Vault Productions Releases Extended Preview Of Reality Series The Show At Stafford Speedway

Tom “Sid” DiMaggio and his crew from Vault Productions have become the standard bearers when it comes to the production of local short track racing videos from Connecticut’s ovals.

And in 2019 DiMaggio and his crew will take on their biggest project yet with a new reality series called The Show at Stafford Speedway.

Check out below for a preview of what’s coming in 2019.

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  1. Mom said say something good or don’t say anything at all.
    Rocco- pure intensity. The other drivers said it best. He’ll fight you on every lap from start to finish.
    Reen- the other drivers said it best by initially saying nothing then struggling to say anything. I love Reen. He’s the wild card, straw that stirs the drink, outstanding personality and smart. Every great division at every great track has a guy that is fast the others are nervous around. It’s a good thing.
    Christopher- how great is seeing this young man emerge from the shadow of his dad and uncle. From a sullen, unsure teen to a thoughtful, well spoken representative for SK racing.

    I got goose bumps when I saw this. The production values, editing, camera angles not to mention the content are just outstanding. How or why they do it I have no idea. But I know it’s very good and will enhance our enjoyment of what promises to be one of the best seasons ever.

  2. I am really excited to see this show play out. Reminds of the Old Madhouse shows a few years back. very different and talented drivers. I love aggressive driving such as Reen, but fine line between aggressive, dirty, or rough.

  3. Bill Chatfield says

    EXCELLENT – Congrats to all involved

  4. Well done by the Vault crew but, I am going on a limb but none of these four will win the Championship this season

  5. getserious says

    Ahhhh, but it says “coming January 2020.” It will be old news to us weekly fans. But it will still be fun to watch next winter. The best line in there is when Rocco says that when he is racing Jr he feels like he is racing Jrs father “on the radio.” Yeh, that’s for sure; I watched a couple episodes of Sid’s View On-Boards last year. I feel for the kid.

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