Mission Man: Bryan Narducci Scores Victory In SK Light Modified Feature At Stafford

Bryan Narducci celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – To say it’s been a rough week for Stafford Speedway SK Light Modified driver Bryan Narducci is an understatement. 

On Monday Narducci found out that he was being disqualified from an Aug. 4 SK Light Modified win at Thompson. Wednesday at Thompson Narducci was parked during an SK Light Modified feature for rough driving. 

The Colchester driver said he came to Stafford Friday on a mission. 

“We had a rough last week and a half,” Narducci said. “Went to Thompson and raced and ended up getting penalized there for something that happened. Coming here today made me want to get redemption. Go out there and go as hard as I could and try to win the race and that’s what we did. It’s a good night.”

Narducci took the lead from Amanda West on lap eight and was never challenged again on the way to victory in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature. 

It was the sixth SK Light Modified win of the season at Stafford for Narducci. 

“I was on a mission when I got here today,” Narducci said. “I guess it showed. Won the heat race and won the race. I didn’t let up at all today. I was full bore all day long. I guess that just shows when I’m on mission to go do something I’m going to do it.” 

Alexander Pearl of Salem was second and Teddy Hodgdon IV of Danbury third. 

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  1. Fastfastturnleft says

    Better send out those tires

  2. Remember this says

    One track disqualification has nothing to do with another track. If he wasn’t such an impatient bonehead Wednesday he would have had redemption at Thompson. But instead he took out three cars and got himself black flagged.

  3. 😂😂😂😂

  4. I hate Narduccci he WINS to much! Whats this 23 or 24 WINS in two and a half years.

  5. Please don’t say hate, that is a pretty strong word to use. There is enough hatred in the world as it is. The better phrase would be you dislike him. 23 or 24 wins in 2 1/2 years, where did you get that number from? Because he is a winner you should not hate him. How about you are sick of seeing him win?

  6. Sharpie Fan says

    Why does he find it necessary to bang on at least 3 bumpers during an 8-lap heat race when everybody is already guaranteed a starting spot and he could probably start last and still bang his way to the front? Drivers move over for him because they don’t want to worry about trying to fix their cars before the feature after being put in the wall by him during a heat race that basically means nothing.
    And I love this “because something happened” BS. Take ownership for your actions — the bad and the good. And the announcers feed right into it. I am tired of hearing “through no fault of his own.: Whose fault is it? The poor guy who had the misfortune of getting his car slammed into the wall. Man up!

  7. Nope still hate him ,Sk lighth WINS from The Bowl,Thompson,Stsfford,

  8. Hillary 2020 says

    Wonder how many of those wins are from a cheated up car. After what’s been going on at Thompson he’ll be a loser in my book.

  9. Where did Narducci start in the feature? What did they check in tech?

  10. No car has been to tech more than 01 they should find something wrong every race I hate him also . He should take all his money and go tour racing and give everyone else a chance to win

  11. just your screen name only makes you look like a loser,LOSER
    Maybe Bryan can give you one of his Trophies to make you feel like a winner!

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