Grandstand Construction Issues Force Monadnock Speedway To Postpone Season Opener Three Weeks

The installation of new grandstands at Monadnock Speedway has forced the postponement of the 2019 season at the Winchester, N.H. track. 

Officials from Monadnock Speedway announced Tuesday that they were postponing the opening of the 2019 season by three weeks due to issues with a grandstand construction project. 

The track had been scheduled to open Saturday hosting the Valenti Modified Racing Series Spring Dash 100 event. 

“Due to the weather delaying the installation of the bleachers and work in the parking area and the track wall, the season opener has been postponed to Saturday – May 25, 2019 featuring the Granite Pro Stock Series plus weekly divisions,” read a post on the track’s Facebook page Tuesday afternoon. “More information to be released throughout the week. We thank all the competitors and fans for your patience in the improvements we are making!!”

The track was purchased following the 2018 season by former racer Norm Wrenn Jr.  In addition to having their season opener on Saturday, the track had also been scheduled to have events on May 11 and May 25. Track officials had announced the start of grandstand construction on April 2.

Monadnock Speedway’s Jeff Zuidema said a rainy month of April has caused delays in completion of the grandstand project.

“You can’t MIG weld in the rain,” Zuidema said. “It’s rained 22 out [out of the last] 30 days.”

Zuidema said track officials should know more about rescheduling plans by Wednesday.

Asked if the Valenti Modified Racing Series would return to the track for the newly scheduled May 25 opener Zuidema said: “I don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle yet.”

Later in the afternoon Valenti Modified Racing Series officials posted this to Facebook: “Due to weather delaying the installation of new bleachers and much needed work in the parking area and the track’s safety wall after last weekends heavy rainfall, this Saturday’s appearance by the Valenti Modified Racing Series at Monadnock Speedway has been cancelled. The track opener is now scheduled for May 25 and will not include the VMRS. At this time the series is scheduled to compete a week later at Monadnock on June 8. The Granite State Pro Stock Series will highlight the season opener May 25.”

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  1. Fast Eddie says

    Oh well, so much for the possible “double-header” this weekend. And hopefully the VMRS is not scheduled for 5/25, as that will go up against the TriTrack race in Claremont. I’m sure the new stands will be great, as will Stafford’s Sizzler, if Mother Nature will just cut us some slack this spring. She sure is being an absolute witch this year! Please feel free to substitute a rhyming word for witch if you’d like.

  2. Mike Serluca says

    It’s going to be a really big improvement up there and that’s gonna be one AWESOME facility! Norm and Jeff will knock it out of the park without a doubt! Good luck May 25th! That GSPSS Show is going to be a great one!

  3. Hillary 2020 says

    The VMRS getting screwed left and right. So they just found out a few days before the opener they couldn’t get the stands in? Dafella please make sense of this all.

  4. MRS is 0-2 in 2019 due to grandstand issues.

  5. 2020, since you still don’t understand at this point, you’ll never get it. I can teach, but I can’t make you understand. I called that the ‘bowl was not going to open in May pretty much as soon as it was announced as the opener… I was right yet again. You didn’t get it.

    Monadnock is already a great facility, this improvement will only make it better. I like Monadnock.

  6. JD although your right, Modnadnock is fighting weather, not city hall. And we know for sure they will be racing this season with a national sanctioning body unlike another unit named N.E. track in southern Connecticut.

  7. I’m just having fun. Monadnock will be fine. They started this project weeks ago. It really is a weather issue for them. MRS seems like they will return in early June.

  8. For the Game of Thrones fans out there the difference is Stark. Pun intended.
    The kingdoms in the North Country of New Hampshire are lead by benevolent noblemen. Enlightened and progressive. From Monadnock to Hudson the rulers are building, improving, expanding and working together for the betterment of their people both racers and fans.
    The Speedbowl more a shadowy place populated by White Walkers and ruled over by the Night King. A land that is guarded by a man not unlike John Snow of the Knights Watch.. Well intended but constantly on the defense. Manning the one portal in the great wall and controlling all that pass through it. Keeping the Night King and his people separated while repairing the wall that both ruler and his people share as one.
    Unlike the Game of Thrones Night King who has been vanquished the Speedbowls King continues to rule over all that is Speedbowl while the people hope a pray for a new ruler one day that will cast away the darkness.

  9. Wow Doug, had to read that twice. Thought I was having an acid flashback, but I get what your saying. And just like Game of Thrones, we are all gonna have to wait and see how the saga ends

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