N.H. Supreme Court Sides With NHMS – Live Nation Country Music Festival A Go

(Press release from New Hampshire Motor Speedway)
New Hampshire Motor Speedway is ready to host its first country music festival (Photo: Courtesy New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

LOUDON, N.H. – The New Hampshire Supreme Court has cleared away the final hurdles to a proposed country music festival at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon. After a nearly two-year process, the state’s highest court has ruled in the Speedway’s favor, clearing the way for a three-day music festival with Live Nation.

The Supreme Court determined that it did not need to issue a formal order and affirmed the decision from the Superior Court.

“This is absolutely terrific news for music fans, local businesses and for tourism in the Capitol Region, and we are preparing to move full-steam ahead,” said David McGrath, executive vice president and general manager of New Hampshire Motor Speedway. “Many thanks to both courts for a thorough review of the claims. We have our approvals from the Town of Loudon, and we are ecstatic to move forward. This has been a long time in the making, and we cannot wait to put on one heck of a show.”

As for the specific dates for the event, McGrath tells music fans to “stay tuned.” The country music festival will be held in the S6 Lot of NHMS property as originally proposed and approved. In partnership with Live Nation, this festival will include camping and three days of music from top country artists.

“Speedway Motorsports Incorporated is proud of its tradition of hosting high quality, family-oriented entertainment options at all of its facilities including NHMS,” added McGrath. “We know this will be a great event for the entire region, and we are ready to move forward.”

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  1. Crazy in NY says

    Had to have the highest court intervene here? Would love to know the back story on this. NIMBY’s I bet

  2. Crazy in NY,
    The issue was there was an agreement in place when the track was built that no concerts were to be held on the property. This is likely due to some New England race tracks having huge concerts, most notably Oxford Plains, during the 1980’s that turned into complete disasters for the surrounding towns. The technicality here is the lot they are planning to hold the concert on is not part of the original property, it was purchased later on. If people remember when the place opened in 1990 they only really had the one parking lot off turns 1 and 2 located where they usually setup the fanzone these days. The lots behind the backstretch, by the gas station just south of the track, and the ones behind turns 3 and 4 were all added on in the years after the track opened.

  3. It was three selectmen / selectwomen holding this whole deal up for two years. The track welcomed going to the courts to get this settled. The track won both court decisions too. I hope my life never gets so boring that a concert over yonder becomes worth years of litagation because a little music one weekend a year will somehow ruin my quality of life. This after the second race weekend was taken away. Some people.

  4. Crazy in NY says

    Between the NIMBYS and the greeniacs it’s a wonder any track can still operate.
    Electric Mods will be on us someday The WGMT ? ( after I’m in the ground hopefully) LOL

  5. I would think that the selectmen/women would want to do what they can to make sure the facility (New Hampshire Motor Speedway) can operate as a venue and bring in revenue. There aren’t many decent concert venues up that way and this could be a very positive thing to happen to the region.

    Just look at the complete schedule for the facility… I would think the town would like to see more functions, activity and revenue. If that place gets abandoned, it will be a major disaster.

  6. Great news for the place. How much trouble can happen. They have bike WEEK there, hello. I guess the selectmen/women could not get there pockets filled by the track. Need more people to use common sense on having a business make money.

  7. Actually, Meadowbrook is 20 min away on the lake and has been hosting summer concerts for decades. This I assume will be a much larger deal with A list acts. These people weren’t looking for money. They were legitimately against noise. With all of the revenue that place has brought to the state you would think it would be a non issue. It’s not even a racing issue either. These people are the same ones who will never allow lights to go in either which is a shame. Cup and mods under the lights at Loudon would be a big draw.

  8. Barbara Barnes says

    I live a few towns over from the track. It was 3 abutting neighbors that were holding things up. They fought it in the county superior court and lost last year. They then took it to the state’s Superior court where it again was found in favor of the track. I am so looking forward to this. As a survivor of the Rt. 91 concert in 2017 and having met the CEO of LiveNation 6 months later and being told this would more than likely take place, I am beyond thrilled that it is finally happening.

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