Woody Pitkat Eager To Be Part Of Inaugural Bullring Bash Campaign

(Press release from The Bullring Bash) 
Woody Pitkat (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

As the Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge prepares to get its first season started, modified racing wheelmen are making their presence known on the entry list, putting the “star” in “all-star.”

Woody Pitkat, a two-time Valenti Modified Racing Series champion and a three-time Whelen Modified Tour race winner, is planning to run all three of the Bullring Bash races. The Connecticut native is excited to bring competitive modified racing to new tracks further north in New England.

“We’re going to be heading to some new tracks that I haven’t really ventured out at,” said Pitkat. “I always liked going to tracks I haven’t been to before and doing a little bit of traveling… It’ll probably be a little bit different of a fan aspect because we’re going somewhere we haven’t been at.”

“It’ll be nice to go out and try to grab some new fans and get some attention to some people up in that area that probably haven’t seen modifieds up at those tracks.”

It was Pitkat’s car owner Stan Mertz that encouraged Pitkat to drive in Bullring Bash in 2019.

“I didn’t know much about it at first until Stan told me about it,” Pitkat said. “The Bullring Bash, I think, grabbed his attention more than mine, and we started looking into it.”

The staff organized by Bullring Bash founder Josh Vanada was another reason Pitkat chose to throw his hat into the ring for the season.

“I’ve worked with [Josh] in the past at Thompson, and I feel like I have a pretty good relationship with him,” Pitkat said. “He did a really good job when he was at Thompson. A lot of the guys he has there, tech officials and regular officials, it looks like it’s going to be a promising thing.”

Pitkat expects that there will be many more household names that commit to Bullring Bash this summer.

“I think a lot of the people that we get, I would imagine, would be the same familiar faces we have at these other open races,” said Pitkat. “I think a majority of the people that I’ve always raced with, I’ve had a lot of respect for.”

The first race on the Bullring Bash schedule, currently slated for June 16 at White Mountain Motorsports Park, is one Pitkat has circled on his calendar. After all, there is only one inaugural race to win.

“It would be really cool,” said Pitkat on winning the first-ever Bullring Bash race. “I think that out of the box, we’ll hopefully be a contender and if not, we should be able to be consistently in the top-five.”The Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge, presented by RaceChoice.com will have additional announcements regarding registered teams, sponsors, officials, partnerships, and much more in the coming weeks. To keep up with the Bullring Bash, teams and fans can visit http://www.bullringbash.com. Fans can also stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @BullringBashQMC.

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  1. Unless plans have changed Mr. Mertz has stated he may use the SK package in these races. Having tested he found that the two barrell results in less wear over long runs on the tires. The SK vs built modified engine choice may prove to be an nice in the weeds story that may evolve as we get closer.
    More good news is that it is one of the few asphalt modified races that Speed51 has on their video stream schedule and no blackout to worry about for CT viewers I would think.

  2. Doug,
    No blackout for that because that is a paid video subscription stream, not a free broadcast.

  3. Perhaps I’m recalling incorrectly but I wanted to do pay per view last year for the TTOMS race at Seekonk and at the time they had a 100 mile blackout area even though it was pay per view.

  4. Doug,
    Sorry, I misunderstood where you were going with your comment. Yes, indeed there are times that even with their subscription offer that entity does blackout certain events.

  5. Don’t see an SK package working at these races. Bullrings come down to torque, and the built modified motors produce allot more torque than an SK motor.

  6. Liz Cherokee says

    Thankfully no blackout on New Hampshire liquor stores for these races!

  7. Fast Eddie says

    I think the bullrings come down to finesse and rhythm more then torque and power. Granted, you need torque for forward drive, but you also need discipline to not spin the tires and/or overdrive the corners; that’s where finesse comes into play. Case in point: Hirschmann winning an Open Wheel Wednesday with an SK Modified over a field full of tour Mods. If Doug’s info above is correct, they may end up with more tire at the end of the race or might not need to change a tire when others might need one. In theory Woody could end up at or near the front after others pit and still have some rubber left to race with.

  8. The races that allow tires during race put Sk teams at disadvantage, if it was 100 laps no tires the Sk package might hold up. This track actually has some straits so Horsepower will be used.

  9. Fast Eddie says

    Rich, I might be wrong in my assessment, as I have not seen any racing at that track before. However, if you look White Mountain MP on Google Maps, the aerial view of the track shows the groove of rubber as rounded. It looks like the ideal line is pretty close to being a circle; they are always turning Most of the tracks I’ve been to that are 1/4, 1/3, or 3/8 seem to have the same type of line. There’s straights on the track, but they are racing almost in a circle.

  10. It’s an itty-bitty bullring, also known as a momentum track. It is not a horsepower track, no straightaways. Do you think the cars are going full throttle in a turn? Hence, therefore and forthwith, it doesn’t take horsepower to turn, WMMP is one big turn. The passing will be in the turns as cars try the outside or getting under. The areas with longer radius turns are essentially the exit and never become a straightaway, so nothing will be happening there. But there will be no horsepower charges, no dive bomb moves to the inside on entry.

    Who can turn better?

  11. Did someone build a wall around CT preventing you from attending races in other states?

    Anyone else notice that the Lutz WMT team has turned into the real deal ever since they let the previous driver go.

  12. From the times I have attended there, White Mountain seems to be a bit more narrow version of Seekonk.

  13. Fast Eddie says

    Just in case “the wall around CT” was towards me, for the record there are four circle tracks and the dragstrip that I go to in NH at least twice a year. Why not WWMP you might ask? To paraphrase “Mr. Wonderful” from the Shark Tank show, if you don’t run Modifieds, “you’re dead to me”. However, thanks to the Bull Ring Bash, I’m hoping to go to at least one of their events this year.
    There seemed to be some sporadic improvement in the 46 when Lutz got that ride, but I think the bigger improvement was when they went with an LFR car.

  14. First it would seem to me that the wall reference is not targeted at the Fast one. Second why would the Fast one who is known well in these here parts to range far and wide in search of a good modified show in any State care what anyone thinks of his choices. Third, if you think making snarky judgments about where to see a race, how far to travel and how often makes your comments about racing more authoritative I would suggest that may not be the case. Finally why would anyone presume it’s their place to make the judgments?

  15. Nothing funnier than the most judgMENTAL handle questioning someone else for being judgmental. Appears to be a case of maximum narcissism.

    I’d have to say the ‘wall’ comment was directed towards Doug, Doug, Doug, Doug, the other Doug, WeldingWonders, Insipid Cybil, Sybil, and all the other members of the Sybil DID that rarely visit a track and only if there is no line to get in.

    It will be a great summer for modified fans. There are numerous series presenting numerous opportunities on a variety of tracks across a wide region. ENJOY!!!!! 😊

  16. Fast Eddie says

    The quantity and location of races attended (or lack thereof) definitely does not necessarily give or take away anyone’s expertise at offering an opinion about racing. Doug, for some reason “the CT wall” comment compelled me to clarify that I do not go only to CT tracks. I’m actually expecting to hit 5 different states this year, but again, I’m just a crazy fan and certainly no expert when it comes to racing.
    Dareal, I fully expect to follow the last instructions on your post with much enthusiasm!! Now if we can only get it to stop monsooning every other day…

  17. Aside from DGF.s vague references to hypocrisy, name calling and other generic nonsense my point would be personal preference with regard to short track racing venue choices is not subject to challenge.
    Many of us are track specific fans that enjoy knowing a lot about all the divisions at a track and like the familiarity of one facility. We aren’t the exception we are the rule. Others are travelers like Eddie and enjoy the variety and seeing the challenges different tracks present.
    There are those like DGF and JD that would have you believe they as travelers have more to offer in the way of commentary. I don’t agree. It’s what you bring to the table on a specific topic that counts.
    In this thread I think I pulled my weight. Kicking it off with a reference to information Mr. Mertz was generous enough to provide when I contacted him late last year. I can’t say enough about guys like Mr. Mertz and Rob Fuller for that matter that take time out out of their busy schedules to answer questions and educate fans such as myself. I tell them right up front I’m just a slob in the cheap seats and they still respond anyway. It’s a strength of the sport.
    I also brought up the pay per view. Something that may be of interest to those like myself who may be admiring what they are doing up north but don’t want to travel 7 yours getting there and back. Pay per view is a ticket as well you know.
    Sybil, Insipid Sybil, Welding Wonders and don’t forget RickinMass DGF. All that sillyness aside, I feel comfortable I brought something to the table on this specific topic whether or not I cross a State line. Not to mention that aside from what has been mentioned there is so much more that could be explored with the SK vs tour modified package. Like when to bolt on the 4 barrel, the weight and weight allocation advantages to the SK package and the future of pay per view in short track racing.

  18. I don’t think the travelers know more. I think your excessive commentary on races you weren’t at is unnecessary and carries no weight with the veterans around here who go back to the ModSeriesScene days. All hail Lou Cady. Please retreat to the kiddie table while the adults in the room are talking racing. Your still a newbie private. Fall into place.

  19. Whoa, that put me in my place JD. DGF should be along shortly to praise you on your good work.
    So the rule is you can say things about races you weren’t at but not excessively. How many lines am I allowed? Or is it you shouldn’t say anything about a race you weren’t at? And what is excessive? Should I use your comments as an example of a perfectly executed comment length. Could you get back to me on that?
    I have a rule I’ve tried to follow JD maybe you can tell me what you think. It’s never say anything on an anonymous message board you wouldn’t be comfortable saying to a person face to face. Can’t say I always follow it but I try. I’d be willing to bet if we did meet for a chat you’d be surprised how you are not one of the few capable of showing you had on track experience or knowledge of our heroes from long ago.
    To be far JD I did say you thought your opinions were superior and it appears you just put an exclamation point on it.
    Have you JD said anything really relevant or compelling regarding the topic? Not so much in my view but I appreciate the reference to my obvious youth. I am feeling unusually youthful and exuberant today.

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