RaceDayCT Live From Bronson Speedway Modified Kickoff To Speedweek

Denise DuPont and Jim DuPont will oversee our Live Updates coverage from all the Tour Type Modified events in Florida. It starts with tonight’s Fourth Annual Kick Off To Speedweek powered by Sunoco 50-lap Tour Type Modified event at Bronson Speedway in Archer, Fla.

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  1. Thank you for tonight’s coverage!

  2. This is it. The first salvo of the 2019 season. I can’t believe the definition of the pics.
    Jealousy abounds merely from seeing the folks in a climate that isn’t contrary to the laws of human existence we live in.
    So much anticipation looking forward to the cream of the ROC crop go head to head with some of the best non ROC top teams.
    Is Hirschman ROC, NWMT or an entity all to himself?

  3. The bad: 10 cars. It’s a bust.
    The good: It’s ROC shootout with the best of the best. Hirschman clearly the favorite but 3 of the best not ready to concede the win.

  4. Winners:
    Hossfeld- He won and beat Hirschman in the process.
    ROC- had all the best
    Hirschman-anything short of winning in a 10 car field is losing
    Bronson- 10 cars was a disappointment

  5. Thanks RaceDayCT!!!!

    Bronson was a pretty good preview. Now on to the feature, New Smyrna.

  6. Crazy in NY says

    Hirschman-anything short of winning in a 10 car field is losing

    Losers: people on this site that type endlessly about on and on about the guy.
    Losers ( real ones) The racers victimized by ShowTimes dive bombing in the first heat.
    ( Contact Pat Emerling and Jimmy himself for details) .

    Long live the ROC 😉

  7. I guess I deserved that. Frequently we see a winners and losers article on everything from politics to sporting events. I was merely trying to replicate that sort of summary in the interest of encouraging other comments on the race.
    What I did catch in my trolling was a typically angry porcupine.
    Here’s my take on you porcupine. No good can come from engaging with you on anything. You clearly are well informed. However you hoard your knowledge saving it for the time you can weaponize it to show how stupid everyone else is and how smart you are.
    I on the other hand on most occasions am simply trolling to advance the knowledge in the thread hoping other folks get involved. Frequently it will be long and I’ll say ignorant or uninformed things. I do however do a lot of reading from social media and other publications as well as stats and results trying to pass on informed information. But it is never based on malice.
    You on the other hand porcupine seem to be perpetually in a bad mood and spoiling for a fight. I try not to do that anymore.
    You may of course taunt me all you like. I can say with a fair degree of confidence it won’t affect what I say or the length it takes me to say it at all. If I ignore you it is simply because I know from experience nothing good ever comes from it and you are almost never wrong so what’s the point.
    Otherwise porcupine I hope you are in fine fiddle and wish you a great 2019 racing season.

  8. Crazy in NY says

    Doug,, you’re not going to start crying are you.? Geez man up a little. I poke a little fun your way and you go all snowflake on us. Trolling? No you don’t troll. Dareal, wmass and humpy own that. You actually bring more to this forum than most (me included) . It’s just too bad you can’t see past the front gate at Stafford. There is a big big Modified resurgence going on in 19 and you like me should just relax and enjoy it. Info you want. OK Matt had one shot at Chuck at Bronson but the timing didn’t work out as a lap car messes up his shot. He’s not going to force the issue in a situation like that. Kudo’s to Chuck. Fast and on the pole. A tough combo to beat for sure but he was not the fastest car at the end. he’ll have his hands full at NSS but……that’s why we watch. We’re good..OK?

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