Dave Sapienza Sore, But Ready For Seekonk After Wicked Wall Stadium Crash In Jersey Shore 150

Dave Sapienza’s car after hitting the end of an infield wall at Wall Stadium Saturday after the conclusion of the Whelen Modified Tour Jersey Shore 150 (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

A wild night on the track came to a brutally sudden end Saturday night at Wall Stadium in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Jersey Shore 250 in Wall, N.J. 

A full-contact battle for third place over the closing lap between Sapienza and Timmy Catalano ended with the pair crashing across the finish line and Sapienza’s car then hitting head-on with an infield wall just past the start/finish line on the inside of the track. 

“I had no idea it was like that,” Sapienza told RaceDayCT exclusively Sunday. “I hit the butt end of it. I would have rather have hit a couple of water buckets.” 

Sapienza said the most shocking fact of the wreck was that there was an individual standing just behind the wall, with his back to the action, at the time of the wreck. 

“I almost broke down in tears,” Sapienza said. “I thought I killed a guy.” 

Woody Pitkat won the event, which was marred by numerous major wrecks and a multitude of trashed cars. 

With Catalano and Sapienza fighting for the position coming to the checkered flag, Rob Summers tried to pass the two, but he got clipped by Sapienza’s car and crossed the line sideways in third place. Catalano was scored in fourth and Sapienza fifth. 

Sapienza said he was sore on Sunday and expects to at least visit a doctor on Monday. 

“It’s all lower back [pain],” Sapienza said. “I think I tore a bunch of muscles. I don’t think it’s any vertebrae or anything like that. I can walk and stuff. But it’s just sore. I can move my whole upper body, my shoulders. I have no pain other than [lower back]. I can move my legs fine, everything. It just feels like a bunch of torn muscles.” 

The Riverhead, N.Y. driver said he expects to be competing in the next series event on June 1 at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway. 

Timmy Catalano (45) and Dave Sapienza crash toward the infield following the conclusion of the Whelen Modified Tour Jersey Shore 150 Saturday at Wall Stadium (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

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  1. That was a real hard hit. Glad you’re okay Dave.

  2. I’m thinking Rowand Pennink. Seeing a doc, good call.
    Make sure you and the car are ready at the same time for another high G-force track.
    Long term health…….that’s more important then a race.

  3. What happened to the guy behind the wall he thought he killed?

  4. Ell Dee,
    My understanding is the guy was fine, albeit shaken up a bit.

  5. Glad everyone was ok. Yes we have our favorite drivers but not at the expense of someone’s health (even Bo helped Teddy because rivalry should mean respect, not malice).

  6. Judging by the picture, that was a really hard hit. Good to see that the crush zones did their job, and Dave is ok. Hope he does see a Doctor though, back injuries suck and if not properly diagnosed and treated, can cause problems later on. Best of luck to Dave and his team going forward.

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