Bullring Bash Drivers And Teams Prepping For Thunder In The Mountains 100

(Press release from The Bullring Bash) 

The Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge presented by RaceChoice is closing in fast on its first-ever event, the Thunder in the Mountains 100 at White Mountain Motorsports Park. With around 20 cars in both the Modifieds and MSD Legends divisions expected for Saturday’s event, both drivers and owners are growing more and more excited about Saturday’s event.

Sam Kramer, the owner of Richard Savary’s No. 99 Modified, said the race was a good option for their team.

“We’ve been looking for some shots to race,” Kramer said. “We pick and choose where we go. We’re not looking to run a full series… It just fit perfectly into our schedule.”

There’s also a slate of Modified competitors ready to race, including Whelen Modified Tour winner Woody Pitkat and Modified Racing Series points leader Mike Willis.

”Definitely nice to get all the big-name guys coming at you,” Willis said. “You’ve got this guy who won this and this guy who won that. It definitely revs up the show a lot.”

Kramer was one to agree.

“You want to race against the best in New England,” he said.

For many drivers, this will be their first trip to race White Mountain Motorsports Park, which makes the race a wild-card of sorts.

“I’ve only been there to spot and crew before,” Willis said. “I think it’s awesome that everyone will be in the same place because you’re not going to somebody’s home track, so everybody’s gotta learn the groove.”

Saturday will be the first time Anthony Nocella goes to WMMP at all.

”I’ve never even seen the track,” he said. “I like going to new places. It’s something different. I’ve heard from a lot of people that its a real fun track, a fast track, and that it’s fun to race on.”

Bullring Bash founder Josh Vanada remains excited for the green flag to drop on the inaugural Bullring Bash event.

“I know it’s been a long wait for fans in the Northeast, but the time is finally here,” Vanada said. “I can’t wait for the racing to get started on Saturday!”

To keep up with the Bullring Bash, teams and fans can visit http://www.bullringbash.com. Fans can also stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @BullringBashQMC.

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  1. Is Doug really Shawn’s alter ego. Doug knows everything about every track every series every driver etc. Yet he only attends Stafford Speedway. But he like Shawn is a know it all

  2. Arnold,
    I’m really not even sure how to respond to this beyond just laughing at you.

  3. Fast Eddie says

    Arnold, I’m not one to criticize people but what planet are you from? I’m guessing it’s definitely not this one! Shawn and his site are the best source for Northeast Modified racing! He knows a lot due to covering it as a newspaper reporter and continues that here. He goes to many of the events and does not only rely on press releases for info like many websites do.
    Doug, although a “Stafford only” attendee, has also been following racing for years from what I can tell. Given the fact that many tour-type events happen at Stafford, he has a good picture of who’s hot and who’s not.
    And no, I’m not related to or have met with either one. I just call them like I see them based on my experience as a fan (15 events attended so far this year). What kind of racing happens on your planet?

  4. Crazy in NY says

    Arnold, did you even respond in the right topic? Will you be attending the B Ring BasH? Please do and report back. I can’t make that one and I don’t care what Doug or Dafool think about the place . (WMMP).

  5. Arnold H Christensen says

    You Shawn are the laughing stock with your little blog and your hundred followers.

  6. Arnold,
    People like you certainly make me laugh. I appreciate my “hundred followers”. Those 100 people must certainly click on a lot of pages every day based on the traffic numbers I see. But yes, thank you for coming here and sharing your opinion of me and this site. I always find it interesting that people who apparently know so much about me and what I do and want to take shots at what I do never have the courage to actually use a real name or a real email address. And oddly those same secret keyboard warriors never have the courage to approach me at the track and tell me how they feel. My name is on everything here as you can see. It’s sad that you don’t have the same backbone. But keep leaving comments and thank you for reading. I guess you made it 101 readers for today.

  7. Arnie, your post is so bizarre it is uniting Crazy and myself, for just this once.

    That is a rather bold opening post you made there over a nice and simple PRESS RELEASE from The Bullring Bash. Do you have a beef with the Bullring Bash series?

  8. The comment suggesting a connection to a professional media expert, entrepreneur and journalist I greatly respect is nice to hear but an insult to Mr. Courchesne and completely undeserved. It also reeks with ignorance on your part Arnold for having absolutely no idea of what being a professional entails.
    The observation that I comment on a lot of events at race tracks I haven’t attended for a while is fair. In my defense I would suggest it should be about the relevance, accuracy and entertainment value of what is said. I monitor a lot of sources of information related to local short track racing, try to pass on related information in advancing the topic. I look up a lot of stats and pass them along as well. Most don’t hesitate to quote and attack others comments. I often show appreciation for information provided or an interesting perspective and say why.
    How about we agree to this Arnold. Be specific.Challenge me on what I say on a given topic then we can dance a merry jig if you like based on something real.. Prove you know something. This generic whining while avoiding the topic entirely and insulting our host using me doesn’t seem to show you know anything more then how to start a fire..

  9. All I want to know is what in the hell do all these comments have to do with the bullring bash?

    Unfreaking believable Shawn!

  10. getserious says

    Another example of proving that alcohol and a keyboard do not mix.

  11. Shawn, I know you didn’t write this press release but I have a question. I am hoping someone from the Bullring bash is reading this. I am considering driving the 3 hours to White Mountain. I don’t care if there are no shows. In the release it says around 20 drivers. Can you give us more than four names. Even if there are no shows that wouldn’t bother me. I just cannot justify the trip with only four names mentioned.

  12. Great point Earl. What are your thoughts on the Bullring Bash and how it’s shaping up?

  13. Ed J,
    My advice to you would be to reach out to the series or Josh Vanada. Probably the easiest way would be through a Facebook message. Also, check the contact page on their website where there is an email listed.

  14. Competitor list from Bullring Bash official website:

    Woody Pitkat
    Bill Dixon
    Andy Shaw
    Russ Hersey
    Jacob Dore
    Sal Accardi Jr.
    Joey Jarvis
    Andy Jankowiak
    Richard Savary
    Cameron Sontaug
    Matt Galko
    Mike Willis
    CJ Bolton
    Kirk Alexander
    George Sherman
    Geoff Rollins

  15. Fast Eddie says

    If I remember right the bullring Bash site had 15 teams listed as of yesterday. I don’t think the Nocella #92 was on it at that time but I believe they are entered as well.

  16. I wonder if 16 cars would be considered a successful show or not in the promoters eyes. I would say somewhere around 16 cars should be considered a success given they are over 3 hours from modified country and the more established MRS are right around 16 to 18 cars at most events this year. Claremont cancelling tonights MRS event a few weeks ago should help the bull rings car count tomorrow considering they are sharing some of the same drivers, White Mountain is a nicely banked quarter mile bullring, and I don’t recall ever seeing modifieds there. Its priced at $25 g/a. So that alone might make it worth a trip for some modified fans. So maybe it is a successful show.

    The Bullring Bash had a lot of pre season press. They have already changed from 125 total laps in three segments which differentiated their events to a straight 100 lap race format, They postponed their first event in June without announcing a make up yet. Rumor has it, the car count expected at the first event was significantly less than what is expected tomorrow. So, I am really interested to see how this event unfolds. I am curious what peoples expectations on this event or series are?

    Personally, I think there are too many touring modified series right now with Whelen, Tri Track, MRS, Bullring, Stafford Opens, and that American series specific to the Bowl if they open. My guess, at least 2 of these series are not around next season. There just is not enough cars/drivers and fans to support 6 tour type modified series in the Northeast.

  17. James Scott says

    WMMP is a beautiful venue. It’s in a spot that is worth the ride just to visit. I bet this will be a good show. I believe that the last time tour types ran was around 2003. If you have never been there it’s worth a visit. Shawn I have not necessarily agreed with you at times but this site is a great source for us racing junkies. I check in at least once a day. Keep up the great work and thanks. JS.

  18. wmass01013 says

    Like it or NOT the WMT seems to be the HOT ticket right now for teams, I know MANY do like NASCAR and NASCAR rules but it is the best racing and also team wise of them all, I know people who like Tri Track and they will stick to that and that’s fine, I think they have lost some luster from past seasons, the MRS has work to do if they so choose with lots of date cancels and low car counts, Bullring is a tough sell UP NORTH, after avoiding Stafford’s Opens last yr I have attended 2 this year and while OK not over whelming by any means, I am hoping to get to tri tack at Monadnock in Sept. I have not been to Thompson yet this year but will be interesting to see what’s new there this week, the ROC seems to be holding steady with some younger drivers appearing, can all these series survive and prosper? who knows.

  19. There is no doubt the Nascar tour is king. I think there is room for another option or two in the Northeast. I just think 5 other options isn’t going to work for very long. ROC does seem to be doing pretty good in NY.

    It looks like the Bull ring got 9 cars for practice. They do have a good 5 cars capable of winning. Hopefully it turns into a good race. Also they made a big deal about being covered on Speed 51 and it was listed in their live coverage schedule up until yesterday and now it is not. I know speed 51 broadcasted a big late model race from White MTN just last week without any technical issues. I wonder why it was scrapped.

  20. my bad they had 10 cars for practice. I cant count cars going around a track at speed on a vid posted on a twitter feed.

  21. CG and wmass just outstanding.
    The NWMT is the king. My only contention would be who cares if they are as long as there is an audience for whatever other series is out there.
    Come on man, that Waterford modified tour deal is not a thing. Could have been, isn’t.
    Stafford isn’t for you travelers it’s for we locals although we’re happy to have you. It’s thriving and has a bright future. The TTOMS a little down from what it was. Could be valid but it’s still thriving with good fields and crowds so give them a star.
    ROC. You tell me. The Calalano’s have more then one foot out, other top names travel more and their tracks SEEM from an outsiders view to have commitment issues.
    The VMRS is the one on life support in my view. I’d like to hear predictions on that series because it appears to be struggling this year. I see a Northern tier, the deciders in the middle on where to go and the South tier that is strengthened by the Stafford SK regulars fielding tour cars.
    Opens. I love Staffords and others like the TTOMS. Are they the future of modified racing?
    NWMT and opens…..good with me. I do believe it’s good with Savory as well.

  22. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, I have to agree with you; the VMRS is definitely struggling. Good quality racing at the ones I’ve been to, but the car counts are down by about 1/3. My guess is the purse size as I think it’s the smallest of the bunch. Maybe they should take any championship money and put it into the event purses.
    “If you pay them, they will come.”

  23. modified racing is exspensive – tires are close to $200 a piece, fuel is expensive- shouldn’t be – used to be $3.00 more than pump gas. Everyone used to run weekly shows and then go to open shows during the week or after the season ended. Now these tour shows try to compete with weekly shows. Not enough time or money for both competitors and fans. Used to love the wed open comps at Plainville on Wednesday, once in a while the bowl would have one… modified madness at Stafford would be cool. Mad Dog or Westboro would have an open comp mid week.Too many many modified rules now- back then it was 350 cubic/in one carb or any 8 cylinder.

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