Green Flag For Structural Demolition Of Grandstand At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

The New London-Waterford Speedbowl

The grand old structure that is the New London-Waterford Speedbowl grandstand began to fall on Saturday. 

A long awaited new grandstand structure is expected to be in place for the 2019 season at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl and on Saturday the major structural demolition of the current grandstand began. 

The main grandstand structure has been in place since the track opened in 1951. The safety of the structure has been a source of friction between track operators and town building officials for years.

“We’re at the next level of our demolition,” Speedbowl general manager Mike Serluca told RaceDayCT. “After we had our meeting with the town, we’ve been green-lighted to move forward with the rest of the demolition. That’s where we’re at right now as far as the grandstand project goes.” 

Initial work to remove the structure began in the fall with track officials removing reusable lumber that had been installed in recent years. 

“We remove all the existing seating boards and kick plates because that wood that we had salvaged was brand new replacement wood from the 2015 renovation,” Serluca said. “The town said we could go ahead and pull those boards. We pulled all the boards that we could that didn’t structurally compromise the grandstand.” 

The section of the main grandstand from the turn one end to just before the flag stand was felled on Saturday. The new aluminum grandstand structure is set to be installed in April. 

“We’re in the final stages of completing the demolition,” Serluca said. “There’s a lot of site work that still needs to be done, but we’re very confident that we’ll have the site work ready for what we need to do there in April. 

“We’re operating well within the parameters of the town guidelines. Nothing we are doing is under the cloak of darkness or against what the town has said. Everything we’re doing has been OK’ed by the Town of Waterford.” 

The Speedbowl is scheduled to start its 2019 season with their Blastoff Weekend May 11-12. 

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  1. crushed sour grapes of demolition says

    oh did someone say new stands were going up? …another I told ya so .

  2. ED BRAGDON says


  3. Mark Andrews says

    Hey Da Real and the rest of you naysayers,Care to have anything with your Crow?Must be terrible to be wrong again.At least I have the guts to use my real name and admit when I have been wrong.

  4. This is great news. The replacement of the grandstand will remove one of the obstacles which has delayed the Bowls operating permits and delayed their opening in years past. I believe the court date for the Bemer is next week also. Is it possible to have all the black cloud issues resolved before the season opener. I hope so.

  5. Well, I would like to hear from humphry, after one of his drive-bys.

    Why are they salvaging the lumber? Aren’t the new grandstands aluminum?

    I have said that there was never going to be anything done with a lessor-lessee arrangement and I was right. The current arrangement has a direct employee working for Bemer, aka: NLWSB, appearing to run the facility.

    Demo is one thing. Construction is another. We shall see. I could see demolition of the worst stands being all that gets done.

    Shawn, can you get some more info on the scale of the work? The extent of the demo, what is getting built? There was talk of an almost complete reconfiguration when Mod Squad met with the town and good ol’ George was running the circus. Things like new concessions, lavs, etc. But then, after all the years of constant announcements and broken promises, I can understand if they don’t want to say anything so they can’t be accused of breaking a promise.

  6. crazy larry says


  7. getserious says

    Ok, I’m going to go get some popcorn for this. A Waterford grandstands story? This should get north of 50 comments in a hurry.

  8. old observer says

    Saving fairly new lumber to be used for various projects around the facility sounds like smart business practice to me. I liked the old stands, hope the new ones are as roomy.

  9. Ray Packer says

    Can I get a piece of the original grandstand wood?

  10. Viva race fan says

    I actually believe I heard that he was going to put up some poles along the back stretch to block out the noise for the neighbors with the leftover Lumber so far all you brain surgeons they know everything want to do some research… I went by there today and the excavator and started tearing down one end of the main grandstands.

    So let’s just hope for the best and I’ll keep you guys posted as I drive by as I do every day.

  11. If we’re being honest a whole lot of crow has been eaten by most of us that attempted to predict the future for the Speedbowl over the last two years. This is just the holiday feast serving.
    Aside from what’s on the menu put this in perspective.
    The owner is about to go on trial for his freedom. Yet for months leading up to this point he and his staff have been working on this renovation under complete radio silence. Serlucca has been in this forum duking it out with naysayers and didn’t utter a word about what was in the works.
    This is huge. All the doubts about the future of the track mostly evaporated. Day trading the likelihood of a season is over. Race teams have greater security. The magnitude of the renovation and expenditure is saying we’re here, we’ve put our cards on the table and the Speedbowl has a long term future as a weekly race track.
    For some unknown reason almost impossible to fathom that track means a whole lot to the owner as he continues to invest in it even under the weight of Johnny Law. The cost of legal council, the pending civil suit judgments and the Speedbowl gets new stands. What were the odds?
    Judgement day is at hand for Bemer and his track. The clouds may not be gone by spring but they will be considerably lighter if they can pull this off.
    Looking to many of us that have been perpetually negative and giving us the one finger salute should be fun as well I would think.

  12. Perhaps those of you that have been chowing down on crow for at least a few years should share your favorites recipes amongst yourselves. Those of you that have believed the various entities that the track was being rebuilt should share your crow recipes. Perhaps that explains the lack of crows around the last couple years.

  13. Promising news for the Speedbowl, but I’d delay the celebration until the new stands are erected and the racing begins. Will the demolition crew now head to Thompson to start the process for new stands there?

  14. Glad to see some progress. I see by the article that the section from turn 1 to around the starters stand is behind demo’d. Will that be it or is the entire structure being demo’d? What about the DEP remediation infield/pit area, is that being addressed? I thought that was a major issue as well with both the State and Town? Shawn, can you please find out for us if possible?

  15. I feel a little sad that the old grand stands are coming down… I never felt unsafe. Sitting in aluminum stands are just not going to be that comfortable. JMO

  16. Hillary 2020 says

    Hate to break it to dafella but you know when you’re a kid and they say there’s no such thing as as a dumb question? Fake news. We don’t need Humph to drive by. I trust Shawn and Mike with what they say. How about instead of wasting time with a drive by why don’t you do a pull in and talk to Mike in the office.

  17. Looks like Waterford may be on the verge of a comeback. Great job by all involved.

  18. The best thing Darealdumbfella can do is to stay quiet.Dadumb has not remotely predicted anything correctly at the Speedbowl.His laborious anti racing/Speedbowl posts have been sickening.If I had the authority,Dadummy would have a lifetime ban from the Speedbowl,though I doubt he has ever been to the ‘bowl.An armchair,keyboard know nothing that has worked constantly to undermine the future of one of the last great New England short tracks,he is shameful!

  19. Mark Andrews says

    Da Real……rough night?perhaps you need to ride in the “special”bus

  20. Viva race fan says

    I talked to the correct people. Seems they could use a tub grinder to help dispose of all the extra wood . Think it would help move process along faster. I’m a hundred percent sure that Mike S. And his support group have a game plan. It seems like they had even more done when I went by today. And Mike S is not there every day it’s the maintenance guys. I have pictures but I will not post them that’s up to the track. But I was just trying to get people encouraging news so so many people that have negative comments can put it in your pipe and smoke it. Hey can’t wait. Viva Los Waterford Speedbowl

  21. Real comments about nothing happening and all sorts of things that were supposed to happen over the years but didn’t are not negative or fake news comments… they were correct comments!!! ⭐️🤣🤣🤣✔︎

    Demolition is one thing, construction is another. Are the replacement stands onsite yet?

  22. josh paradis says

    does anyone know if you can get ahold of a small section of bleacher because i wan to try and get the section i sat in as a kid.

  23. Dareal did you happen to read that stands are scheduled to go up in april , why would they be there now , you are ovicelly not in the construction business

  24. Dareal do us all a favor SHUT UP. Seems that plans are coming together, hopefully the new stands are completed before the season starts. But you have to start somewhere and demo is the first step. If I remember correctly they didn’t have the proper permits to make this happen last year, now they do. Great job by all involved

  25. Elect, I am obviously not in the construction business. Obviously. So obvious. BIGLY obvious.

    Perhaps NLWSB should sell some of the old stands as mementos. Stop by the office and ask.

    A couple years ago they said demo would start in October, but didn’t specify the year!!!!!! And OBVIOUSLY got the month wrong too. 🤣 💩.

  26. Y’all are Charlie Brown just begging Lucy to hold the ball for you, again and again.

  27. Mark Andrews says

    Da Real Idiot……..trying to backtrack again.You love to quote others when you are spewing your miss information.You posted just a few months ago that nothing will happen there regardless if the regime.We all bow to you,Your intellect and forsight are nothing short of supernatural.Say hello to Elvis for us.Could you answer one question though?Since things seem to be happening at the Speed bowl,Where are you and you minions going to park the Prius now that you have nothing to criticize?You are wonderful entertainment.

  28. dareal, you are the MOST negative, obnoxious person on this page. Your disdain for the speedbowl, is so blatantly obvious. I line in Brooklyn, NY. Used to race at Freeport Stadium. Then moved to Islip when that closed. How I wish either one of those tracks were still open. Trek to Riverhead is way to long for us in Brooklyn. I would take either one of those tracks in just about any condition. Count yourself lucky to have the speedbowl, as well as the other tracks in Conn… So maybe you should ratchet back the negativity a little, and leave it alone.

  29. Nothing I say will have anything to do regarding the survival of any track. What the track owners do is the most important factor that determines if a track survives today and customers spend money. Now other factors such as a region becoming developed can impact a track. That means Freeport, Islip, Bridgehampton, and NY National Speedway. The fact that motorsports in general is losing interest doesn’t help today. It is still stunning that Riverhead survives. The way that area has been developed and the track is still there is amazing. The Bemer situation is not helping the NLWSB at all.

  30. joshua paradis says

    da real good fella the reason why people dont want to go back to tracks is because people like you feed off of the attention and you put that attention out there in a bad light. if you promoted it and were more positive towards supporting local tracks maybe more people would get interested in the tracks in their region. i do all i can for waterford and thompson at least so why dont you get off the computer like the keyboard warrior you are and do us all a favor and help the cause.

  31. Viva race fan says

    Stands are just about gone. The whole left side is gone and over half the other side is still standing. Looks great. Post more as l see it.

  32. Hillary 2020 says

    This evening it looked as though the stands were completely gone. Along with the tower. Strange site actually. I know it had to be done but personally I liked the old school look of the place. The new walls, score board and fence changed that a bit but this project is really going to make the place different. Progress I suppose but as a kid there was nothing like walking through the tunnel under the stands with the cars flying by.

  33. You got that right Hillary. Heck I still looked forward to it as a young adult. The old girl is a changing. Weather or not it helps the clouds go away is still to be determined. Let’s hope so.

  34. I’m with you,Hillary.There was nothing like the excitement of rushing through the tunnels to catch a green flag.I liked the wood grandstands just the way they were.Let’s hope they don’t take away the “open air”bathroom.Go Speedbowl!

  35. Stands aren’t even all down yet and already the nostalgia is kicking in.
    Here’s a comparison for you. They demolish the stands and build a mall like they did with my childhood racing haunt. That ironically after merely decades may be obsolete with the advent of on line shopping.
    As for nostalgia I remember the tunnel as well and it was cool as was the smell of mountains of fried onions. I also remember the ridiculous racing surface of the past, the dip in turn one that was an allure that always broke your heart if you thought it was a way to pass. The railroad tie walls falling apart, rusty fencing and a track that depended on volunteers to put a coat of paint on the stands.
    Aluminum stands with hand rails that don’t sway and give you splinters may not be nostalgic but they aren’t a distraction from what you’re there for either.
    Many thanks to the fella’s providing the job site reports. Even as you say it we can all imagine how weird it must appear.

  36. Viva race fan says

    I met my first girl friend there when l was young . Remember the Flat track motor cycle races on Friday night . Jimmy Ellis was king and a super x champion . Great memories .

  37. sour grapes of memories says

    race tracks evolve or they don’t survive.. everyone cried about the place being a dump. now its getting done. stop waxing poetic. be glad you will have a place to race .. where its safe to sit in the stands and hopefully is a more attractive venue to draw race fans and participants .hopefully more efficient food service as that provides good income . perhaps bathroom improvements would be included in some of the permit plans??? long live the bowl .

  38. It appears that Bemer has cut loose with the funds to move forward with the next phase of renovations to the Speedbowl. This also reinforces he will not be selling the track anytime soon. I just hope something comes out of the trail that will move things in a positive direction because if not, you can have the nicest facility in the state however, if the consumer is not there to provide revenue it will be difficult to get return on the investment made.

    Speaking about the consumer/racer, I see our newly elected governor Ned Malloy is looking to take the vehicle tax revenue from the towns and cities and move it to the State which means the taxpayers will get a double hit due to this change. One from the state MV taxes and one from the municipality in the form of a mill rate increase to make up for the lost revenue. He is also is looking at taxing groceries, medication and a 50% tax on ammo. Lets also not forget the tolls he is looking to construct on the major interstates, two that directly lead to the track.

    Now you will probably say this has nothing to do with this article but indirectly it does. If the consumer/racer has less to spend out of their pay check it will directly effect the revenue stream for every racing facility in CT. You have to eat, take meds, have a vehicle to drive to work so you can collect a pay check so I would guess entertainment possibly may take a back seat to the necessities.

  39. Isn’t there already an absurd tax on entertainment tickets? I think it is like 10%. We’ve been paying that to go to the track. Well, except Doug.

    I doubt a tax on meds will fly. The problem is meds already being exorbitantly expensive is a huge issue. People that need meds can’t afford their meds. A tax will not be good. The cost of meds has skyrocketed since Trump said he was going to reduce prices. Too many people are already unable to afford adequate nutrition. A tax on soda, sugary stuff, and non-essential foods might work. Look at the tax on cigarettes. Do a similar tax on beer and the national deficit will be solved, along with reducing OUI/DUI/DWIs.

  40. Hopefully it won’t offend any of Trumps supporters here by mentioning some of his behaviors to make an eventual point.
    Trump is a salesman and like any good marketer simplifies his message so a child can understand it and pounds at is relentlessly.
    Trump is combative if nothing else and likes to berate his real and perceived enemies by ridiculing them and giving them demeaning names.
    In his enthusiasm to sell whatever he’s pitching he has a tendency to play fast and loose with the facts while bending others until they are barely recognizable.
    Above anything Trump almost never admits to making mistakes or reflects on human frailties or even the existence of he weaknesses and frailties.
    Finally there is no topic so far afield, so far out of the realm of the job of the president that he won’t bring into the conversation, tweet about or otherwise use to make a point.

    The comparison I’d like to suggest is between Trump and Darealgoodfellow. Whom I will refer to as DGF because I’ve never considered anything about the the persona we read here to be be real or good or in good fellowship.
    DGF may say he dislikes Trump and has little regard for his presidency. But if you think about it doesn’t he virtually copy the way Trump pushes his messaging and deals with others. Like him or hate him no one can say Trumps messaging approach hasn’t worked.
    My hats off to DGF. It’s been years he’s been weighing in drawing the ire of many on occasion and he hasn’t changed his approach barely at all. And like Trump he dominates this forum on any occasion he chooses to do so. Either with comments he makes or people responding to his comments.
    So go ahead and tell DGF what he doing right and wrong or how you think he should change or even if he should comment at all. It is probably the single most futile thing a person can attempt here.
    You’re the man DGF!

  41. James Comey says

    With all the things Dareal has been wrong about, he could be a strong contender for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination! LOL

  42. How many years ago was it said that the construction was going to start right after the last race? I said that was never going to happen. And Humphrey and others drove by for years reporting on all that nothing happening. 🤣. And to make it clear, I was predicting that nothing was going to happen. I predicted nothing was going to happen, nothing happened, I was right. 🤣.

    And let’s not forget the laughable meeting with the town and good ol’ George and Mod Squad. Remember the grand five year plan, and the town told then to go away and come back with the actual plan that they want to do? And nothing happened? Remember that? There’s nothing to remember. Oh boy, didn’t they let us know all about what was going to happen and never happened? You all made like Charlie Brown going back to Lucy and begging her to hold the ball again, and again, and again. Some folks demonstrated a complete inability to learn.

    A couple things in play here. The town has made it clear that they were running thin on patience with the track and the constant nothing happening with the issues with the grandstands, etc. It would be tough to sell the place in such bad shape, and where there is a very long history with the town. Going back to the town and telling them “next year”, “one more year” and the like year after year just got old and wore out. Now you need to realize that the track will not survive with Bemer owning it. Teams, sanctioning bodies, series, and fans aren’t coming back, and Bemer knows it. He’s gussying the place up to make it salable. Put all the lipstick you want on a pig and it’s still a pig. The Bemer legal mess will take years and years to go away, the track doesn’t have that long. The stench will stick around for a while. The track was near the end of life as it was when the Bemer mess happened. Let’s not forget that George ran away. He didn’t run away because he was making too much money.

    Now y’all can cringe and complain and whine because this is being talked about. Too bad. Wha-wha-wha.

    The Korean Peninsula is not denuclearized, the Govt shutdown was a YUGE failure, the Trump Admin has 90 indictments already, with numerous guilty pleas and guilty convictions. Trump doesn’t know what it’s like to be right. He still thinks he’s selling timeshares.

  43. Doug, aka: Sybil, how many different handles were you using to try to sell your 💩?

    You are as pathological as Trump insisting there is a huge illegal immigration problem. His businesses employ and depend on those illegal immigrants.


  44. Be that as it may DGF this isn’t about the particulars. This is about tradition. Like it or not you have been doing what you do for literally years and I simply am honoring the impact you continue to have.
    For years you’ve been introducing Trump and politics into threads. Countless people have asked you to keep politics out of it and to stick to racing. Now we routinely have screen ID’s like N Pelosi, James Comey, The Donald, Hillary 2020 and political observations and taunts aplenty. You won. By force of personality, repeated messaging and pure tenacity that I would say are very Trump like you’ve made politics here mainstream. Heck when the usually succinct humphry writes a lengthy entry on proposed taxes you know that whole racing only thing is over.
    Seems to me Mark Andrews who has been saying what happened at the Speedbowl would happen in no uncertain terms wins hands down if accuracy counts at all. Yet in this thread 22 of 44 entries are from you or mention you. Mostly you saying how right you have been on the stands issue or people mocking you for making the claim. Aside from the validity of your claim of being right the pure moxy you have to present it at length and with so much nuance is a wonderment on it’s own.
    Whether it’s Trump or you, strong feelings come with the territory. At some point we have to give credit where credit is due.
    For this reason DGF I honor your dominance and consider you a racedayct tradition. A brand so to speak that transcends any given issue or what you say on it.
    Well done!

  45. James Comey says

    Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) on full display once again. Trump is SO good at living rent free in some people’s heads. LOL

  46. Sybil, you are a smart one. I am as determined to pursue the facts and truth as Trump and his Deplorables are to spread the 🐂-💩.

    So for years, the stands facelift has been promised, with nothing happening. Okay… stands and the tower have been torn down. Tearing stuff down is easy. Let’s see what gets built. And it is being done by the owner, not someone who was leasing the place.

    Doug, wasn’t it you, or one of your other personalities, that said people should support the track to further enrich Bemer so there would be more wealth for the victims? Riiiiiight, you are so not concerned about the victims. You are just concerned about your local track, and that you might have to go to Stafford instead.

  47. Yes the shut down was a YUGE failure, let’s hope we don’t have another YUGE failure after the 15th , keep up the great work Dareal , a legend in his own mind

  48. No I’m good DGF. Thanks anyway.
    Since this is now open line Thursday why not mention that in three days our New England Patriots are going to lock horns with a pretty tough Rams team. And in 4 days the opening of the modified season will kickoff in Fla with a pretty exciting field of cars.
    From the Speedbowls stands to the Super Bowl to New Smyrna we have a lot of things to look forward to. Weather is going to nice as well after this cold snap. Let me rephrase that. As nice as it can be during the crapiest part of the year.
    Don’t worry, be happy racedayct nation.

  49. Viva race fan says

    Dareal, Mike may have a opening in rest room attendant. Your about as smart as that and should be able to help out in that capacity.

    I find you amusing and long winded big mouth and speak before you think.

    Come join be gang in turn 1 and we will show you why and how to enjoy the WSB.

    Mike S keep up the good work. See you soon .

  50. Mark Andrews says

    Doug,Thank you for the nice comments.Da Real forgets what he wants to.He has been repeating his Mantra for years……No improvements.No Fans,i could go on and on.Its a waste of time.Three different regimes or GMs if you will since Bruce purchased the place.Improvments were done every year.i will agree not as promised as far as the time frames.However.the stands were “shored up”enough to allow the town to green light the season last year.I have every reason to belive that george was told or allowed to state that the infastructure and bleacher improvments were a go,And he stated such.As has come to pass,he was wrong with the timing only.When Bruce purchased the track he met with many people o multiple occasions to get thier input on the best way to move forward with the facility.Most of these people were Racing folks who had been,And are still involved with short tracks.All agreed on the process of renovations and the time frame.Catch Fence and Unsafe Structures.And then the Infastructure and the Stands.Right after the track was purchased because of many variables it was simply Impossible to do them all at once…..Which by the way,Bruce was willing to pay for at that time.This was prior to the scandal.He followed the advice of intellegent race people and the improvments appear to be happening now,Or at least have started.It is a huge undertaking as the drainage for the parking area was originanally run into the infield UNDER the bleachers!There were many nights where the track was dry but infield was soaked and water continued to run through and under the front stretch wall,Making racing difficult.All of this needs to be addressed and will be.Its an engineering nightmare to correct decades old ideas and solutions and make them current and most importantly,up to code.Let us not forget the soil remediation that will be required.Heres my guess.New Stands,Port a San Restrooms and Self contained consession Trailers for the coming season with some unsitley areas around the facility.And that during the season and following off season all the major work to be completed.Again….when Bruce bought the place he wanted a clean slate and was advised against it.He followed that advice and it was a three to four year plan to complete all the desired renovations.With all the drama and legal issues at hand it actually surprising that its even open.i do not condone at all what bruce did and its beyond far as him owning it long term i disagre with that.There are Three individuals who would like to purchase the facility.Buying it Redone and Turn Key would be a better option as all the major improvements have been done.I hope that the track finds a new life.

  51. Didn’t someone make a comment in the past that Monahan was going to buy the place? I believe they told us to be patient and wait and see or something like that. Don’t exactly remember who that was, anyone? Maybe we can get an update.

    Today is the 31st, wonder how day one of the trial went.

  52. Mark Andrews says

    I stand by my statement in a previous post regarding Shawn Monahan.He is one of the Three Parties.He’s not as cash flush as the other individuals.

  53. I think your math is a little off, there are actually 5 individuals looking to purchase and if Monahan is not “as cash flush” as the others then it is just a pipe dream for him. Interested in purchasing and actually having the funds to purchase are two different animals. As the saying goes, “if you can’t piss with the big dogs then stay in the porch”.

    The other 4 have cash in hand, money is no object and before the current renovations began offered there abouts of 2.75 and Bemer flat out told them he was not interested in selling. Oh there was one other individual and he has since purchased another facility so that would have made 6.

  54. Mark Andrews says crushed.since you know so much.i will never post again.But before I go,since you do appear to know everything,why didn’t you share all the information you had previously to this particular post?Because what you are spewing her is inaccurate drivel.Your just upset because since the improvements have started you have nowhere to park the Prius and Date.

  55. Inaccurate drivel, park the Prius? WOW, impressive! Unfortunately Mark, you don’t know as much as you think you do. Share? I was just waiting for you to stick your foot in your mouth and you did. But that’s OK, I will wait for YOUR prediction to see the person that is not “as cash flush” purchase the track. You are evidently not a math major.

  56. Mark Andrews says

    I cry uncle Humphrey…….I hope when it happens you have the same ability as da real to admit a

  57. Mark, you’ve been yapping that Bemer is selling almost as long as there have been promises of a reconstruction. Why should you be believed?

  58. Hillary 2020 says

    Speaking of yapping. The rumor that’s been going around for years that the new stands will be the old ones from Daytona has finally been put to bed. They’re going to be built brand new. Not fake news Dafella.

  59. Mark Andrews, you have promised to leave and never post again almost as often as Doug and all his other personalities. I guess you are not to be believed.

    Hillary, are you sure? Do you really mean to say that we can’t believe everything?

    I’M SHOCKED 😳 😮 !

    Those Daytona stands were really fast!.

  60. Mark Andrews says

    Ive never stated i would leave and never post again.Da Real Dimentia patient….And have apoligized twice within the last two seasons when i was inaccurate.You deserve Nothing.Not even an apoligy.I never claimed anything about daytona stands either .I worked for a contractor out of florida when i was younger who installed stadium seating and bleachers.You are truly a idiot!My god….get a life.

  61. Mark Andrews, does this refresh your memory?

    Mark Andrews wrote on Feb 1, 2:33 PM in this very thread:

    “ crushed.since you know so much.i will never post again.But before I go,since you do appear to know everything,why didn’t you share all the information you had previously to this particular post?”

  62. Viva race fan says

    Went by again today . The power company was running new poles and lines from rt. 85 to stand area. Old wiring was a night mare and was buried under stands. Nice to see the correct way to do things . Going to be a big change. Can’t wait.

  63. Hey, anybody drive by lately to see how the construction is doing?

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