“Without A Doubt”: Speedbowl Management Says There Will Be Racing At The Track In 2019

The area where new grandstands will be installed at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Courtesy New London-Waterford Speedbowl)

New London-Waterford Speedbowl general manager Mike Serluca told RaceDayCT exclusively Friday afternoon that there will be racing at the track in 2019. 

Questions about the future of competition at the facility have flooded the racing community since Wednesday when track owner Bruce Bemer was convicted on five felony charges involving human trafficking. The 65-year old Bemer is set to be sentenced on June 6 and faces up to 60 years in prison. 

“As far as the 2019 racing season at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl is concerned, we will be racing at the facility in 2019,” Serluca said. “Without a doubt.” 

Serluca said that assurance of operation in 2019 came from Bemer. 

“There’s no pending sale,” Serluca said. “Whats going to happen down the road with that, I have no idea.” 

Serluca couldn’t go into any details concerning when the season could possibly begin, but did confirm that the scheduled May 11-12 Blastoff event will not be run. 

“We’re optimistic of a May opening date,” Serluca said. 

Serluca has informed the Valenti Modified Racing Series and the Northeastern Midget Association that their events as part of the originally scheduled Blastoff weekend will not take place. 

Speedbowl management had previously announced a 22-event weekly racing schedule for their Saturday night weekly divisions for the 2019 season. 

The main grandstand at the Speedbowl was razed in January. Serluca said track management is still in talks with the town on full approval for the grandstand replacement. 

Bemer was the high bidder on the track in a foreclosure auction in October 2014. Serluca took over as general manager of the facility in Sept. 2018.

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  1. Might as well leave the grandstands down, racing or not.

  2. So, no Blastoff, no grandstands, no press box, no concessions, and no sale from Bemer? Well here’s another no for you. Will I be going there this year? No.

  3. This is a déja vu all over again.

    How many times have we been down this road? 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

    Remember that construction meeting fiasco with the town, George Whitney? LOL!!!!

    How many years ago were the grandstands supposed to be torn down and reconstruction started right after the last event in October?


    As long as Bemer owns the place, there is no need for grandstands.

    If the track management is still working out approvals with the town, things aren’t looking good at all.

    Hey humphry, see any forms being constructed in preparation for a concrete pour? Any construction on the concrete can’t take place until a few weeks after the concrete is poured. The concrete needs time to set up.

    Racing may happen, but will there be stands? Will there be a need for stands?

  4. What else is Serluca going to say? Gotta keep that positive, united front up.

    Still in talks about the full approval for the grandstand replacement? You razed the existing structure prior to procuring a final agreement with the town to construct new? I can hear the next excuse coming down the road, towns fault, they are holding us up.

    It is called putting the cart in front of the horse. You can’t make this stuff up!

  5. I’ll bring a lawn chair, doesn’t much matter to me as long as I’m at the beloved speed bowl watching racing.

  6. Not sure if the same but when I hire a contractor to do major work on my house, they get the permits sorted out. Seems absurd they dont have a permit by now. Looks like they will need 20 divisions this year to equal 100 cars in pits.

  7. LOL!!! Again.

    Anybody else surprised that the May 11 date won’t happen? And that there is no commitment as to when the opening will happen?

    I’m not surprised. A couple weeks ago, I spelled out the reasons why the May 11 date was not going to happen.

    Now it looks like we need to get Serluca to define “operation” and “racing”.

    You want the track to survive? Then we, the paying public, need to get the message to Bemer that he needs to sell. If nobody shows up, he loses everything. The place folds. To prevent that from happening, he needs to sell before the place is doomed. Even a distressed sale at a loss will be far better than losing it all.

    Bookmark this thread, let’s see how well it ages.

  8. Won’t believe it till I see it . I doubt the town is going to be eager to approve anything Mr Bemer puts forward short of a sale. Grandstands are just 1 of the hurdles to clear, there are allot of other permits that will be needed, like concession, alcohol, and possibly some sort of entertainment permit, not to mention insurance, all of which must be drawn by the property owner. Best advice again, pick a track and rebuild your cars.

  9. I think it would be a great test to see if the track could survive without grandstands. Hudson has, Make shift grandstands, most fans bring lawn chairs. They don’t sell beer either, be awesome if u can bring your own. Mike and staff will make it happen because they love doing what they fo

  10. Viva race fan says

    I’m In Lawn Chairs for all.

  11. The permits to operate the facility are really not a big deal to obtain from the State or Town as long as all the prerequisites have been met. Insurance is already on the property so that is just a matter of updating the information on the infrastructure improvements.

    No matter what Bemer has done criminally, or civilly the Town can’t discriminate against him. The problem is getting the infrastructure ready for all the prerequisites that are required. Something just smells fishy when Serluca makes the comment that track management is still in talks with the Town on full approval for the grandstand replacement. If I recall correctly, the last we heard from the track was the Town had the final plans in hand, were happy with everything, stands were going to be razed and new stands would be erected in time for opening day. Now the diversion tactic surfaces.

    The track is grandfathered by the town for the type of occupancy and the bottom line is it has to open every year to operate under that grandfathered clause, if not the track will be done. They have to open and operate to remain a viable occupancy so do I believe there will be racing of some sort this year, probably, but it will be an severely abbreviated season.

    Serluca like Whitney is just a puppet for Bemer, Serluca has no financial skin in the game. If he does, with the volatile situation that exists, he is not as intelligent as I thought he was.

    The only thing that will destroy the Bowl forever is the Bowl itself, not any of us.

  12. Pike up a dirt. Plant grass and bring lawn chairs.

  13. josh paradis says

    all the bs about bemer. its not about him now. screw him. its about saving the track now and with all of you putting it down it may be gone forever. do you really want that?

  14. Well this is a pleasant surprise and fingers crossed they can get the work done. It’s just a huge job but ya know, never count those guys and gals out. That whole community down there is to be admired for their tenacity and the core race teams pluck in supporting the track for two years while the legal system churned away.
    My two cents is it’s a new day. Bemer has been adjudicated. He’ll serve time and if and when he comes out the other side he would have paid his debt. Besides the time he will serve there is the added civil suits that will surely be harsh. So why seek more blood.
    Everyone will make their own decision. As is the case for the last two years those that have no skin in the game not being Bowl fans or in the geographic area tend to demand the harshest track treatment. They and I are irrelevant. The traditional fan base is all that counts.
    I hope those that stayed away will see their way clear to rejoin the the programs there and help it get to the next step that hopefully will be new ownership.

  15. Josh, are you one of the competitors at the bowl?

    Please enlighten us how to save the bowl?

    As I said previously said, the only thing that will destroy the bowl is the bowl itself not any of us.

  16. For those of you that only comment here, you should see what’s going on over in FaceBook country. There are plenty of women, mothers and others that are scorching Bemer. All have said they haven’t been to the ‘bowl in two years, and were lifelong fans of the place. I’m not seeing any sympathizers over there.

    Face it folks, the track is damaged. It needs new ownership.

  17. humphry, this grandfather deal you speak of… is it a fact or something that has been repeated over and over it has become folklore?

  18. Humphrey and Goodfella,
    The “Grandfather Deal” is an urban myth. There’s no such requirement in place. That was confirmed to me last year by the town attorney and building inspector.

  19. Shawn, thanks for clearing that up. I had doubts, which is why I asked humphry.

    That has the potential to change things a little bit.

  20. Darealgoodfella,
    As it was explained to me last year by town officials, the property can sit dormant for a year or more and continue to carry the necessary zoning acceptance as a racing facility if the property owner decide at some point to bring racing back. But, if another business were to be operated on the property while the track was dormant then the track zoning would likely be forfeited for future use.

  21. Shawn monahan says

    I have taken the time to relive the past few years. With these articles. The high and lows. Brought back a lot positive memories and a few nightmares. I really appreciate all of the positive vibes when I was hired, I appreciate those who noticed how hard I worked for the competitors and fans to make it the best place I could. I appreciate those who complimented me on the way out as well. I just wonder why those who can’t seem to compliment anything in life can’t use there real name. This website and social media is filled with people that have no backbone to give their negative feedback and put a name to it. I have most of them figured out and it makes me feel good when I see them and even share a “hello” with them. This racing game is a tough one, but in the game of life, we all should try to be nice to each other and then zip it with our mouths and fingers when we can’t compliment. Shalom.

  22. That’s it? A key figure at the Speedbowl. One the the gears that has helped the Speedbowl engine turn for the current generation that could add insights and help inform the race fans. That could respond specifically to some of the offensive commentary offered. Merely a generic complaint about anonymous comments. Disappointing.
    I’ve read the Facebook entries as well. I’m not seeing the avalanche of “women and mothers” referred to nor do I see how any clearly female name can be identified as a “mother”. Frankly I have to say some of the insights provided here and sharing of information are way more informed and informative then the one line nonsense traded by people using their own names.
    Key people should whine less a listen more intently to the feedback offered. Not all of it is negative nor do people that are hopeful tend to voice their feelings as much as those that have nasty things to say. Instead you should be listening less to the people you read whose minds you can’t change and talking more to the people with more open minds reading but not participating.
    This is a transition period. The explosion of emotion based on the verdict in the front of everyone minds. It happened two years ago when the story broke and it’s happening now. Later, when Mr. Bemer is serving his sentence people will be less bloodthirsty and transition to the business at hand. Hopefully that will be doing what is necessary to build the stands, move the facility forward and convince people that this is a new day now that justice has been served.

  23. Al Coholic says


    The way i understand it is pretty generic from state to state for a continuing non conforming use to continue. Since this was a race track that has operated continuously every year prior to zoning it must hold a race at least once every 365 days to keep its status. If it doesn’t the neighbors can force it to be shut down and never hold a race again. This can easily be accomplished by having paddock admissions only… ” A save the bowl race* once a year…. Even if its one division.

  24. William Ryley says

    If and when the Speedbowl opens I will be there. I have been going since the outside lane was dirt. I do not support the owner but will be there for Mike and the other hard working management, and drivers. I have to many good memories with family and friends to see it go away.

  25. Ken Latham says

    Monahan, Could not agree with you any more. Right on the spot. Spineless people hiding my “nicknames”, and dont have the balls to say it publicly. The situation is a tough one, but people have the right to either support or stay away. Those who wish to “Assail” all the time, pu your name to it and own it

  26. Al,
    Again, in conversations I had in late 2017 and early 2018 it was expressed to me by two town officials that there is currently no zoning mandate of such demand on the Speedbowl property. Again, it was expressed to me by town officials that the property can remain dormant as a track and keep its zoning designation as long as no other business is started or operated on the property.

  27. Customer feedback is needed here. The product sucks, or its existence is in jeopardy. And if you had any sensibility at all, you would realize it is because customers care about the place. But no, your selfishness and narcissism only allows you to see what affects you, not others or the big picture. Shawn Monahan only wants the praise, doesn’t want to hear about anything else. To divert the discussion to the use of handles is desperation. Customer feedback is constantly solicited, and it is done so anonymously. Pay attention to the content of what is being said, and put your selfishness and narcissism aside.

    And customer feedback lets you know what the people want and will pay for. Get it? The comments by Monahan represents what is wrong with businesses… it’s my business, take it my way or take the highway. And many people have tried to make that argument here about what is going on with the ‘bowl while it is floundering and trying to survive. The customer is alway right. Customers don’t fail a business, businesses fail themselves for failing to provide customer satisfaction. Businesses that dismiss negative feedback as being negative are bound to fail for failing to fix the negatives.

  28. Hillary 2020 says

    If you read social media specifically Facebook then I think you’d agree that one of these names on here commenting continuously has a name that rymes with Phil Mcwheel. Not sure if this is acceptable but I don’t want to completely out anyone.

  29. josh paradis says

    it wills also be destroyed if we dont show up and stand behind it no matter whos in charge. then it closes because nobody is there. we need to stand behind it as one as a community of racers. ive been going for 30 years and it would devistate me to see it close.

  30. Shawn monahan wrote, ” This racing game is a tough one, but in the game of life, we all should try to be nice to each other and then zip it with our mouths and fingers when we can’t compliment. Shalom.”

    This is another way of saying stop talking about the negatives that are real and going on. Those that have caused it don’t want to hear it. Those that may be impacted by it don’t want it be exposed.

    Too damn bad.

    I firmly believe in the PSA, “See something, say something.”

    Think about it… there is nothing going on right now about the ‘bowl that is good. Things have been going from bad to worse. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. The opening of the ‘bowl is now in jeopardy. There’s no grandstands. There’s nothing but negatives going on with the ‘bowl right now. People want to go there, but those that can make it happen are failing at doing so. And some people that are macho and use their real name complain about those that use handles and discuss that the place is a disaster full of nothing but negatives.

    There has been all sorts of positive talk, but no actual positive results, and plenty of nothing happening, to negatives happening. So you want those that are trying to sell loads of 💩 to be allowed to do so totally unfettered, and attack those that call them out fo their 🐂-💩? Too bad. 🤣

    Reminds me of this guy:

    The “billionaire” who hides his tax returns
    The “genius” who hides his college grades
    The “businessman” who bankrupts casinos
    The “playboy” who pays for sex
    The “philanthropist” who defrauds a charity
    The “patriot” who dodged the draft
    The “innocent man” who won’t testify

    Hey Monahan, your version of a conversation about the ‘bowl can only be pure silence. Nice try!!!! 🤣

    This is customer feedback. Get your 💩 together and maybe you won’t get negative feedback. But don’t tell people to stop talking about the situation. A pathetic situation that you were a part of. Hey Shawn m, if you were walking around with an arrow through your head, would you want anyone to tell you?

    And those that know me know I give this right to peoples faces too. Hold nothing back in person.

  31. How come there is no backlash against any other of his businesses?Why does the media say ‘[The owner of the Speedbowl”and not other businesses?The track needs to be saved…

  32. No, it will not one destroyed if nobody shows up. Nobody showing up will help accelerate the sale of the ‘bowl.

    Nobody is going to show up because of the current ownership. The problem is the owner. Change the owner and people will come back.

  33. Ken Latham says

    Some people here obviously have ALL the answers, and are NEVER wrong. Amazing. We are talking about people who are doing character assassination of others, under the cloak of anonymity , and probably from Mommies basement..

  34. Muddbus,
    His other businesses have been mentioned in most media accounts, though they don’t get as much attention because they’re not public entertainment facilities. The public entertainment facility is obviously going to get more attention because of its status in the community. In a similar way that you don’t hear about Robert Krafts many other businesses he owns in media accounts about his arrest. You hear about him at the Patriots owner because that’s a public entertainment entity.
    As far as “backlash”, everyone has the right to make their own decisions about whether or not they would be a customer of the track and offer opinions as to why they would make that decision. In that the Speedbowl is a public entity that obviously gets media attention and much public attention through channels of social media because there is a vibrant following amongst the racing community. I’m certain if propane delivery businesses or motorcycle shops had the same time of public channels of communication among their customers you would see people talking about whether or not they would remain customers. I’m certain there are people making decisions about whether or not they want to be customers of his propane business or motorcycle shops, but they’re doing that in private.

  35. Ken Latham, what character is being assassinated?

  36. Hillary 2020 says

    One comment from Monahan and dafella is completely triggered. There’s obviously some history between Shawn and whoever dafella is.

  37. They’ll be racing RC cars while they get the grown up facility ready.

    I really wouldn’t want to be the town now. This is a disaster.

    Muddbus, just because you don’t see it happening doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Are you recommending that there be backlash against his other businesses?

    Nobody tells me where I have to spend my money.

    humphry, let us know if/when you see concrete forms.

  38. Billy Parker says

    I will be there for Every race, with, or without stands!! I’m fine with lawn chairs, I’m fine with no nascar, it’s a lot more cost effective without nascar. No Rocco, or a few select other teams, because no nascar?? I’m fine with that, won’t miss them. a few self righteous teams that left, a few videographers, race officials, and know-it-all wannabe crew members that left too, and the teams considering leaving, BYE BYE we wont miss you!!! Go be butt hurt, and drive an hour to Stafford, with your hurt feelings!! Those of us that love the bowl, will be there, EVERY race!! If you are having anxiety issues over who owns the property, and actually believe the owner is turning any kind of profit from the track, you are greatly mistaken… The current management team is the reason there will be racing, and they are doing it out of a love for the facility, and the sport, if you cannot handle that, that says more about You, than your excuses… I’m the real Billy Parker, and I approve this message! Peace!!

  39. Looks like the Bemer posse is out in force. Good luck. 😉

  40. Does anybody think the place will be permitted, and insurance will allow it, to operate without grandstands? What else won’t be available when it opens?


    Didn’t the ‘bowl have a jobs fair recently? How’d that go?

  41. So what’s the tally? Supportive or generally positive going forward. Generally negative and/or demanding more blood. Can’t tell where they stand.
    Seems that the score might be overwhelming for more blood since some of us prattle on a lot more then others. Not so.
    I get 11 generally supportive, 4 making it clear the track is dead to them and 4 can’t tell where they fall as far as support goes.
    Go figure.

  42. josh paradis says

    billy parker sounds like me and you are the only two getting chairs with cup holders and coolers. im going to all the races too for support. ill see you there. maybe we can tailgate with no stands and i will bring a grill with good food and we can watch the races together. im with you brother.

  43. I will keep an eye out for the forms and concrete trucks. Still want to know why the town has yet to give the final OK when previously everything was reported as all set.

    Mike Serluca can you please give us an official update on the towns position and when we can expect to see further progress. You are the management team so please advise ASAP. Thank you!

    OH, another question, will there be refunds for those who purchased season passes since you will not deliver the agreed upon amount of shows promised? Thank you in advance for your response.

  44. Shawn,

    I respectfully must disagree with your take on Zoning and agree with Al Choholic (is that his real name?)

    Click on the link bellow, click on Zoning regs, go to pdf page 151/199 and read SS 24.2.6-a, b & c


  45. Humphry,
    Nothing was EVER reported here to be “all set”. Don’t even infer for a second that I ever reported that anything was “all set” with the town. I reported on the demolition taking place. Nothing was ever reported here stating anything about the town or where anything stood with the town whether it be plans or permits or anything else. Don’t come here and start spewing out lies about what is being reported here, you’ll be gone immediately.

  46. Paul,
    You just pointed me to a 199 page regulation PDF.
    All I can say is what I was told in late 2017 and early 2018 by the town attorney and building inspector, who both said the track could sit dormant for a year or more and not losing its zoning status as long as no other business was operated on the property.

  47. Shawn,

    Please don’t take me bringing this to your attention as being disrespectful sir, i love this page and respect your journalism.

    Im not a Journalist, im a Civil Engineer and know Zoning Regulations sir. The officials you spoke with miss informed you sir.

  48. Paul, I don’t think abandonment was ever an issue, nor non-conforming use, and most importantly with the intent to not reestablish use. That bit about reestablishing use is crucial. And I don’t see any non-conforming use issues either. Anything I’ve ever seen is the place is to be used as a race track.

    There appears to have been a myth propagating that there was some sort of grandfather clause acting on the property.

    Find something that applies to conforming use.

  49. Mike Serluca says

    I must’ve been misinformed by the town as well. It sounded like I was told directly to my face in a meeting “As long as improvements are being made, the track is not in jeopardy. That is a common misconception that we often hear when it comes to the Speedbowl…” I’ll have to ask again just to be sure.

  50. What am I missing? If Serluca said there will be races this year why is the grandfather issue such a big deal? Think back to all the crap that has been swirling around the guy. Like him, don’t like him but hasn’t the vast majority of what he has said for the most part panned out.
    Tough crowd.
    Racedayct has had instantaneous articles as things happened with the trial and the Speedbowl and unlike the Courant or The Day has provide them free. But that’s not enough. Now we have to get the grandfather deal cast in concrete because we’re not seeing concrete forms at the facility.
    There’s about 50 other things that need to happen or not happen for the grandfather issue to come into play.
    Here’s an idea……..simply wait. All will become known in time.

  51. Mike Serluca says

    I will release an update as soon as I meet with the town… again. It’s been minor setback after minor setback. We are not pouring footings there, it will be an entire concrete pad from exit turn 4 area all the way down to entry turn 1 area (Alcohol Alley). I can assure you that I will be posting all kinds of pics and updates on our Facebook as the construction project moves forward. The town has been awesome by making us aware of potential items in the plans (lighting, parking, etc.) that are no longer grandfathered in and need to be re-established. As for the season pass, we have not offered a season pass there under Bruce’s ownership. The last season that season passes were offered was 2014, Terry’s final season.
    I will close this comment by saying: I read all the comments on these posts and I pay close attention to the constructive criticisms written here. Some of you have some very colorful opinions and great theories. I make statements when I have information and those statements are based off of the information I am given. I am truly sorry that information doesn’t come quick enough at times, and it’s definitely frustrating. I do appreciate all the support and I take pride in the spectacular team we have down at the Speedbowl. As I always say, I could not do this job without them. They are the best in the business and the racers and fans are truly blessed to be fortunate enough to support such a wonderful race track that have people of that caliber working there. Support the place, don’t support the place, it’s an individual choice and I’m cool with that.

  52. Mike Serluca says

    I’m pretty sure I would’ve known if we had a job fair. But to answer your question, no, we didn’t have a job fair.

  53. Mike,
    Can you please explain what your expecting in a timeline to open the season? I would imagine you picked the original opening date based on a timeline that was in place to get the stands ready, you had numbers and man hours estimated, why such a delay in getting things going? Any business that comes out with public dates of opening and then fails to do so is going to get criticism, being that it involves Waterford Speedbowl its going to get a lot more criticism as we have all heard this story before. With the praise you received on the destruction you are just as entitled to the scrutiny of the postponement just keep that in mind,

  54. Brian Konikowski says

    Mike please keep our standing area in turn 1 a a area.

  55. Good discussion about the mythical “Grandfather Clause”, and other names it may go by. Glad I asked for clarification.

    That changes things a bit.

  56. Thank you for the explanation Mike. The track, you as management need to stay in front of this and provide complete transparency so there is no misinterpretation of the facts.

    Just to clarify Shawn and with all due respect, I never said that YOU reported that sir. Please re read my post closely and tell me where I said it was reported on this site by you, it does not.

    Paul you are correct as a civil engineer about your research on the subject.

  57. Mr. Serluca, you need to understand that your schedule determines the plans of many others. Those plans have consequences and impacts the expenses of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other people and entities. Resources are allocated per your schedule. People’s lives revolve around this schedule and missing your own schedule does not do yourself any good. Businesses, sponsors, series, police, ambulance, etc. are all affected. Postponing the opener did not help your credibility at all.

    Serluca wrote, “I make statements when I have information and those statements are based off of the information I am given.”

    Mike, that doesn’t absolve you of blame or responsibility. You are the GM and are responsible for all that goes on under your management. And that means your employees, the contractors, your team. Every single one of them. You are supposed to scrutinize the information that you are given and weigh if it is credible. Your schedule is crucial for all those I listed above to allocate resources and make their plans. Mike, don’t be upset or offended when people don’t believe or trust you, you’ve given them good reason.

  58. Humphry,
    Where was it “reported” that everything was approved by the town?
    Also Humphry, why are you even inferring that anyone stole money or would be trying to steal money from sold season passes when the track doesn’t even sell season passes?
    I’ve been pretty good about letting everyone have an open dialogue here about things, but you’re on the edge of being done here Humphry. Implying that someone is keeping money for sold season passes when the track doesn’t even sell them is going out of your way to use a falsehood in an accusatory attempt to make people look like they’re criminals and stealing from people.

  59. The report that everything was in place did not come from this site. This subject has been part of many discussions on several forums from back when Whitney was the GM, some that are your direct competition and frankly I don’t recall which source it came from.

    I was under the impression after speaking with individuals that season passes were being sold so I asked a question. Mike Serluca corrected me and I am happy with that and by no means meant any disrespect to him or was accusing him of being a thief.

    Shawn, I will be more aware of how I articulate my feelings in the future however, I will be monitoring the rude and abusive comments/accusations that others make and you allow that are far worse than I have ever thought of printing.

  60. Mike Serluca says

    Da Fake-
    You could not be any more wrong. Your ignorance is amazing. Signing off for now. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress.

  61. Hunphry,
    You inferred that it has been reported somewhere that Serluca said everything was “all set”. This management regime has never said everything was all set with the town. Had they have said that I would have reached out to the town for confirmation. I don’t think there’s any reason to speak for a previous management regime here or what anyone else involved with that previous regime reported.
    As I’ve said, I’ve been pretty lenient about letting a dialogue happen here about this topic, but I’m not going to let people use lies to invent fake criminal scenarios to accuse the management of partaking in. You are the only one who has done that.

  62. Mike,

    Even if the town officials you spoke with interpret the regulations that way its technically not how it is written.
    You know as well as we all do, there are adjacent residents to the track that would like nothing better then seeing the track loose its non conforming use status. If they feel at all that the track is in non conformance with the zoning ordinances they will get there own lawyer and push the issue.
    Cover your bases and hold a permitted event within the 12 month period of the last one being held to be safe sir.

  63. Humphry, DGF, rich and myself……..we’re old hands in this forum. Each has said a lot of stuff on a lot of stuff but especially regarding the Speedbowl going back to when this all started. In the case of humphry and DGF I can not remember any time in the last two years they said anything good about the track. Showed a modicum of empathy or the slightest bit of respect for anyone associated with the track for any reason. A lot of toilet bowl emoji’s and always the assumption everyone there were liars.
    I thought it was nice that you, Mr. Serluca responded in this forum to clear the record on ignorant comments as well as provide insights to let folks know you are still moving forward. A pad instead of footings….good to know. What did you get. Certainly not hey Mike, thanks for the update and sorry I implied you may be pocketing season ticket money that doesn’t exist. You got lectured to again. Lectured by guys that aren’t going to the races there under any condition under the current ownership.
    I just can’t say how impressed I was with your entry here. Not taking the bait like before when you got into a slug fest with your detractors. Informed the ignorant in a professional way, well written, and by itself was a treasure trove of new information. That can hold us over until the next update.
    If you have tried to hire a contractor to build a deck you may have some understanding that delays can be expected. Apparently no one here has ever taken on a building project.
    This old hand is rooting for you going forward. Talk past the old hands such as myself and others to all the people reading these comments with more open minds. That may have stayed away but want to believe this is a new start and will come back to the track they love under the right circumstances.
    That and push hand rails. We geezers love our plentiful, stout, hand rails that allow us to go higher and be safer. It could very well be that is what DGF and humphry have been mad about all along. I’m being silly but seriously……hand rails…..a major benefit to new modern stands.
    Good luck!

  64. In all do respect Dareal you don’t know what your talking about.

    The race track was in existence prior to zoning being in affect in the town. There is no race track zoning in Waterford. This makes the track a continuing non conforming use, read the zoning regs i provided above, once you have you can comment perhaps in a educated way sir.

  65. Paul, I’m trying to sort out all the things being said about the code, what applies, what doesn’t apply, what is real, what is mythical. And what exemptions may be in place, you know that exemptions happen too. Right? Now I’m not going to go through the town of Waterford planning board and commission meeting minutes over the history of the ‘bowl, and see if any exemptions are in effect. I’m involved in my town and know exemptions happen. There has been many, many instances of what perceived regs apply to the track, and they often have mixed messages. Now if what you say is correct, then that could be the source or cause of this mythical “grandfather clause”. It’s not an actual grandfather clause but code that applies to non-conforming use. This of course depends on if you are correct about no race track use is specified in the regs and the track is classified as a non-conforming use, and there are no exemptions. Don’t take offense that I don’t believe you, but there has been so much misinformation, disinformation, etc. that was the reason why I opened this can of worms in the first place. But your explanation is correlating with what Shawn C. has been reporting on about what he has been told by those that should know, so I give what you say reasonable credibility. Like I said earlier, I’m not going to go and investigate the history of the track with the town and search this mythical grandfather clause, exemptions, etc., but asking about it and calling out BS when nothing makes sense is just fine. I may not have investigated the documented history of this so-called grandfather clause, but I knew enough not to believe most of what has been posted here and ask about it. So if you are correct, it could be the normal town code, not some ‘grandfather clause’, that needs to be examined and make sure the track is compliant. And make sure there are no other exemptions, agreements, covenants, etc. in play. Paul, make sure that the code is the only regulation in play, and there are no other auxiliary regs or docs in play. Make sure there are no surprises. So for now, what Shawn C. reported is still the credible and viable explanation.

    Mike Serluca wrote, “Da Fake-
    You could not be any more wrong. Your ignorance is amazing. Signing off for now. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress.”

    Hey Mike, a long time ago, I called BS on the May 11 opening date. I was right. I thought a May 11 date was a laugher. You didn’t make your own May 11 date. You failed. You failed to make your own published schedule, and the schedule wasn’t even out that long before it was negated. And you are calling me wrong? Mike, you produced the schedule, you approved the schedule and published the schedule. You failed to make your own schedule. By saying you only go by what people tell you, are you trying to say you didn’t know any better? Why should you be believed? Do you realize how important the schedule is? The schedule is the bottom line and represents that you should have everything under control. If you can’t meet your own schedule, there must be numerous and/or big problems.


    Hey Mike, if you are not responsible for the schedule, who is?

    You need to be very careful Mike, the Town is going to be very diligent in that they protect themselves, and you are not instilling great confidence or trust. They are not going to tell you how to do your job, only tell you when you are wrong. So be careful and make sure you find out what you are supposed to be doing.

  66. Doug wrote:

    “Humphry, DGF, rich and myself……..we’re old hands in this forum. Each has said a lot of stuff on a lot of stuff but especially regarding the Speedbowl going back to when this all started. In the case of humphry and DGF I can not remember any time in the last two years they said anything good about the track. Showed a modicum of empathy or the slightest bit of respect for anyone associated with the track for any reason. A lot of toilet bowl emoji’s and always the assumption everyone there were liars.”

    Doug, you must be incorrect as it has been pointed out that out of the hundreds of thousands of posts, over how many years on this site that clearly and with all certainty, I am the only one that has ever done that. Now you are saying that dareal did as well? But that’s OK, I will play the game since it is not my sand box and just hope in the future that everyone will be held to the same ethical standards and censored equally.

    Shawn, I would respectfully request that you utilize your investigative reporting expertise and get to the bottom of what Paul & Al are reporting about the zoning regulations relative to the speedbowl and the nonconformance issue. On the surface it may appear one way and a personal interpretation may be another however, when you get into the legal jargon, that is the law.

    Paul wrote;

    “The race track was in existence prior to zoning being in affect in the town. There is no race track zoning in Waterford. This makes the track a continuing non conforming use, read the zoning regs i provided above, once you have you can comment perhaps in a educated way sir.”

    Paul, I do believe and agree that your interpretation of the regulation is correct because your expertise and experience as a civil engineer in this area is relevant.

    Doug, it is not about the hand rails to go higher and safer, it is called being handicap accessible!

    One last question for Mike Serluca. Speaking about handicap accessible, since this will be a new elevated structure that potentially could be require to meet the ADA standards, is it required to have an elevator for the handicap or is it a non issue? That could definitely add another level of engineering and expense to the project along with extending the time line for opening.

    Thank you………..

  67. James Scott says

    I met Mike Serluca for the first time last Saturday. Frankly, The track is lucky to have him. He is approachable and personable. He cares about the track and it’s future. He is light years better than the last GM. Give Mike a chance as he is in a very helter skelter situation. You all want to point some fingers look at the last owner and how that all played out. Granted this situation with ownership is awful but at least the track has people that care and want it to continue. Mike is a good voice for this situation.

  68. James Scott,
    You said: “You all want to point some fingers look at the last owner and how that all played out. Granted this situation with ownership is awful but at least the track has people that care and want it to continue.”
    I don’t see any reason to equate the issues facing the track today in any comparison to the issues that were faced under the ownership of Terry Eames.
    You say at least the track has people that care and want it to continue? You don’t think Terry Eames cares? I can assure his heart was in that place much deeper than many give him credit for. And nobody should ever even insinuate that he didn’t want it continue as a track. To the contrary, he had multiple opportunities to sell the facility outright to entities that wanted to close the track and he passed on them. He could have paid off his debts and put money in his pocket and walked away, but he chose not to. You can throw out accusations about Terry Eames, but don’t say he didn’t care and don’t say he didn’t want it to continue as a race track. It’s because of Terry Eames that it is still a race track, and you should thank him for that fact. It’s no offense to the current management, but I know many people in the racing community would much rather have things at the Speedbowl back to being as “bad” as they were under Eames than the way things have been the last couple years there.

  69. DGF, thank you for consistently reminding each and every last one of us that you are the best there is, the best that was and the best that will ever be. I just cant comprehend exactly how perfect you think you really are and don’t know how you can stand to live with your self.

    Dareal wrote;

    “I’m involved in my town and know exemptions happen.” So my questions are to you so we can determine the relevance of your statement and expertise;

    What Town?
    What capacity?
    What Board, commission, agency do you occupy a position on?

    You made the statement, please enlighten us with your qualifications if any. Thanks…..

  70. Paul, if the track was in existence long before zoning was in effect in the town, why didn’t the town include specific code covering the operation of a race track? If you are going to develop zoning regs and a race track already exists, it is reasonable to think that specific code regarding the operation of a race track would have been included in the code when it was developed.

    I wonder what the town response would be to a request to confirm or even certify that the zoning code is the only governing ordinance regulating the track. Since you say there is nothing in the zoning regs covering a race track, how are the noise regulations dealt with? There must be some other controlling document, board, commission, etc. There is nothing in the regs addressing the noise from a racetrack, but yet it is a very controversial. So what are the controlling documents for noise regs?

    The Waterford Zoning Commission began in 1939. Waterford Speedbowl began operation in 1951.

  71. Humphry,
    You’re all done here. I tried to be lenient, I tried to warn you.
    You come on here with an anonymous name and make false accusations about track management stealing money from people. Make false statements about what has or hasn’t been reported about the what’s happening with track plans. And after all that you get on your righteous high horse and demand that other anonymous posters out themselves. Are you for real? I’ve been very lenient with everyone regarding having a dialogue about this situation, but you’ve crossed the line now multiples times, and continued to do it after having been warned. You’re done with the comments. I’ve tried to be cooperative and you just keep pushing it further and further.

  72. Humphry,

    I’ve never seen what Dareal is reffering to as exemptions, its plainly just a continuing non conforming use that existed prior to zoning went into affect. One that must be continually be used as its non conforming use at least once in a 12 month period to keep its status to operate.

    Let me put in another way perhaps Dareal could follow, Lets say there is a rock quarry that was operational and existed prior to zoning went into affect. When the zoning goes into affect the town zones the area industrial and deems that there are to be no permits issued in the town for rock quarries. Since this quarry existed and was operational prior to the zoning ordanance went into affect and continued to operate every year the town cant stop them. Now say the owner of the quarry shuts it down for say 19 months or so then tries to reopen it… They cant because they have lost there continuos non conforming use status..

    Does that make sense now to you Dareal??

  73. humphry, you need to understand the concept of permanence. There are so many things out there that exist without your involvement or knowledge thereof. Just because you know nothing about something does not mean it can’t be.

    You are in no position to judge another persons qualifications.

    So here we go again….

    What town? Why do you ask? What towns are valid and what towns are not valid. Make those lists.

    What capacity? Really? What capacity is required to know public record information such as zoning exemptions? What capacity are prohibited from public access to zoning exemptions?

    What Board, commission, agency do you occupy a position on? Redundant with ‘What capacity?’ above.


  74. Paul,
    With all that you’ve said, can you supply the actual regulations governing the track and also show exactly what entails being operational as a business, because that’s a big thing? What defines an “event” that allows them to continue, if such zoning exists as you said that says you lose the zoning if you don’t have at least one event in the calendar year?
    If they let two go-karts race five laps around the track and one person buys a $1 ticket to watch it does that constitute an event? How exactly is an “event” regulated to have been an event? What defines an “event”?

  75. Dareal,

    The Waterford zoning commision was created on 06/03/1936 but the first zoning regulation was not affective untill June of 1954, please see the link bellow for verification sir. Please review the regulations, no were in any district do they allow racing facilities sir. Its simply a continuous non conforming use.


  76. James Scott says

    Shawn – Never mentioned any names. Would I love to have the track back they way things were 10 years ago? Sure I would. The way it ended up was dreadful. We heard all the negative. I simply said the Bowl is lucky to have people who care never mentioning or singling out anybody. Thanks for the lecture.

  77. Shawn,

    If you review the entire current Zoning regulations now were do they allow auto racing in any type of district in the town of Waterford. Since the track began operation in 1951 and the first zoning regulation was not adopted untill 1954 the track was exempt from the regulations since it pre existed, thus the continuous non conforming use status.

    This is from the current towns zoning regulations:

    24.2.6 The term abandonment, as used herein, shall mean the voluntary discontinuance of a use, when
    accompanied by an intent not to reestablish such use. Any of the following shall constitute prima
    facie evidence of intent to abandon:
    a. Any positive act indicating such intent; or
    b. In the case of a structure or of a structure and land in combination, discontinuance of the
    non-conforming use for 12 consecutive months or for a total of 18months during any
    three-year period;
    c. In the case of land only, discontinuance of the non-conforming use for 90 consecutive
    days, or for a total of six months during any one-year period.

    My only point im trying to make is why shouldn’t we who love this place not want to cover our bases and be in compliance? My suggestion is hold some type of proper insured and allowed auto race this year even if its only having people in the pits. Why would we want to give the neighbors a chance to shut the place down?

  78. Paul, there is no way zoning regs can be all things to all situations all the time. And when that happens, there are Special Exemptions. I’ve heard of them considered and enacted. If I recall correctly, an ugly antenna tower was put in the center of my town’s historical center, a clear violation of the regs, but it was done by a Special Exemption. Another tower was proposed a mile away in an industrial park which strangely enough the town objected to, and the town was pounded for the precedent it set by allowing a HUGE ugly tower right in the center of town amongst historical structures and then objected to a tower in a distant and unsightly industrial park. The town claimed that the tower a mile away and in the industrial park would impact the historical town center where they already allowed the construction of an ugly tower. Here’s a town that did not want cell towers, kept cell service out of town for years, we were surrounded by cell service in neighboring towns, but then they put up a non-cell service tower right in the middle of the town center. Pissed off lots of people.

    Paul, the Waterford zoning commission started in 1939, the Speedbowl started in 1951. There was indeed some sort of zoning going on before the track started.

    I suspect that the zoning regs are not the last word, or the only word controlling the race track. I suspect there is something else out there, but I’m not going to make an effort to find out. I’ll trust what Shawn C. was told unless given reason otherwise. It appears your position on the zoning regs is not as exclusive and absolute as you might think.

    And per the reg you referenced, it would appear that intent could be considered sufficient to maintain the non-conforming status even if they may not operate a race (event) within the specified time, clearly the improvements that are going on prove intent to operate. If it were my track, per the regs, I wouldn’t feel pressured to make sure I ran an event this season just to say I did, there are improvements happening at the track. But then, it would be easy enough to check with the town to make sure they see the improvements and accept that as satisfying the reg you referenced.

    Anyways, the Islanders won this afternoon. Would be cool to see Barry Trotz go up against the Caps in the next round. This week should be fun with the Yankees playing the Sox, two massively struggling teams.

  79. James Scott,
    One, you specifically mentioned the “last owner”. Don’t backtrack on your statement. I’m well aware of the line of ownership at the track. And now you mention the way it ended was dreadful under Terry Eames? Why? Beyond the known financial issues, what was dreadful about the place? I was there, I covered it. Car counts were great and nearly every division was deep with contenders who could win any given week and the competition on the track was spectacular. The track had some of the best officials and employees around overseeing the pits/competition and the front of the track. The track had a PR/Media Relations staff that was on top of their game in every way and boasted one of the best websites in short track racing and a social media program most track operators would certainly be envious of. Track management had a great relationship with fans, competitors, emergency response officials and local town government officials. Tell me again how dreadful things were? Yeah, there were financial issues that track ownership clawed for years to try and overcome and in the end those issues were too much for them to beat. But saying things were “dreadful” at the end of that ownership regime’s era is just a ridiculous falsehood that people state simply out of lingering dislike or anger toward that ownership.

  80. Shawn,

    As far as what defines an event wouldnt that be something that is consistent with whats occured in the past? Charging admission, having a race and paying purses?

    Another thing is it should be documented by filing paying appropriate taxes withheld from the event and it should be documented by some type of media such as yourself.

    Please keep in mind i love racing and want to see this place survive as a track for many generations to come. These are my mere suggestions, im not a lawyer, in just a Civil Engineer who loves racing sir. I would think a lawyer could properly guide Mike on the specifics but im quite certain they would advise him to hold a racing event within the twelve month period following the last time a race was held there to keep the facilities continuous non conforming use status.

    I believe you mentioned the town lawyer stated to you it was 18 months or something? I believe by the language its 12 months. Lets just be safe and have mike protect the track as best he can.

  81. Viva race fan says

    Terry was bad with money not people. Matter of fact he was fun to hang out with when the track was closed. I think it was a bit of a bad relationship that helps him spend some. Hope track survives . Radio silence from Bruce B. , Gates were closed all week at the track .

  82. Dareal,

    There were no Zoning regulations in affect for annything in Waterford when the track was first opened in 1951, the first zoning regulations were not adopted untill June 1954. The commission was created in 1939 but they didnt adapt regulations that Governed the use of property untill 1954. A commission and a regulation are two separate things sir.

  83. On friday afternoon 04/12/19 about 2:30 pm there were 4 vehicles in the parking lot near trailer and someone operating a backhoe near the west side of ticket booth and another person standing near operating machine .

  84. Paul, from 1939 to 1951, I have to think that the Waterford Zoning Commission was indeed doing zoning. They might not have had formal, documented regulations, but they were doing some sort of zoning and regulating. What was the zoning commission doing from 1939 to 1951? That’s twelve years. I have to think that the Zoning Commission had something to do with the origination of the track. There might not have been formal regulations in effect way back then, that’s the way things were done. That wouldn’t have stopped the commission from zoning and regulating. They would wing it. Paul, way back then, there were probably just several hundred to a couple thousand people in Waterford. Very simple times back then. They made things up as they went along. It was long before formal regulations became the norm. But things most likely did not just happen without any municipal oversight, call it zoning regulations, or whatever you want.

  85. Mr. Courchesne, you have the patience of Job putting up with us.
    Where’s all good oval track racing start. With the track. The right distance, configuration and in good condition. I’m a Stafford guy but for my money the Speedbowl has the best track for viewing racing in the State. All the action right there for you to see instead of half the track or using binoculars.
    We old hands are chasing our tails. Converting cursory knowledge into a reason to run around with our hair on fire. Elevators, grandfather clauses. Terry Eames, lawn chairs…… if I’m Serluca I’m sitting back, having ice cold brew and chuckling.
    Not even a week since the verdict. The initial thinking was the track is dead and here we are getting all hot and bothered about complex statutes and legal stuff none of us is remotely qualified to talk about. Not in an inquisitive, lets exchange what we know kind of way. More like we’re doomed and must have all the answers now so get on the stick Racedayct and Waterford and figure this out. And the kicker, discussing it assumes Mr.Serluca doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    My God how about a little humility. I know my place. Bottom of the racing food chain. A fan that tries to stay informed, likes to bloviate but in the end respects the decision makers. None of use are decision makers.
    I’m holding an ice cold Sam Adam right now and thinking of that great racing surface just waiting to provide terrific racing action.
    All that is needed is stands. Nice aluminum stands with those convenient hand rails. Piece of cake right Mike?
    Here’s to you big guy……

  86. I hate to say this but its the truth

    Opening the track and running it just to keep it alive is just simply not good enough. There is no future for it if it keeps on that path. It needs to restore its appeal to the general public not to the diehard fans like us. 100 loyal supporters in the stands and less than half car fields is what we are up against under current operations. Free admission to stands and 20$ pits would be a bold attempt to salvage the product on display. Track will loose $$$ no matter how its run in 2019 but it could gain some respect.

  87. It’s time to take the ” wait and see’ attitude. But if I were a racer at the bowl, I’d be looking to race somewhere else, if not this year definitely for 2020.

  88. Dareal,

    You just wont accept the fact that Waterford didnt adopt zoning regulations untill 1954 will you? Somebody help me here please…. Read the 1st page, 8th line down and what does it say??

    First Zoning Regulations Effective: June 1954


  89. Dareal, just read the article you linked to. To me, it gives the impression that the beloved bowl may become an asset that is auctioned off, to pay settlements, and legal fees. This being said, it leaves allot of doubt as to the tracks future. In it’s current state it would need some major coin for construction to bring it up to snuff. I see it being bought at a low price, subparcelled, and sold off for a reasonable return. It would take a race lover buying it to save it, someone who has money to burn, with little or no profit for a long time. Again it’s ” wait and see”.

  90. Rob P.,
    I’ll say this in regards to the quotes from the lawyer in The Day story. EVERY lawyer in his spot in a civil lawsuit like that is going to say they’re going to take every penny from the person they’re going after. That’s in the lesson plan on day one of Civil Litigation Lawyer 101 class.
    I wouldn’t be shocked if the civil suit is settled out of court very quickly with the terms of the settlement sealed.

  91. From The Day article 4/12/19
    Regarding the civil and criminal cases:
    -“Bemer’s civil lawsuits is scheduled for June 4 in Superior Court in Bridgeport. His sentencing date is June 6 in his criminal case.”
    -“We’re pressing forward, and my plan is to take every penny from that man,” said attorney Joel Faxon, who is representing eight victims ”
    -” Attorney Faxon said he and his clients would take the day off from the civil trial in Bridgeport to provide victim impact statements at the sentencing hearing”
    -“felony trafficking crimes that could land him a 60-year sentence when he stands before Judge Robin Pavia on June 6″
    -” In 2014, Superior Court Barbara Bellis ordered Bemer to set aside $25 million in assets as a prejudgment remedy, should he be found liable in the civil cases”

    Regarding the Track Renovation:
    -” General Manager Mike Serluca said Friday that Blastoff Weekend likely will take place on June 1 or June 8″
    -“As of Thursday, there had been no applications for building permits and no occupancy approvals are in place, according to Abby Piersall, planning director for the town of Waterford. ”
    -” New grandstands are scheduled to be delivered Monday, with a second planned delivery on April 27″
    -“Serluca has met with town officials in an effort to move things along, Piersall said.”
    – “I (Serluca) talked to him (Bemer) for the first time today, and that’s how I know we are still open for business for the season,”
    -“Everybody in life makes mistakes, and it defines you or ruins you,” he (Serluca) said. “Unfortunately this one has the potential to ruin him, but it doesn’t define the Bruce Bemer I’ve known for the past five years.”
    -” At the Glastonbury office, Bemer had a plastic clown head in the lobby, and in his inner office, a leather couch and a shelf with Coke bottles imprinted with some of the victims’ names, according to testimony.”
    -“Bemer Petroleum holds several licenses that are in good standing, according to state Department of Consumer Protection records.”
    -“Bemer’s health also has been the subject of some of his litigation. At least one of the civil lawsuits” alleges Bemer has been infected with HIV for decades and knowingly engaged in unprotected sex with victims.”

  92. josh paradis says

    for those of you out there being so brutal to mike and or the track you need to stop. it will not help us in going forward with what we want to accomplish there. go after me all you want but dont do it with him please. i will be working at the speedbowl this season and our renovation is to only make the facility better for all the complainers.the engineers are working with the town and keep getting stuck on little things and we all need to give them a fair shake first. at least we will get to open up and do some racing and that is our goal there as well as to make the experience more fun and safe for the fans. please bare with us on that. go after me all you want but i stand up for mike he is a mans man and has been great with all of us and a best friend to me.

  93. Paul, from 1939 to 1954, I have to think that the Waterford Zoning Commission was indeed doing zoning. They might not have had formal, documented regulations, but they were doing some sort of zoning and regulating. What was the zoning commission doing from 1939 to 1954? That’s fifteen years.

    Paul, what was the Waterford Zoning Commission doing from 1939 to 1954? Nothing?

    Back then, they “flew by the seat of their pants”, they “made it up as they went along.” That’s how it was done back then. Somebody in a position of authority said so, and that was it.

    Paul, what did the zoning commission use in place of regulations from 1939 to 1954? They must have been doing some sort of zoning control for that long. You need to accept that.

  94. Rich wrote, “I hate to say this but its the truth

    Opening the track and running it just to keep it alive is just simply not good enough. There is no future for it if it keeps on that path.”

    Extremely well said. That why the track needs a new owner. The owner’s baggage is dragging the place down.

  95. Dareal Sir,

    I really have no intentions of arguing with you further sir on this point, its in black and white on an official town document Sir yet you still don’t believe me. Perhaps you should call the Waterford Towns Building / Zoning department to find out for your self. There were never any Zoning regulations in the Town of Waterford CT prior to 1954.

    My only point has been and still is to do everything we can to see this place survive as a operational race track for generations to come to attend and enjoy. Thanks you for this great site Shawn and keep up the good work at the track Mike, if there’s anything i can do to help I’ll be more then happy to help you sir.

  96. Has a new, updated and credible schedule been published yet?

  97. Paul, what do think was happening in Waterford regarding zoning and regulations prior to 1954? Per your position, it seems anybody could do anything they wanted, as if there were no rules at all. Do you think that is what was going on given there was a Zoning Commission for the 15 years prior to the official establishment of known documented zoning regs? Again, what was that zoning commission doing for 15 years?

  98. Are most people negative Josh? My count showed most are supportive.
    The reason I did the summary of The Day article is to put the challenges in perspective in summary form. All the talk of the grandfathering is putting the cart before the horse in my view.
    Put yourself in Mr. Bemers shoes. You’re looking a a stretch in prison the extent of which will become known in the first part of June. Jury selection begins for the civil cases starting almost the same time. Civil juries are way more lenient in finding for victims so the only question is how much. Then there is the illness that may or may not be fact.
    So why under those circumstances would anyone care to follow through with the renovation? Would you?
    The stands are likely paid for. Is the money going to be available to finish everything? It’s not just pouring a pad and erecting stands. The number of sub contractors and details are overwhelming.
    These are perilous times for Bemer Inc with so much money being spent on lawyers and being tied up in escrow for anticipated judgments. It could very well be intended to finish the project but there is the possibility the money could dry up quickly. Or Bemer simply change his mind once reality sinks in. Early June will be soul crushing.
    I think it’s an all or nothing deal. The project is completed or the season is kaput. A save the track one race deal or some variation is a fantasy. That would be extremely expensive, complex with insurance and approvals. If Bemer ain’t doing the stands while he still is processing his future and free it’s highly unlikely he will be in the mood to do much of anything else in the fall from a State prison facility.
    The vast majority are supportive. That doesn’t mean you have to be blind to the bigger picture.
    If I’m a competitor I’d definitely wait and see before ordering any more parts unless Stafford or Thompson are in play.
    Lastly I humbly ask Mr Serluca or any other acquaintance of Bemer to stop trivializing this episode as a “mistake”. A mistake is going through a stop sign. This is another level entirely.
    It’s clear from the testimony of victims as well as others that know him he can be can be congenial and easy to be around as well as a good boss. But demeanor is not character.
    Not that you’d listen but “no comment” would probably be best when asked to reflect on anything connected to a personal relationship.

  99. sour grapes of hope says

    this is a convicted businessman making continued improvements to a property he owns.. cannot believe the things people focus on ..everyone so intent on proving they are “right” or “I told ya so” or “see the speedbowl closed or failed” enough already. lets wait and see.

  100. sour grapes, you are right.


  101. Viva race fan says

    Well lots of action the last two days down at the Speedbowl. People working. People in the office . It looks like they’re pressing on. I can’t wait I hope this happens. God bless all of us.

  102. Viva, do you have a guesstimate on a date for when Schedule 2.0 will be released?

  103. Viva race fan says

    No Sir . I’m now stepping back and watch like most of us should. Stop guessing and hope and pray there is a track to go to again and maybe open will have more appeal to a potential owner or leasee. I wish Mike and the team the very best of luck. When l stopped racing and being a owner after many years of donating to the racing world l stepped back and now enjoy time racing to the water on Wednesday and Saturday’s in the summer . But l do wish the best for all.

  104. Stopped by the speedbowl this afternoon Fri. there is some work going on with a loader. Looks like at least some of the new stands have been delivered but they are partly covered with tarps. I was told they would start the assembly in the next couple weeks.

  105. Next date that makes sense for an opener is Jun 8th with AMT Mods if thats even a legit series( as of now no website,no rulebook, no purse, no roster) but that is also Bemer sentencing week lots of negative press will be all over it.

  106. Good points, Rich. The track will probably be under radio silence until after the sentencing. And minimal news about the future after that.

    The track GM will do the normal stuff like post about how things are going great and he has the best team, yadayadayada, with no details or commitments on the future.

  107. Jury selection in the civil case as well.
    Erecting the stands? That should go quickly I should think. But are the pads in place?
    Electrical, sound system, concessions and a topping of asphalt for the walk ways. A lot of physical work and within the labor all the details, approvals and such.
    Gleaming new aluminum stands. Safe, efficient and with those wonderful hand rails. A period of adjustment needed perhaps to go there and not see the tunnel and massive wood beams supporting the rickety old stands.
    Fingers crossed it continues to move forward.

  108. “Electrical, sound system, concessions and a topping of asphalt for the walk ways. ”

    Portable PA equipment, construction lighting, food trucks or tents, and dirt or grass walkways would probably be fine to open the place, same as at any New England fair.

  109. Bill Ryley says

    Stopped by the Speedbowl today, there were a couple of people. Looks like another large delivery of stands was stacked near the bathrooms and covered up.

  110. any word on progress with the grand stands.

  111. Hillary 2020 says

    They say no news is good news but in the case of the speedbowl it’s probably bad. When the stands were coming down you had updates and videos weekly. Now nothing. Complete silence. The AMT announced that their first June race is cancelled due to on going construction. If there is construction going on you can’t see any progress from driving by. As a fan of the track, sadly, I’m prepared for the next headline to be very bad or disappointing. This headline says without a doubt. But we all now by now with the bowl there always is a doubt. Now more than ever.

  112. Silence is Not Always Golden says

    Why is the great savior Mike Seluca all the sudden so silent? Mr. Serluca was extremely vocal when he was on the outside when the Speedbowl was first faced with this dilemma. All you had to do was listen to him on his webcast in which was always spewing trash talk about those few that had not abandoned the bowl unlike those that bailed out for whatever moral reasons they thought was right. Maybe the shoes on the other foot now and there is just nothing good to say or he has been told not to say anything? I hate to say it, but IMO no news is mostly like bad news. Come on Mike take the bull by the horn and let us know what is going on for 2019.

  113. Like I said on April 20, 2019… the track will probably be under radio silence until after the sentencing. Even with that, it is highly doubtful that Bemer is sharing his complete and true plans for the track with the track GM, just stringing him along. There hasn’t been a thing posted by the track about the construction in a very long time.

    And then, not much after that. I mean, Bemer was found guilty, so he will most likely be going to prison, just a matter of how long. He’s more concerned about getting his assets in order to pass on to a family member. Haven’t seen any news on an appeal effort, keep in mind that Bemer had an appeal attorney in court through the trial so he was preparing for an appeal. Appeal papers will probably be filed right before the sentencing.

    No news is good news? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Keep in mind that the news about the track for the last few years has been pure Made in the USA 🐂-💩. Top quality. How many years ago was the construction supposed to start right after the last race of the season? And all the drama for many years before that. Yet here we are, worse than ever. It looks like the track advocates have realized the limits of how gullible the fans really are, those that continually believed construction was going to start any day, and their beloved track was going to be rebuilt and brought back to the glory days. And in doing so, those track advocates have proven themselves to be at the limit of what people will take, and will have to redeem themselves, if they ever have the opportunity.

  114. Hillary 2020 says

    Yes dafella. No news is good news. Not in the case of the bowl but in general it’s a saying that I’m sure in your infinite wisdom have heard before.

  115. Hopefully in a few weeks…there will be nothing to complain about .!!!! Unless you take into consideration that admission prices will undoubtedly be more to cover costs of rebuilding and updates to code enforcement….. which to me is understandable.!!!!!

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