Trial Date Set For New London-Waterford Speedbowl Owner

New London-Waterford Speedbowl owner Bruce Bemer

The long awaited trial of New London-Waterford Speedbowl owner Bruce Bemer now has a starting date. 

The Danbury News Times reported this week that a trial date of Jan. 31 has been set with the Danbury Superior Court. 

Bemer was arrested in March 2017 and has been free on a $500,000 bail since then. Bemer was charged for his alleged involvement in a sex trafficking ring. 

Bemer was the high bidder in a foreclosure auction of the Speedbowl in October 2014.

The Speedbowl has announced a 22-event weekly racing schedule for their Saturday night weekly divisions for the 2019 season. The track is scheduled to open with its Blast Off Weekend May 11-12. 

The track also has scheduled a 14-event Wacky Wednesday schedule, which will kick off May 22 and run through Sept. 4.

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  1. So is this another Support Your Local Track Owner/Sex Trafficking Predator promotion? Just know that if you attend Speedbowl events, you are financing this admitted sex trafficking predator and his chosen life style. Let him rot in prison.

  2. So do y’all believe this? Is this real or fake news? Did you all believe Pizzagate 🍕? Y’all just can’t ignore this away, it’s real and it’s happening. But do continue to demonstrate your narcissism and selfishness by complaining about seeing it here. Bemer sure didn’t help the track with this one.

    This Bemer guy is rolling the dice 🎲. His partners in this have all pleaded guilty or been found guilty and are cooperating with the State against him. Yet Bemer turns down a no-jail plea deal. He’s admitted to doing it, the police reports have been published, his admissions are all there. This will be interesting.

    And don’t forget, Mexico 🇲🇽 is going to pay for the wall. Stormy Daniels had a funny livestream the other night when the President talked about a non-emergency. His other mistress, Karen McDougal is doing just fine now. I think I’ll go watch the Entertainment Tonight video again with Trump and Billy Bush.


  3. I’d suggest K that it’s show time. That Bemer to this point is presumed innocent and that all the hard feelings, taunts, calls for boycott,claims that patrons of the track are somehow morally deficient and supporters of perversion. That’s all over.
    Now it is real. A trial and judgement one way or the other.
    Thank God it will be over. Perhaps not the civil suits but the criminal adjudication is the big main event. Closure is at hand and with it the start of a time when the racing community and fan base to move on.

  4. Doreen Hoyt says

    I go to track to enjoy racing ,I was sexually abused and I don’t promote any sex offenders ! I happen to like the new general manager there and He gets that some of us are smart enough to not get enjoying a race and what the owner did or didn’t do!That’s for courts to decide,I decide to go to races to support my driver and that’s it! Grow up!

  5. Viva race fan says

    Good Luck Bruce. Lots of us are supporting you and hope all goes well and get you back to the track asap.

  6. Any news re: grandstands for the Bowl?

  7. James Scott says

    I have been on a personal boycott of the NLWSB for the past two years. Since I was eight years old I attended races there and raced some at this place I literally grew up at. But you know I miss the place. There definitely is a void without it. I ran into a long time racer not to long ago and he explained to me that you can’t go on forever. The track didn’t do it. You can hate the powers that be but the track didn’t hurt anyone. If there indeed will be a 2019 I think it’s time to go back. Maybe not every week but it’s time to go back home for a visit. I will continue to hope for a new owner and hope the new promotional team can overcome and be successful.

  8. James Scott says

    Doreen your 100 percent correct.

  9. Rafter,
    Current management has not made any public statement pertaining to the grandstands.

  10. Maybe just maybe he can’t buy his way out of this hope he goes away for a looong time they love guys like him in prison scumbag!!

  11. Was by there today, nothing has substantially changed with the infrastructure and they are missing out on some good weather to do the work needed.

    Doreen, I am happy you can forgive and forget however, there are those out there that can’t. Not everyone is wired like you. To each their own!

  12. It started out with an avalanche of outrage and resolve not to patronize the track and turned out to not be that big a deal with the track banking two seasons under the cloud and even the Gada’s returning last season. Should be interesting to see if there is any forgiveness or moving on by the remaining holdouts once a verdict has been delivered.
    Speaking of stands they don’t seem to have too many problems up north building stands.
    Newish owner Ben Bosowski of grass roots racing Hudson Speedway is busy making improvements including an expanded pit area and stands. Ripping out the remaining older stands and erecting new stands along the upper part of the front straightaway.
    Owner of Lee and new owner of Monadnock, Doug Wrenn will be building new stands at Monadnock complete with handrails. Or so all this has been reported.
    How cool is that. While many talk of racing struggling these guys are buying tracks, investing money and unifying rules. Meanwhile over in Vermont two tracks are starting up a new three race open at two tracks offering serious money and expanding modified country in the process.
    It would appear the reports of the steady drop in interest of asphalt circle track racing have been greatly exaggerated.

  13. Can’t wait to see the new stands, concessions, lavs, etc. It’s going to be YUGE, the best, and most smartest. It’s like watching a stable brain. It’s like brain science and rocket surgery mixed together.

    James Scott, you are 100% wrong. I know people that have been sexually abused as children and now as nearly senior citizen age, they suffer from PTSD. Those of you that are so concerned with your desire to support the track regardless of what that means to others is your business. You are free to do so. Doesn’t make it right, nor does it make those wrong that oppose. Those that want nothing to do with the track because of the behavior of the owner is allowable in this society. You, and others, really need to get over it.

  14. James Comey says

    So people who support the race track are showing support for a sexual predator?? Are all the people who continue to patronize the Bemer oil companies also the same sort of lowlifes who support sexual predators?? Or is that different?? Any thoughts??

  15. Shawn, is this the reason there has been no information about AMT or any updates from Bob Carrita? Months have gone by since initial announcement of dates but still no rulebook, no purse info, no staffing names etc

  16. Rich,
    I can’t speak to that situation. My best advice to you would be to reach out directly to the organizers for information.

  17. The Speedbowl facility and history did nothing sexual.
    Failing to support the “Facility” ensures that you’ll have 2, NOT 3, racing facilities in Connecticut.
    Are you willing to throw away 67 years of great history because a foolish sick person bought the track.
    Support the track and hope someone genuine and honest purchases it.
    If we don’y support the facility, We are biting off your nose to spite our face! Not supporting the facility is a destructive way to think about the “Facility” and great history of it.

  18. sour grapes of tolerance and inclusion says

    goodfella, bruce bemer admitted to the relationships. based on his willingness to go to trail even after being offers a no prison plea deal does NOT agree with the charges against him. he is a rich gay man and people don’t approve of his lifestyle. those who don’t want to support racing at the bowl are homophobes and hypocrites. subway, entertainment entities and so many other business are owned by persons who have committed crimes against minors and done other hateful things to people .you cant spend any money today without possibly supporting some creeps illegal deeds. get out of your glass houses people. look in the pits and in the stands. you don’t think there are felons ,child molesters and wife beaters, murderers, rapists present ?? ..convicted and or awaiting judgement,.. or undetected .get over it !!! . as for the track .. where is the transparency from Mr Serluca?? you cant put a crowd in those broken down stands ..they swing and sway like an old drunk …terrible.. vending and bathrooms need a facelift too. guess it will be Stafford for me this year by the look of it until Bemer or the courts allow for the cash to flow

  19. Well, Fox News stars have been dethroned by sponsors cancelling sponsorship after the plethora of sex abuse scandals, NBC ditched Megan Kelly after racists comments caused an uproar from sponsors and consumers, Trump products & businesses have been closed since his family and their unethical and illegal practices have been exposed. It happens all the time. Customers made it clear that they were boycotting the sponsors of those businesses, shows and offensive stars. They are gone.

    sour grapes of tolerance and inclusion (pretty funny btw), Bemer and his crew took advantage of challenged, handicapped, trafficked, young boys. This was not as simple as a gay man having consensual relations. Bemer’s crew that set him up with these challenged boys have pleaded or been found guilty already. This is about preying on trafficked handicapped and challenged young men, even supplying them with drugs and paying them for sex. So you failed bigly at trying to make this about simple homosexuality and homophobia.

    If Bemer Oil was my oil suppler, it wouldn’t have been after the news broke. His admissions were enough. Great place this America.

    So you are okay with doing business with Bemer, but the stands bother you?

    Even if Bemer is cleared in criminal court, he will be subject to civil court cases for years and years.

  20. Geoff Nooney says

    Honestly who cares about Bruce bemer whatever happens to him happens to him I wish the Bowl didnt have to be part of all of this but at the same time he did save the racetrack so it operated for another 4 years who knows what’s to come in 2019 but the focus shouldn’t be on the grandstands actually they’re some of the more comfortable grandstands I sat in (I can think of some worse unstable stands in the pits at a certain track in New England to be worried about) everybody that’s a true race fan should be concerned about what’s going to happen to the racetrack and the racers and the teams that go there and have made it their home. I’m praying that it doesn’t get taken as an asset of his, so it will still be available for sale. And also I don’t support what’s somebody here is saying about all kinds of criminals in the pits and everything most of the people that go racing are good people. Say what you will but why don’t everybody just let it play out it’s none of our business really what happens happens

  21. sour grapes of reality says

    da real I am pretty sure Bemers propane/oil customers have contracts and attempting to remove themselves or end a business relationship is difficult. see some of the reviews .sure you go to the movies, buy a subway sandwich, eat at Mario Batali restaurant??? .the world is a sick place with predators all around .. be honest .. wouldn’t it be safe to say if Bemers business entities are thriving the “victims” could potentially be looking for a better payday? If they are I see the argument from the lawyers… “oh your honor the well has run dry”.. typical move by the state punish people who cant pay or handcuff people financially who can LOL… PS the only reason the others plead guilty is they have NO money to fight got a reduced sentence to try and nab thye big fish LOL ..answer me why oh great good fella why ANYONE in Bemers position rejects a no jail time plea and risks going to jail for a long time if convicted ?.. first time offender .. a john taking advantage just like a heterosexual using the services of trafficked females and or drug addicted teenagers selling themselves for drug money in New London ,Bridgeport ,Hartford or Waterbury….

  22. Dareal it’s not often I agree with you but this time I even have to agree , one thing it’s Bemer propane not oil, I couldn’t let everything go

  23. Skin in the game. That’s what it boils down to and no foul pun intended.
    Real Speedbowl fans that have enjoyed the tracks offerings for a lifetime in some cases. Once elated to see a guy with deep pockets making upgrades to the track at long last. Then in and instant having it all crash down into a controversy no one in their worst nightmares could not have imagined.
    All the worst accusations……….no the Speedbowl faithful don’t support any of that. They support the track and whatever keeps it open now as a bridge to better times and a continuation of the racing they love without the cloud hanging over the track. Who among us wouldn’t feel that way were it our own home track? Or they have stayed away for reasons they feel really strongly about and sacrificed something that was really important to them for all the best reasons.
    They all deserve respect because they have skin in the game.
    Then we have the outsiders with no skin in the game…….like me. Some of us hoping for the best and supporting the Speedbowl fans. Those of us having faith that the justice system will deliver justice and a proper sentence if just given the time. And others. Sanctimonious and judgemental. Their opinions completely valid in many cases. But with no skin in the game what credibility do they have really. They have nothing to lose.
    I’m rooting for the Speedbowl fans with skin in the game on both sides and hoping they can move on when this mess comes to judgement day which is now in clear sight.

  24. You are out of your mind if you think that’s all that happened here pal. FACT He paid to have sex with mentally and drug desterb young men. It’s a crime to do this and if people don’t want to support the track for that reason it’s their business and nobody else’s. Try using your real name next time you want to support a sexual predetor so you don’t look like such a sissy.

  25. Viva race fan says

    Brian , you have to much anger in the wrong direction. Let’s see what happens . And by the we all have paid for relations in 1 way or another. Just my opinion.

  26. Supporting a buisness that has a questionable owner is no diffrent from a pizza joint to a racetrack, the history of the facility means nothing. My price of admission or beer money could have contributed to these allegations, and could currently be contributing to protect a possibly guilty individual. It is reported some of the victims were brought to the racetrack as a meeting location. So I wouldnt bring my family to anyplace that has had these types of accusations, so untill either a new owner arrives or the current owner is found not guilty, myself and majority of others will stay away. If the track disapears because of it ohhwell.

  27. The best strategy for Bemer to save himself would be to revoke his citizenship, go to Mexico, cross the border illegally back into Texas, head for a Democrat-controlled sanctuary city, and have the Democrats protect him as an illegal immigrant, and declare him exempt from American laws.

  28. sour grapes, yeah, I watch movies, and I don’t watch movies that have people of dubious history such as Mel Gibson (calls himself a devout Christian, but he’s an alcoholic, wife abusing anti-Semitic) and others. I don’t eat at Subway. Never patronized a Mario Batali restaurant, never will. Did not vote for Trump. You can thank me later. We don’t buy potatoes from Idaho because of their views on women as secondary citizens. I can go on and on. You have a wife, daughters, sisters, mother?

  29. Hillary 2020 says

    Dafella doesn’t buy potatoes from Idaho. Best thing I’ve heard all day. Bet when he goes to a restaurant he asks what state the potatoes came from. Here’s a little advise for ya. Go to Five Guys to eat. They have the origin of their potatoes written right on the wall. Shawn should have a contest for dumbest posters because we have a winner.

  30. Bruce Bemer is a registered Democrat, more evidence of his questionable values. Those of you who continue to spend your money at the tainted Speedbowl may be indirectly supporting the “Resistance” to American values that we hear so much about the last two years. Maybe its time true Americans start resisting the “Resistance”

  31. Sounds like a few have been drinking the kool aid , holly crap

  32. They aren’t just drinking the kool-aid, they are injecting it, mainlining it, and guzzling it.

    Hey sour grapes, that TV show “Bull”… my wife doesn’t watch it anymore since the star and lead actor admitted to making offensive and misogynistic comments around the rest of the staff and cast. To make matters worse, he claims he didn’t know it bothered anyone. Apparently, he’s your kinda guy.

    Will the Bemer court activity be televised? Must see TV!!!!

    Oh, The Donald, if you are going to start resisting the resistance, all that means is you will be bigger stupididiotmorons. Kinda like why ‘irregardless’ isn’t a real word.

  33. Enough about Bemer. Shawn, what’s the latest on the reconstruction, facelift, and all the other names the construction has been called at Waterford? It’s been promised and talked about for years and years. Some people acting as agents for the track met with the Town of Waterford to discuss the work.

    What happened with all that? There was supposed to be new stands, new concessions, relocated concessions, civilized lavs, environmental remediation, upgraded/modernized utilities, and so on. Will it happen in 2019?

  34. Mark Andrews says

    Shawn.I appreciate the site and the coverage.However it seems that some posts however irrelevant get published because of the Author.The last 2 posts I submitted were not offensive or inappropriate from my perspective.Can you explain why certain Peoples Names or Issues regarding the Speedbowl are Taboo?

  35. Mark,
    I haven’t seen a comment come through on here from you since December 5. On that day you submitted two comments. One was approved, the other ended up in the profanity filter and made it no further. Beyond that, I’ve seen nothing from your name since then. I allow a pretty long leash here for commenting as many can see and try hard not to be overbearing with things. That said, I also try to limit the profanity and such.

  36. Mark Andrews says

    Thank You.

  37. Some rotten people on this website:
    “those who don’t want to support racing at the bowl are homophobes and hypocrites”
    “if you attend Speedbowl events, you are financing this admitted sex trafficking predator and his chosen life style.”

    Just so everybody knows, it’s downright low to tell others how they should or shouldn’t feel. And it’s just as bad to tell others that they should or shouldn’t support the race track.

  38. Viva race fan says

    I believe he was charged with soliciting. Most of us believe that he’s guilty of soliciting. But he wasn’t charged for that. I don’t know how you guys can’t get it through your thick heads. Police right the statements and you know how honest cops are. I’m sure everybody at comments on the side as a Crystal Clean record and never had any issues or skeletons in their closet. Like I said before let’s see what happens. I feel like it’s a scumbag lawyer using these people 2 pad his pocket and his clients.

    I drove by the Speedbowl the other day and it looks like they took a bunch of planking off the stands. So it looks like they’re moving forward. Good luck Mike you will do a great job. Nobody loves that place as much as you.

  39. Descending to the lowest common denominator is human nature in anonymous forums.
    It’s going on two years and literally none of the positions and taunts regarding Bemer and the track are new. For the most part it’s the same exact people saying the same exact thing as we exit turn four and race toward judgement day.
    Excepting a new wrinkle that I’m sure everyone must love…….. politics. Connecting political loyalties to support for perverse behavior. You scamps are too much.
    That should work out just fine.
    Meanwhile in all the other articles that actually deal with racing racedayct nation is mostly silent. Guys like Matt Galko who has helped put on the show at both the Speedbowl and Stafford on a regular basis……..nothing. Mikey Flynn, Noah Korner, Chris Bagnall and their plans for 2019. Might as well be sales associates at Walmart.
    Now Bemer and the Speedbowl that’s what gets our juices flowing for sure. A chance to be alternatively self righteous and dehumanize others with literally no consequence whatsoever.
    It’s just easier and more fun being a wrecking ball then a bridge builder.

  40. Viva race fan wrote; “Good Luck Bruce. Lots of us are supporting you and hope all goes well and get you back to the track asap.”

    Viva is just worried about himself and if he’s going to be able to go to the NLWSB. No concern for the victims. Bruce has already admitted to the deeds, well published.

    James Scott wrote: “The track didn’t do it. You can hate the powers that be but the track didn’t hurt anyone.”

    I don’t think anyone has a beef with the track. The problem is with the owner. People, fans, customers, sponsors, sanctioning bodies, etc., can show their disgust with the owner by boycotting the track, because supporting the track is indirectly supporting the owner. Did Rosa Parks sit in the front of the bus to protest against the public transportation system?

    James Comey wrote: “So people who support the race track are showing support for a sexual predator?? “

    Yes, James, that is correct.

    Jim Verge wrote: “The Speedbowl facility and history did nothing sexual.
    Failing to support the “Facility” ensures that you’ll have 2, NOT 3, racing facilities in Connecticut.”

    Well, if that happens, you can blame Bemer. The customers, fans, teams, sponsors, sanctioning bodies, etc., are speaking out by boycotting the track. Supporting the track is supporting Bemer.

    Rich wrote: “My price of admission or beer money could have contributed to these allegations, and could currently be contributing to protect a possibly guilty individual.”

    Yep, and decent people don’t support that sort of thing. Bemer has admitted to the deeds. The police reports have been pubished.

    I’m convinced Mark Andrews is Donald Trump because of the irrelevant and meaningless capitalizations.

    And then there are those that think people should attend the track to make more money for Bemer so his victims can get more money in damages. Do you realize that blew right by guilty and convicted and ended up at the civil award? And that also says that supporting the track is enriching Bemer. Do you really want to enable a sexual predator?

    Rotten wrote: “Just so everybody knows, it’s downright low to tell others how they should or shouldn’t feel. And it’s just as bad to tell others that they should or shouldn’t support the race track.”

    It’s downright low to to tell others it is downright low about how they should or shouldn’t feel. It’s downright low to tell others it’s just as bad to tell others they should or shouldn’t support the race track. You just want all discussion about Bemer to go away? Nah, that ain’t gonna happen. You want to shut down the Free Press? Trump is trying to do that, and it’s not working, it is actually backfiring bigly against him. Hey, are you a parent? Do you not teach your kids what is right or wrong? Do you think it is wrong to teach your kids what is right and wrong? You must be perfectly ambiguous and ambivalent.

  41. Mark Andrews says

    Da real,A personal shot at me?You need to get a life sir.Your meaningless rants and observations have all been wrong.And yet you continue to burp out your brand of verbal trash.Its ok,Shaun Monahan will be Purchasing the Bowl soon and this will all be over.Then what will you talk about?

  42. Viva, there’s a world off difference between a parking or speeding ticket, and soliciting trafficked, disabled, drug addicted, and leveraged individuals for sex.

  43. “Meanwhile in all the other articles that actually deal with racing racedayct nation is mostly silent. Guys like Matt Galko who has helped put on the show at both the Speedbowl and Stafford on a regular basis……..nothing. Mikey Flynn, Noah Korner, Chris Bagnall and their plans for 2019. Might as well be sales associates at Walmart.”

    And this has what to do with this article? Maybe most don’t really care about it, just like who really cares what kind of engine will Matt Galko have in his tour type car.

    Back on subject please.

  44. So has that construction started yet?

  45. sour grapes of truth says

    don’t worry dareal voted for a woman who represented a child abuser and then laughed about it…hypocrisy at its finest….

  46. Hillary 2020 says

    Dafella says his wife doesn’t watch a TV show anymore because the actor said some mean things. The two of them best throw their TV’s out the window if they’re so worried about all the Hollywood scumbags.

  47. Hillary 2020 says

    Good to know anyone that goes to the track, works at the track, reports about the racing or races at the track are supporting a sexual predator. I wasn’t sure until you said so.

  48. And speaking of getting off the topic humphry I spotted this interesting street rod/ vintage modified on craigslist. Unique isn’t it. Street legal supposedly but I have my doubts. At 32 grand you have to really be into the vintage modified trip to pony up the peso’s for that bad boy.

    Yes indeed humphry you’re absolutely right. No one does care about what engine Matt Galko will use for tour races. Neither does anyone care about any of the other race related topics for the most part. I accept your dressing down with humility and respect for your wisdom.
    On the other hand this thread proves as the great Captain Jack Sparrow once said in The Pirates of the Carribbean, “the pirates code” is not a code so much as a guideline. As is staying on topic these days a code that is frequently broken.
    Was the Donald on topic humphry. One of the most creative entries I’ve ever read here. Sighting membership in the Democratic Party as evidence of Bemers perversion right along side the charges against him. Then somehow connecting people attending the races at the Speedbowl with poor values and tying that all into the poor values of those that resist Trump. Is this guy The Donald a creative evil genius or what. Or maybe a truth teller depending on your political beliefs I suppose.
    So now that we’ve done politics how about some sports race fans. How about our Patriots. Played way above their heads last Sunday didn’t they on both sides of the ball against a team far better on paper. Old man Brady nearly perfect as well.
    Next up KC and game time temps at 9 degrees going down to 5 degrees later on. Care to pick the winner humphry?

  49. Now I like that modified street rod, big block pinto, right up this kids alley. If it was street legal for CT, I would be all over it. Thanks for sharing.

    Your right, should not pick on you when we have those who keep the Don/Hillary discussion alive and what that has to do with this article I don’t know.

    KC and New Orleans in the Super Bowl, that’s my pick. I know nothing to do with this article.

  50. You’re the man humphry!
    You’re making the smart pick so I’ll do the opposite.
    Pat’s ground and short passing game in the frigid cold to control the clock and keep the kid off the field and the old man and Pat’s go on to win but just barely. New Orleans at home just has too much of everything so it’s the Pat’s vs the Saints in the battle of the “News”.

  51. They waited too long. The ground will be frozen after this cold snap and they’ll have to wait until spring to start the construction.

  52. Snow coming in, that will slow down or even stop construction.

  53. If y’all are giving Bemer credit for saving the track, y’all have to accept as fact that he is also the reason the track is imperiled and fighting for its life. Bemer is why cars, teams, owners, sponsors, customers, fans, sanctioning bodies, parents, families, etc. are staying away.

  54. The long term viability of the Bowl is likely tied to the health (or lack thereof) of short track racing in general. As a racing fan with a great deal of money, Bemer “saved” the track because he was (probably) not overly concerned with turning a profit while operating the track. Now that Bemer’s future is (deservedly) uncertain, it may be difficult to find another buyer who is willing to invest in a losing facility/business.

  55. Viva race fan says

    Duh Real , if it was up to me I put his truck stop in. Listen auto racing is going backwards and it’s so sad because we all grew up on it. But this is reality. That is the best place in the world 4 truck stop because of the 395 / 95 split. If I had the money to buy it that’s exactly what I would do. I’ve sponsored cars drove cars. The sad thing is is all the people who put their money in put your name on the side of the car and support them I have never once gotten a job from my advertising on a race car. We race we sponsor and we help because we love. Maybe it’s just time to move on. Like I said let’s see how it goes. But without Bruce that’s about the direction that place is headed. Come get your diesel and chicken wings and a new CB radio. At the Beamers petroleum truck stop and heliport. LOL

  56. Interesting take Viva. Your ability to ignore the charges in the past and jump right to guilty over my dead body has always been interesting if perplexing. But now you’re throwing in the towel and going right to a truck stop in an industrial zone near an upscale residential zone on a State highway far away from an Interstate. Again perplexing.
    How about another alternative. The accused beats the rap. Or takes an 11th hour pleas deal. Or what I think is the most likely scenario and gets prison time. And while serving his sentence the bowl lives on with less of a cloud over it since justice is being served. And he continues to own and run it after being released and paying his debt to society. Now the cloud may still be there but it’s considerably less ominous.
    In the end the civil suits are settled and the Waterford property being a white elephant stays in the Bemer portfolio and continues to operate. It continues to operate since people with resources that do time generally move on to do things after they do time. Most times gravity and the status quo are the most powerful forces.
    They’ve banked a couple seasons under a nightmare scenario and are fixing to start another. Why assume any verdict that provides a measure of closure will automatically change the Speedbowls prospects.

  57. Here’s another option… shortly after the conclusion of the criminal phase, Bemer sells the NLWSB. Bemer appears to have been a customer supplied by the other two that have already plead/found guilty and are doing time. As a customer, Bemer might get a lesser sentence. That the police reports document he did so for decades doesn’t look good. That means there were many, many counts. Bemer admitted to the deeds, the other two have been found guilty. Bemer had a no-jail offer, turned it down. He’s going for it. He’s either going to get off or go to jail.

    The NLWSB is a distressed property. It is being shunned because of Bemer and his public admissions. It needs work, and is at risk of the town closing down sections of the stands, or not permitting operation until remediations are complete. Bemer might end up selling and at a loss. Someone can pick it up for a song and the money that would have gone to the purchase price can go towards renovations.

    Long live the NLWSB!!!!

  58. The only problem is if your found guilty the government makes sure
    all your assets are gone and you have your clothes left when you go thru
    the gate trust me.

  59. Racer,
    Just for the sake of accuracy either way, that’s not even close to factually correct. You don’t forfeit your assets to the government when found guilty of a crime. In some instances yes the government will seize property for various reasons. But to just generally say someone’s assets are gone when they’re found guilty of a crime or sentenced to prison is entirely incorrect.

  60. Viva race fan says

    He had to put up 25 million in assets . That’s not the speed bowl. Brain surgeons. I don’t believe he is guilty and he has never admitted to anything not even having any type of sex with anyone . That’s what the police reports say re-read them . And we know who writes the police report good ole honest cops lol. Bruce is a self made man . You don’t just buy a racetrack hoping to make a killing its more like a write off. I don’t believe that the trial does anything but make a fast track to the civil suit so the real crooks the lawyers to pad therr accounts . Typical justice .

  61. Racer, you just gave me reason to never trust you.

  62. It’s over for opinions on Bemer’s relative guilt or innocence. It’s now going from conjecture and opinion to evidence and testimony handled by pros.
    What is not true is that Bemer is a self made man. Francis and John Bemer founded the flagship Bemers Petroleum some 57 years ago according to the wed site making all the other branches of the empire possible.
    And while we’re at it assets can be seized on either a civil or criminal basis with or without due process.It’s complicated. But the main criteria is are the assets guilty of or the product of a criminal act.

  63. Doug,
    Yes indeed assets can be seized due to legal issues. That said, putting out the idea that all assets WILL be seized upon judgment is entirely wrong.

  64. Viva, read the police reports. He’s admitted to plenty.

    And his victims are demanding to know his HIV status.

  65. Viva race fan says

    As they should .

  66. I was building on your correction Shawn not modifying it in any way.
    Generally speaking civil forfeitures do not require a court judgement and in certain circumstances do not even require a judge to authorize it. Common use is in drug related cases.
    Criminal forfeitures generally call for the assets to stay in suspension until a judgement has been determined regarding guilt of the owner charged with the crime.
    Money taken via forfeiture goes to the government and can be used to offset the cost of the prosecution or used to further other criminal investigations.
    To my knowledge none of that has anything to do with the Bemer case. There’s the criminal charges that do not involve any government forfeiture because none of the Bemer assets were involved in the alleged crime nor were they obtained by illegal activity. The civil cases are also unrelated to forfeiture having been brought by and for the benefit of the victims, not the government.
    I apologize for being long winded. I just thought it was interesting.

  67. Viva race fan says

    I since a lot of anger. You know going through life unscathed it’s not an easy thing sometimes when we do things we don’t realize they’re wrong because nobody in our peer group was ever strong enough to tell us or show us our way so maybe we could recognize what’s really going on. You do get blind to things and people with money which equals power sometimes get complacent and not realize that to hurting others. So no matter what the outcome is for Bruce he know I am sure sees he was on the misguided path. It’s hard to judge a man when so many of us I have made mistakes and some of us have gone to jail for those mistakes. But the whole concept of this is to get better. Listen not all criminals, felons have empathy for other people and they don’t change their ways and I understand why they’re stuck in the system because of their choice. But I’m sure mr. Beemer has seen what was going on it didn’t see that red light to realize he was on a bad path. I wish you good luck in court and I just want the truth to come out either way and then everybody else can start to heal. Don’t care about the track I grew up there I love it but it’s not like the old days we are all holding on to a dream I call it Al Bundy syndrome. I hope the track doesn’t go anywhere and it continues to repair and allow Mike which I think is the best chance for this track to survive to do his thing. Good luck and God bless to all.

  68. Doug,
    I understand. All sorts of property forfeitures due to legal issues are possible, and could be in play. I was just correcting that to simply state that all assets are gone upon a finding of guilty isn’t a true statement.

  69. WOW! It’s wicked cold. This is a hard freeze. Will they still do the construction work in this cold?

    Property forfeitures take place when ill-gotten gains are involved, like scams, Ponzi schemes, drug dealing profits, etc. Sometimes assets used in crimes are seized, such as cars, trucks, etc. Criminals usually do not keep the illegally gained assets. Bernie Madoff comes to mind. He was a high flying mega millionaire, and now he’s in prison and his wife lives like a pauper. They were a celebrity power couple in Manhattan and SW CT. Those kinds of assets can be seized. But in general, sentencing does not involve seizure or forfeiture of real assets or property that did not play a part of or was involved in the crimes.

  70. Any updates on the Bemer trial? According to this article it was supposed to start today.

  71. CG,
    No updates at this point. Trial starting date doesn’t necessarily mean opening statements and witnesses on the stand.

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