Wesley Prucker Beneficiary Of Feisty Last Lap Battle For SK Light Mod Victory At Stafford Speedway

Wesley Prucker celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – For lap after lap it looked there was going to a celebration of a first-time winner for the SK Light Modified division at Stafford Speedway Friday. 

Would it be Mikey Flynn celebrating his first win? Or would it be Jon Puleo getting the chance to celebrate? 

In the end it all went bad for the pair and it was instead Wesley Prucker celebrating his second victory in the division. 

A last lap skirmish for the victory left Flynn and Puleo in the wall and Prucker driving to victory in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford. 

Prucker, of Stafford, got his first victory in the divison on July 7, 2017. 

“This is awesome,” Prucker said. “This is absolutely great.”

Mark Bakaj of Lebanon was second and Alexander Pearl of Salem third. 

Puleo went to the lead past Robert Bloxsom III on lap four. Flynn moved to second on lap 10. On lap 14 Flynn found the inside line on lap Puleo, but Puleo held his spot out front. A lap later Flynn cleared Puleo for the lead off turn two. 

On lap 19 Puleo closed back to Flynn’s bumper. On the final lap Puleo got a run off turn two and was able to get his nose under Flynn in turn three. Contact through the corner between the two sent both cars hard into the turn three wall and allowed Prucker to easily move to the lead. 

“I read that like a book,” Prucker said. “[Flynn] did the same thing to me a couple weeks ago. I knew they were going to touch. This is awesome.” 

Said Bakaj: “I saw Jon trying to set up [Flynn]. He was doing a good job and he had a good run on the inside and [Flynn] closed the door and they just kind of, neither one of them wanted to give an inch.” 

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  1. From the little driving experience I have this is what I know.
    When you’ve got the fastest car it’s like having a super power. You’re in control. Everything is in front of you, decisions on how and when to pass are yours alone and you know you can’t be stopped. It’s 100 times better then defending your spot, racing your line and waiting to see how you’ll be roughed up as the car with the super power goes by. Having the super power requires a measure of restraint to show a little respect for your fellow competitors by waiting for the right time to make responsible moves.
    Right now Narducci has the super power and there simply in no car that can match the results the 01 is producing in terms of lap speeds.Fresh tires, old tires makes no difference. One practice last night and the fastest single lap times in the heat and feature as usual.
    In my view he’s not showing the division the proper respect. He’s a kid with a super power and he’s making questionable decisions. He did last night and he and others paid the price for it. They sent him to the rear that was a set back but with super powers not as much as the rest of the field finishing
    So you say Doug, many other drivers make bonehead decisions. It’s a learning division so why hold the 01 to a higher standard. Here’s why. Many of you have labeled Bryan a young phenom destined for greatness. I don’t know that’s true or not true. I know he has the fastest car by far virtually every time it’s tires touch the track. My view if you have super powers and consistently know you are faster then every car in the division virtually every night you should restrain yourself a bit like Super Man does.
    Going three wide is for suckers with average cars that need to take risks because they are average. There’s nothing about the 01 that is average.

  2. BufordTJustice says

    Just stop the carnage!

    Let’s all just do all the racers in the SKL division a big favor and start the 01 on the poll every week and give him the win, the championship and the national championship that SMS so much wants and save the expense to these struggeling race teams that are supposed to be “beginers”.
    The 01 causes wrecks running from back to front all the way up through, he wacks any car in his way and when SMS sends to the back he just wrecks more cars going forward again.
    The whole thin is a joke, mafioso type racing, no one wants to upset the golden child, watch him wreck car after car so he gets his wins.
    Just watch the videos, it is pathetic what he gets away with. Yes they flag him for one out of 20 cars he rough rides to save face but they make sure it is while he still has enough laps left to get to the front.
    Great, they pulled his motor last week and sent to the very shop that BUILT THE DAM THING! WTF?
    What does the crank weigh? Rods, pistons? How about the cam? What is the stroke?
    There is no frigging way in hell that motor is the same as everyone else. So let’s just let him have his wins and save all the others on the track the heart aches of having to fix their cars week after week behind this cheater.
    Very disappointed in SMS for letting this go on.
    Just watch the videos.

  3. Buford- I don’t think it’s in the motor. Are you complaining about his car owner Todd? He just won his third race against the best equipment and drivers in the North East. The SKL division is loaded with young talent that are just not in the same league as Narducci as of yet, and how many crew chiefs in the SKL division come close to Narducci crew chief in wins and experience? It’s the whole package that makes the 01 fast. Yes he maybe a little rough getting to the front and yes maybe the officials need to have him sit out a week after the next black flag.

  4. Buford T Cry Baby , your name should be ,who writes your your B.S.

  5. I’m still going to lobby for the engine being dyno’d. Do I think there’s any cheating going on………no. It’s just those lap speeds every week. Show the motor is fine and 95% of the doubt goes away and the only thing left is his questionable driving decisions that can be easily fixed with a firm hand.

  6. Doug his engine was dyno,d last week by the one who built it , makes all the sense in world to me , that should take away any doubt you had, can’t even make that crap up

  7. Didn’t I hear the 01 said the motor was for sale to anyone who put the money up? Two motors pulled this year and both legal! Put the money up or shut up! Fact is, the kid just outdrives everyone and nobody can stand it! He did a awesome job in Baldwin’s Modified a couple of weeks ago, but I guess nobody saw that. Oh well, the haters are always going to hate!

  8. Here I’ve been whining about pulling the 01’s engine, they did it and I missed it. Nice call Elect.
    Agreed the independence of RAD building and doing the testing is not a good look. I would hope the track oversees the process so I’m sure it’s fine. The notion a business is going to help build a cheater motor then fake a dyno test report to cover it up is just so far out there its not even worth pondering.
    So that’s that. All we have to argue abut now is driving style. Tire guy implies he;s the next coming of Richie Evans. I still say Superman needs to treat his fellow competitors with a little more respect.. He got one first or second place finish taken away for rough riding and the penalty in this race likely cost him a win as time ran out. That’s not being very smart in my view when you have a clearly superior car with a completely legal motor as it turns out.
    Bryan started forth and finished forth in the 7NY. While I can’t say I watched him all the time my recollection is it was a quality run with little drama. It’s interesting Mike Christopher started 5th and finished 5th in the last open in the same car.
    So Bryan drove the 7NY pretty responsibly which you would expect since it’s a one race deal and why take chances wrecking an iconic car. Which begs the question why the swash buckling, daring do act in the SK Lights.
    Superman is a bit of a bully on home turf when he doesn’t have to be. More patience and respect and only a flat tire might be separating him from first place.

  9. If you recall Doug, the one race he got DQed was the one where Chapman nearly wrecked the field when he drove THROUGH the 01 going into turn 1. Only for Narducci’s quality of driving that it didn’t turn into a huge wreck. You, like the Stafford officials, only saw the 01 use the same move as the 14 did, only not as bad! It’s interesting that this is even a discussion! Haven’t seen a word on here about the two leaders wrecking each other. Goes to show you who everyone is watching!

  10. Doug- I never implied anything about Richie Evans. NOBODY will be like Richie Evans! Buford T. Knowitall – if Stafford wanted him to win they wouldn’t be calling him out for the stupid penalties that they have so far, now would they? Elect- read my previous post, I believe the 01 said the motor was for sale when it got taken out of the car. You should have put your money where your mouth was!

  11. The Evans reference is an exaggeration meant to make a point an not to be taken literally..
    Sorry Tire guy.I thought you were an even handed observer. Making excuses for penalties and blaming the enforcement is kind of a last ditch stance used only by true believers. If you’re in the Narducci can do no wrong then I’ll simply wish you well with that.
    Funny. Narducci is a tire guy too so you have that in common.

  12. I will say when you have a dominant car, it is tuff to show restraint. The 01 is getting through the turns a ton which translates into more straight away speeds and Bryan drives the wheels off it. There are other things that need to be checked, though. Transmissions, rear ends, shocks, and tire treatments. Keep everyone honest, stafford.

  13. Tire guy maybe you should read mine again , all I was saying to Doug is that his engine was dyno,d, just don’t think the guy building engine should be the guy confirming he did it right

  14. Tire guy says

    The 01 has a awesome tire guy obviously. Unfortunately i’m not him! The only thing in common I guess is the tire thing! By the way, just watched on Fanschoicetv where Chapman spun him out of first but he did a remarkable job saving it to finish 4th after they DQed the 14.

  15. Geoff Nooney says

    Why is everyone talking about Narducci, its not what the articles about,

  16. Not talking about the article Geoff……….guilty as charged. But that includes you as well.

  17. Did Narducci do a remarkable job saving the car Tire guy? At least you’re consistent.
    I sat next to the very substantial Chapman contingent at Stafford at an open and they agreed to a person that Narducci was at fault and their guy an innocent victim. You sound very much the same.
    Chapman wasn’t disqualified for the hit you mention he was for a shot to the 01 after the race.
    My view if you’re a sincere fan you say this nonsense by both teams is out of control and needs to be reigned in immediately by Stafford and/or Thompson. All the rest is predictable biased fan nonsense.

  18. Geoff Nooney says

    Im just busting

  19. You may be disappointed in the entries Geoff and busting as well. But you still have not contributed one coherent, adult thought in the thread.
    “Im just busting” is fine for a teen on facebook and pretty typical. Here you can express whole thoughts and if challenged defend them or not.
    You used to be one of the best. What happened?

  20. Tire guy says

    Doug…. I do agree with you on that. The officials need to have a little chat with these “kids”!

  21. Cool beans Tire guy……race on!

  22. Geoff Nooney says

    Sorry to disappoint you Doug, my thoughts are Wesley did a great job being patient and it paid off in the end, Id really like to see Puleo win a race in the near future, and Mikey Flynn uses his front bumper way to much from past experience, even if it doesnt get him anywhere. Thats all I got, as for Narducci, let Chapman and Narducci deal with it. They will both figure it out one day. Both talented drivers, but wrecking each other doesnt do anything but hurt themselves. Drivers gotta start focusing more on doing there over worrying about paying people back. On to the next one they say.

  23. Geoff Nooney says

    And being Narducci or Chapman fast takes alot of homework. If teams do there work they can be that fast too. But people gotta stop wrecking so they can make improvements rather than just fixing damage every week

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