brung enough!!

  18. Crazy in NY says “without Preece, Coby and Bonsignore it will have to remain second rate”. PULEESE get over it. The absence of any particular driver(s) does not necessarily degrade the level of competitiveness of the event. In fact, the absence of these particular drivers may in fact, make the event even more competitive and exciting because these three won’t be just running away from the rest of the field. Doesn’t seem second rate to me (and apparently a lot of other people) when you can’t single the apparent winner before the event even starts.

  19. Great point Bob. I don’t think it’s wrong for people to lose a thimble of interest when big names don’t or can’t show up. It’s their choice. But for many of us it’s about the competition level and quantity of the ones that do show up. All praise to Bonsignor but his winning got a little tedious didn’t it?
    Question for Eddie or anyone else. The TTOMS rules are just an exercise in simplicity and very much run what you brung. Specs are allowed and the competitive disadvantage on smaller tracks has turned out to be manageable hasn’t it?
    Yet Stafford is not allowing specs. Does that make sense on the bigger track or are they missing an opportunity?

  20. Allright Doug, I’ll give it a try… I don’t think the SPECS have an advantage at the Tri-Track venues, the bull ring being the equalizer. Although it’s hard to tell if you don’t get into the pits exactly who is running what. Although the last Seekonk $10k event Coby ran as a test session for the first WMT race there, he won. There have been other WMT teams running Tri-Track, but I don’t know what engines they were using.
    However, Stafford is a different animal. I think they could include the SPECS, but they would have to come up with an equalizer, maybe more weight. When Stafford ran the old(?) MTS series, during the first event the teams most likely to have SPECS seemed to be dominating until they started running out of fuel.

  21. Stafford likes to have their own rules be damned with what everyone else is doing. This insulates their car count from going to other tracks because the Stafford built car may not be competitive outside of Stafford. It also works against them when you have a low car count division as no one can join the division with a racecar built to other specs. I am of the opinion if the rules allow for a larger pool of cars to participate the better. I understand you don’t want to obsolete your current cars. It is a difficult situation.

    Stafford did create the SK modified and SK light modified divisions. They have been very successful and caught on at other area tracks. So maybe the world will follow their lead with their rule package for the open mod. As far as competition goes, I don’t know if the spec motor has an advantage or disadvantage over other built motors. You can probably check lap times to get an idea, I don’t know who is running what and if they were ever on the same track same night.

  22. Didn’t New Smyrna come up with an effective way to equalize the SPEC and built motors last February?

  23. Tri-Track runs itty-bitty bullrings, these are not horsepower tracks.

  24. Crazy in NY says

    Crazy in NY says “without Preece, Coby and Bonsignore it will have to remain second rate”. PULEESE get over it.
    Bob Npt, maybe you are new here and don’t know the context of that comment. That was for the benefit of the Whelen snobs that frequent here. 3 names come to mind , they know who they are.
    I LOVE the TTOM series , have only missed one event since it’s inception and I don’t care if those 3 guys I named show up or don’t. The racing on that series is fantastic most of the time and to those that don’t agree and/or stay away cheat only themselves. I wouldn’t mind except a certain few love to run down anything non NASCAR because they say that’s where the ‘cream of the crop’ run. When the cream shows up outside the Tour and gets beat …….crickets.( from them) or…… somebody cheated. Truth hurts.and some here can’t take that.

  25. Here’s a thought for the Stafford Opens: The SPEC cars get through the corners quicker due to more available weight positioned to help handling. How about making the SPEC cars put 1%-2% on the right (as in not left) side of the car to make a more even playing field? That would maybe lessen their advantage in the corners, and I think it would be relatively easy to do. It could be a future option for the Tri-Track series if they ever wanted to go to a bigger track as well.

  26. Crazy in NY says

    The ROC does that Eddie. 55% left side max and they add weight. They don’t really want specs there but have formally outlawed them either. Personally I don’t think any non NASCAR Mod series needs them.

  27. Crazy in NY says

    The ROC does that Eddie. 55% left side max and they add weight. They don’t really want specs there but have formally outlawed them either. Personally I don’t think any non NASCAR Mod series needs them.

  28. One thing I know. Stafford marches to it’s own drum. Nonetheless hope springs eternal so I’m hoping that they do exactly what you say Eddie and find some way to let the specs participate.
    Also hoping they beef up the purse and make it respectable. I may not go to TTOMS events because of distance but I admire the hell out of the product they offer. They’re the standard for opens Stafford should move to copy as they make the Opens a core part of their schedule.
    Freakin Hirschman once again is giving me hope of an appearance at Stafford by once again paying the car registration fee and getting his mug on the team listings page. The Stafford 5K is big money. Why does he pay to list his name every year and not show up? Perplexing.
    Thanks Eddie for the ideas and historical context.

  29. Do I recall that New Smyrna mandated different gearing for SPEC and built motors?

  30. Freakin Hirschman once again is giving me hope of an appearance at Stafford by once again paying the car registration fee……
    Doug…YOU DON”T know what you are talking about. Matt doesn’t own a SK . Have you not paid any attention to anything here over the last two years.? GD even Dareal has this figured out.

  31. Yeah Doug and WAYNE DARLING isn’t the managing general partner of Stafford!

  32. Crazy, do all SK drivers own their cars?

  33. Sorry Crazy in NY. I didn’t take your comment about Tri-Track being second rate as sarcasm. B.T.W., I’ve been around the block many times in the local racing scene, so I’m hardly new here.

  34. Well first let me say I agree I don’t know anything Mr. NY. But in my defense am completely willing to demonstrate I don’t anything on virtually any topic for the purpose of motivating informed responses from my betters such as yourself.
    With regard to Hirschman I was referring to his appearance in the Stafford SK modified team listing page. A certain no 41 owned by Rob Gallaer. I would think the same 41 that appeared in the SK division and came in 10th on June 30 at the Speedbowl. I don’t want to be argumentative because I have no idea what the guy owns or doesn’t own. But I should think you would concede Mr. NY that ownership is not a requirement to driving a car.
    Otherwise I continue to lavish praise on my favorite modified Matt with the remote hope that he may appear in one or more of the Stafford Open shows next year. Or the 5K in the 41.

  35. I thought MH drove the 41 SK as well at Waterford more than once. Oh, maybe that was Flyin Brian McCarthy. No wait that’s right that was the 41 Super Stock McCarthy drove at Waterford back in the 80’s. Sorry I am confused.

  36. The 41 “enters” the Stafford roster pre season to preserve the number. Not a new thing. teams/owners do it (or have) on the MRS as well. Both Matt and Rob are busy guys and what might get planned and what actually gets run often changes depending on a variety reasons. I haven’t talked to either guy since Wall and have no idea what is planned for 2019. Yes Doug along with you I hope Matt does Stafford as well ( my favo short track) but he goes where the best chance to earn is. The bullring opens offer the best chance for the non NA$CAR teams to race for a decent purse. TTOM leads the way. Looks like a number of others have gotten on the band wagon as well. It’s all good I think, Competition is good for the sport in the long run.

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