Picture This: Fran Lawlor’s Gallery From Whelen Mod Tour Buzz Chew Chevrolet Cadillac 200 At Riverhead

Justin Bonsignore slides sideways toward the checkered flag at Riverhead Raceway during the Whelen Modified Tour Buzz Chew Chevrolet Cadillac 200 (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. – The historic bullring that is Riverhead Raceway is known for making for some dramatic moments during NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour action.

And that was once again the case Saturday night for the Buzz Chew Chevrolet Cadillac 200 at Riverhead Raceway.

The checkered flag flew with reigning series champion and former Riverhead Raceway regular Justin Bonsignore sliding sideways across the start/finish line to victory.

To check out that finish, what led up to it and plenty more check out RaceDayCT photographer Fran Lawlor’s gallery from Riverhead below.

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  1. Great pics of the finish, that’s what it looked like. A crazy finish for the records.

    Thanks for the pics, great as always.

  2. One of the best moments in the race was Beatty racing and eventually passing Solomito and Bonsignor. It was amazing seeing how tight on the apron he stayed lap after lap giving the cars to his outside all the room in the world.
    Bonsignor didn’t return the favor. He saw his chance, pushed the guy up the track and won it. Might never have occurred to Beatty he could have taken the inside and done the same thing. That’s all fine. But that hang dog face act and regrets in victory lane complete with some vague reference to others doing it to him was pathetic. Combine that bit of acting with the petty nonsense they are dishing out erasing all the credit they gave LFR last year and mentioning Fury and my conclusion is they are not the class act I thought they were.
    Beatty deserved to win that race. Victory lane was not the place to mention anything but in the light of day they have every right to be ticked. I hope the second time around he gets to return the favor but odds are that was a one time missed opportunity.

  3. Hard to leave room on the last lap – it is just the nature of green white checker racing – you get up on the wheel and try your hardest. I don’t like it but it is a hard thing to control. Beatty should have taken the inside, that was the biggest mistake.

  4. Clearly Bonsignor could control it because he admitted driving the guy up the track and expressed regret for having to race that way.
    The announcers called the mistake quite well I thought when he took the outside.
    There’s no right or wrong only opinion. My opinion is Justin could have raced Beatty the way Beatty raced him and give him the opportunity to have a big moment if racing him clean resulted in a 2nd. Make no mistake. He didn’t do anything illegal but he didn’t race clean either and only had the opportunity because of a caution.. In the end the second fastest car won.

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