Moonlighter Success: Ryan Preece Tops Tour Type Mods At New Smyrna World Series

Ryan Preece celebrates victory in the Tour Type Modified feature Tuesday at New Smyrna Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

NEW SMYRNA, FLA. – Sunday Ryan Preece will begin his chase for the 2019 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series Rookie of the Year Award when he makes his first Daytona 500 start at Daytona International Speedway. 

Tuesday, a few miles away from Daytona, it was the former NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion showing off the talent that has helped to land him a full-time ride at the highest level of NASCAR. 

Preece used a meteoric drive through from the drop of the green flag to rocket to the lead and go on to win the 35-lap Tour Type Modified feature Tuesday at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway. 

It was the perfect bounce back for Preece, who had mechanical issues in the first Tour Type Modified event of the week at New Smyrna on Monday. 

“What’s really special about this is it’s all my friends,” Preece said. “We’re all buddies from home. And they come down, it’s a yearly thing. To be able to come here, and we won with a brand new car, a Chassis Dynamics race car. What’s even more special about it is this guy that owns Chassis Dynamics, Mike Paquette, gave me an opportunity in 2010 – along with Bob Hitchcock – and that’s really what got my career going. To be able to debut this brand new car and be as strong as it is, I’m really pumped.”

Preece, of Berlin, will run his first full-time season with the Monster Energy Cup Series for JTG Daugherty Racing. The 2013 Whelen Modified Tour champion had two NASCAR XFINITY Series victories running part-time for NASCAR powerhouse Joe Gibbs Racing in 2017 and 2018. 

Jimmy Blewett of Howell, N.J. was second. Doug Coby of Milford, who won on night one of Tour Type Modified action on Monday, was third. 

Preece qualified on the pole Tuesday with Coby qualifying second. The top-eight qualifiers were inverted, putting Preece in eighth for the start. 

He wasted no time swiftly darting toward the front, moving to fifth within the first three laps. On lap six he went by Chuck Hossfeld for fourth. And then on lap nine Preece used a three-wide move low under both Timmy Solomito and Anthony Nocella to move to second. 

On lap 13 Preece was able to go by Tommy Catalano for the top spot and he never trailed again. 

A wreck on lap 22 left the car of Andy Jankowiak on top of Patrick Emerling’s, leading to a long delay. 

On the eventual restart it was Preece holding the lead with Blewett moving from fourth to second and Coby from fifth to third. 

But despite having Blewett and Coby stalking, Preece was able to check out on the field over the final seven laps. 

“I used to be labeled as a guy who burnt up my stuff real quick and I have really have done OK with my setups to make it better in the long run,” Preece said. “Especially on a 35 lapper. It was pretty much on cruise control. I am just happy to be out here at New Smyrna Speedway. To be on the outside is a really big thing with the Modfieds and we clicked them off real quick there. I knew that my setup was going to come in around lap seven or eight and really start rolling. I am just happy to get one win. So far it is Doug one and me one so we will see if we can beat him tomorrow night.”

Blewett was left to hold off the charges of Coby late.

“I need to find a little more balance,” Blewett said. “Since we unloaded last Thursday we’ve just been working on that, fine tune, fine tune, fine tune, taking baby steps. We didn’t want to really overdo it. Tonight we overdid a little too much. Ran out of forward drive just about halfway through the race. We’ve got a little bit of work to do to catch [Preece].” 

Said Coby: “We just missed a little bit tonight. We made some adjustments based on how I thought the car was last night. We figured in a 35-lapper we were probably going to have to pass a few cars, which we did. So we made a few changes and it didn’t quite work. So we’ve got to go back to the drawing board. … Just a good learning night for us.”

The Tour Type Modified division is scheduled to run five consecutive nights at the World Series. 

Coby, in his second career start at the track, won the division’s opening event on Monday. Wednesday will see the Tour Type Modifieds run the John Blewett III Memorial 76. The division will another 35-lap feature Thursday before its championship deciding event – the Richie Evans Memorial 100 – on Friday. 

Denise DuPont contributed to this report

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  1. CD car, interesting!

  2. a few miles south…

  3. Seemed to have plenty of speed tonight Doug 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. We’ve had some good rhubarbs about Troyer vs LFR haven’t we? We know them well. Troyer does a first rate job on Facebook keeping us up to date on what they are up to and who just loaded up a new chassis or clipped frame. Rob Fuller periodically is happy to provide updates on what LFR is doing and why it makes sense to purchase a chassis and components from him.
    Then there is Mike Paquette at Chassis Dynamics. Good luck getting an update from that guy. I’m guessing he pretty much figures he’s got his meat and potato clientele in the SK’s and SK Lights, they know his number, they pay him, we don’t so why bother reaching out. Mikes really smart, a technical marvel that has been that way from his Street Stock days. He drove and won in Street Stocks and the SK’s and his equipment was always immaculate. He gravitated to fabrication because that was his passion, not driving and built a very impressive if not well known career. A technical magician he is. A self promoter he is not. I’ve followed and admired Mikes career and think I have the basics but any corrections or additions would be appreciated.
    It was a good race last night for sure. Preece being a bit of a bully intent on getting to the front in the shortest amount of time. Mission accomplished. Hirschman a couple tenths off starting in practice and continuing through the night and ultimately putting himself in harms way. Two brand new Troyer TA3’s wrecked. The Natural fast but a victim once again. Blewett and Coby positioned for a week long championship dog fight. Proud mom Amy following her son to a stellar family 5-6 finish.
    All good stuff but isn’t Preece’s simple blurb about his chassis the bolt of lightning from last night? A whole story that given Mikes public relations priorities will need to be dragged out of him. What’s the purpose of having this very competitive new chassis invading the top tier of modified racing for a team with a very limited schedule as far as modifieds are concerned. What’s the end game? Win with it, sell it, build another? How about this for wild speculation. Build for Fuller. Whoa, take a breath, right?

  5. donald super says

    congrats to ryan and to the top chassis builder in the east mike

  6. A CD car in victory lane at a ” tour type” show loaded with tour regulars. Could this be the start of something big? We’ll have to wait and see.

  7. “A bit of a bully”, really? This is a 35 lap, Saturday night shootout and you are going to be a gentleman getting to the front especially when you have the car to do it? Tell the late TC that and he would tell you to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Mike has played his cards close to his chest, built a new Tour car and surprised everyone with a win in its second race. I applaud him for keeping the secret as he owes none of us an explanation. Mike build for LFR? Not! Don’t hold your breath Doug cause it ain’t gonna happen.

    Congrats Ryan, way to wax-em.

  8. Doug, I’m a bit confused about what your saying about CD. So you think a guy with a brand new chassis should waist his time trying to promote his product to people that have zero racing experience and no intentions of buying one of his chassis? My guess is he was busy getting car ready and wanted to keep things a little quiet so no one had a chance to see what he’s doing. If you just sell your cars to anyone right off the bat they could be a bad driver and then people question the car. When you have a guy like Ryan run it first it almost guarantees a good run and positive news about chassis. This isn’t a car dealership show room floor were they want people to see what’s up its racing were the tighter you keep secrets the better.

  9. Perhaps bully was the wrong word. I’d like to know what other folks thought of his early race charge. Did he bump and grind to much? Were the moves simply an example of why he came from the grass roots to snare a Cup ride?

  10. sour grapes of war says

    there is no “chassis war” only what you fools create ..nothing but drama .. I don’t think any of the chassis builders are going broke. all have their niche. and as I have always stated its NOT the chassis alone that wins races..I guess if the “experts” are right the only way to compete is to buy an LFR car for the mod tour ..LOL welcome to IROC…give me a break. this is a non story .. DUH enough. over the past 40 yrs of watching racing keeping up with the jones` has driven the cost so high car counts are down,tracks closed and the stands 1/2 full if your lucky . but hey guess what you can park your expensive tow rig trailer,LFR car w spec motor inside in your driveway. nvite what’s left of your “race team” and sponsors over for some cold beer and talk about the “glory days of racing”.. shut up already no one cares

  11. Whats the matter sour, forget to take your meds today, LOL…………..

  12. Crazy in NY says

    DUH enough. over the past 40 yrs of watching racing keeping up with the jones` has driven the cost so high car counts are down,tracks closed and the stands 1/2 full if your lucky . but hey guess what you can park your expensive tow rig trailer,LFR car w spec motor inside in your driveway. nvite what’s left of your “race team” and sponsors over for some cold beer and talk about the “glory days of racing”.. shut up already no one cares

    Smartest thing posted on this site in two years. Way too many people making up drama speculating on everything under sun with no real knowledge. Get out and away from your keyboards and go find a race car to knock around with. You might actually learn something.

  13. I know my place. It’s not to suggest to people with decades of experience in any facet of racing they do anything other then one they are doing. I was simply contrasting the styles by the different builders. As well as trolling to see if a person with inside information would weigh in. Clearly that effort was a fail.
    My job as a fan is to be curious so naturally I’d like to have Chassis Dynamics put up a meaningful Facebook page to keep us all up to date. Am I saying there is anything wrong with not doing it……..certainly not.
    Not being curious as a fan is not being a fan.

  14. old observer says

    Agree with Crazy, get involved, do anything to help. You’d be surprised how rewarding it is! It will bring your appreciation of racing to another level.

  15. sour grapes of reality says

    humphry I guess your one of those guys willing to see local racing die from too much money. pretty soon you will find yourself at the local sports arena where overpaid pampered athletes give a half a**sed effort but you cant bring your family much less buy them food if you can afford the seat.everyone knows each participating car brings support from sponsors, crew and fans/ family. If car counts are low obviously the stands are no longer filled…. the fans side of the fence remains pretty much the same if you can keep entry and vending affordable, keep the bathrooms clean they will come but they wont come to watch 10 or 12 cars in a feature race ..that gets tired real quick..and its just getting worse.. what used to be a hobby is just not attainable any more. I remember going to stafford fri, waterford of riverside on sat and thompson sunday. great crowds great racing and affordable ..those days are gone. right now the reality is what tracks are left are all vying for a dwindling amount of cars ….something needs to be done.

  16. If you think that’s a CD car you can buy, think again. That’s a development piece that has been going on for some time now. They had to do something with that 25 year old design that had only seen limited updates since it’s inception with the biggest being a “drop snout” about 10 years ago. Still seems that it lacks longevity in a race longer than 50 laps with that sort of horse power. CD’s are great until a tour motor gets involved. Maybe they’ll get the bugs worked out.

  17. Be that as it may this is still a comment section. A vehicle to express thoughts, opinions, personal experiences and speculation regarding racing related topics with few restraints. You’re also free to tell people how to conduct themselves, what to prioritize, what has no value while not advancing the conversation or knowledge regarding the topic in any way as well.
    I speculate that none of it will change.

  18. Mark Andrews says

    Lightsout.That tired old design has been winning races and championships for years and is still currently winning in the sks and so lights.Yuhas,Chadwick,James,Other than Rocco….all have won championships and have consistently run with Rocco.Thier common thread? That old design CD Chassis that you speak of.It is and always will be The entire package of Driver and Equipment.I remember years ago at Stafford for a tour show.Mike Stefanick pasted the field in The X6.I believe he and Reggie in the 44 were the only cars on the lead lap.After that show everyone was busting and crying about the Chassis….I believe it was a A-1 or Diablo Chassis that Stefanick had a hand in designing or building.Im not positive.Anyway,It was later said that the reason the car was so dominant was that Steffy had been at Stafford that week testing Tour Tires.There were a lot of those cars sold and copied from that one race alone.Most are gone now and are an afterthought.So again…..let’s all use caution before we crown a Chassis King.

  19. Agree totally with sour grapes of war, and crazy in NY. The only chassis war going on is the one in these comments. Fake news. Teams are always searching for an advantage. Sometimes it’s shocks, or motors, spindles ect… The list goes on and on. Sometimes a team decides to switch chassis, because others are having success. It still comes down to the team. A great team with a so so car can get results yet the guys who buy the best of everything but haven’t got a clue run in the back all year

  20. Hit the wrong button… Like I was saying,the 2 biggest factors in a cars performance are team and driver. Some teams can accomplish allot of success with little resources yet others have unlimited resources and accomplish no results. There is no chassis war!!!

  21. Why is there so many more cars at Florida dirt tracks , still store bought chassis, and store bought motors , not anything cheap either, more cars and more fans , maybe start covering Daytona with clay is the answer

  22. From what I’ve heard from a reliable source, the car Ryan won with is a new design that Mike had been developing for about 18 months with help from Ryan and a few other knowledgeable people. As to wether you’ll be able to purchase that version has yet to be seen. I was told to watch for a press release coming out soon

  23. Interesting perspective Lightsout. Do you base your longer run drop off observation on Preece winning a sprint and burning up his tires in the longer race as the basis for your observation?
    Here are a couple dots I don’t know are connected.
    Last year at a Stafford Open Preece was in a CD “experimental” SK that had mechanical issues and never made the show. Could that be the same car?
    If the car we saw last night is a developmental car is the goal to eventually break into to tour market in a big way? Or is it to update the obsolete SK product?
    Is the CD chassis too long in the tooth? The Stafford team listings show 20ish Troyer chassis and 7ish CD. Skowyra won’t show what equipment he uses but the other top tier teams including Christopher, Rocco and Berndt list Troyer. Rocco picked up another TA1 on Jan 5th so the rich get richer.
    Maybe CD is falling badly behind as has been said.
    Is Chassis Dynamic shuffling the deck once again?

  24. I’m not really sure where the SK and SKL references came from. I’m well aware of the CD chassis existence in those divisions and it’s always a good performer, never said it wasn’t as I’ve spent may nights with CD chassis in the pits and at the shop as well as other chassis. My remarks were only in regards to modern TOUR TYPE RACING and the point where that chassis seam to fall off, at least in the recent past and present. Mark Andrews, your references are from many decades ago when the CD was the pinnacle of chassis technology, also not what I’m referring to. I was also not putting a crown on anything. Sorry if I state the facts about the current performance of chassis types. It would be nice to see CD get in the mix of the tour instead of being pigeon holed to the SK’s and lights.

  25. Mark Andrews says

    Pont taken Lights Out.But,Decades ago?The past 2 seasons.Kyle James CD Car has been the fastest and most consistent car on the transponder.Should have won two championships in a row if not for a scoring error.Enough about that.Since everyone wants to talk about a Tour Chassis.Explain the lack of enthusiasm for Raceworks Cars.Seems like when McKennedy or Nocella show up,they are typically in the top 3 in timing and have each rattled off a number of wins at all kinds of venues.Eds workmanship is top notch.Why are they not mentioned here?just my two cents worth.great debate here and nice to have no insults or political comments for a change.No anamis towards anyone.Its refreshing.

  26. Side bar: doesn’t the paint job on the 6 have Troyer roots. Is it appropriate on a CD chassis or is it a non issue? Looks a little less traditional but still in the same vein. Just curious.

  27. Do you not remember all of the TS hauler cars from back in the day. Chrome and orange stripes…. throwback.

    Quit instigating

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