Sliding Home: Justin Bonsignore Wins In Whelen Mod Tour Buzz Chew 200 Thriller At Riverhead Raceway

Justin Bonsignore celebrates victory in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Buzz Chew Chevrolet Cadillac 200 Saturday at Riverhead Raceway (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

Winning NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour races at Riverhead Raceway is nothing new for reigning series champion Justin Bonsignore. 

But Saturday night at his home track the Holtsville, N.Y. driver certainly added to his amazing legend at Riverhead in the most unique of fashions.

Upon completion of a full contact final corner battle for the win with John Beatty Jr., Bonsignore took the checkered flag going sideways across the start/finish to win the Whelen Modified Tour Buzz Chew Chevrolet Cadillac 200 at Riverhead Raceway. 

“It’s hard to celebrate when you have to win it like that,” Bonsignore said. “But we’re here to win.” 

Riverhead regular John Beatty Jr. of Merrick, N.Y. was second and Timmy Solomito of Islip, N.Y. completing an all Long Island and Riverhead produced podium for the event. 

The race was extended to 209 laps because of the final caution.

It was the third series win of the season for Bonsignore and his 11thwin over the last 24 series events dating back to the start of the 2018 season.

It was the third consecutive series victory at Riverhead for Bonsignore, who swept both events at the track in 2018. It was his seventh series victory overall at Riverhead and his 23rdseries victory overall. 

But it proved a muted celebration for Bonsignore after the final lap tussle for the win with Beatty. 

Beatty had checked out on the field and looked on his way to victory before caution flew on lap 196 to set up the decisive green-white-checkered restart. 

On the final restart Beatty chose the outside lane with Bonsignore to his inside. The two went side-by-side for the white flag lap with Beatty leading at the line to complete lap 208. The side-by-side battle continued on to the final lap.

Through turn four Bonsignore came up the track on Beatty and made contact, sending Beatty to the upper groove coming to the front stretch. Beatty fought back coming to the checkered, hooking Bonsignore’s right rear as they came to the checkered flag, sending him spinning under the starter’s stand.

“He didn’t get a great start and we were even down into [turn] one,” Bonsignore said. “They’ve just made the top the only groove you can run here and pass anybody. I hate what I had to do there, but I’ve lost a ton of races that way. Unfortunately that’s what I had to do tonight.” 

Said Beatty: “Well I was damned if I did and damned if I didn’t on the inside or the outside [for the final restart]. I thought I made the right decision being on the outside. We had a really good car tonight. Really strong.”

Pole sitter Doug Coby led the first 24 laps before Bonsignore went out front for 11 circuits. Coby went back to the lead on lap 36, but on lap 76 contact from Solomito sent him spinning out of the lead. 

Bonsignore got by Solomito to take over the top spot on lap 109, but following a lap 139 caution it was Solomito going back to the front with Beatty following him to second place on the lap 146 restart.

“We weren’t very good the last 50 laps,” Bonsignore said. “Once [Solomito] got by me … and [Beatty] went with him I was done, I was too tight and I just burned the tires off.” 

On lap 150 Beatty got by Solomito for the lead with the battle for the top spot opening the door for Bonsignore to move to second place. 

Bonsignore regained the lead briefly during a side-by-side battle following a lap 180 restart, but Beatty cleared Bonsignore on lap 183 and quickly left Bonsignore behind. But the final caution cost him a runaway victory. Beatty was making his 11thseries start with five previous at Riverhead and five at Thompson Speedway. 

“Just great racing,” Beatty said of the finish. “That’s the way it is sometimes.” 

Said Solomito: “We come here to win. Hard racing out front. … It got pretty wild up front today. It is what it is.” 

It was the 14thtop-five finish in 17 career Whelen Modified Tour starts the historic bullring for Bonsignore. His seventh victory snapped a tie on the series’ all-time win list at the track with Mike Stefanik. Only Mike Ewanitsko’s 11 victories from 1987 to 2000 over 35 career starts bests Bonsignore’s win total. 

“It’s cool to get another win here and get one step closer to Mike [Ewanitsko] and break a tie with [Mike] Stefanik, which is awesome,” Bonsignore said. “Hopefully I’ve got a lot of years left in me to keep getting some wins with great cars that [crew chief Ryan Stone] brings.” 

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  1. Crappy way to win a race. Not a fan of this group. He admits his car was not good but drives over a local racer for a win at his hone track. Nuff said.

  2. wmass01013 says

    I would NOT say the 51 drove over Beatty, he did the VERY popular ride em UP high in the turns move to get the lead, Beatty powered down the backstretch to get the lead and the 51 used the move in 3 and 4, the late caution helped the 51 big time, always LIKE AND want a 1st time winner but as Beatty said he was dammed either way, all in all except for the drawn out cautions it was a good race with lots of action and passing and I am sure some tempers in the pits after.

  3. I for one am happy to see the 01 finally miss a raise. I’m all about Car counts but this is the modified tour. If you can’t keep up you shouldn’t be able to raise. Go race another division get labs and get better so that you can actually qualify for a race on the tour.

  4. Old Observer says

    Nothing new for him, he’s been driving like this for years! No respect, just greed.

  5. Crazy in NY says

    I for one am happy to see the 01 finally miss a raise. I’m all about Car counts but this is the modified tour. If you can’t keep up you shouldn’t be able to raise. Go race another division get labs and get better so that you can actually qualify for a race on the tour.

    Tony, she used to race on the VMRS but they limit their field to 24 or 26 cars usually she rarely ever qualified. She never won even a consi there. She’d have a tough time making a TT race as well so the Tour ,where they don’t have full fields (usually), is about the only place she could make a race.

  6. JBon thanked Fury in victory lane and had Fury on the car.

    A Fury win.

    Good race. JBon didn’t do anything wrong. It was last lap racing. Do it to the other car or get it done to you. That’s closing laps racing. Beatty made a HUGE mistake. On a GWC, never take the outside… never. If it was earlier in the race, okay…. but NOT on a GWC.

    Who is Kyle Ellwood? He was up to 6P after starting 18th, running with the big dogs. In Wade Cole’s other car too.

  7. Kinda hard trying to find fault with what Bonsignor did when Beatty doesn’t seem perturbed much at all.
    It’s experienced bull ring drivers doing what they are accustomed to that may look ugly to outsiders but is more normal for these guys.
    Don’t know about the bigger debate regarding the 01 but can say I was immensely relieved she was not in the race on that particular track.
    Seriously, is Riverhead just about the best track on the NWMT schedule for giving the home boys a fighting chance to shock the fans or what? The forth place driver in Riverhead points snags a second. Amazing.To bad Soper took a pass.

  8. You NEVER give bonsignore or for that matter anyone the inside at Riverhead he’s a regular he knows it as for Justin he would have sent him out on route 58 and then say I don’t want to win that way well here’s an idea don’t drive that way.

  9. Go figure. Dareal brings up something against LFR. Listen, we all know where that car came from and who is responsible for their success. Hint……he’s not on the team and Justin thanked him personally in his banquet video after winning their championship. Way to be respectful. No surprise from this group though.

  10. Speaking of fury. I own a LFR car and this bald guy walks up to me with no intro and just starts talking to me out of the blue. He obviously has no racing experience and told me he’s never been to Riverhead. Then another bald guy walks up and joins the conversation. Are they related? Am I supposed to believe that they are the Fury track support now? I have never seen or spoke with these guys before. So the 51 pealed LFR decals off after what Fuller has done for them. That’s their call. For whatever reason they feel that is ok. Probably a Ken Massa story in there somewhere but either way I need track support. That’s who I represent. Granted Fuller didn’t pay my crew chief, build my car for free, get me sponsors or any of the other rumors floating around that the 51 received, but on the flip side he built shocks for us and helped us with set up and it was huge. These bald guys made me feel uncomfortable. I know who Fury is and if I wanted to talk to them I would call them. Still confused on why they waited 4 years to show up at a modified race but it seems like they have a lot of learning to do. They need to hire this Dareal guy. He seems like he knows more than anyone. Until they design their own chassis, invest in a house car program and win races, I’m all set with their “track support” program. I will give the decals and hat they gave me to the 51.

  11. Old Observer look who the guy hangs out with for a owner. Shouldn’t be a surprise that Justin is reflecting his owners traits. The problem is these drivers are so desperate to stay in their ride that they turn into puppets. It’s a shame because I believe that Justin probably is a good guy. His surroundings are less than desirable unfortunately.

  12. No one would havesaid – why didn’t he take the outside on the last restart…. not one!

  13. Here is what I see. LFR and Coby dominate the tour. Fuller feels he needs to assemble another team to show the importance the car makes in the package to help sales. We all know Doug will win races no matter what. So here comes a team that fell off the map and Fuller puts the pieces together and they dominate in 2018 winning half the races and the title. Now the 2 car has rebounded with a new shock package. Fuller obviously knows shocks. What will be Fuller’s response to the disrespect showed by Massa and company? Will we see a redesign in the future? Will he focus on business in Rochester? I believe this is great for the sport. Granted Fuller should do a better job picking teams to support. Catalano would be my pic. That kid has talent and in the right position could win races. His dad would never pull what is going on in the 51 camp. If someone single handedly turns his program around I can bet you he will be respectful and not play games like others insist on doing.

  14. JBIII won half the races last year and a couple already this year. He did’t do it to save his job. TC did that a thousand times.

    Builds a little drama for Sept race. I wasn’t there but crowd looked weak. Maybe it was the angles I saw.

    Only about 18 cars running MRS these days. Plenty of opportunity to log laps there if the 01 wanted too. Especially with them being based out of NH. I remember the outcry the year Jamie didn’t qualify for the feature. How times have changed. No outcry for the 01.

    In other big tour news it was announced this week that the Ace, Burt Myers will be running the rest of the season in the Ed Harvey entry beginning at Stafford. Ed also announced a full-time championship run for 2020 with driver TBA. Myers is going to get a win this year. I feel it. They’ve got these northern tracks figured out now.

  15. Good ol boy says

    Ahhhhh… all makes sense now. I’m sitting here reading the Area Auto paper looking at the cars passing by and there it is in black and white. The editors of Area Auto called fuller “the mastermind of the Modified setup.” That’s Dareals title! Jealousy creates hatred.

  16. I’ll miss the Troyer vs LFR debates. There’s nothing to contest anymore unless you want to push a David vs Goliath type of narrative. The battle of the titans is over.
    If Melissa has a spec engine and I don’t know she has but it seems likely how can she just pop over to the MRS to see what she could do even if she wanted to?

  17. First time poster here. I can NOT believe no one here can figure this 51 Fury thing out. Listen up cause I’m not posting again.
    Ken Massa is well aware of what Fuller can accomplish and also knows that Fuller can do the same thing he did for his broken team for ANY other team with a talented driver at ANY given time. Seems I saw Chris Pastryak move the 51 and take the lead at Stafford. Hmmmmm. Why would Ken advertise for a company that he knows can beat him with another team. It’s this easy. Ken wants everyone to think that a Fury employee is responsible for their success so that teams call Fury instead of Fuller. Ken is a scumbag for what he did but he’s also a business man. Schrude businessman. I am going to call Fury on “Modified Monday” as they promote and ask them what the set up is at Riverhead. Funny I know, but we all know (including Ken) that they have NO CLUE where to begin. After that I am going to call Fuller and ask the same question. That guy probably knows it off the top of his head including shock builds. So if your trying to defend a title and hope everyone is blind to the obvious who will you promote? The company that just built what Fuller told them to build with the employees Fuller hired or Fuller himself. Anyone still thinking needs to go back to school. LFR will sell 20 cars this off season and they will improve designs while the 51 is in panic mode because the field is catching up. It’s already happening folks. It’s just a decal Mr Massa. We all know now the reason for the decal change now. Sorry to blow your cover but this is a fact.

  18. Doug; I could be wrong, but I believe the 01 team was already running mrs before they made the jump to Whelan series

  19. Dareal a Fury car missed the race don’t forget. Remember all the LFR bashing you did with the 01 being LFR. It’s come around my man.

  20. Courtney says

    There is still a brand war. It just seems apparent on which brand has prevailed on the tour. LFR struggles in SK and ROC as well as MRS. The tour is a small piece of the big picture on Modified racing. Seems like there is a usage for both at this point.

  21. In dareals world if an LFR car wins its not the chassis it’s the owner,crew chief,tire guy , hauler driver , garage floor sweeper , if any other chassis or sticker on a LFR car , then it’s all about the chassis, oops I forgot Troyer is now a fuller product , I guess dareal will have to go with the fury sticker chassis now. Dareal might just be that bald guy

  22. Thanks Courtney
    . I’m not so sure LFR struggles on any non NWMT so much as they have not actively sought to develop those markets. LFR employee Steven Kopcik is fielding a new LFR SK this year but that’s more a condition of employment then trying to sell LFR SK’s. Seeing as how Fuller now owns Troyer one would think the point is moot at this stage.
    My view from the bleachers is that Fuller can talk about keeping the Troyer/LFR brands distinct but with all due respect to what he’s accomplished I’m not buying it. Merged companies always soften impacts in the short run to reduce anxiety. In the longer run merged companies seek to reduce costs by eliminating duplication not fostering it. I’m seeing duplicate equipment for sale popping up on Facebook from LFR. In a year or two it wouldn’t surprise me if all Troyer/LFR production, parts and service is consolidated in one location. It’s inevitable.
    That said I hope I’m all wet and you’re right Courtney..

  23. Tom2, this “51 Fury thing” is all about Ryan Stone. Ryan Stone is to the 51 as Phil Moran is to the 2. It’s the collective talent on the team, and right now, the 51 and 2 teams have the best collective talent, and that talent is anchored by the Crew Chiefs. Fuller has NOTHING to do with it. Remember what a laughing stock the 15 was for a few years when Fuller was driving it? Was it because he sucks as a driver, his “technology” is nothing but total 🐂-💩, or both? Go look up Fuller’s driving record. The 2 had a Fury, er, I mean LFR chassis, running better than the LFR House car years before the LFR house car was better than sucking. The teams that are doing good are the teams that will do good regardless of the equipment. It’s all about talent. The 51 and 2 have the talent. It is that obvious, even Massa can see that. Fury is staffed with people with real racing experience and expertise. LFR couldn’t do its own manufacturing or servicing without outside providers. Got Welding?

    So what exactly is Fuller/LFR bringing to the party?

    Phil Moran had the Fury/LFR chassis running top shelf long before Fuller could get his own “R&D” car to run decently. Years before. So what was the Fuller secret sauce all that time? There wasn’t any. And still isn’t.

    What could a racing team need from a chassis company, other than the hardware? If you need a chassis company to provide track site support to tell you how to set a car up and tune the chassis, you shouldn’t be playing racing cars.

    And after decades of racing, that knowledge, talent and capability to tune a chassis still eludes the vast majority of the racing population.

  24. My first time posting here and obviously learning the lay of the land.

    Some random thoughts; LFR/Troyer, ever heard of the old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? Lots to be said there.

    LFR only dominates on the WMT regardless of the reason facts are facts.

    01 does not belong on the WMT, on their third chassis manufacturer and still can’t make it go. You can only find fault with everything else but the driver for so long regardless of their gender.

    Shawn, how is the field for Friday’s mod race @ N.H. determined? Thanks.

  25. Holy Cow says

    Dareal. Maybe Fuller isn’t as smart as you and actually had to develop set ups that he runs. In order to do this there is a trial and error phase. This again is for common folk. Ryan Stone was crew chief for the 44 in 2016. Nothing to write home about. Those cars were built at LFR BEFORE Stone returned to CT. Only after Fuller paid him to take the position AFTER the cars were built. You are out there man. You always want to throw back 6 years ago and talk about Fuller driving. That’s desperation at its finest. Fuller never drove his LFR car. Your facts are pulled from the same place you wipe. Pathetic. Keep bashing and hiding behind your handle. My stomach is turning as I type responding to someone like you. Isn’t there a parachute company that needs some RnD done that you could help with?

  26. Question, DEI had a shake up in 2005 and Tony Jr took his team and went to work at the 15 car shop with Michael Waltrip. This lead to Michael having a record season. Anyone here know who the engineer was on that team?
    This lead to Tony JR and Dale JR going to Hendrick. The best team in NASCAR hands down. This engineer did not go. A season later Tony Eury was fired. I doubt anyone will know who I’m speaking of but my point is it’s NEVER about one person with success. Only small minded folks believe it is. Dareal has the IQ of his local speed limit.

  27. So Dareal who is responsible for Draco Springs success? They are on about every Modified out there now and are the top of the line product. 15 years ago this was something that wouldn’t work either now they dominate the market. Coincidence? This will go unanswered similar to the the reader that asked for a before and after stat of EVERY team that made the LFR swap. The sound of silence is deafening.

  28. Dareal. Fuller ran the house car 1 time for a championship. No RnD just going for points. Do you happen to know how that year ended up? One time. Again………one time. Do you smell what your shoveling here? No Fuller means no LFR. Every LFR team benefits from his knowledge and experience. All you bring to the racing world is a bucket of puke as you hide so valiantly behind a handle. Why don’t you actually put your real name on something and go out there and accomplish something. I think I know this answer!

  29. Earl,
    It’s been a blind draw previously. I don’t think that has changed.

  30. wmass01013 says

    Earl, IF YOU MEAN QUALIFYING then NMHS still does single car 2 laps not group qualifying

    9:00 a.m. NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Qualifying (Two laps, all pos

  31. wmass01013 says

    oh sorry earl, thought u meant sat race, my bad

  32. wmass01013,
    I got the impression Earl was asking about the exhibition Whelen All-Star Shootout on Friday July 19 for the Whelen Modified Tour at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. That event has had a blind draw for starting positions every year it has been run. For the Saturday July 20 regular Eastern Propane & Oil 100 for the Whelen Modified Tour, there is the standard one-car qualifying. That will take place at about 9 a.m. on Saturday.

  33. Liz Cherokee says

    You boys need to have a drink and settle down… Reading all these bombastic cogitations is making me think that I just drank the whole bottle!
    Yes, Melissa–just like many of you boys–missed a race. No big deal. She’s made over 95% of her attempts. Good for her! I’m still a big fan of the only driver in recent history to win the Whelen Modified Tour’s Most Popular Driver Award three consecutive times! 🏆🏆🏆
    I also can’t believe that no one has mentioned the strong race run last night be my little darling ♥, Timmy Stolimoto. I hope this is the beginning of an uptick for that team.
    So please go order yourselves a shot of tequila and a chaser… Double bottoms up boys!

  34. wmass01013 says

    You were Right as usual Shawn!!!

  35. My apologies, should have asked the question differently. What is the selection process for the invitational?

  36. Earl,
    As far as who is in the field for the event, I’m actually not sure at this point what the actual qualifications are to get an invitation.

  37. Will, please do tell… who was the engineer? LOL!!! 😂🤡🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡

    JBon thanked Fury and Ryan in VL. Massa is a pretty smart guy.

  38. Fair enough. I would be interested to know what the criteria is to receive an invitation if anyone knows and thanks.

  39. Would NASCAR ever consider a minimum of 1 mile in distance for a green/white/checker finish? 2 laps around a 1/4 track mile track do not seem to be enough.

  40. 95% of its attempts to qualify for the events entered? Pretty impressive maybe I spoke a little prematurely. Was it through time trials, heat races, provisionals?

  41. I’d like to build on what Liz said.
    I’ve never been a fan of Melissa being hammered year after year. Didn’t they end the most popular driver award because she won it every year and the abuse was so ridiculous she asked them to end it.
    It’s NASCAR’s rule. If she qualifies there’s nothing to complain about. I don’t understand why a person would waste so much money on participation with no results but that’s her decision not anyone else’s.
    Last night what I did notice is Wade Cole. Essentially you could make the same case for him that Melissa is attacked for. True he was only 4 laps down but cautions were his friend. Laps ticked down at the end and the 33 was on the bottom staying out of the way. If I was being cynical I’d say Wade is too old and is racing simply to be in the record books as having the second most starts in the series. That’s harsh but he’s in the same boat as Fifield. He qualifies, he races…….period.
    We don’t attack Wade do we. Mostly because he was a contender at one time and he’s a guy. Many of us go back to the day when the expression went “no ?its in the pits”. I know my fellow old farts know what I’m talking about.
    Fifield is what she is. A chick that stays out of the way for the most part, participates and a lot of young gals love seeing her. You want to find fault? Email NASCAR.

  42. LFR, FURY, TROYER, CD, SPAFCO, JO BLO’S CHASSIS. Who cares. It’s not like any of us are paying the bills. Let it go, frankly it’s not worth the time.

  43. Seems like an interesting comment thread. LFR and fury both take credit for bonsignors success. It also appears they take both take credit for cobys wins among others on thier respe tive websites. So it would appear at least to fury, any LFR chasis win is a win for fury. Interesting business model to have.

    I dont remember exactly but didnt LFR split and gave birth to fury or am i forgetting how it all went down?

  44. Fred, Trump takes credit for all the great things anyone else does. Trump inherited a robust economy. Obama recovered the economy from the GWBush depression. The economy is doing well, and the recovery started in the beginning of the first Obama term. Yet Trump is taking all the credit for the robustness of the economy and ability to withstand his Administration.It’s a miracle the economy has survived this Administration this long. Indicators are that Wall Street is getting fed up, if they start pulling money out, the economy tanks. Interesting appropriation model. Like the credit wars between LFR and Fury.

    Liz, the 01 couldn’t make it through the qual process on the VMRS series and wasn’t racing, so they came over to the NWMT that was short on cars so she was assured to race as long as the field was short. She didn’t really qualify, she just had to show up and she could race. And about that Most Popular Driver Award… what happened to it? Looks like the VMRS is getting lean and she can run there, just have to survive the heats. It’s called “qualifying” for a reason.

    Tom, Dowling and Kopcik ran that car. They made the car look good.

  45. Nothing to do with gender so please let’s not bring that into the conversation. Thought I made that clear in the initial post.

    Is this what racing is coming to, staying out of the way for the most part? Is that what you call racing regardless of gender? NASCAR calls them field fillers and I would waste my time e-mailing NASCAR why when they allow it to get the ratings?

    Let’s put this in perspective since you are bringing gender into the conversation. I wonder how Melissa would do in a match race with Amy Catalano? One race on each of their best tracks to make it fair. Sure would be interesting wouldn’t it? Both same gender drivers. Any thoughts on that one?

  46. Sorry Earl, wasn’t singling you out at all. The Fifield theme is a multi year deal that has been brought up by perhaps a few dozen people of the years.
    There is no such thing a field fillers. There’s cars that qualify to race and deserve respect and those of us that don’t race and refer to less competitive cars in dismissive ways. I don’t know but I sure hope Nascar does not refer to any team as a field filler.
    Clearly anyone that follows Amy in the ROC or has seen her at New Smyrna knows she is more in the class of the top 15 in the NWMT so a match race would be a waste of time. However if you are going to suggest a hypothetical race and you don’t want to show gender bias you might want to avoid suggesting a women only powder puff race. You should be putting Wade Cole in it to show your gender neutrality.

  47. JD says:

    JBIII won half the races last year and a couple already this year.

    JD, JBiii didnt race any races last year and hasnt since he was tragically killed in a WMT event in August 2007 at Thompson. JBiii is/was the great John Blewett III. Rest in peace!!

  48. Crazy in NY says

    When Rene Dupris ran the Tour she was not knocked continuously for her gender because while she wasn’t a top runner she was a respectable performer and qualified in races that sent cars home.
    Nobody cares today that M, FiField is female, the rap on her is her performance or lack there of.
    The drivers on the Tour are not going to reveal to scribes or open mikes what they really think but over beers and in the haulers what do you supposed they say? She qualifies because she shows up and he car passes inspection but in a 24 car field….well you figure it out. Sorry but facts are not hate.

  49. No racist, misogynist, anti gay, religious zealot or any other biased person ever freely admits they have biases and they always have facts to back up their intolerance. Myself included.
    That certainly is a bit of hyperbole in this forum regarding this topic. The point being the demographics of we folks commenting for the most part wouldn’t normally be associated with enlightened and open minded thinking on most topics. We tend to know what we know and will defend it no matter what the cost.
    I’m sure every guy that has taken a shot at Melissa and not at Wade over the years is absolutely convinced there is a clearly defined separation based on “facts” and that Fifield being a woman has nothing to do with it. I’m not buying it at all. Deflecting to Mamma Cat or Rene has absolutely nothing to do with the current visual of one woman and one man each racing more to stay out of the way with only the woman being singled out.
    I’d suggest if you have the time read the rules for the NWMT cars. Building, funding and fielding one is an immense undertaking deserving of respect for even attempting it. If they can get that car to the track and qualify then no fan should be deciding for NASCAR who is and isn’t worthy. Complain to NASCAR if you have a beef. I’d suggest though not referring to the vague “everyone says while they’re pounding brewskies in the haulers” argument when making your case. Nascar officials have probably already heard from that contingent I would think.

  50. Beatty couldn’t hold a low line at the end, his car wanted to run the higher groove. If Beatty took the inside, he probably would have been sliding up worse while trying to keep up with the 51. But that is just the nature of tiny bullring racing and GWC. The gloves come off. And making the outside was a galactic mistake.

    It’s amazing that more cars didn’t pile into each other.

    All is good.

    A team loaded with talent wins again.

    Wins after 8 races…

    Coby: 3
    JBon: 3
    Silk: 1
    Pitkat: 1

    Like I said, a couple teams win the majority of races. How many more will JBon and Coby rack up by the end of the season?

  51. First off let me say that I admire Melissa Fiefield. She shows up every race, and usually See’s the checkered flag, even though she’s many laps down. I think she might have more success in other types of racing though. At Stafford her lap times are slower than the Stafford late models for instance. I think she would be better suited in an SK Lite car. But I do admire her for her determination.

  52. “When Rene Dupris ran the Tour she was not knocked continuously for her gender because while she wasn’t a top runner she was a respectable performer and qualified in races that sent cars home.
    Nobody cares today that M, FiField is female, the rap on her is her performance or lack there of”

    Well said Crazy and I agree with your thoughts. Amy Cat can hold her own as well.

  53. I don’t comment here a lot, but on this one, you guys finally reeled me in. I rose to the bait! We are all passionate race fans here, and that is what I see. Here I feel is the common thread. We all have our favorites, and the not so favorites. Whether it be drivers, crew chiefs, chassis, ect. I sat in the stands as a kid rooting flemke and my buddy punching my shoulder yelling “bugsy”. But forums are forums and debates are debates. Everyone entitled to their opinion, (and I for one, learn a lot here from all commenters so its valuable). So, my respect to all, but here is my 2 cents (which means nothing) If I may, for the sake of disclosure, I am no expert. Just a very long time modified race fan. Probably like most all of you. But it seems to me, it takes the whole package. It’s not just the chasis, or just the crew cheif or driver. This isn’t modifieds in the 60’s or 70’s, with backyard technology anymore. In those days, guys could make a decent weeks pay at this stuff (aka eastern bandits). Nobody doing that to any degree on asphalt anymore , sans Hirshcman, maybe. Who is doing this making a fat living? probably no one. So the way I see it, it’s a passion of a car owner, deep pockets or not, to go racing in this day and age. As such, they make the money calls. Buy the equipment, hire the driver, (if he’s lucky the driver brings some $$) and the ever important crew chief. As for chassis, it appears to me it’s like cup in this way. The last few years, chevy has gotten their clocks cleaned by ford and toyota. Yet, this year, maybe not so much! All top tier teams! So, Troyer the last couple of years, seems to be behind LFR. Sure, a rift. Is Fuller the mastermind? Or is it Fury? Maybe a little of both? Who knows where this shakes out. Maybe next year, some new kid on the block, no one saw coming? I know I just love rooting for teams and drivers.
    So, to Dareals point, when he states chassis don’t make a difference, I feel he is partially right. We all know that team chemistry is paramount. Teams that are on the cutting edge make that razor sharp edge of winning, over losing. But here is where I think you “have to have it all”, in order to make a measurable difference. Back to the 01 debate in this thread. Let’s say we took stone, the crew et al, from the 51, and transplanted them to the 01. A championship crew with LFR, er sorry, Fury chassis. Does anyone think that would change anything there? It’s an LFR er Fury chassis equipment at the 01. Doug, totally gender neutral here, and I am not being cynical in any way. My point is it takes a whole package. Gotta have the frame, setup, crew chef and driver in this modern age. And Doug, I get it. While I’m no fan of her riding around and staying out of trouble, I cannot help but admire the dedicated people and family that supports that effort and expense for that team to race. Who the hell am I to judge! If the rules allow the 01 to race, then so be it.
    Thanks for letting me have my 2 cents” guys. I’m sure not all agree, but that’s ok
    See you at the races!

  54. Bobby Oneil says

    LFR Chassis 001-052
    Fury Chassis 053-058
    LFR cars 001-058

    Ken Massa purchased his cars from LFR which makes them a LFR car which utilized a LFR design chassis that was manufactured by Fury.
    LFR was severely vested in Ken Massa Racing. To thank Fury for doing absolutely nothing is pathetic.
    If you don’t understand this there is no helping you. Now can we please go racing and let the best teams, companies and driver win races? Good grief people.

    The NASCAR WHELEN MODIFIED TOUR ALL STAR SHOOTOUT Special Event is limited to a twenty (20) car field. Participants eligible for entry into this Special Event are: Any NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and/or NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour current/past champions; race winners from prior NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and/or NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Championship events prior to the entry deadline and the 2018 Sunoco Rookie of the Year winner from the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. All eligible drivers must enter by the entry deadline to be considered for one of the twenty (20) starting positions. Late entries will not be accepted, no exception. If more than the starting field of twenty (20) entries is filed, the criteria for being eligible for one of the twenty (20) starting positions will be as follows: Drivers ranking with the most number of NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and/or NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Championships will be eligible for one of the twenty (20) starting positions until all positions are filled. If positions still remain available, the next position(s), until the field is filled, will be available to the driver(s) who have the most wins, ranking from most to least, from the 2005 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and/or NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified
    Tour season through the Entry Deadline Date of this Official Entry Blank of July 9, 2019.
    In the event of a tie among driver(s) based on any of the above mentioned criteria, the tie will be broken based on most number of highest positions in final NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and/or NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Final Championship point standings (for example; most number of first place, most number of second place, most number of third place, etc.) until tie is broken. If the tie is still not satisfied then the tie will be broken based on most number of highest finishing positions from the 2005 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and/or NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour
    Championship events through the Entry Deadline Date of this Official Entry Blank of July 9, 2019.
    The 2018 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Rookie of the Year. Once the above criteria has been met, if any of the twenty (20) starting positions remain available, or all of the teams are not
    present to compete after submitting the Official Entry Blank, NASCAR may allow additional teams to compete based on most number of second (2nd) place finishes then third (3rd) place finishes and so on in NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and/or NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Final Championship Point Standings first, then number of highest finishing
    positions from the 2005 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and/or NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Championship events through the Entry Deadline Date of this Official Entry Blank of July 9, 2019 until the field is filled. Starting positions will be established as follows: A team may elect to utilize one car for both the Special Event and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Championship event
    scheduled for Saturday, July 20, 2019 or utilize a second car. The team must make this declaration to the Series Director by July 8, 2019. If the team elects to utilize a second car, then an additional Inspection Fee must be paid. A backup car cannot be used after the declaration unless the car has been damaged beyond repair and/or at the discretion of the Series Director. Teams who declared to the Series Director that they will utilize two cars (one for the Special Event and one for the
    Championship Event) must further declare which car will be utilized for the Special Event by 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 18, 2019. A random draw will be held to determine starting positions for the Special Event. The order of the draw will be based off of the driver’s criteria to enter the Special Event. For example, the driver with the most number of championships and was first to be eligible for this event will be the first driver to draw for his/her starting position. The driver with the second most championships will be second to draw for his/her starting position and the process will continue until the field is set. The pole position will be awarded to the driver who draws the number one (1) position. The driver must be present to draw for his/her own starting positions. No substitutes. If a driver is not present to draw for their starting position and/or under penalty to start from the rear at the start of the race, the team will forfeit the Pole Award money and that money will be passed to the number two (2) position and so on until awarded (if applicable).

  56. Bob wrote, “So, to Dareals point, when he states chassis don’t make a difference, I feel he is partially right.”

    Partially? PARTIALLY????? 😉

    So, many other teams are running LFR frames, and they still can’t run with the 2 and 51, or they suck and will never be competitive. Did they get bad, defective product? Why does the 2 and 51 seem to always get the really good frames? 🤯

    Look at the 75. Bought the LFR “R&D”, or house car, and they still run mid-pack. Take the current frames from the 2 and 51, and give them to any other teams and those teams will not run the frames like the 2 and 51 teams did, and they will not become the #1 and #2 running cars.

    One of the best Crew Chiefs ever was Barry Kuhnel. He took care of Stefanik during his dominance. Barry knew exactly what the car needed and gave it to Mike every time.

    It is stunning that so much of racing is thinking that buying the magic part will make a huge improvement and put the car in the top three. Find out what the top team is using, buy that part and think that you will then run in the top three. It still doesn’t work that way. Look at all the teams that have bought the same parts and they are still not competitive. It’s amazing that Fuller created a chassis war that does not exist. He put his product in the hands of the teams that were already the top winning teams, the best talented and funded teams, and made his chassis look like it was the reason the teams were still winning. This, after he spent years looking pitiful running his own car. And all the wannabes are still wannabes. The standings are pretty much the same teams in the same order they have been for years, or to be expected. But there is still no explanation why all the other teams that are using the same product are still no better and not competitive. That people fell for this is stunning.

    Y’all need to understand that the cars run the same tires. There is one tire supplier. All cars run the same tires. Engines have been standardized with the SPEC engine, supplied by one source. Get it yet? Tires and engines are standard, sole sourced. Everything else between them is talent, some have it, most don’t.

  57. What happened to the Most Popular Driver Award?

  58. I may not be that bright but I’m not stupid. I have about as much chance in convincing folks that there is a double standard afoot and to let NASCAR be in charge of who qualifies for their races as DGF has in changing anyone’s mind regarding the current president. So I shall retreat on that issue but thanks for your patience.
    Barry Kuhnel was Bob Polverari’s crew chief as well at one time. Very talented.
    I don’t believe spec engines are high end crate engines are they? Didn’t we dance step long ago? They can be complete packages or component kits. When locals assemble them don’t tolerances and final machining matter? Who is assembling Bonsignor and Coby’s engines.? Is it the same outfit?

  59. Crazyin NY says

    Doug as typical has lots to say while peering through the fence. From the shadow of cozy SMS he’s got it all figured out. Try this on maybe. Compare MF and WC when they are in similar equipment.
    They are not even close. Swapping seats it help Wade far mare than it would hurt Melissa.
    Ok I’m a misogynist now right? Again you think you know me…you don’t. I’ve been helping a female Sportsman here in NY for 4 years now. She’s currently sidelined with money issues and fyi I love the fact woman compete in motorsports. The equipment doesn’t care what your gender is. Talent either comes out or it doesn’t. As to admiring those that compete and go through the trouble of putting a team and car together that includes everybody in the pits. Give it a rest already.

  60. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it must be a porcupine.
    I was referring to biases in the generic sense. We all have them and can produce “facts” to back them up.
    My objection is to those that claim ownership of “facts”..
    How looking through the fence or being a devotee of my favorite track has anything to do with your point I’ll leave to that prickly brain of yours to ruminate on. What I can tell you is Stafford has a dynamite show Friday with Open mods. 32 cars signed up including a contingent from PA and NJ go figure and will have a jammed packed paddock of mods in the 80ish range in three divisions.
    I believe they even will admit a porcupine if you want to take the ride.

  61. Crazy in NY says

    Why the ” ” around facts? …………..then we go to a SMS sales pitch……again relevant how?
    Here is one more fact you don’t need quotes around. Wade Cole is an invitee to the NH All-Star event. Stafford for me (my favo short track) . Headed west to Lancaster Thurs, Ransomville Fri (get some dirt in my beer) and Jukasa Sat. It’s Summer

  62. Dareal. Many times you’ve been asked for stats. Many times you have not responded.Here’s another request.
    75 car average finish before and after LFR
    75 average starting position before and after LFR
    If you can’t see that this team has pulled a 180 with LFR you are a DMF.

  63. I guess I will never understand why the Stafford Open Modified show is called that. If this was a true open show then why are there rules that limit the engine package? Open to any 23 & 18 degree engine with a steel block, aluminum heads or steel heads, no WMT spec engines no SK engines. Open, no, more like a limited rules modified show. 32 cars that are signed up, now we will see how many actually show for the limited rules modified show.

    TTOMS now there is a true open series, covers WMT, VMRS, ROC and SK engines. OPEN in the true sense of the word.

  64. Earl, Stafford and the tracks TTOMS run are very different. TTOMS runs on tiny bullrings that are not horsepower tracks. Those events are big left turns, no straightaways where you need horsepower to exit and leg it out. Stafford is a ½ mile with flat turns and straightaways, and is a horsepower track.

    There has to be some kind of rules so some schmuck doesn’t show up with a big engine and stink up the show.

  65. And those amazing crew chiefs and owners of the 2 and 51 chose to switch from Troyer and Spafco because they thought the LFR chassis was inferior and wanted more of a challenge, now I’m starting to understand Dareal , I thought any good business tries to surround them self with the best people and equipment

  66. David, the “stats” people ask for are out there and they can get those stats themselves. Some people can not be helped.

    The 75 is slightly ahead of itself this season because of two races early in the season where there was tons of attrition of the higher performing cars and the 75 placed well because of that attrition.

    Here are the finishing results for the 75 so far this season, in order:
    5, 6, 9, 26, 18, 6, 12, 12. How do you like those stats?

    Note the first two races of 5th and 6th, where there was lots of attrition of good cars that left survivors to move on up. The 75 survived and reaped those benefits.

    If you call the performance of the 75 this year a 180, then the 75 must have really sucked because it is still a mid pack car at best. If you can’t see that the 75 is still a mid pack car and the chassis change did not result in statistically significant improvement, then you can not be helped. And that is the reason why I usually ignore requests for stats.

  67. Thanks dareal, just saw that on another thread on racedayct.

  68. Building on DGF’s comment and stats the 5th place finish at Mytle was not one with high attrition with only 3 cars not running at the end.
    In 2018 the 75’s first 8 races produced results of 18,11,18,15,13,9,11,19.
    Year over year for the first 8 races that’s an average finish of 11.75 this year to 14.25 last year in the first 8 races. Not exactly making David’s case for a massive turnaround. However just looking at the finishes they’ve got four top tens so far compared to none last year at this stage. May or may not be a 180 turnaround but it’s a pretty solid improvement over last year. Last year at this point definitely mired as a mid packer, this year top 10 in a field that could be considered more stout top to bottom.
    From stats to the absurd there is a taking credit war going on on Facebook. LFR vs Fury. Each congratulating the same winners for using their equipment. Seems pretty petty. Especially for LFR in my view. Rob won. He’ll dominate the NWMT continuing with Blewett’s new machine being debuted at Loudon and his Troyer division dominates SK’s and non NWMT series. Can’t judge about the dirt but they seem to be doing well there too.
    The two bald guys are going to need more then hat’s, decals and a newly converted Massa to compete.

  69. Earl’s point has merit. New Smyrna is a half mile open format and Stafford could do the same. They don’t allow SK’s for obvious reasons. It’s their meal ticket and you can’t be losing SK cars to a race at the same show. They could allow spec’s like New Smyrna but really aside from Hirschman are there really that many that would come to the race? I’d argue the future of opens is cast iron blocks with Stafford leading the way in a new trend but clearly I’m biased.
    Call it the Rhubarb 80 if you want. It’s still a great night of racing and an outstanding value at $30.

  70. Doug, actually I think you will find the VMRS created the 23 & 18 degree engine with a steel block, aluminum heads or steel heads rules years ago when they were organized. Stafford is not leading the way in any new trend, they just copied it from another series and centralized it at their own facility.

  71. Fast Eddie says

    The Fifield vs., Cole debate has nothing to do with gender. The situations of the two are completely different. Wade Cole has run the WMT for a long time and currently does so with an older car and a limited budget, racing within his means and doing the best he can. On the other hand, Ms. Fifield has an up to date car and I believe she has a SPEC engine. However, she unfortunately has a foot problem; they don’t work the gas and brake well enough to be competitive. I’ve seen it and heard it during single car qualifying; she’s off the gas much sooner and back on it much later than anyone on the WMT. There is no comparison to be made, it’s apples and spaghetti.

  72. Sybil, there was massive attrition at Myrtle Beach. Only 9 cars finished on the lead lap. The 60, 51, 14, 36, 3, 82, 46, 25, 64, 45, 85, 54, and 16 were all a lap or more down.

  73. Right again Earl. I was thinking more as it applies to opens as opposed to season long points based series.
    If you look at the landscape now what I said given the opens that exist now is indefensible. I base it only on the suspicion that a whole bunch of tour type modified teams that are not NWMT focused are deciding to use VMRS style built engines as opposed to using specs. They’re competitive on the TTOMS small tracks and legal in the VMRS obviously and Stafford.

  74. Fast Eddie speaks the truth. Wade finished 11th in points a couple years ago. I think the only time he missed race is when he had some sort of surgery a couple years ago. He’s old school and low budget.

    Ms. Fifield is afraid to drive, apparently. She appears to be afraid of going fast. You would think that someone would have learned by now how to drive a car, but it ain’t happening. She has plateaued, gone asymptotic, a long time ago. As FE said, she’s into the throttle way late, and out of the throttle way early. And even at that, she’s like in a panic stop mode, she can often lock up the front wheels even as slow as she goes on entering. Even as slow as she is, her front rotors are glowing when the rotors of the faster cars are not. These cars are just too much for her to handle. She’s gone through every chassis and runs a SPEC. It has been confirmed that the equipment has nothing to do with it, other than it’s too much for her.

  75. This is one of those deals where we can’t even agree on what constitutes “massive attrition”. I thought it was DNF’s. Apparently it’s now the number of cars finishing on the lead lap I suppose meaning “massive carnage” is rife in many races.

  76. Doug, you wouldn’t happen to be a disc jockey would you? You certainly know how to spin your rebuttals when corrected, LOL……

    Fast Eddie, thank you for weighing in on the Fifield/Cole debate. I was beginning to think it was me after the spin doctor was done.

  77. wmass01013 says

    My View Gender no matter, Wade Cole is 66 and has been racing modifieds for 40 yrs, Melissa is 26 and has been on THE WMT for 6 yrs and 80 starts, AND HAS SHOWN no improvement at an age that she should want to be gaining knowledge and skills to compete for top 10s and wins, it is her and her teams choice to run any series they choose but again with all the options, MRS, yes she did that before WMT, sk’s weekly or sk lite’s weekly to gain skills and confidence to compete and win IN A modified car, if she did what Kyle Bonsignore did at the Fall FInal or what Lutz did at the Spring Sizzler or Beatty did at Riverhead, I and many others would be standing and cheering her on in the grandstands.

  78. Earl, the 23º and 18º engines were well established engines long before the VMRS was formed. The VMRS has done all they can to get their series accessible to low budget folks and let them use whatever engines were laying around, and that was 23º and 18º engines. The VMRS is pretty much the secondary market for used NWMT cars and engines, and before the SPEC engine showed up, it was all 18º engines on the NWMT for years and years years.

  79. No doubt I’m getting my nose bloodied daily in this thread..I feel like the settlers in a wagon train surrounded by fierce warriors. Only I’m the only settler, there is only one wagon and all I have is a BB gun. You guys don’t want to move on that’s fine. I know I can never change the minds of Fast Eddie, DGF, Earl, the porcupine and many others. However there may be someone out there that shares my belief of a double standard so let’s see what I can come up with.
    1) Let’s start at the beginning. The system worked as it should. The 01 failed to qualify. A great race with a controversial ending yet 3 comments in Tony takes a shot at a non qualified car, the porcupine joins in and we’re off to the races on Fifield. A non qualified car.
    2) My only point has been that there is no double standard in NASCAR. I have faith they know what they are doing. Whether it’s Fifield, Cole, Sutcliff or any other car being lapped I trust they are making sure it’s done safely. The shear amount of mentions Fifield gets in this forum in my view is evidence of the double standard.
    3) A lot of hypothetical’s and anecdotes that to me are more proof of the double standard. The stats show in the last year and a half Fifield qualifies last and Cole second to last. At the last race at Thompson Cole was lapped a total of 76 times by 25 drivers in a race with only 4 cautions and finished as the last car running one lap down to Carrol, Ellwood and Sutcliff. Fifield had she not retired early would surely have been lapped far more then Cole. I don’t see much difference in 76 or 90 or whatever as long as it’s done safely.. Fifield, Cole,Sutcliff and others seem to be very responsible in not hindering what amounts to most of the field continuously passing them. Yet Eddie, Earl, Crazy and DGF are more vocal then most insisting Fifield is special. I actually think she’s one of the guys.
    4) Does Fifield have supporters? Sure she does she used to win the Most Popular Driver award. That ended of course because of some very bad behavior that was so completely out sized in relationship to it’s importance to the series.
    RaceDayCT 11/23/16, Shawn Courchesne
    “On Wednesday NASCAR announced that Fifield had earned her third consecutive Most Popular Driver award with the series.
    It only took minutes after the announcement before the ugly vitriol and mean-spirited sarcasm targeted at Fifield began sweeping across social media among those keeping up with the coming and goings of the Whelen Modified Tour.”
    Should you be interested you can read the article that was one of Mr. Courchesne’s best among many good opinion pieces and may still have relevance today.
    5) As one of the most fair minded, pleasant and knowledgeable fans in this forum I view native Show Me Stater Fast Eddie as the canary in the coal mine.. Drawing conclusions that may or may not be true about equipment comparisons and critiquing Melissa’s inept driving style all for the purpose of ending in a snarky conclusion that is irrelevant in my view. If Melissa doesn’t qualify well and if it’s her driving style then the stop watch reflects it. If you want to believe Melissa and her dad can take their assumed top notch equipment and routinely be beating a guy with literally decades of experience in modifieds so be it. It’s all irrelevant. This is about cars that NASCAR says can race and are responsible being passed.
    6) If you search RaceDayCt for Melissa Fifield you will get articles describing her good works. Search Wade Cole and you get an article of his return in 2015 after an injury. Now I know we in this forum don’t consider good works and public relations seeing as how we are all purists. Nonetheless in some circles including NASCAR I’m betting it is noticed and appreciated.
    7) I love Wade Cole. I loved him a Riverside and love the idea that a fellow Medicare recipient is still actively racing. His record of starts second to the great Jamie Tomaino will never be broken. I knew his crew chief Brian Crunden and chased him on the track in a by gone era. This isn’t about Wade Cole not being up to racing on the NWMT. Neither should it be about Fifield as long as NASCAR says it’s OK. For those interested in the nice words Mr. Courchesne wrote about Cole at the time including the fact he was and is an outstanding good will ambassador for NASCAR you might find this piece interesting.
    If I had to condense all this yammering in a simple notion it’s this. NASCAR says if and when Fifield can race. Too many in this forum make Fifield who in the landscape of all of modified racing is a mere bit player their target over the course of literally years. All the while insisting the absence of a penis has nothing to do with it. Me thinkst thou protests too much.
    Thank you for reading this if you have. I know in the end I shall be as popular as Elizabeth Warren at a Fox News staff meeting but what can I say. I love the chicks is racing, am biased in favor of their participation and am prepared to pay the price.

  80. Crazy in NY says

    With all of Doug’s spinning it proves one thing. He doesn’t use traction control. (yuk,yuk)

  81. Crazy in NY wrote, “With all of Doug’s spinning it proves one thing. He doesn’t use traction control. (yuk,yuk)”



    Doug always shows up unarmed for a battle of wits. Facts are completely out of the question.

    Looks like it’s time for Sybil to come up with another new personality.

  82. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, I would be willing to wager a fair amount that if Rene Dupuis or Amy Catalano were driving the 01, either would be substantially quicker and faster in it than Melissa Fifield. This for me has nothing to do with gender. At the drags, I always enjoy seeing the girls beat the boys occasionally. It’s one thing if someone is doing their best with limited funding and older equipment. It’s another thing entirely if someone seems to be afraid of the car and is driving well below their potential. IMO, that creates a potential safety problem for all the other drivers. And for the record, I agree with the slogan but am not from the “show me” state.

  83. One thing I can see is when you get Doug wound up he reverts to the lengthy posts. Maybe his new alias should be Dizzy Dean or Looping Larry?

    Fast Eddie, again I agree totally with your last post.

    Dareal I agree on the 23 & 18 with the old pre WMT engines. But remember, Stafford is leading the way with this new engine trend technology according to certain individuals.

    Warning Warning ⚠️ stand by for an incoming lengthy post alert!

  84. Hey, is the latest manifestation of the 01 a LFR or Fury?

    But anyways, Justin did what was needed, Beatty made a bigly mistake by taking the outside.

    Next up, Loudon.

  85. Doug,
    I believe in the Melissa Fifeld most popular driver years people were able to vote for their favorite driver once a day. Have you ever heard of ballot stuffing? Years ago only NASCAR members could vote once for their favorite driver. That was more of a fair way to vote. In this day and age of computer experts, it is easy to submit hundreds of votes each day. Please correct me if I am wrong on the voting process Shawn. That is why she was voted most popular. Her loyal fans were stuffing the ballot box every day. There is nothing wrong with loyal fans voting, but stuffing the ballot box just means your fans have a lot of time on their hands. Maybe that’s why NASCAR stopped giving the award.

  86. Crazy in NY says

    Captain Keyboard takes a few shots….oh heavens me. So Tony takes a shot at the 01 and suggests she
    try racing elsewhere and I follow with some facts ( without the ” “) and I get tossed in the stew as well.
    If you point out something that’s substantially true your a “hater” or some other adjective from the Dougie
    big book of Look at me and how smart I am. Quote Fast Eddie: “Doug, I would be willing to wager a fair amount that if Rene Dupuis or Amy Catalano were driving the 01, either would be substantially quicker and faster in it than Melissa Fifield”
    Now do those words from one of your hero’s here qualify as “hating” on MF? Or do those subjective opinions underline the real issue here? The non performance of a driver that gets hype BECAUSE of her gender and not her performance. No hate from. When she’s 10th or 15th or 20th even in qualifying and performs as well as any mid-packer does she’ll get kudos from me. I’m an old man and I come from an age when numbers mattered more that hyped imagery. Today though we get trophy’s for showing up. Pffftt

  87. Does it really matter what it is? Will it really make a difference?

  88. Crazy in NY says

    Last post from on the subject. Like I said the best part of motorsports is the machines harbor no prejudice on who sits in the seat. Her’s a lady that gets it done. First 19 minutes here are a pure joy to watch.

  89. 8) Ed J ” Her loyal fans were stuffing the ballot box every day.”.
    Mr Courhesne sighted the flaws in the system in his piece I provided the link to. It’s not the point. The point being the reaction.
    This is more proof of the double standard. A completely unsubstantiated accusation of ballot manipulation. Melissa won therefore it happened because her fans cheated. And it rolls off the keyboard of Ed J so easily like it’s just a fact. No it isn’t a fact and even if it happened how would her fans behavior be her fault and why should she get attacked in any event?

  90. Doug, if you actually went to a track, you will observe that when MF is introduced during driver introductions, there is silence, no response from the crowd, as if she doesn’t exist. She was left off the intro at a race. There is very noticeable reactions, applause, and cheering for other drivers. It is reasonable to expect that a driver that won the Most Popular Driver Award multiple times would have a huge fan base at the track cheering her on, but no, no such real physical fan base has ever showed up at the track. She doesn’t attract attention at all at the track, it’s like she isn’t even there. So who was voting for her? Are we to believe that MF has all these fans but they never go to the track? How can she have such a huge fan base that never goes to the track?

    Imagine a field of cars where all drivers have the same talent level of MF. That sport will cease to exist in no time.

    Here’s an interesting part of this… if you walk by the 01 trailer, you will see Christian religious items on display, and her father is/was a police chief. The Most Popular Driver Award was ruined for all others, drivers and fans. NASCAR had to put an end to that 💩.

    Remember when Trump was campaigning he told us he’d be winning so much we’d get sick of all the winning? Well, even his own judges are putting a stop to that 💩.

  91. Doug,
    No where in my statement did I say there was any cheating going on. Please stop putting words into my mouth. I could not care less who the most popular driver is. All I am doing is putting out an observation. If anyone wants to win any online contest, all they have to do is get a bunch of their friends to flood the contest with electronic mails. I am not that great with the computer, but I have 3 e-mail accounts(personal, work, phone).So I could have 3 votes a day. I am sure young people that know what they are doing can create many accounts and make many more votes a day. That is the point I was getting at. So let me spell it out for you Doug in simple words you can understand. IN MY OPINION, ANY online vote of anything is flawed because it can be manipulated. Does that satisfy you Doug?

  92. Doug, the way the MPDA voting was set up, there was an incredible opportunity for it to be more about who has the time, effort, cast of characters willing to help, and access to many email addresses, to load the ballot with votes. It’s not NASCAR’s fault. It’s a matter of ethics, professionalism, and doing what is right, and not doing what is just not right. It was more of an award for who has more time, effort and email addresses.

    Again, Doug, if you ever went to a track, you’d see MF does not have a fan base. If you went to the track, you can hear the cheers for all the other drivers. Perhaps all her fans are millennials that live vicariously and virtually through their smartphones instead of going to the track. That could be how they stuffed the ballot and why they are never seen at the track.

    Go to the track Doug and you’ll see MF is not, and far from, the Most Popular Driver.

    Look, the MPDA has value. It can be used to get sponsors and bucks. But NASCAR could not let themselves look foolish any longer. It would be so easy to win the award by exploiting the way the voting was set up, and then use it to get sponsorship. Bigly sad. 😢

    So sad that the Most Popular Driver Award was ruined for everyone else. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  93. Ed J, you will get no reaction as Doug is peering through the fence at Stafford. Stand by for the spin doctors response though!

  94. We’ve all seen this movie before. Passions get elevated, the banter devolves into a tit for tat on disassociated issues complete with taunting mockery and insults. We start out with good intentions trying to make intelligent points and before you know it you’re back to grade school.
    In this case we’re arguing about ballot stuffing that may or may not be cheating, that there is absolutely no proof occurred that Ms. Fifield had absolutely nothing to do with a long time ago. My apologies to Melissa should be unfortunate enough to read this. And good luck with your new used car dealership by the way.
    At this stage the thread has passed it’s prime and all the venting that could be vented has been vent. I’m comfortable that I did the best I could to be the devils advocate taking a position on an issue the I knew going in few would be receptive to. I think I made some pretty good points but it’s not for me to judge. Others can read what we’ve all written and will judge us accordingly.

  95. Ok, Doug says we are all done playing, time to go home everyone. Let’s see how that work out for you LOL………

  96. Earl, Doug and his tribe of personalities (numerous screen names) have threatened to stop numerous times, only to come right back. Promises made, promises broken.

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