Perfect Player: Bryan Narducci Remains Undefeated In SK Light Mod At Thompson Speedway

Bryan Narducci celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Sunday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – Perfection. 

It is the calling card of Bryan Narducci behind the wheel of an SK Light Modified at Thompson Speedway. 

Narducci ran away with victory in his his first SK Light Modified start at the track in the 2017 Sunoco World Series at Thompson. 

Since then the Colchester teen hasn’t stopped running away from the field at the track. 

Narducci won the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Sunday at Thompson Speedway. It was his sixth victory in six career starts in the division at Thompson. 

“I heard a lot of [flack] because every time I’ve raced here I’ve started in the top-three,” Narducci said. “Everybody is like ‘You only win because you have a fast car and you start in the front.’ We started eighth in the heat and we finished second, and I could have probably caught [heat race winner Noah Korner] but I took it easy at that point because I was already in the qualified spot, so there was no reason to kill it. Then we started 10thin the feature and we won. So I guess it will quiet the haters that said I can only win from the front row.” 

Noah Korner of Canton was second in the feature and Mikey Flynn of Hampden, Mass. third. 

It was the second win of the weekend for Narducci, who won Friday’s 20-lap feature for the SK Light Modifieds at Stafford Motor Speedway. In five SK Light Modified starts this year between Thompson and Stafford Narducci has four victories. 

Narducci went by Steven Chapman on a lap 11 restart and never trailed agai. 

“A lot of hard work in the shop and getting the car ready,” Narducci said. “Put in a lot of hours this week getting it ready. All day yesterday. I think that’s what makes us so good.” 

After the win Narducci laid down the challenge for NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver Justin Bonsignore. The reigning Whelen Modified Tour champion has won the last five series events at Thompson. The Whelen Modified Tour returns to Thompson for the track’s next event on June 5. 

“Six in a row,” Narducci said. “Justin Bonsignore is at five so we’ll see when the Tour comes in a couple weeks if he can match it up or I can stay ahead of him.” 

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  1. No doubt the kid is a great driver. By my stopwatch and other observing near me at Thompson we had him consistently 4-5 10ths quicker than any other competitor. I hope tech is keeping a VERY close eye on a car that is so dominant at the 2 Ct. tracks. If it is legal congrats to all involved.

  2. Eagle Eye says

    That boy must have been thirsty. On Fanschoice TV it showed his mom stuffing two bottles of water and a Gatorade bottle in the car in victory lane but he never took a sip. We’re those bottles removed during tech when it went over the scales?

  3. If mom and son have it the weight down to 2 watee bottles and a Gatorade bottle to pass the car through tech with the correct weight good for then.

  4. I have to agree with what you’re saying, after looking at the times from Stafford, the car runs SK times he’s in the 18s. One other car is somewhat close to him in time but the whole rest of the field, they’re all within a little bit of each other.

  5. Also agree. It’s common for a few cars to share elite times race after race. When it’s one team at two tracks it’s a red flag. On the other hand you have to think of all the stories of cheating after Stafford pulls a crate engine and dyno’s it and the driver disqualified. That’s right, there haven’t been any.
    Sometimes teams are so good they’ve mastered every component that goes into making the car go incrementally faster. The result is predictable finishes that are boring but no one did anything more then be excellent at every detail.

  6. Doug, there’s one engine supplier for Stafford Motor Speedway as far as I understand it and that’s rad automotive. Do you think if there’s a question in Tech he’s going to say oh no that’s illegal and he’s going to DQ one of his own Motors it’s never going to happen it’s a joke. seems like when you’re the only game in town you can do whatever you want

  7. You know maybe all of the hard work I put into the car every week and all of the guys on the crew put in every week with all of the cars is what makes us so successful. No one ever appreciates and realizes how hard everyone from this team works every week. Hard work is what wins races,

  8. Fair point jorge.
    Here’s what I know. In 2017 Johnny Walker was winning most Street Stock, then Dare Stock races. They pulled his motor after a feature win, slapped it on the dyno and it was OK. Even a little down on HP.
    Now your assumption is that there is monkey business afoot and I don’t know there isn’t. But I don’t know there is and until someone comes up with some evidence that someone has their finger on the scales of fairness I consider all these people are doing the best they can to police an extremely technical sport.
    Finally I would observe that the idea that Tom Fox who oversees the inspection programs at Stafford would engage in some kind of sketchy self serving testing protocols to be unlikely in the extreme.
    Generic implications of bias in tech is unfair. These are real people with reputations that we all on occasion drag through the mud based on essentially nothing concrete.

  9. I agree kid can drive but next time your at Stafford go stand by where they enter turn one by the exit gate his car sounds like an SK coming in revved way above 6200 or 6500 without a doubt. I’ve been around mods my whole life even spotting on the tour and pitting on the tour there is no rev chip in that car and the gears are definitely not rules cause there is no other car that sounds like his except an SK. I may get crab for this but sometimes truth hurts I understand he has a don’t want to say disability but who is going to protest someone if so cause then your the bad guy but rules are rules tear the car down. His car comes out of the very garage all Arutes’ cars come from you think they would DQ him NOT…Say it’s him driving but in a crate motor division your not that much faster even Keith and TC could not be that fast over SK cars…Also check motor heard some people going outside of RAD and if Tony still the only ones but people are going to other engine builders and tweaking carbs and other things how do I know I know someone at other shop who took care of someones so called sealed motor for them anyone can get the seal tool even me!!!!

  10. Just remember Bryan everyone hates a winner, keep up the hard work and see you in victory lane..

  11. Modfan,
    You’re crossing a pretty disgusting line in saying Bryan Narducci is being allowed to cheat at race tracks because he has Cerebral Palsy. I see a lot of immensely ignorant statements made in these comments, but that one is certainly high on the list of disgustingly moronic. Here’s a kid who has never asked for a break and has never ever used his disability as a crutch for anything, and you say that? Wow. Plainly stated, it’s idiots like you that make short track racing look bad. It’s idiots like you that are the reason so many people outside of short track racing stereotype the sport as just a bunch of stupid hicks. That’s just awful. Bryan has won SK Light Modified features at three different tracks in the less than three years. He’s been through tech for all those wins, and plenty of other podium finishes, and has never been caught with anything wrong. The shop where all the Arute’s cars come from? How many wins do Todd Owen and David Arute have in the SK Modified division at Stafford the past couple years? Don’t you think if the cars coming out of that shop were being allowed to cheat, as you stated, Owen and Arute would have some wins too?

  12. I get what your saying doug,but we will never now whats legal or not unless they get a neutral motor builder to inspect the motor.when the motor shop who builds the motor techs it and dyno it we as fans will never know the truth. As far as tom fox & other tech people they just do what their told.can’t fight city hall

  13. Just doing what one is told is just another throw away line with no basis for it’s legitimacy. The first assumption is management is tipping the scales and the second that all employees fall in line and have no sense of right and wrong.
    None of which there is an iota of proof either exists.
    We all seem to have this notion of injustice, the rigged system, deep state, being screwed just permeating everything we think like a default. Not quite sure who’s screwing us or why but dad gum it we just know it’s got to be there.
    How do you fight an experienced guy saying that Narducci’s engine sounds like an SK. It seems like the chain of dishonesty would have to include virtually everyone involved with the team,Chassis Pro, track and engine builder for that to happen. Then there is Bryan’s best lap of 19.666 that would put him last in the SK field. Fire? Heck there isn’t even a puff of smoke that I can see.
    Todd Owen playing fast and loose with the rules? That’s another notion that is unbelievable in the extreme. The guy is a straight arrow. In fact so straight, so uncontroversial and so professional he’s likely to put you to sleep before he’s caught doing anything purposely wrong.
    We all love to rub rails when it comes to what we think we saw on the track and it’s fair game. Implying people are essentially dishonest without a wisp of proof in my view is out of bounds.

  14. Stuart Fearn says

    I says its chassis, brains, work, driver, etc that wins races. Cubic money don’t hurt either LOL. Any of you haters complaining about the motor why don’t you just put your money where your mouth is and offer to buy it right out of the car? Then he can put in a fresh piece and probably beat you even more. No one wants to do the extra work but I’m sure they would just to sell a regular (probably good and well taken care of) motor to a fool running his mouth. No one will ever do it though cause who puts their money where their mouth is? Not the armchair chew chiefs I can tell you that!
    I look at times, 01 was about 0.15 sec faster sunday then next fastest and friday it only about 0.06 seconds so not a huge statistical difference

  15. There are sk’s that are even with some sk lights so there goes your theory that it’s all motor. The 01 not only turns better than the rest it has awesome bite. You need to find out why this Car handles so well. Engine placement is one area I would be looking at along with rolling resistance. You have to give Bryan and the team credit

  16. The kid is a gasser. Watch some incar video, dude doesnt lift at Thompson. No wonder he wins!

    Also anyone who thinks Tom Fox is tipping the scales at Stafford hasnt been to Stafford. Their tech program is 2nd to none, which is why they are getting car count.

  17. There is no question he can drive.

    The statements made about lap times durring the race dont reflect what he is capable of, check his practice time speeds and then tell me if he is close to the competition and if its leagle.

    Do some math… 6000 rpm at SMS, 6200 rpm at TMS, 1.1 ratio tranny, 4.11 rear gear ratio, then take into consideration the circumference of the rear tires…. The speeds he is hitting when he wants too dont add up by the math.

    Shawn in all do respect look at it from the other competitors point of view…

    Why is he and Owen already in the track with tires purchaded before we can even buy tickets?

    Why did they change the schedule for Owen to get a back up car?

    Owen stables Arute and RADS car, Owen dates Brians Mother who sells the tires who the track gets a cut of…

    It just all smells bad especially when you do the math.

    I wonder why im sending this… I will be surprised if it gets posted…

  18. Al,
    So basically what you’re saying is Bryan’s success has nothing to do with talent or working hard? He has SK Light Modified wins at three tracks in Connecticut since late in the 2017 season. And according to your detailed investigative report here, what you’re revealing to the world is that actually his success has nothing to do with skill or hard work, but rather it’s a complicated conspiracy that involves the management of all three state short tracks, the tech staffs at all three short tracks, multiple team owners, all the crews members on the teams involved in the shop where his car comes from, an engine builder and his staff and everyone who works at Hoosier. That’s certainly a lot of people to keep quiet who according to you know he’s cheating.

  19. 01biggestfan says

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You are. But the above comments about Bryan’s disability is a sad example of how petty and pathetic the world has become (or at least CT short track fans). Fact: he wins. And he passes tech at multiple tracks. Fact: he works out of Todd’s shop. Who cares who’s dating who? This kid has been at the track watching or racing his whole life. When he was doing crazy moves in the limited late model everyone got up in arms about him being reckless. Fact: he was driving the way he knew how. Full of passion and perseverance. So when he moved into SK Lights he crafted his skill even more to be calculated and strategic (with the car and his driving). Fact: he’s not cheating, he’s just that good. If you have to question his ethics and integrity (which you are) to justify his wins… so be it. But realize all you’re really doing is adding fuel to his fire 🙂 Way to start of 2019 season Bryan!

  20. Shawn did you read what i wrote?

    The first statement was “There is no question he can drive.”

    I think my point of impossible speeds within the parameters of the rules and about the politics involved do carry some merit worth considering.

    If i offend you by my comments i apologize. You do the math and try and observe if my comments involving the politics are wrong.

  21. Shawn , Al said the kid could drive so that’s kinda saying he has talent , the gear ratios and rpm I don’t know anything about , but the part about being at track and buying tires before anyone else if true does look bad , May not amount to a hill of beans , just doesn’t look good .and yes I know it’s only at Stafford I think he should work on his interviews,and not tell drivers they should retire and call others morrons , show some respect , just my thoughts

  22. Al,
    You don’t offend me, I just think your theories are the stuff of black helicopters and strange lights in the sky. Again, the “politics” you laid out would create a situation where what, about 50 people at least would have to keep their mouths shut. I’ve been around racing long enough to know getting five people to keep their mouth shut is beyond impossible. And I’m sorry if I don’t trust much the math of a “leagle” eagle, all “do” respect.

  23. Getting into the pits before everyone else should be considered an unfair advantage , being allowed to get tires before everyone else should be considered an unfair advantage. There is no way to tell if someone is getting tires with duplicate s/n’s or a different compound. Tire manufacturers have and will always give better tires to their friends. But I do know the team has to prepare the car and Bryan still has to drive it to victory lane- it’s just a little easier when you have an unfair advantage

  24. Bryan Narducci says

    Al not to sure where you get these facts but there are at least 20-30 people who get tires before I do because I am at school all day and the same goes for Todd because he has a job. Go check the Hoosier receipt book if you don’t believe me.

  25. Fast Eddie says

    When John Force was an up-and-coming Funny Car driver, he idolized Don Prudhomme, one of the absolute masters of the game. Force asked Prudhomme, “How do you know that you’ve really made it in racing?” The answer was, “When you win all the time and everyone still likes you and cheers for you.” Brian and his team are good, DAMN GOOD! He’s a really good driver with a really good team with a HUGE amount of experience at trying to master their craft. Bryan Narducci, you take all those crazy comments and accusations, throw them on the pavement, and let your driving, your car, and your team tell the real story! If your competition is getting fed up with you winning all the time, it’s because they are not working hard enough!

  26. Bryan, i just get the facts from my personal observance while standing in line waiting for the ticket booth to open. I dont need to ask your Mom to see anything.

  27. Once i see you or Owen, waiting in line to get in like the rest of us and at the tire trailer picking out your tires like the rest of us i will say im wrong and i will apologize.

  28. bystander says

    Bryan, dont listen to the critics.
    Steve, people can go to hoosier during the week and get tires. how is that an advantage?

  29. Viva race fan says

    It’s just like Rocco is pure jealousy. The kids got a little bit of talent and he’s putting it on the pavement . Bryan keep doing what you do. Don’t let these idiots ruin your sleep.

    Make this more motivation.

  30. Lightsout says

    So lets take a trip back a few years before Bryan was racing lights. All this discussion made me want to check lap times from previous years at Thompson and low and behold, the 01’s times from the race on Sunday were nearly 4 tenths slower than the fastest times run in the 2017 season. Tony Membrino, Brett Gonyaw and Cory Barry were all in the 19’s & 20 flats at Thompson during at least one feature, maybe not all the races but, it happened 2years ago. The 01 is fast but.. not a magic carpet like some of you think. That car in combination of CD technology and Troyer stuff as well while most of these guys in this division are running beat 10 year old CD cars or Troyers they don’t know how to adjust to make them work properly and there’s a lot to be said for new iron as well. And let’s not leave out who’s responsible for making that car go, Bryan just drives it not to down play his skill but, put most any driver with real skill in that car and the results would be the same. It’s just a good piece from head to toe with people who know what they are doing for setting it up.

  31. Sharpie Fan says

    Bystander — per Stafford rules, all tires must be purchased at the track.

    As for an unfair advantage, how about being allowed to let your car sit outside of tech while you go spot for the sk race while all other drivers are informed that they MUST go over the scales FIRST before going off to spot for another division or race in another division? Meanwhile if the sk race goes overtime the 4th place car must sit and twiddle their thumbs and can’t load up until after you get your butt back into the racecar to go over the scales?

  32. Good thread. Thanks for checking in Bryan! Good luck Friday in the big race. But not too much we want to see a barn burner for sure.
    The 01 is a whole team. It’s unfortunate the driver is the focus. Tire access is about track procedure, not a driver with a fast car.
    Al’s wearing the black hat on this one. The calculation on the fly and blossoming love in the pits……..dubious at best. But perception can be reality. . Fans as well as participants like to think it’s a level playing field so the tire access question is fair game isn’t it? All the other nonsense aside, asking one question of Stafford Motor Speedway and/or the Summers of Hoosier Tire East via RacedayCt may be reasonable. Is access to tires fair.
    Otherwise nothing about racing if fair. Some people will always have more money. Or multi generational family history and technical expertise in the sport like the Pearl/Narducci clan. Stafford is a family business and non family are never equal to family members. You can however unlock the door to the tire truck at a time when everyone has access.
    The early bird should get the worm. But all the birdies should be locked out of the cage where the worms can be found or the door wide open for all the birdies at the same time if fairness is a goal.
    Really Eddie. Prudhomme and you don’t mention The Snake. One correction with all due respect. Teams that aren’t going as fast may not have the expertise or money to fly with the eagles. But they are working their butts off as well I guaranty it.

  33. AnActualRacer says

    I’ve said this before when this discussion comes up. The tire truck opens the same time for everyone. If you’re a racer you know this. Some guys, like myself, plan ahead and purchase tires a week in advance so that I am prepared come the following week. The tire comments make no sense and shows that a lot of these comments do not come for people that are actually in the paddock.

  34. Does everyone know about worm circumference?
    If your car is handling great and you’re buying a new worm, you’re looking for a worm circumference that matches the worm that is performing well. Or more or less depending on how you want to transfer weight. You know all this because you keep careful records of all the worms you buy cold, off the rim.
    Obviously if you get access to the supply of worms before everyone else your chances of getting the worm you’re looking for is vastly improved.
    Did I get that right all you racers out there.

  35. Read the rules please, after the first race all tires must be purchased at the track.

  36. AnActualRacer says

    Al, yes they are required to be purchased at the track. You can’t purchase directly from hoosier after the Sizzler. But like I said, the tire truck opens at the same time for everyone. You would know that if you were there.

  37. I think most of we fans think teams buy the one tire a race they are allowed. They start out with 8 tires and can grow the inventory to 12 as I read the rules. They get a tire credit for every race they start but if they ration the tires early they can bolt on any number of new tires if they have them if I read the rules correctly. Someone enters a car mid season that’s a whole new can or worms to sort out to avoid an unfair tire advantage. Whomever is responsible for scanning and policing bar codes and usage good luck. We take that stuff for granted.
    It would be nice if the actual racers would try to inform the fans as opposed to simply imply they are informed, we are ignorant so shut up, buy a beer and watch the race.

  38. Lightsout says

    There was a team that won at 4 New England tracks in one year with a SK Light. This winning at every track thing has been done before so this dislike for the kid needs to stop.

  39. AnActualRacer says

    Doug, here is some info: you start with 8 credits. You get 1 credit a week in SKL & LLM you get 2 per week in SK & LM. A credit does not mean you have to use it and also does not mean you can’t purchase non inventory tires, so drivers can “bank” credits for use later and can also purchase tires that they choose not to put in inventory. Teams pass in their tire inventory sheet weekly before heat races start. If you’re caught running non inventory tires in a feature or heat race its an auto DQ. This actually happened a few weeks back (see below). They check top 3 finishers sometimes top 5 in heats, randomly check tires when cars are lined up for heats and features, and then again post race for top 4 finishers. The tire inventory process at Stafford is one part of the rules that is pretty black and white. They even spell out what they checked for tires each week on their website, check it out here:

    From Stafford’s website 5/11 Sizzler infractions page:
    Off Track Infractions

    #27 SK Light, driver Glenn Korner
    Infraction- Used 4 tires that were not listed in driver inventory in SK Light Consi event.
    Penalty- Disqualified from the event; will receive no points and no tire credit.

  40. Bryan Narducci says

    First off all we do wait in the lines. Opening day I waited over 35 minutes in that long line. How about on Friday you come say hi while we are waiting in the line or while at the Hoosier truck.

  41. That’s the ticket racer. Thanks
    Is it a common strategy to use non inventory tires or even well worn inventory tires when you know your handicap position is poor and none spot check finish likely. The goal being to save tire credits for a race when starting up front is likely. Of saving the credits for a big race such as Friday in the SK Lights?
    There’s rude unsubstantiated criticism and accusations that should be avoided. There is also respectful skepticism.
    I think I’ve noticed a couple things this year with the 01. A tendency to hammer the person in front in congested traffic where the car in front can’t do anything other then what it is doing. And the crazy, lightsout speed on the high side at Stafford anyway. So crazy Dodge and Buckler can barely contain themselves describing it. So crazy it’s not seen in virtually any other division.
    It’s not disrespectful to suggest that when one car is doing something no one else is doing and doing it consistently in a momentum crate division no less to hope the tech officials are on top of the situation in every respect.

  42. Former tour crew chief says

    I really have to laugh at most of these stupid comments. I think Doug and Al write posts just so they can read them and try to get a rise out of you. Bryan don’t lower yourself to there level. Just keep working hard at the shop with Todd and crew and the wins will keep coming. Time in the shop wins races, not the nonsense these keyboard morons are saying! Do as your idol T.C. used to do, go out and win races and really piss them off!

  43. Stuart Fearn says

    what FTCC said LOL

  44. That was very hurtful Former tour crew chief. But is is true that I am a keyboard moron. A keyboard moron that buys tickets, follows Bryan and all the divisions at Stafford carefully and shows interest. A keyboard moron that knows when to use their as opposed to there.
    Disagree that I write stuff so I can read it for my own enjoyment. Mostly I write it to advance a discussion about the sport I have loved for neigh on 60 years and get insightful replies. Like Bryan here to his credit and AnActualRacer who was very informative. So that when this Keyboard moron goes to the races I am more informed and know many subplots going on as opposed to merely seeing who is winning.
    Now it could be Former tour crew chief you are the smartest, most informed person to ever grace this forum. But other then puffing your chest out, giving yourself an impressive screen ID and showing brotherhood with a fellow racer you didn’t say anything showing you know anything.
    Unlike Bryan who engaged and I believe won the day and fans with a one line invitation to say hi as he is standing in line to buy tires you Former tour crew chief did the opposite. You like so many others that make unproven claims to expertise simply tried to widen the gulf between fan and participant.
    Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the RaceDayCt forum are all places where fan and fan or fan and participant can come to network and build interest. It is true we keyboard morons write many ignorant and uneducated things but we also write informed stuff as well.
    You Former tour crew chief are the one out of step not we keyboard morons. You are merely one crusty old guy with a nasty attitude that just demonstrated how out of step and irrelevant you are.
    If this were a race and meaningful comments great lap times, you Former tour crew chief would have a lot of wrenching to do because at this stage you’d be running a lap down to the field.

  45. It was good wasn’t it Stuart. Didn’t you coin the term keyboard moron? Or was it keyboard cowboy?
    Here’s what I know. Other then Courchesne I probably have the most writing experience in this forum. Not because I am smarter or know more it was just part of my career.
    I also know I could write pages of stuff and not have said more then Bryan Narducci said in a few lines. He showed grace, won fans and not once referred to keyboard anything. The kid also showed up the chosen ones Stuart Fearn and the former crew chief by not insulting anyone or using those thread bare social media tropes that are just tedious and unimaginative. He built bridges while Stuart and the crew chief make fun while they watch the bridges erode.
    What would be a good thing for you guys like Stuart and Former tour crew chief is to have your own forum. A place where you can go, tell each other how you are God’s gift to racing, mock fans that show interest and at times say stupid stuff and generally be the superior know it alls you like to think of yourselfs as.
    The best part is it will be a place that’s just like the pits. You can strut around, puff out yours chests and not share a thing because you all know that each of you knows the same things which is pretty much everything so no need to share.

  46. Doug you do realize that three-quarters of these people are going to have to break out a dictionary to figure out what you’re saying. I think maybe if you dumb it down just a little don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

  47. I admit I got riled, went off the deep end and said way too much.
    As for not being understood the odds are much greater that anything I say is discarded as the babblings of a fool and ignored rather then not understood.
    Race on.

  48. I have to agree with both Doug and FTCC on some things. Bryan handled all the insinuations very well because that is exactly what they are. Like FTCC said, just out work them and keep winning and that will really make them mad. Great job!

  49. For all you asshats I never said “I” said anything about his disability jerkoff I said people in the pits have commented about it so Shawn get YOUR facts straight once again I don’t kmow why I’m wasting my time posting this because you will never let it get on here but anyways I’ve been around modifieds since the Danbury days when most of you people were not even thought of ny your parents yet I’ve worked on the tour etc I know what cheating is and like Al said tires,rear gear rule etc times don’t ad up and if your SO SURE HE HAS A RPM CHIP I WILL FILM SOUND OF CAR COMING INTO TURN ONE AT STAFFORD BECAUSE HE ONLY RUNS HALF THROTTLE RUNS 3 MAYBE 4 FULL THROTTLE AND THERE IS NO CHIP GOING OFF MOST PEOPLE HIT CHIP BY END OF STRAIGHT AWAY GO LISTEN TO HALF THE GO PRO IN CAR OR ROOF CAMERAS YOU’LL HERE IT!!! yes kid could drive but not the laps he’s putting down. And if you want to talk about moronic half your crap on here is moronic or hear say you love to only post certain peoples stuff as long as it agrees to an extent with what is being said…..BUT ONCE AGAIN I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT HIS DISABILITY I’VE KNOWN THE PEARLS SINCE THE 80’S AND HAVE NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR THEM. READ MY STATEMENT AGAIN THEN AGAIN HERE ALL I SAID WAS IF YOU PROTEST HIS CAR AND YES HE HAS A DISABILITY THEN YOUR A BAD GUY FOR PROTESTING THAT DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HIM IN A NEGATIVE WAY AT ALL MORON……

  50. Modfan,

    Your obliviousness in general is truly unimaginable, but you’re certainly not afraid to put it on display for the world to see.

    Let’s go over a few things.

    1. It’s funny how many times you post comments and say you know I won’t post it, and then I do. Then you accuse me of not posting comments, even though I post all the comments you accuse me of not posting. I mean, we’re sliding down the realm of insanity there bud. Get a grip. Here it is I’m actually posting a comment with vulgarity just to show I post your comments. We won’t venture down the path of asking the question why you feel like you can’t get a point across without using vulgarity?

    2. If you want to go on and on about how knowledgeable you are about the sport and how long your history is in the sport and then you claim that history and knowledge makes you smart enough to call out competitors for cheating, how about growing a backbone and getting the courage to use your real name in doing that? You’re an enormous coward coming on here continually accusing people of cheating or accusing people of getting preferential treatment while you’re literally too frightened to actually use your own name and stand behind your truly moronic rants.

    3. You quite indeed made reference to Bryan’s disability in regards to his being successful. Here’s the exact statement you left on this site (in some sort of second-grade level sentence): “I may get crab for this but sometimes truth hurts I understand he has a don’t want to say disability but who is going to protest someone if so cause then your the bad guy”

    You’re basically saying he gets preferential treatment because of his disability, which just shows the level of pathetic you’ll reach to make accusations about this kid.

    4. You literally don’t even know the rules. You come on here and make accusations about Teddy Hodgdon getting preferential treatment by track officials by being allowed to keep the lead after a caution in Friday’s SK Light Modified feature at Stafford.

    You said: “Hodgdon and the 2 lap cars go up into wall Bakaj Puleo and the 14 car all pass him then caution he should have been 4th or 5th not first”

    News flash: Stafford Motor Speedway goes back to the last scored lap to set the running order after a caution comes out. So, in that instance, either Hodgdon would have been deemed a caution car and moved to the back, or deemed not a caution car and would keep the spot he was scored in upon completion of the previous lap. There is no instance in that scenario where he would be placed fourth or fifth in the running order, as you say he should have been.

    He was deemed not to be a caution car and kept the lead, the position he was in when the previous lap was scored. You saying: “he should have been 4th or 5th not first” literally proves that you have no idea what the rules even are. There’s no instance in that scenario where he would have been moved to fourth or fifth because any passes that took place are negated by the caution. So even if Bakaj, Puleo and Chapman passed him during the skirmish he was tangled in with the lapped cars, those passes technically never took place once the caution flies.

    I find it amazing that you come on here and throw accusations of cheating around, throw accusations of preferential treatment around but you don’t have the nerve to use a real name and you literally don’t even know the rules of the sport. Please, your displays of senselessness are getting out of control here.

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