New Infield Camping For NASCAR Monster Cup Series Weekend At NHMS

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  1. $2700, not including Cup seats? Cool!

    That same weekend, I’ll spend $105 for 3 spots equaling 20×60, with three parking permits, at the IMSA Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park, plus $55 for an early purchase weekend ticket. I’ll bring my own folding chair, or simply walk around, all with my own cooler and BBQ at lunch. I’ll also enjoy an open paddock, grid walk, and access to Victory Lane for no additional fee. The race will be nationally televised on Fox, it’s not a local event.

    Cup tracks need to get with the program. Pocono still tries to charge $250 for IndyCar weekend camping, and there’s a handful of takers, probably Vintage racers, and tries to charge even more for Cup events.

    Looking forward to the Sept. modified race at NHMS, where the entertainment is still a great value!

    Fix the pricing, fill the stands, sell far more hot dogs, beers, and t-shirts…

  2. Fast Eddie says

    $2700 bucks for infield camping? That is more than I will spend to go to my average two dozen races this year! Which will also include 2-3 racedays at NHMS!

  3. Infield camping is a luxury item at Loudon. Equivalent to a luxury box at a ball stadium. $2700 isn’t half bad. I know backstetch RV parking at Martinsville is north of $5000 per weekend. The regular Joe’s can still camp at NHMS for $100 raceweek. Cheapest Cup tics still around $40.

  4. Second JD.
    My one time at Daytona I remember vividly a sea of luxury RV’s. You know the bus like deals with chrome wheels and such. Really wealthy folks and corporate owned where money is an afterthought and being at the event in the ritziest digs was just the way they rolled.
    That’s what we’re talking about here isn’t it.
    People that can afford it and want to be at ground zero. Mostly not any of us.
    No offense to Fast Eddie and Barry two of the smartest regular contributing fans in this forum.

  5. No worries Doug! I’m just stuck hangin’ with my Italian uncle, Antonio Fundsalow and his Hawaiian cousin, Jimmy Lakomunnie!

  6. Yeah, that should keep the riffraff out.

  7. wmass01013 says

    hey when ticket sales are down, Tv ratings are down and sponsors are sparse you have to try some new things to make $$$$, some wealthy RV owners will do this and be happy!!

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