Breaking News: Thompson Speedway Likely Going To Sunday Exclusive Schedule For 2020 Season

Thompson Speedway was in action Sunday and Sunday events will likely be all over the track schedule in 2020 (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – One of the regular criticisms heard about the schedule of NASCAR short track events at Thompson Speedway is that the track doesn’t run events on a consistent day of the week. 

That will likely no longer be the case in 2020. 

Thompson Speedway general manager Terry Eames confirmed to RaceDayCT Sunday that the track will likely go to an all Sunday schedule for the 2020 season at the track. 

Eames, who took over as general manager at the track last September, said he has been researching the change since the end of the 2018 season. 

Thompson Speedway has 10 events on the schedule in 2019, which includes their season opening Icebreaker weekend and season ending Sunoco World Series of Speedway racing weekend. Of the other eight events, five were scheduled for Sunday’s, two on Wednesday’s and one on Saturday. 

Thompson Speedway hosts the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour four times each season with two events on their Icebreaker and World Series weekends. The other events were Wednesday events in 2019 that will now become Sunday events in 2020. 

Eames announced at Sunday’s driver’s meeting that change was likely coming. 

“As sort of the final bit of research,” Eames said of sharing the news at the driver’s meeting. “If I got a bunch of moans and groans from that group today I might have second guessed myself. The feedback was positive.” 

Eames said he believes a consistent day is the best plan for the facility’s short track program. 

“And having run the schedule here for a year, I think that Sunday is the right choice,” Eames said. “… Fans and competitors that have said it would be great because they can’t get the time off from work like they used to.” 

Eames said the track hopes to make an official announcement concerning changes for 2020 in about a week. 

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  1. So would all of their WMT shows be on Sunday’s as well? It would be great not trying to make a Wednesday night show next season when people travel four or more hours to go watch!

  2. Mike Camerato says

    It’s about time everybody works for a living it’s hard to leave work early or not work at all those days lve been saying it for years Sunday Sunday

  3. This is an interesting scenario for 2020. Stafford Friday, potentially Waterford Saturday and Thompson Sunday (based on the scheduled number of races). So does this mean no WMT races on week nights as in the past?

    This will definitely thin out the car counts at the 3 tracks. We will see where loyalties lie with the teams.

  4. Viva race fan says


  5. EUREKA!!!!!!

    Give it a minute… there will be complaints about racing taking up the weekends and Sundays.

  6. Seems fine for weekly shows. Thompson only runs a few summer shows. This won’t effect car counts anywhere.

    I will miss the Aug WMT night race. That was a tradition even if I had to burn days off. Hope it isn’t 100 degrees next Aug like Loudon was. Weird to think there could be no CT night races for the tour next year.

  7. I like the idea of Sundays and I think most teams will too. And let’s be honest, with how sluggish of a pace thompson has been moving their shows this year I think it’s safe to say they need an entire day to get even a regular show in.

  8. Love Thompson but what a mess yesterday. What’s with all the unnecessary caution laps. Multiple times they still had the yellow flag out and there’s nothing going on. Slowest show iv ever seen run there. Bring back Ben Dodge!!

  9. Race boy says

    Now how bout bringing back the sausage sandwich and fried claims!!!!! Thompson ain’t the same without the concessions!!!

  10. Gonna miss the night tour races. I love thise guys under the lights

  11. Hillary 2020 says

    Not impressed with the changes this season. Yesterday they were dragging the show on for no apparent reason. Food stinks. Stands half empty. The 47 puts the 35 in the wall, no penalty. Couple laps later the 47 gets stuffed in the wall himself so that was good. I enjoy the tour under the lights. Hopefully they’re not all Sunday afternoon sweltering heat shows.

  12. The Mods under the lights at Thompson is a sight to behold.

  13. wmass01013 says


  14. Crazy Larry says


  15. Fast Eddie says

    For me it’s always a plus to go to races without having to leave work early. I always wondered why they didn’t run on Sundays, particularly when they went to the short season.

  16. They ran Sunday’s for years in the 80’s and 90’s. Weekly divisions will be fine. The Mod tour is a great race during the week in August. They shouldn’t change that race. But the others will work well, always did.

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