NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Headed To Iowa Speedway In 2020

(Press Release from Iowa Speedway)

For the first time ever, the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will race at Iowa Speedway in 2020. The 36th season of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will feature a mix of historic short tracks on the eastern seaboard before visiting central Iowa. This marks the first time in history that the unified Whelen Modified Tour will journey this far west.

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will be in action during NASCAR Xfinity Series U.S. Cellular 250 weekend at Iowa Speedway July 31-August 1. The Whelen Modified Tour is NASCAR’s oldest running division and the only open-wheel class. The tour features a passionate, veteran-laden core of drivers as well as emerging young talent.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever felt this much excitement about an upcoming season,” said Iowa Speedway President David Hyatt. “From the fans to competitors and media, it’s industry-wide excitement and we are already looking forward to it.

“The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and Iowa Speedway are a perfect match.”

Even though the modern era of the Whelen Modified Tour started in 1985, the first recorded NASCAR Modified race was held in 1948 on the sands of Daytona Beach and won by Red Byron, who eventually was crowned NASCAR’s first champion.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to expose fans in the Midwest to the type of racing fans in New England and a few other places have loved for years with the Whelen Modified Tour,” said Brandon Thompson, Managing Director, NASCAR Touring Series.

The tour has produced several drivers and crew members who have climbed the ladder to the three NASCAR national series. A few include Brett Bodine, Geoff Bodine, Ken Bouchard, Donny Lia, Mike McLaughlin, Jeff Fuller, Steve Park, Jimmy Spencer and Mike Stefanik are included on the list. Also joining those modified standouts is Ryan Preece. Preece, the 2013 series champion and 2017 NASCAR Xfinity Series U.S. Cellular 250 winner at Iowa Speedway, now races full-time in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Next year will mark 15 years of racing at Iowa Speedway. For the fifth consecutive year, Wide Opening Weekend will feature both the NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series and the NASCAR Xfinity Series on June 13-14, 2020.

The ARCA Menards Series will take the green flag on Friday, July 17. The NTT IndyCar Series will again hit the Fastest Short Track on the Planet for the Iowa 300 on Saturday, July 18, giving fans a full complement of stock car and open wheel racing during INDYCAR weekend.

The 2020 Iowa Speedway racing season concludes July 31-August 1 with another world-class NASCAR doubleheader featuring the NASCAR Whelen Modified Series 150 and the NASCAR Xfinity Series U.S. Cellular 250.

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  1. Is this for real? I love the tour and Iowa is a great track but that’s too far for a Regional Tour in my opionion. I’ll be interested to see the reaction. Especially if live TV is involved.

    Is Stafford giving up another traditional race date? That’s two new venues in 2020 with no indications of any tracks leaving the tour? Busy year and lots of traveling.

  2. Hillary 2020 says

    Is it April 1st? Unbelievable. Whoever is running the tour are a bunch of clowns.

  3. wmass01013 says

    UNBELIEVABLE is right, I guess you guys want the CT Modified tour back, here u have 2 tracks that want the WMT and you guys say too far away, no care that both are on cup and xfiinity WEEKENDS WHICH will have big crowds to race in front of and maybe attract new sponsors , all these teams have 18 wheelers to haul the cars around, I guess u guys just want them in ct seems to me NASCAR is marketing the series to advance it to a new audience which goes against all I have ever heard is NASCAR is going to do away with the series and let it die.

  4. Bill Chatfield says

    I never thought I’d see anything as stupid as my divorce settlement, but here it is!

  5. I hope there will be a substantial purse accociated with this race. Talk about an expensive trip for the teams!

  6. Josh paradis says

    Since the news about wall came out they may have needed a track to fill that gap just in case. Yes i agree though it is out there.

  7. Bernie Sanders 2020 says

    From the Springfield Ma area it’s a 35 hour round trip, 2350+ miles. Even with my free tires for all plan this might not be a great idea unless it pays $3000 to start the race.

  8. What did I notice?
    The article is written for consumption by the Iowa fan base as a bit of an introduction to what they will see.
    Wmass is one of the few with a longer view that have vision past his nose.
    I can read a map like most. It’s almost half way across the country. The assumption is that fans won’t go that far and it’s pretty clear they won’t unless they want to see a lot of corn and soy beans. Why assume the fans figure into this calculation at all. How many of you went down south at the beginning of the year.
    Maybe this is about the race teams and national exposure. It’s a big track for modifieds and if they can do what they do in Iowa what they do at NHMS how is that not a good thing? It may be also safe to assume unless NASCAR is absolutely totally detached from the NWMT and willing to risk 8 teams showing up they asked teams what they thought and the response was positive. Tell you one thing. Bet Doug Coby made sure they have enough time to complete the race no matter what is going on around it or what TV commitments there are.
    What I miss. Why is Stafford losing a date not that I care. Another open in August would be fine with me.

  9. Rich Gourley says

    Remember that the Winston Modified Tour went to Indianapolis Raceway Park for several years and the fields were pretty full. I for one am happy that they are branching out. With new venues and all races being aired by the modified fan base can only get bigger. With a little bit of work most teams could probably pull in sponsorship from Midwest corporations/businesses to help offset the extra team expenses.

  10. This could be beneficial to future growth of the tour as long as the purse is appropriate for the distance most teams will have to travel. 2350 miles and 35 hrs. of driving time has been mentioned elsewhere. If NASCAR wishes the Mods to support events such as this they should have a purse comparable to the Infinity or Truck Series. The current $10K to win is not going to cut it.

  11. Area of Connecticut: 5,543 square miles
    Population of Connecticut: 3.573 million

    Area of Iowa: 58,273 square miles
    Population of Iowa: 3.156 million

    Iowa Speedway is the only professional sports venue in Iowa.

    The track is in the town of Newton, home of the Maytag dairy farm and the Iowa Sculpture Festival. The population of the town of Newtown is 15,147. The other population center is Des Moines, 30 miles away.

    That is some incredibly low population density.

    The track is scheduled to host 6 events in 2019. Single race ticket prices are $20. Season tickets for all 6 events are $99.

  12. Viva race fan says

    If you want to win national championship you’ll be there . The teams will figure out how to make it happen. Maybe some local Iowa sponsorship for some teams ? How about NASCAR gives a per diem for teams and drivers ? Could be fun to market it so it’s not a burden but a good thing . I’ve made that ride to many times buts it’s just a away show . More fuel for haulers and campers. Hope it makes more tracks look at the Modifies as a good thing. To bad NASCAR will screw it up being greedy. Just like the Mad House series .NASCAR found out they couldn’t make enough so it was shut down. Bad for them with this type of news . The exposure would be big . That hind site stuff. Good luck …

  13. Bill
    Laugh my butt off! That was awesome!
    Ok. I realize its a “tour”. But geez Louise, unless its paying cup purses, really?
    What a burden on teams, mostly based in the northeast. I’ll keep an open mind, but boy, I’m not sure how this is gonna shake out…..

  14. Do you think they’ll stop this race early too?

    Iowa is a good distance to travel but did they at least ask the teams if they would go? Its not like you have any local teams out there to fill the field. Im hoping nascar did “some” homework on this but my guess is they didn’t. Awesome to see the tour make some new dates at new tracks but theres nothing closer… rockingham, dover, martinsville, kentucky… north wilkesb…. oh wait sorry they already left that place high and dry.

  15. NH Mod Fan says

    I hope they start the mods early enough so they don’t run into xfinity driver intro’s.

  16. This is no different then when the tour raced at the small Indy track many years ago.

  17. wmass01013 says

    Well either NASCAR marketed the series to IOWA or Iowa wanted the WMT, is just doesn’t happen by chance, YES its a LONG haul and some teams wont go but I would rather see races like this then a 12 race series with 10 in CT, and again being on a weekend with the XFINITY series wont hurt, tv schedule aside, I don’t imagine the payout to be much bigger than a normal race, THE WMT does not have NATIONAL SPONSOR, no offense to WHELEN which has been a godsend to the WMT or TV MONEY like the top 3 series to offset the purses, AGAIN if the TRACK wanted a WMT race then I say LETS DO IT!

  18. What DaReal said. Wmass you keep yapping about the CT tour and 12 races with 10 in CT. They run 7 races in CT which is considered their home base. Maybe less now. They have been running 16 or 17 point races a season for several years. By my math that means well over half are outside of CT. Last I checked Martinsville, Myrtle Beach, Langley, South Boston, Wall, Oswego, and Riverhead were not in CT. Exposure is good but let the actual Northeast fan base have a few races. Even New Smyrna would make more sense to me. The Iowa race isn’t in February either. It’s two weeks after Loudon(confirmed) and presumably 10 or so days before the August Thompson event. August and September are the stretch run for the tour. Almost no weeks off in there. Have you even looked at a schedule recently. My guess is you don’t even attend races. The more you speak the less informed you sound.

    The tour is being used as a schedule filler because it’s Nascar’s only regional series that actually has cars. Ain’t no huge crowds for this event either. It’s still a days travel BEYOND IRP too. Either way, I guess I will wait to get some driver/owner reaction.

  19. I don’t think wmass was being literal with the Ct reference so much as using it to make a point that thinking outside the box might not be necessarily bad.
    Why get so confrontational about a schedule that isn’t even out yet, with no indication if the race is supported by teams and drivers and make accusations about non race attendance that is neither relevant or you could not possible know about.
    Smartest thing is to wait and see what the teams reactions are. My guess is they are already in the loop.

  20. wmass01013 says

    OK JD I HAVE BEEN GOING TO WMT RACES SINCE 1985 that’s when the tour started Einstein. there were 29 YES 29 RACES THAT YEAR all over the east from MAINE to Pocono, lets go to 2013 AND 2014 with ONLY 13 RACES on the schedule. 4 @THOMPSN, 4 @ STAFFORD, 2 @ LOUDON, 1 @ WATERFORD, 1 @ BRISTOL AND RIVERHEAD, the CT TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EVERY time a new track not around here is added its OMG TOOOOO FAR AWAY, IF any of the NEW ENGLAND or NEW YORK tracks wanted WMT races THEY WOULD IF THEY PAID THE FEE. MAYBE Norm Wrenn who bought Monadnock, Claremont and Lee will add the WMT who knows, maybe ,NOT, I like NEW tracks added, so lets see how it goes to me it cant HURT, so yes ALBERT I have looked at the schedule every yr and HAVE ATTENDED more WMT races than u could even add up, OH AND NASCAR has the K@N EAST and WEST series to use as schedule fillers if they choose.

  21. Iowa Speedway is on the west side of the Mississippi River.

    Is NASCAR trying to sell this to Iowa Speedway and make it a regular show? What is the point of this?

    This is crazy.

  22. 1985? That’s cute rookie. No history lesson needed. I was there. Listen, I’ve already booked my Martinsville trip. Everyone I know is pumped and jacked about it. This article is about IOWA in 2020.
    What does 6 years ago have to do with this year, or last year or next year? NOTHING. No one here mentioned 2013 or 2014 or 1985 or any other year. It was a simple announcement for IOWA 2020. You are either for or against it.

    When Martinsville was announced it was overwhelming positively. Same when South Boston was announced last year. So you are wrong there. New Smyrna has seen a tremendous rebirth in regards to modifieds as well at Speed Weeks. For you to lump all these other races under one negative “too far away” umbrella makes you sound foolish. It’s just not the case. This is about Iowa and Iowa only.

    Fans would have gone nuts had Richmond added the WMT.

  23. wmass01013 says

    OK I guess the part you seem to NOT UNDERSTAND is the dammm track has to want the series and to pay the purse, u can hope and wish all u want that New Smyrna or Richmond gets a race but if they don’t want it SO BE IT, again I was at the last Martinsville race with 500 others that day, U brought up the past years schedules, u act like NASCAR controls all the tracks and events they have, tell me why LEE, STAR, MONADNOCK, CLARENONT, JENNERSTOWN, HOLLAND, SPENCER BEECH RIDGE, OXFORD, LAKE ERIE do not have races? They DONT WANT THEM!

  24. Crazy in NY says

    I think this is a great idea for the Tour and NASCAR. ALL their divisions need to be showcased on the smaller tracks. This D shaped speedway I think will be very Loudon like and feature TT Modified racing at it’s best. What a great opportunity this is and HOPEFULLY NASCAR will find a way to telecast this live to the nation. Obviously it’s not marketed to the CT fans but I’m really surprised at some of you and your negativity on this announcement. I got the news last night at Star and the owner of two WMT teams were thumbs up on this announcement. My opinion but if the top 24 teams on the Tour make the haul that will be enough to put on a great event. Might just sell as novelty to mid-west race fans. Aug 31 weekend is what I heard (which is Cup weekend at the Glen) so I’d miss the Chemung ROC event ( I can get over that). Two of us NY crew guys were talking about it over beers last night and I hope it pans out. Maybe…. just spit-balling here….. a RacedayCT bus trip could be assembled to make an affordable travel package for a cool race event. ( some of you need to get out a little ) JUST KIDDING!! hope it happens.

  25. Crazy in NY says

    Correction… July 31 Not Aug as I wrote.

  26. Fast Eddie says

    I hope this schedule addition works out for all parties. My thought is there are an awful lot of tracks closer to the Northeast that might make more economic sense for the race teams. Maybe Oswego should be the race just before or just after Iowa? Maybe that could help with travel expenses.

  27. Bonsignor yesterday……..Facebook.
    “Stop for a minute and appreciate NASCAR Home Tracks and Iowa Speedway for trying to grow our series, and put us in front of a new audience, at a great facilities.
    Could this race produce a crazier version of NHMS?”
    Coby is thumbs up as well predicting 25 cars, stronger field then K&N.
    25 sounds optimistic but impressive if they pull it off.

  28. Trapper Dave says

    I was surprised when NASCAR announced that it was scheduling a Tour race in Iowa, chiefly because of the expense the teams would incur. Could all the teams afford the expenses associated with the cross-country travel? I ask this because last year (2018) after the Bristol, TN race I was chatting with several in-the-know fans. It was brought up that many of the Tour teams lost money, and for others it was, more or less, break even.

  29. I must say, a ⅞ mile D-shaped track is intriguing for the Mighty Modifieds. I wish that track was in the northeast. It’s a real adult track that will result in high speeds.

    I do hope it is a decent distance race to make it worth while. Give the Iowans a good distance, value for their dollar. Otherwise it will be like Thanksgiving dinner, spending hours and hours cooking for a meal to be devoured in a few minutes.

    However, the reality and practicality of it is bizarre. There is the constant concern about reducing expenses (SPEC motor comes to mind. 😂🤣😂🤣😂) and then a race out in Iowa is on the schedule. Crews will probably be minimized, and owners will have to fly people out and back since it is a 2 day drive, at least. Three days for the hauler. The route from the northeast to Iowa Speedway is brutal. I-80 is brutal, two long days on I-80 will be brutal.

    Indy Cars and Xfinity cars will be there that weekend.

    Exposure? What exposure? Iowa has 54 people per square mile. Connecticut has 645 people per square mile. There aren’t many seats at Iowa Speedway, only seats along the front stretch. Probably not much more seating than Thompson. The folks back east will watch any TV coverage to see what they are missing.

    Exposure? To what end? Think some folks from Iowa are going to start commuting to the Northeast to watch Modified races? Will there be a sustaining revenue stream from such exposures? If not, this looks like a HUGE expense for the owners and volunteer crew. What was the benefit of the race in Canada a few years ago? And the race in Ohio?

    Have any of you ever been to Iowa? It’s a HUGE cornfield. What’s not cornfield is dairy and hogs. Iowa is 10.5 times the size of Connecticut. Iowa is like a piece of graph paper, that’s the way it is laid out, like a grid. There just are no people out there to support this. The track is the ONLY professional sports facility in the state.

    If NASCAR wants to produce exposure, they should consider an Xfinity race at Thompson. I was at Islip when Petty, Wallace and the rest of the Grand National (Cup) cars showed up. It was wild. The Xfinity series has the sponsorship to do that. Schlepping the Mods around the country like this makes no sense.

  30. If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make noise?

  31. Muddbus461 says

    Well,they drive right by Lancaster,Lake Erie,Jukasa and IRP just to name a few…in my mind pretty stupid….hope it does not rain….what’s next…put dirt tires on them and run them part of Super Dirt Week….I think I’ll skip this show….

  32. wmass01013 says

    Well Maybe by next July Serluca will have the WATERFORD SPEEDBOWL operating and NASCAR can replace the IOWA race to Waterford and BEMER can say drivers start yur engines and TERRY EAMES can wave the GREEN FLAG

  33. wmass01013 says

    Again you guys all think NASCAR does is say cup goes here, Xfinity goes there, truck series at this track, WMT at that track, Tracks have to agree to pay the NASCAR FEE AND WANT a race, all the tracks named can ASK for a race, BUT THEY DONT, and sure Thompson charges $50 to get in a WMT single day event and U want Xfinity series there, and pay what $100 to get in.

  34. I know I’ve never been to Iowa nor can I think of one reason to go there but does that really matter. If the Northeast has great population density and tons of entertainment choices where racing draws a fraction of a percent. Versus Iowa with few choices in entertainment where the weekly races are cheap and draw a much larger percentage of a lower population then maybe NASCAR knows a thing or two about where to. experiment with the NWMT.
    Many of you think the deciders at NASCAR are clueless and maybe not without good reason in some cases. But they aren’t always wrong, they aren’t always out of touch and not every decision they make is a failure.

  35. It would be better if they could have stops at tracks between New England and Iowa, kind of western tour/speedweek. A little more exposure to an area of the country that doesn’t get to see the mods in person, and chance for teams to race for more purses. I realize that most of the teams run on volunteers with other jobs but if the races were shorter say 35-50 laps, you might be able to do it with a smaller crew. Just a thought.

  36. Crazy in NY says

    150 laps is the advertised distance for the Iowa race. About perfect in my eyes. Now let’s hope the pitting is all hot and the fans can get a taste of what some of these WMT crews can do. Some are quite good. Hopefully this is marketed and promoted well. No reason to reject this venue.

  37. 🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁 says

    Should anybody go out there, you can take a giant detour and go see the baseball field used in the movie “Field of Dreams” in Dyersville, IA.

    Here are a few sides you can explore when you are out there:

    I love how Newton, IA is touted as a place to go to “get away”.

    For those that may fly out there, the airport is adjacent to the track and you can walk to and fro the airport and track. A wonderful perk. The two motels in the area are only about a half mile away. Make your reservations now.

  38. Crazy in NY wrote, “Hopefully this is marketed and promoted well. ”

    Yeah, it’s being marketed in nearby Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

  39. Dareal,
    “Iowa Speedway is the only professional sports venue in Iowa.” NOT ! !
    Have you ever heard of Knoxville Speedway ?
    I’ll be they drown the Iowa Speedway in annual “butts in seats”
    FYI, It is probably the most famous Dirt Track in the nation, and a mere 40 miles +/- from the Iowa Speedway.
    I’ve been there and done that and I highly suggest going if you can get there.
    Going to Iowa in July could be more brutal than NH was last weekend but it will be a very good show !

  40. How did all the marketing and exposure workout from going to Bristol all those years? And they WANTED a tour race. Bruton himself requested a tour event. I don’t see any Tennessee based sponsors. Just empty grandstands down there.

    Iowa’s Xfinity race on Saturday included plenty of those empty seats in case you missed it.

  41. Nuts, just plain nuts.. IRP, Canada, that stupid affair down at Daytona they did on some makeshift track, just bad ideas sold as “expanding” the marketability of the series, to what end? As cool as they look at Bristol, I never liked that idea either, the series is used as some show monkey.. there has to be better options worth exploring.

    I’m with dareal on this all the way…

    Sure, the 51 and the 2 can afford it, they win most of the races, for everyone else, this race will be a huge expense on top of the large financial loss that is, running a tour schedule.

    For the life of me I can’t figure out why Richmond hasn’t made its way back on the schedule.. Does anyone know? I think that track should be on top of everybody’s “better options” list.

  42. darealgoodfella says:

    The track is the ONLY professional sports facility in the state.

    that’s very misleading, actually factually incorrect, and im not sure what the point is anyway. are you trying to make the argument that Iowans don’t support/attend sports? the AAA Iowa Cubs (a professional sports team!) is annually one of the tops in attendance in the Pacific Coast League, averaging 7500 fans or so for several years running. there are 4 other minor league baseball teams in Iowa (minor league baseball IS professional baseball at professional facilities!)
    the major D1 schools have great fan support for their top sports. the Hawkeyes draw about 70000 people 6 times a year to their home football games and the Cyclones draw 55000 to their home games. what’s UCONN football draw?

  43. Goldy says:
    For the life of me I can’t figure out why Richmond hasn’t made its way back on the schedule.. Does anyone know? I think that track should be on top of everybody’s “better options” list.

    the last time the modifieds were there, there was a few hundred people in the seats and the promoters or owner was pretty open about the displeasure they had, the $$ they lost and that the modifieds would never be back. it’s been 20 years now so i guess they are staying true to their word.

  44. Well, for those of you that are “correcting” my post about the Iowa Speedway being the only professional sports venue in the state of Iowa, read this:

    Right from the Iowa Speedway web page. That’s where I got it.

  45. JD, it’s kinda funny that the movie “Field of Dreams” was set in Iowa, and the ball field lives on as a sightseeing destination.

    I guess they are thinking, “If you build it, they will come.”

    I’m stunned that the Modifieds at Bristol were so poorly attended, and that’s NASCAR country. Even when paired with the Trucks or another series, attendance was abysmal. I’ve been to many Bristol Mod events, and it was a bad omen at how easy it was to pull up to the track, no traffic, park right across the street, be the only person in the ticket line (great place for you, Insipid Sybil), and pretty much have the whole place to myself. No big rush of a crowd or traffic when leaving. Only a few of the concession stands in the arena were open. I often wondered how much longer that was going last.

    This could turn out to be a match race between the 2 and 51. 😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  46. Iowa vs our Huskies attendance comparisons…..ouch……..low blow. It was 21000 by the by.
    Back in the Big East for basketball after next year…..yea!
    Good information on Iowa threadsters!

  47. Field of Dreams is a great movie but I’m already maxed out on the things to do in Iowa talk. Maybe we can pick this up in January.

    The crowd wave the Hawkeyes football players do before games with the sick kids is pretty awesome. Will bring a grown man to tears. I watch the video once a football season. Keeps things real.

  48. Thanks for the mention DGW. Insipid Sybil. Good one. Some of the ones you’ve collected over the years are pretty cool as well don’t you think. Check it out:

    Darealgoodfella, AKA DaFella, AKA Daidiot, AKA Dajerk,AKA DBag, AKA DiaperDareal,AKA longwindedfella, AKA darealidiot,AKA peterperfect,AKA Darealmoron, AKA dependsdareal, AKA Duh Real, AKA LionelTrainEngineer, AKA DareFakeFella, AKA Da Dumb Dumb.

    Did it ever occur to you no one was at the Bristol race because they knew you were coming and needed extra capacity to accommodate that massive ego of yours. Now if you stay away from Iowa it may be a banner crowd.

  49. Justin Kuntz says

    Glad someone is trying to do something to promote the series but it is a regional series. People in Iowa want dirt not asphalt plain and simple. I used to tell people about the Mods when I lived down south and that’s back when they were on the Nashville Network. People had no interest because it wasn’t what they were used to. One race out in the middle of the Midwest is doing nothing but spending a lot of money. Its sad that its a NE series but that is what it is because a lot of good tracks are not going to pay Nascar for that 1 race. Iowa has the money to do it so they will be the ones to have it.

  50. Fast Eddie says

    I have visions of a conversation by Iowa residents looking at a Modified:
    What the hell is THAT??
    It’s too wide, has bald tires, and doesn’t have a wing, so it’s not a sprint car.
    It’s doesn’t have fenders, so it’s not a stock car or a late model.
    It doesn’t have a blower, multiple turbos,multiple engines, or 4WD, so it’s not a tractor puller.
    WHAT in the hell IS THAT??
    Hopefully when the time comes it will be a good race and they will know why we like them so much!!

  51. If you pay them they will come. Top 25 teams should get haul money for the trip.Fuel tolls and lodge cost.Iowa wants them they should ante up.💰💰💰

  52. Justin K. wrote, “One race out in the middle of the Midwest is doing nothing but spending a lot of money.”

    Well said.

  53. Crazy in NY says

    I have visions of a conversation by Iowa residents looking at a Modified:
    What the hell is THAT??
    It’s too wide, has bald tires, and doesn’t have a wing, so it’s not a sprint car.
    It’s doesn’t have fenders, so it’s not a stock car or a late model.
    It doesn’t have a blower, multiple turbos,multiple engines, or 4WD, so it’s not a tractor puller.
    WHAT in the hell IS THAT??
    Hopefully when the time comes it will be a good race and they will know why we like them so much!!

    BINGO!! I’m glad somebody on here gets it. TY Fast Eddie. Why not share “our” Modifieds with parts of the world (country) that has never seen them before? They are near dead in the south except the freak show they call Bowman/Gray. Funny nobody bitches about the WoO, PASS or other series that venture out from their base areas. I’m willing to make the haul. Why not? I like corn. I’ll find some likeminded to share the trip with while the keyboard cowboys watch it all on the Net.

  54. Speaking of Sybil and Daidiot I’m going to break the first rule of the forum. Suggesting something be avoided.
    That last name you’ve got there Justin seems a bit out of bounds. My sympathy if it’s your real name. Otherwise you might consider not using a vulgar reference that seems to prove we are the knuckle dragging, cave men that women seek to avoid religiously by not entering this forum.

  55. Liz Cherokee says

    I’m definitely going to this race next year to cheer Melissa on! If you were nicer to me, I might invite you to stay with me big boy. My suites almost always have pull out couches that work well for freeloaders like you. Moreover, they often they even have full mini-bars… that is until I get a little thirsty!
    However, immediately after the modified race I’m headed over to FALS to see the Prairie Dirt Classic. After this year’s absolutely fantastic finish, I must see next year’s race especially now that the 100-lapper on the banked 1/4 mile now pays only $50,000 to win and just $2,000 to start. And in case you are wondering darealcensusboy, Fairbury only has a population of 3,968.
    While there, I’ll be rooting for the #32 car which is wrenched by my favorite crew chief, Ciara Pierce. Now when you, darealinternetpeeper, see HER online you will see that not only will she kick your behind, she’s a real race car mechanic! She’s the best!!!!

  56. Crazy in NY wrote: “Funny nobody bitches about the WoO, PASS or other series that venture out from their base areas.”

    Here’s the base area for the WoO Sprint cars: FL, NV, TX, CA, AZ, MO, AR, OH, PA, NY, NJ, NC, IN, TN, IL, ND, MN, IA, WI, SD, MT, WA, OR, KS.

    Crazy, get yourself a map of the USA. Please note that for decades the traditional base area for Modifieds has been PA, NY, NJ and New England. The WoO run from FL to NY, CA to WA, and almost everything in between. The Mods run in PA, NY, NJ and New England, with very limited excursions outside that area. PA, NY, NJ and New England is a tiny fraction of the area that the WoO Sprint cars run. Perhaps that’s why nobody comments about WoO cars traveling out side their base area, because the WoO base area apparently covers the lower 48. Now if they went to Hawaii or Alaska, that might draw some comments.

    PASS has 24 dates, with the National division having 4 events in GA, SC, NC, and VA, all others are in New England. PASS has North and National/South divisions. Per the PASS schedule, the North Pass SLM run in the north, the National/South division runs from ME to GA. Makes sense. No running out of a base area there.Two divisions, two base areas. No reason to complain about running out of base areas.

  57. Liz,

    If you were nicer maybe I’d be nice to you. Thanks for the invite, but I have my accommodations.

    FALS is about 5 hrs away from Iowa Speedway, so you will probably miss all of Friday’s action at FALS.

    Anybody know what time the Mods will run at Iowa? They have lights at Iowa Speedway.

  58. Justin Kuntz says

    What the heck are you talking about Doug? Kuntz is a pretty popular German last name. Heck there was a Rusty Kuntz that played MLB in the Late 70s and early 80s. If you are throwing my name out there with a vulger word you better get your head examined to even think of it.

  59. Fast Eddie says

    Justin K., years ago I had a customer with a similar last name. I’m guessing yours is pronounced like Koontz. Would that be correct?

  60. Jeeeez Doug, really? What a potty mind you have. Can’t believe you stooped this low. Lost a little respect for you on this one.

    Can’t wait to see how you use your golden tongue to talk your way out of this one.

  61. The WoO also supplement their fields with locals, which is what the mods used to do before every promoter had to put their fingerprints on the division and make it so their local cars can’t compete, or NASCAR has made the division some sort of red headed stepchild that doesn’t really fit anywhere. The mod tour as a standalone series doesn’t work.It doesn’t offer anything unique, like a supermodified. Tour mods look close enough to an IMCA mod that I don’t think there is going to be the local support from people who can see basically the same thing at their local track; I know there are significant differences between a Tour mod and an IMCA mod, but I don’t think it’s enough of a difference to bring in New fans, I hope I’m wrong. In my opinion for a touring series to work you either have to be unique or you have to be able to include the local cars. I also think that what works best is a unified set of rules that allow the locals to compete with the touring cars. Honestly, would it be so bad if all tracks that ran mods run under the Stafford so rules? Would it be so bad from a competition standpoint? It doesn’t have to be Stafford, maybe it’s ROC or some other rule, but imagine, having Coby and Bonsignore and Blewett racing Rocco and Williams and Paules at Mahoning or Waterford or Claremont or Chemung, that would put butts in the seats. Forget about Iowa, build up the local base and make them come to us.

  62. Then my sincerest apologies Justin. Screen ID’s often are used to make a statement and it was wholly inappropriate for me to assume the worst. Especially one with a noble tradition that you should be very proud of.

  63. Doug would know about using multiple screen ID’s used to make a statement since he has used about half dozen screen names.

    Earl, Doug (or one of his many other screen names) has been lower, this is nothing. It was incredibly funny how is exposed himself. He made consecutive posts under different screen names, but used the SAME material. Guilty with no doubt at all. 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂. The many personalities of Doug, aka: Insipid Sybil.

  64. Liz Cherokee says

    Let’s get this right darealtriptikboy. First off, it will be FALS on Friday for Ciara and Bobby, then on to Iowa on Saturday for Melissa and Stolimoto on the WMT, then back to Ciara and Bobby at FALS on Saturday. Moreover, it only takes 5 hours if you drive like a blue-haired grandmother. I drive fast cars! Yes, that is me blowing by you driving your 1995 Neon and picking your nose–also known as darealboogermaker! I still love ya there boydareal, but please wash your hands when you are done!

  65. Were you DGF to be the bastion of proper forum conduct. Or widely respected for your experience and insights into racing. Or known for good humor, grace and the right touch of humility I might just think you have a point. I don’t suspect that is the common view but I could be mistaken.I
    f you enjoy repeating the same taunt along with your other favorite themes like LFR, the Speedbowl, your deep insights into race car design and setups that you make clear no one here is smart enough to understand then knock yourself out.
    The point here like in the past is when I make a mistake I own up to it like an adult, take my medicine and try not to repeat the same mistake. In my defense my motivation was not sinister in any way even though it proved to be ignorant and ill timed. It was especially foolish having a German immigrant grandmother.
    If you DGF think you are entitled to cast the first stone on every occasion having committed no sins of your own then in a way I envy that. For the ability to erect barriers of self delusion to protect yourself from what I believe is a different reality.
    The mistake I try not to repeat with you is trading taunts after one of your provocations like this. It’s hard some times and I’m not always successful. Comments should be about racing and you do so enjoy making it personal on so many occasions and a tug of war of wills and less about racing insights.

  66. here is my 2cents – the Mod tour is for rich people now – if you can not afford to travel all over the united states, you do not belong on the tour – I don’t like that it is for rich people but that is a fact. The tour used to be made up of weekly racers that would race on the tour with their own creation of chassis and engine and have fun. Now it’s not, all paying for brand new cars and engines and crew members. The only good thing the tour has going for it as far as fans is that all the races are televised.

  67. Liz, that was cold! I love my Neon. That was truly mean.

    😞 😔 😢

  68. Liz wrote, “First off, it will be FALS on Friday for Ciara and Bobby, then on to Iowa on Saturday for Melissa and Stolimoto on the WMT, then back to Ciara and Bobby at FALS on Saturday.”

    Sweetie, the NWMT at Iowa is scheduled for July 31, 2020. That is a Friday. No wonder you are never where you are supposed to be. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  69. Liz Cherokee says

    Where in the article does it say the modified race is on Friday? My secretary and I both read it twice and cannot seem to find where it specifically says the race is on Friday. As I often say in the courtroom, you are not entitled to your own set of facts… Maybe you owe me an apology…
    OK, it is time for lunch. I’m thinking of having a nice southwest chicken salad and of course a pair of cosmopolitans to wash it down. What are you eating for lunch? Today it just might be a crow sandwich for you!

  70. Liz, you could go to the Iowa Speedway website where the race day is posted. Why do you have to be told these things? Too obvious comes to mind.

    I’m good with the facts as posted on the Iowa Speedway website. Here, I know you have a hard time with things like this, let me save you the frustration of finding the Iowa Speedway website:

    There you go dearie. Perhaps one day, you can do that yourself.

    There will be chicken wings at Stafford tonight, but no crow. I believe you have been chowing down on crow so often, they are becoming an endangered species. Please share your crow recipes with Insipid Sybil.

    Now I accept you apology, and you are welcome. Hopefully you will be there on the correct date and time.

    Choo-choo!!!! 🚂 🚂 🚂 🚂 🚂 🚂 🚂 🚂

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