Bullring Bash Modified Events To Be Automatic Qualifiers For Race Of Champions

(Press release from The Bullring Bash) 

The inaugural season of the Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge will now have even more on the line for Modified teams in the region.

Bullring Bash and Race of Champions (RoC) officials announced today that all 2019 Bullring Bash Modified events will be automatic qualifiers for the 69th annual Race of Champions 250 on Saturday, September 28.

The overall winner of each of the three-segment, 125-lap Modified races on the Bullring Bash schedule will receive a guaranteed starting spot should they attempt to qualify for the RoC event at North East, PA’s Lake Erie Speedway. With $12,500 guaranteed to the winner and a minimum of $1,000 to start, the event is one of the richest in asphalt modified racing. As such, drivers who carry the checkered flag in a Bullring Bash event will get a chance at both a career-defining win and a huge payday.

“(Bullring Bash founder) Josh Vanada and I created a dialogue that brought some unique opportunities to the table,” Race of Champions owner Joe Skotnicki said. “We thought it would provide a unique opportunity to show Modified racers that even the newest Modified series in the Northeast has a place with the oldest tradition in Modified racing. We are looking forward to creating a positive working relationship with Josh and his folks as we continue move the sport of Modified racing forward.”

Northeast Modified drivers will have three chances to earn an automatic starting spot in the RoC 250 by winning a Bulling Bash event. The first two events will be at N. Woodstock, NH’s White Mountain Motorsports Park on Sunday, June 16 and Saturday, August 10. The finale is scheduled for Sunday, September 1 at Barre, VT’s Thunder Road Speedbowl.

The automatic qualifiers will also receive a significant payday from the Bullring Bash itself. The opener pays $4,500 to win plus contingency bonuses while the second and third events have a guaranteed $3,500 winner’s purse. This means a Bullring Bash qualifier who goes on to win the RoC 250 will receive a minimum of $16,000 in total purse money and potentially much more.

The Race of Champions weekend is one of the most prestigious events in in short-track racing. First held in 1951 as the Langhorne National Open, it is the second-longest consecutively held auto racing event in North America, behind only the Indianapolis 500. Each Bullring Bash winner will have a chance to add their name to a list of ROC winners that includes Frankie Schneider, Ray Hendrick, Richie Evans, Maynard Troyer, Mike Stefanik, Matt Hirschman, and other Modified legends.

This year’s event will once again be the finale for the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series. The sanctioning body of the same name hold events throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Ontario.

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  1. Crazy in NY says

    Cross series promotion and cooperation. WOW Bravo!!! Great job by Josh and Joe.

  2. Wow. Qualifiers for a race that doesn’t even get a full field. Who’s going to border of Ohio from new england? NOBODY.

  3. Is there even a ROC schedule this year? Haven’t seen anything posted yet. Lancaster looks like it’s closed. Lake Erie doesn’t even have the 250 on their posted schedule. They do have a June 15th ROC event listed but of course that is the same weekend has this event. Cross promotion my butt. You have an automatic ROC qualifier for a series that can’t make this event because they are racing in PA that weekend. I don’t think it’s that hard to qualify for the 250 anyway. Doesn’t everyone start?

  4. Fast Eddie says

    I think one of the good things for New England race fans is a possible chance to see some ROC racers we wouldn’t otherwise see racing around here. Also. there may be other some other upstate New York teams heading for a Bull Ring Bash event as well if they can possibly guarantee themselves a spot for the $12.5K event. Thanks to both series for setting this up!

  5. wmass01013 says

    And whyyyyyyyyyyy schedule the ROC the same weekend as the FALL FINAL, makes no sense, u can say all the Crazy in new York post about the WMT BUT having thes races the same weekend is DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dennis Diak says

    I like this site ,as at least a few people share my views on the ROC.I get bashed quite a bit on RaceNY.

  7. I like this discussion forum and hope to share news and views in the future.I get bashed a lot on RaceNY.

  8. Pointless Promotion, Erie race isn’t even close to to sending cars home. ROC should merge with Bull Ring Bash and form a decent series.

  9. Crazy in NY says

    Who thinks the ROC competes with the Tour at Stafford ever? Only a nut would.

  10. Kind of negative JD but pretty accurate as usual. According to the jibber-jabber from the guys on RaceNY that know it best the ROC is a mess. Several tracks are in limbo and the guys are saying there will be no schedule until March. Maybe that’s the reason so many ROC teams are heading south to Fla not knowing what 2019 has to offer.
    On the opposite end of the spectrum are these guys rolling out the Bullring Bash. If you were wondering how well they would draw fear not They’ll have a base of ROC teams and fans for sure. They’re marketing the crap out of this deal and have Speed51 signed up for streaming. They seem to be consistently ahead of the curve on everything. Obviously being on the south end of modified racing the competition for cars is not something I’m liking at all. On the other hand you have to admire what they are doing.
    Competing dates is not a little thing at this stage. It’s anarchy. Anarchy that’s great for teams with more choices but not good at all for fans.

  11. Sounds to me like the entry list is not growing as quickly as they would like so let’s entice another series by offering guaranteed starting status in the ROC.

  12. WMMP is still about 4 hrs east of Oswego. No easy way to get there from Western NY. This is not a travel friendly venue for any series outside of MRS. Then again, there are 30 mods heading to Florida this week so who knows. I don’t see them getting anymore ROC teams than TTOMS gets (3-5).

    The more I read the more I think ROC is on life support.

  13. Crazy in NY says

    Maybe that’s the reason so many ROC teams are heading south to Fla not knowing what 2019 has to offer.
    Or….they had a good time last year and are returning for more. The ROC numbers from last year (when the series wasn’t in trouble as you say) increased over previous years because of Ricky Brooks
    and the rule equalization. Add Andy J this year ( because the car owner wants to race there) and Roch area local Chris Ridsdale and it’s a plus two from last year. Has nothing to do with the ROC and the uncertain track situation.
    And Doug did you really type this? >>> “Competing dates is not a little thing at this stage. It’s anarchy. Anarchy that’s great for teams with more choices but not good at all for fans.
    WTF choices are bad? Competition is what makes the product better.

  14. And speaking of New Smyrna Nascar Hometracks reports that fanschoice.tv will once again provide streaming coverage.
    “TELEVISION FansChoice.tv (Live Stream) (Feb. 8-9 & Feb. 11-16)”
    Also interesting is Ryan Preece’s new hauler. A classic his grandfather owned at one time apparently.
    Now with all Preece has going with his new top tier driving career why he is buying a car hauler is any ones guess. Nonetheless he’ll be at the World Series in the famed 6 for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday races before moving onto Daytona for the big one. Removing Hirschmans most serious competition from the week long championship but great teams abound so who knows what will happen.

  15. wmass01013 says

    OK, I will speak slowly so you can understand in NY!!
    Nobody was saying the ROC competes with STAFFORD but you DO have teams that might want to RACE THE BIG RACE IN ROC, no its not the same as when at Langhorne, Trenton, Pocono, Flemington or OSWEGO, but Having these 2 races the same weekend is dumb, just like the TRI track and Bullring having the same date is dumb, its one thing to schedule a in season race against another series but THE BIGGEST races should be on different dates to give all teams the chance to compete where they want to.

  16. So find a weekend for the ROC after Memorial Day, never mind Sept or Oct that doesn’t conflict with WMT, TTOMS, MRS and/or Bullring. Good luck! It is easy to throw shade but there aren’t enough weekends for everyone to be conflict free.

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