Open Wheel Wednesday Tradition Continues With Tri-Track Mods At Seekonk

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)

This Wednesday, June 26, 2019, the Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS) presents the fifteenth running of Open Wheel Wednesday at Seekonk Speedway. Keeping with tradition, the event promises a strong field of talented drivers in search of the $10,000 payday in 100-laps of green flag racing. Five past champions including Kirk Alexander, Tommy Barrett, Richard Savary, three-time winner Matt Hirschman and last year’s event winner Ron Silk headline a current entry list that tops 30 cars.

Open Wheel Wednesday also features the prestigious Boston Louie Seymour Memorial for the Northeastern Midget Association (NEMA) along with the NEMA Lites.

Pit gates open at 10am on Wednesday, June 26. Grandstands open at 4pm with racing scheduled to go green at 6:30pm. Entry to Seekonk Speedway’s pit area is $37. Grandstand admission is $27. A rain date has been set for Thursday, June 27.

The lucrative purse includes a $10,000 winner’s share and an impressive $800 to take the green.  Lap leader bonuses and other contingencies make the Tri-Track Open Modified Series and Open Wheel Wednesday event appealing to teams throughout New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  

There will be some pretty stiff competition from drivers seeking their first Open Wheel Wednesday victories like long-time campaigners Les Hinckley, Todd Patnode and Russ Hersey. There could be some ‘home turf’ advantage for Matt Swanson aboard ‘Ole Blue’. Woody Pitkat is still riding high from a Modified Tour victory and Ronnie Williams is knocking on the door of a big win. 

After a year-off from OWW competition, perennial Race of Champions hot-shoe Chuck Hossfeld will look to add his name to the winner’s list. There are some potential dark horses on the entry list as well like Keith Rocco and Anthony Sesely.  After the last few weeks, Andy Jankowiak could even be considered a ‘sentimental favorite’ to win on Wednesday. 

There are plenty of drivers capable of taking down the victory at the “Cement Palace.”

In the early years, Seekonk Speedway was known for spirited Modified battles that included the likes of legends Carl ‘Bugsy’ Stevens, Ron Bouchard, George Summers, Leo “the Lion” Cleary, George Murray and countless others. Over the years Seekonk became synonymous with action-packed full-fendered racing. In 2005, with the introduction of Open Wheel Wednesday, Seekonk Speedway once again put itself on the map as a great Modified Track. Now under the NASCAR banner, the Vendetti Family, long-tenured owners of the Speedway, host the Whelen Modified Tour annually.  

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series will pay homage to the Speedway’s modified legacy as the family of the late George Summers will act as the event’s grand marshals.  

Summers began his racing career in 1952 and while he raced from Maine to Virginia amassing over two hundred career victories, nearly half came at the bullring, Seekonk Speedway. He is the track’s record holder for “Most Career Wins” with 100. Summers is a member of the New England Auto Racing (NEAR) Hall of Fame, the Seekonk Speedway Wall of Fame, and Living Legends of Auto Racing Hall of Fame in Daytona Beach, FL.

Having gone through variations in race management, now under the banner of the Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS), the event continues to be among the strongest in short track racing; drawing drivers from throughout the north east. 


Geoff Rollins

Matt Swanson

Matt Galko

Woody Pitkat

Andrew Charron

Kurt Vigeant

Tommy Barrett

Colbey Fournier

Les Hinckley

Chuck Hossfeld

Todd Patnode

Brian Robie

Calvin Carroll

Ronnie Williams

Anthony Sesely

Donny Hartzl

Dan Meservey

Jon Kievman

Ron Silk

Carl Medeiros, Jr.

Keith Rocco

Matt Hirschman

CJ Bolton

Austin Kochenash

Kirk Alexander

Mike Holdridge

Rob Murphy

Russ Hersey

Richard Savary

Dana Dimatteo

Andy Jankowiak

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  1. Is Coby bringing the 2? He said he was in victory lane earlier this month but that might have been exuberant joy speaking out of turn.

  2. JD,
    I haven’t heard that those plans have changed.

  3. James Schaefer says

    as far as i know he is not coming. List is as up to date as possible.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    It would be nice to have Coby and other WMT teams there on Wednesday, but from my perspective it’s not a big deal if they’re not there either. 30+ Modified teams, many of them “hitters” in their own right. plus 2 classes of Midgets… this race will be AWESOME, AS ALWAYS!!!

  5. Seekonk fan says

    Looks like another 10k payday for Big Money Matt.

  6. James Schaefer says

    For the record, it was Ron Silk who won the $10,000 last year. And since Tri Track has been associated with OWW, Barrett, Savary, Coby, Hirschman, and Silk have won the race.

  7. Since 2016 Hirschman has won 62% of the TTOMS races and been on the podium 85% of the time. Comments that jokingly refer to the guy snagging the winners share are closer to correct then unfair. Sighting just the one event accurate with a touch of cherry picking at the same time.

  8. I was just asking about Coby because he stated he was bringing the modified but wasn’t entered. Then again, five time national champs just show up sometimes. Silk has been the hot shoe in 2019, winning all over the place. I feel a new winner coming tomorrow.

  9. Questionaire says

    I cant help but ask this question, Matt ran tour race at Seekonk and was not competitive as we thought should be and majority of fast cars were Coilbinding, since then Tri Track has outlawed Coilbinding wich is in effect for 1st time at Seekonk, is this just a coincedence? Seems odd that a rule just appeared considering the relationships involved.

  10. Whoa, great point and question.
    I have a stupid question. Ho do tech inspectors identify set ups that are engineered to result in bound coils under load.

  11. Fast Eddie says

    I’m guessing coilbinding with the right shock package might be the new “hot setup” for Modifieds. The TriTrack folks may have made that illegal in order to keep an even (and more economical) playing field, as well as keeping the car counts up. If so, damned glad they did! IMO they’re still the best bang for the buck in Modified racing!

  12. Questionaire says

    Actually Eddie, this rule is going to limit car counts and limit the quality of cars that do come. Just seems odd why now? Last year it was ok, Claremont it was ok, I hope this isnt politics poking its head in Racing.

  13. I hope this does not limit the car counts…I did look at the entry list and it is lower than in the past.There should be 40 plus mods with 10k to win,heat money and lap money.It’s a shame if this rule does limit the entries.

  14. This can be a great event. Looking forward to it.

  15. NH Mod Fan says

    I don’t know how the new rule will impact who comes or goes but here are last years results and it doesn’t look like Nascar teams supported the race anyways for whatever reason. It’s kind of too bad more of the Nascar teams don’t enter because it looks like a good paying race and I enjoy the races more when they mix it up with other tours. I enjoy Nascar events too but something different a few times a year gives you something else to look forward too.
    Silk, Dowling, Pitkat and McKennedy were there but they drove for teams (cars) that were not on the Nascar tour. I’m not positive but I think Preece and Carroll were the only tour cars there.

    Seekonk Ma 6/27/18 (39 cars)

    1. Ron Silk, 2. Matt Hirschman,  3. Chase Dowling, 4. Russ Hersey, 5.Todd Annarummo,
    6. Sammy Rameau, 7. Jon McKennedy, 8. Woody Pitkat, 9. Richard Savary, 10. Dana DiMatteo,
    11. Keith Rocco,12. Matt Galko, 13. Tommy Barrett, 14. Ron Frees, 15. Mike Willis, Jr.,
    16. Colbey Fournier, 17. Derek Ramstrom, 18. Dan Meservey, Jr., 19. Rob Murphy, 20. Carl Medeiros,
    21. Ricky Collins, 22. Ryan Preece, 23. Jon Kievman, 24. Steve Masse 25. Anthony Nocella
    26. Les Hinckley,
    DNQ (13 cars)
    Holdridge, Robie, Kochenash, Carroll, Patnode,
    Bolton, Rose, Paulus, Parker, James,
    Vigeant, Jankowiak, Gallup

  16. Five out of the top ten last year were full or part-time tour drivers. I don’t see your point. Usually the tour guys show up with their non tour cars. I’ll give you that. Plus, with the rain and rescheduling some guys pulled out. The overall win list going back to when it started is a who’s who of tour guys though. Savary is the one true independent to win that comes to mind. Money Matt if you consider him an independent. Wasn’t Barrett on the tour when he won?

    Anyway, it’s race day!!

  17. NH Mod Fan says

    I was only pointing out that Questionnaire brought up a new rule as maybe a deterrent to tour teams attending the Open Wheel Show. My point was the tour teams (not drivers) weren’t there anyways last year (2018) before whatever this new rule is. That’s all. Off to Seekonk!
    (Barrett was in the #9 car the year he won.)

  18. Open wheel Wednesday (part B) should be two weeks later at Stafford- same format, same purse just a bonus if there are repeat winners

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