Penalties For Todd Owen And Bryan Narducci At Thompson Speedway Overturned

Todd Owen (left) and Bryan Narducci (right) (Photos: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT

Thompson Speedway officials announced Wednesday that disqualifications and suspensions handed down earlier this month to SK Modified division competitor Todd Owen and SK Light Modified division competitor Bryan Narducci have been rescinded following an appeals process.

Owen had been disqualified from a third place finish in the Aug. 4 SK Modified feature at the track and suspended for the next two events. Narducci had been disqualified from a victory in the Aug. 4 SK Modified feature at the track and suspended for the next two events.

Both were penalized for allegedly having evidence of tire treatment on their tires. 

“It feels right, said Todd Owen, who owns both of the cars involved in the situation. “It just feels like things were handled in the proper way by [Thompson Speedway general manager] Terry Eames and Thompson Speedway and all parties involved. … They did the right thing. In this tough situation there was going to be no winners or losers, but justice was done. There’s no winners out of this. … I don’t feel like I won or I beat them. This wasn’t a battle. This was just fixing what was right and what was wrong. Terry was 100 percent professional with the situation and I couldn’t have asked for a better appeal. It feels like somebody just took the Empire State Building off my shoulders. I feel like I could cry.”

Thompson Speedway released the following statement Wednesday: 

After an extensive appeal process, a decision regarding penalties, fines and disqualifications stemming a recent Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park penalty report has been overturned. 

Originally, Sunoco Modified driver Todd Owen and SK Light Modified driver Bryan Narducci had been penalized following results of a laboratory test regarding tire samples taken on Sunday, August 4. However, after the appeal, through Thompson Speedway’s determination, no evidence was found that the drivers intentionally treated the tires as prohibited in Thompson rules. Therefore, Narducci has been credited with the victory in the Sunday, August 4 SK Light Modified feature, and Owen has been credited with his third-place finish in the Sunoco Modified feature.

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park officials will reconsider this section of the rulebook — which will allow officials to further define the process in the future.

With three races remaining in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series season, Narducci leads the SK Light Modified point standings by 65 points and Owen is third, 45 points out of the lead in the Sunoco Modifieds. Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park returns to NASCAR action on Sunday, September 1.

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  1. donald super says

    ought to be a great race this sunday,now that its okay to treat your tires

  2. “However, after the appeal, through Thompson Speedway’s determination, no evidence was found that the drivers intentionally treated the tires as prohibited in Thompson rules.”

    So, is that a badly-worded vindication, or a carefully-worded indication that the tires were, indeed, treated — but not “intentionally?” Did Owen and Narducci race with treated tires or not?

  3. sour grapes of slander says

    Thompson with egg on its face cannot interpret their own rules after defaming a couple of crowd favorites.. my feeling is the tires were suspect probably along with the others taken from other teams after that event .. you need solid proof ..was stated and I may not be accurate in my quote Hoosier tested the tires and found “irregularities or compounds present that were not consistent with an untreated or untouched/new tire” .. race track surfaces and SOME pit areas are polluted with petroleum based products could a tire ever be clean after its been run on the track . heat cycled and has traveled over contaminated pavement at the track , dirt etc or the floor of the hauler or a race shop.. IF they didn’t find or were not looking for a specific component or solvent that could be clearly identified as a softener or “treat/soak” then they failed.. if your going to point the finger be prepared to back it up.. why no update to the tire rules then .. ?? could do that right now …right ??? incompetence run amuck.. embarrassing !! ..PS proper testing is expensive and time consuming .oh by the way did they get their tires back??? LOL .. simple you get MSDS sheets for various tire soaks.. send the tires to a lab .. have them test for those chemicals and also determine what a proper amount would be acceptable for transfer VS soak (exterior soak old school or using the newer method of delivering the product thru the valve stem).case closed..

  4. Seems odd to me that Stafford never sent tires out for testing after the Thompson incident. If the sniffer doesn’t catch the soaking – does that mean this type of soaking is considered ok? That’s if they are soaking- big question mark!!!? Like I said before- Thompson would be shooting them self in the foot if they suspended two of their biggest stars. I can see disqualification but not 2 week suspension

  5. Shawn: Can you get confirmation from Owens/Narducci if the tires were treated/soaked or not? A simple yes or no is all I want to hear from them.

  6. JR,
    When the originals penalty was announced Todd Owen stated emphatically that he has never soaked a tire.

  7. Wasn’t there some news to the effect that a lab had analyzed the tires?

    Wassup wit dat? Huh? 🤔

  8. JR asks: “Shawn: Can you get confirmation from Owens/Narducci if the tires were treated/soaked or not? A simple yes or no is all I want to hear from them.”

    Yeah, great idea. Hey Shawn, while you are at it, ask Trump if he colluded with Russia, grabbed those women by the 🐈, raped young girls with Epstein, went bankrupt 6 times. I could go on, but let’s see how that goes.

    JR, do you really expect Trump to admit to all the affairs he had? Has he ever? In just one of his divorce depositions he invoked the fifth amendment right hundreds of times. Do you really expect someone that is soaking tires to admit to it? Yeah, sure… just go ask them. The answer will always be “no”. JR, go through the pits and ask all racers if they soak tires. Let us know how your survey goes.

  9. Welcome to Tiregate 2019!

  10. I would like to add you to a Facebook group. Would you accept?

  11. It’s all Trump’s fault, you tell em dareal, and whatever isn’t Trump’s fault is Todd Owens fault, you tell em dareal LOL

  12. What a sad disappointing move by Thompson Speedway, devastating for the integrity of the sport. Talk about not having your employees back!

    Here you have a very intelligent official, pays for the testing of samples from four different competitors tires out of his own pocket, at a lab that NASCAR uses, two come back positive for juicing and you dont back your official up??

    If any one with any form of intelligence actually believes these two weren’t caught red handed juicing there tires then you must be numb!!

  13. Donny Trump says

    Paul you must be on one of the teams that Brian beats every week!!! Get off your keyboard and go work on that junk you bring to the track every week!!! People like you are what’s wrong with this world…. full of excuses!!

  14. I kind of agree with Paul although a little less pointedly.
    It’s all so murky. Kind of makes the enforcement of tire treatment virtually impossible to enforce.
    The cynical view is Stafford’s sniffer is more like a faux video camera. More prop then functional.
    Or no one ever has treated tires.

  15. Paul – where do you get your information? If your story is true then I would think the official would come forward with the real story and results in hand.

  16. Changing Gears says

    Paul is 101% correct,Anyone who says any different is either a fool,or part of it.Those tires on those 2 cars where tampered with,absolutely 100% positive .Thompson is starting to look like the speedbowl ,isnt it.This whole thing is a big cover up ,100%.Good job done by the officals at Thompson.Just imagine what they are getting away with at Stafford,OMG.

  17. Donny Trump says

    How are you so positive?? If that was true would have been extremely easy for Thompson to prove to everyone if they released lab results. Something tells me there were no lab results?? I understand Thompson not wanting the 01 to win every race and have to listen to all the competitors complaining about him but what they did was wrong. Rumor has it Narducci is back in the 01 next year too. At the end of the day the kid is just talented and people can’t handle being beat!! It’s no different than racing with Keith Rocco in an sk he’s just that good and you have to deal with it.

  18. And remember folks… speed shops can’t keep the juice in stock, it flies off the shelves.

  19. Where am i getting my information from? There facts! 4 competitors tire samples were taken and sent to the lab. Two of them came back positive for Juicing!

    Thompson needs to make a much clearer statement on this!!! There tech man Mark paid for the testing out if his pocket!!! I dont know Terry Eames well but im told he over rulled it!!

    I can tell you this, there is about to be a huge boycott from the Lite competitors of this coming race on Sunday unless the track does something to further clarify this. It just may be just Pearl and Narducci running it!!

  20. Well I’ve said it time and time again.I live about 20 minutes from Thompson and will still drive past their and go to a different track the same day they are running.The cost of admission is so expensive.They do not even post results on their website.The car counts for the oval and even the road course have dwindled.The place has gone down hill and now this…..too bad IMO.

  21. Where’s Oprah?? You get treated tires, you get treated tires, you all get treated tires!! And if you think for one second that just because someone says they didn’t, and you believe they actually didn’t, you need your head examined. Taking someone’s word in racing is about as useful as a hubcap on a tractor. As far as treating tires in the light division, it’s been going on for a very long time. Some won championships, some moved up to SK’s and beyond but treating tires is one of the easiest scams to get away with in racing particularly at Stafford and now at Thompson. Congrats at making rule enforcement a complete laughing stock.

  22. Paul.. And why did he spend money out of his pocket for 4 different competitors when Hoosier has a place they send all the tires to be tested. You think maybe he’s the one at fault and headhunting? Why didn’t Thompson pay? As far as Stafford is concerned, when you treat a track to make a groove better, all tires will fail the test. Hey dareal, take pictures next time you see someone buying it! Changing gears… the same guy was head official at Waterford and is now head official at Thompson. I hope that answers it for you.

  23. Josh paradis says

    The officials did their jobs and management is screwing them hard. The reason stafford wont run the same test is because david arute drives for todd owen so why would they dq family up at stafford? Now last question how many mods will really show this week at Thompson if the racers take a stand on this one.

  24. The Champmans paid for the test, You think St Healiar,paid for it Lol,

  25. Donny Trump says

    I was a big Chapman fan till a few weeks ago. Kid has some talent but man is he a poor loser!! Biggest bunch of crybaby’s in the pit area! Dumps the 01 and gets penalized for it which he should have. Blame it in pit road if you want but it was clearly what he did to try to win. Then not show up the next week!!!! That’s pathetic!! Then last week at stafford get out of the car and say the 01 was blocking??? Laughable! He’s young I’m sure he’ll come around but come on!! If they are so concerned about cheating I’d be looking into them. They have the fastest times usually at Thompson and there best laps are usually late in the race. All the lite competitors complain that the 01 doesn’t drop off time wise what about the 14??? The only difference is they don’t win so nobody’s complaining about them yet. In a few years when Brian leaves the lites and they can win the 14 will be the dark horse that everyone complains about. All you people do is complain. If your so intelligent and have it all figured out how come your cars don’t go???

  26. Tire Guy, which Hoosier are you referring too? The local distributor or the factory? The samples where sent to the lab the factory uses. The report is pretty specific that these two competitors tires contain chemicals that are not consistent with the manufacturing of the Hoosier M450 yet the other two tires sampled didnt find these Chemicals, why is that? Mark has the report in his own name as he paid for it and will show it to anyone that wants to see it. Obviously your a tire guy, ask him to see it and ask him why he paid for it himself. Could it be he loves the mods and wants to keep us all honest, get get good car counts since we will be racing on fair and balanced field?? We dont have that now!!

  27. Good observation on the track treatment Tire guy!

  28. Why dont our cars go?? Perhaps because we aren’t treating our tires!!

  29. Paul,
    Your tales here today are spiraling toward the immensely absurd. Do you realize that if there’s ANY truth to what you’re saying here that you’re doing far more to show immense wrongdoing by the tech staff at the track than you’re doing anything to prove any guilt regarding the accused in the matter. First you say you know the tech director paid for the tests out of his own pocket. If the tech director paid for tests out of his own pocket, that right there would be grounds for total reversal of any penalty. Why on earth would an employee of this business have paid out of his own pocket to have further testing done on any individual? No employee of the track has any right to do any further testing of materials or parts that is financed beyond the observation of the track management. That would absolutely be grounds for firing. Secondly you say you’ve seen the lab results and that the tech director will show them to anyone. But the track officials made it clear at the time the penalty was handed down that nobody, including the alleged guilty parties, would be allowed access to view the lab reports. And here you are telling the world that the tech director is now showing those same confidential lab reports to anyone that wants to see them. Not only would that fact be grounds for reversal of any penalty, but that certainly would be grounds for the immediate dismissal of the tech director.

  30. Shawn, why dont you please call Mark yourself and interview him? This way you can hear it with your own ears sir. Perhaps this may help us all to reach further clarification and closure.

    I dont want to see the division end but if the majority of the competitors are about to boycott the next event it will surely cause us to loose it.

  31. Paul,
    I know it may sound harsh, but your comments here are beyond ridiculous, bordering on delirious really. No, the tech director is not going to be interviewed. The track put out a statement representing management. Tech directors don’t speak for the track, the track management speaks for the track and the findings of their tech staff. That said, I’m quite certain the tech director isn’t going to say he paid for the lab testing since he didn’t pay for the lab testing. And secondly, I can assure you the tech director is not going to say he’s sharing the lab results with anyone that wants to look at them. Your comments here are doing far more damage to the reputation of the tech director and the other competitors at the track. If as a competitor in that division, you have indeed been provided the lab results in question then you’re essentially telling the world that the tech director should be fired immediately. I’m not sure how you don’t understand that you’re basically calling out the tech director as the one most at fault for any wrongdoing in this matter.

  32. Horse tooth Jackass says

    Thank you for finally speaking some realistic words here. These “know-it-alls” are just too much. I learned more about how to cheat here then ever. Any from a large group of lawyers apparently as well as ace chew chiefs and track operators. You name it
    Selective enforcement at best

  33. Originally, the independent lab tests came back positive for evidence of tire soaking. The extensive appeal shows no evidence of intentional tire soaking…but the tires tested positive for soaking. So the tires were tampered with but not intentionally meaning they accidentally drove through tire softener somewhere but other drivers passed the test racing the same day on the same track with tires purchased off the same truck. Am I missing something. I think Owen and Narducci should be held accountable if lab tests prove tire soaking and nothing in this release indicated the original tests were inaccurate. It doesn’t even sound like they were retested. Maybe, hopefully, I am confused but I read it a couple of times. I guess the key word is intentially in which they are recinding the punishment issued. If you didnt intentially intend to hurt someone in an accident arent you still held accountable for the actions which caused harm.

  34. So my question is why should the track treat the surface to create a racing groove? Does the racing surface suck that bad or is it you guys can’t figure out how to set your cars up to go left successfully on an untreated track? You need the track to treat the surface to help make your car handle? It’s called a crutch, pathetic is the best word I can come up with. That tells me something about some of today’s racers!

  35. My sympathies to Thompson and Stafford managements, their tech staffs for the difficulty race tire treatment presents and Shawn for having to cover it.

    Sure they make it clear you can detect the treatments. But it’s complicated and no doubt expensive. It’s hard enough to keep the cars legal as it is and this sort of forensic testing is ridiculous it’s so involved. It’s not remotely practical even on a routine basis.
    Many here have suggested treating tires is extensive. They may not be wrong. All this penalty and retraction will do is make it more prevalent.
    The stuff in dangerous. Young people using it is insane. Loaded with carcinogens and can affect your respiration. It can’t be worth it.

  36. No worries on that front, Doug. No one is using it. No one is cheating, just ask them.

  37. “”

    Part of this article really grabbed my attention…

    I raced R/C cars for years, indoor and outdoor, and tire treatments were legal in many carpet and hard surface racing classes. One of the most popular compounds for softening foam rubber r/c tires has a strong wintergreen scent. It was so strong, the entire building smelled like wintergreen all winter during indoor racing season.

    Makes me wonder if it’s the same stuff… ;^)

  38. Tommy O’Sullivan says

    David Arute does not drive for Todd Owen his car is housed their ,David owns his own stuff you might wanna get your facts straight

  39. Wendy Brusseau says

    Just remember all you folks ,Terry Eames is involved with this.Anyone who believes those tires where not treated,are truly being fooled by someone.Listen to Paul,he has the FACTS.The 81sk,and 01skl had treated tires,plain and simple.They will never be caught at Stafford because the Arute kids cars come out of Owens stop,Narduccis Mom works for Hoosier,HELLO.It all adds up ,I think.Come on people cant you see this.That is probably why the inspector did this on his own,so the cover-up people would not get there hands on the test results.IT ALL ADDS UP>

  40. if you check with the tech staff i don’t think anyone is bound by a confidentality agreement I think its more like fishing and they are proud of what they caugh’sometime they have pictures to share. Secondly you will probably find that a lot of gages and tools used in tech aren’t owned by the track You could interview some of them for the podcast.Race on

  41. So now they take the win back away from the #151? They gave him the win when the #01 was suspended?

  42. Wow, Dareal….what’s your deal?! I asked because I had not seen any type of reaction / denial from Todd or Bryan, and was curious if there a) had been one and b) if not, see if they would answer the question, and how emphatic it would be.

    The way the statement from Terry reads, it sounded like it could be a technicality in the way the rule interpreted or written.

    Trying to figure out more details was all.

    Next up…Why are you such a Trump fanboy?! Did you sleep with him…yes or no? 😂

  43. Wendy,
    Not for nothing, but saying “listen to Paul, he has the facts” is simply absurd. Paul is the same person who publicly said that the tech director paid for lab testing out of his pocket and also that he has stated that he will show the lab results to any competitor. I’m sorry, he certainly does not have facts.

  44. Changing Gears says

    Soak the Tires Boys ,tracks have basically approved it.This has to be the biggest joke in a long time in the 3 conn. tracks.Pour on the juice baby,make them good and sticky..What are they going to do to ya.They are not gonna check them or send them out.Must be something in the speedy dry,yeah thats it.This is soo soo silly.

  45. JR wrote,

    “Wow, Dareal….what’s your deal?! I asked because I had not seen any type of reaction / denial from Todd or Bryan, and was curious if there a) had been one and b) if not, see if they would answer the question, and how emphatic it would be.

    The way the statement from Terry reads, it sounded like it could be a technicality in the way the rule interpreted or written.

    Trying to figure out more details was all.

    Next up…Why are you such a Trump fanboy?! Did you sleep with him…yes or no?”

    You want them to be asked if they are cheating. What do you expect them to say? Do you really expect them to say, “Oh sure, do it all the time. No problem.” Has Trump ever admitted to all his affairs? Why did he take the 5th in his divorce deposition when asked about affairs? You think all those unrelated women are making it up?

    How emphatic their response would be? What does that mean? That’s like when Trump says that Putin strongly denied interfering with the 2016 elections. Apparently, Putin did not say that emphatically enough. Putin was able to fool Trump, but not everyone else.

  46. Donny Trump says

    Hahaha!!!! Bunch of democrats here!!! Or losers!!! Facts are facts…. your just slow and get beat every week!!! Let’s blame it on something because it’s not YOUR fault you get beat week after week!! Can’t be my daddy spends more money than anybody there!! Sorry kids your daddy’s can’t buy talent and it seems like your out!! If I make it to stafford tomorrow night I’m gonna get me a Narducci T-shirt and a hoodie I’d they have them!! Paul and Wendy I’ll even purchase you two Narducci T-shirts so you can at least look like you’ve been close to victory lane!! As a Thompson fan after listening to all you idiots I will now solely root for the 01 in the lites and the 57 in the sk’s. Two no bs drivers they just get the job done and don’t cry about anything!!!

  47. Mark A Stanton says

    You’re wrong Shawn….Dead wrong……This Paul guy sounds like he knows…..

  48. Josh paradis says

    Im on both sides of the fence on this one. Its fun to mess with people on here cause sometimes its better than watching facebook. I know arute owns his own stuff tommy. And todd and bryan are actually good people. Im trying to get reactions from people who dont know them so i can slam them later tommy. Thats how i set people up on here. Theres some truth and reverse phsycology for all of you. And at least me and tommy use our real names to openly state how we feel here. Mic drop.

  49. Just heard Narduccci wont be there Sunday ,he has a wedding to go to,

  50. if you think magic juice on tires makes you win ,ask the 01 to take there take offS and try them GOOD LUCK BC NO CAR TURNS LIKE THE 01 ,I NEVER SEEN A BIGGER BUNCH OF CRY BABYS 14,151,32 EVER, HA,HA

  51. the Chapman’s paid for the test not the inspector you think someone who works 10 times a year on disability paid for iT WONDER HOW MUCH HE POCKETED,

  52. Mark A Stanton,
    Really? I’m wrong? Paul stated that the tech director took it upon himself to pay for independent laboratory testing of selectively chosen competitors at Thompson Speedway outside of the oversight of Thompson Speedway management or any other officials at the track. That happened? You’re here stating it to be fact that Mark St. Hilaire – independent of Thompson Speedway track management – took tire samples and had them independently laboratory tested and those tests were paid for not by the track but out of his own personal funds? So basically you’re saying the tech director at the track is going on rogue hunting missions of selected competitors outside of the view and oversight of the track he works for? And that sounds like normal short track business to you because why?
    Paul also stated that Mark St. Hilaire has shown him the laboratory test results and has offered to provide the results to any other competitors at the track who would like to view them. And you’re here stating it to be fact that Mark St. Hilaire is openly offering to share confidential laboratory results with any competitors at the track?
    I mean, I don’t even know how to respond to the absurdity and ridiculousness of all that you guys are stating here to be fact. And it’s truly beyond me how or why you think this information somehow makes Owen or Narducci look bad, and how you don’t think it makes the tech director look like he would deserve to be fired yesterday. Over the years there have been some wild accusations and stories left in these comments, but you guys are setting a new bar for the level of absurdity today.

  53. why dont you use your othet screen name Hillary2020,Loser

  54. 151 can have it ,its the only one he’ll ever get ,the 01 has 25 wins in less than 3 years ,

  55. Chapman hasn’t done anything wrong this year. Bryan spun him for a win at stafford. Bryan put him in the wall at Thompson. It was time for Chapman to do what he had to do and stand up for himself. Don’t forget they had a bit of a history last year too which included Bryan putting Chapman in the wall. The Chapman team isn’t a bunch of cry babies or whatever, they’re just pointing out their side (which I agree with at this point).

  56. Where are you even getting that fact from? The Chapmans had nothing to do with this.
    Thompson did the test themselves and weren’t paid to do it, at least by the Chapmans

  57. There is no fact that the Chapmans paid for the test. They didn’t pay for the test. You guys just can’t accept that Thompson did tech after a race and thought they found something. It was a routine tech inspection.

  58. Mark A Stanton says

    Let it play out Shawn, I think you’ll be surprised.

  59. Donny Trump says

    There goes the Chapman crowd crying again!!! It’s always someone else’s fault!! Anytime they don’t do well it’s the fault of someone else!! Just go race your car and stop crying about everything. Never seen a anything like it!! Who’s fault was it when the 14 drove down the front stretch at stafford in the grass and never lifted into turn one??? That marvelous decision wiped out half the field!!! I’m sure they blamed that on the 01 too!! If you put all the energy you put into complaining about the 01 into trying to get your car to go maybe it go better??? Just a thought!! Or better yet soak some tires if you think that’s where it’s at. Something tells me it won’t help but hey give it a shot. Why not you throw out accusations of everyone else doing it. Again daddy can buy the kid the best of everything but you can’t buy talent

  60. Paul… seeing you know so much about Mark St. Hiliare, why did he have Owen and Narducci cut a 6 by 6 inch square out of there tire AND then take the whole tires too and throw them in his vehicle? So he could tamper with them later and Owen and Narducci would have no recourse to have them tested themselves? Read this again, he took both of their tires! The only thing Owen and Narducci were guilty of was letting him take the rest of the tire after they had already given him a sample patch! I read on Facebook where Owens crew was even making jokes about how they were going to patch the holes that were there before he took them. I read on another post somewhere that when St. Hiliare raced himself, he got thrown out of Stafford for cheating! If true, is this the guy you want to trust with all the evidence? And then you say he sent them out himself? This guy makes O.J. look good. If Thompson wants to get there credibility back, they need to get rid of this loose cannon before he puts them out of the racing business!

  61. Donny Trump says

    Hey Paul great news about the wedding for Narducci this weekend. This means you and your friends don’t have to boycott the races at Thompson because he won’t be there. As I’m a little disappointed not to be able to watch him I’ll get over it. Also this will be a great opportunity for me to give you the Narducci T-shirt I promised you. What size are you bud? I want it to fit you perfectly. Want you to look real good wearing it!!

  62. Mark A Stanton says

    Some statements being made here are NOT as far fetched as they may seem. I just heard it described as “There are many layers to this Onion” and I think that describes it pretty well.

  63. the old guy Jim on the crew was running his Big Mouth

  64. BufordTJustice says

    Keep running your mouth donny trump, I swear we made more laps this year under yellow waiting for them to haul your wreck off the track the you have made under green.

    Who’s fault was your wreck last night, I am sure it was not yours.
    When the horse is to old and has eaten way too many oats it is not a good time to go to war.

  65. Dareal…..

    My “expectation” was if either of them said something such as “No comment.” or “My team and I have never knowingly treated tires” or something where they hedged, as opposed to a straight up “No.” or “Never!”, that’s extremely useful info!

    Case in point, Shawn shared that Todd was “emphatic” in his response to the penalty.

    How many times have we heard in the motorsports world responses such as “we believe our interpretation is within the boundaries set by the Rulebook.” only to have an appeal denied? 99% I would guess! So this 1% where the penalty is overturned is the rarity, and understanding how / what was the end to end situation was that played out from the perspectives of the key players involved is always a foundational part of the story.

    As for the Trump stuff, I doubt Shawn’s initial intentions for this forum was for spewing political-centric vitriol, but hey, my expectations turned out to be different than what he allows, so i’ll just ignore it going forward ( for the record, I’m unaffiliated with any political party or politician, and am not a Trump supporter).

  66. Hey Donny, you sure do run your mouth a lot.

    The last time you won a race was when?? Oh, I think Carter was President then.

    Narducci has no talent, much like “The Old War Horse”.

    Keep flapping those fingers

  67. JR, if you read the other thread where the tire rule is being “amended”, you should be laughing. There effectively was no tire rule. What was there was meaningless, other than the track expressing their desire that nobody soak tires. The rule now is somewhat better, in that they spell out that tires will be confiscated, tested and compared to manufacturer standards. That is much better. Perhaps a better rule should be that tires are to be used as provided by the tire manufacturer. Treatments, modifications, or any alterations of any kind are prohibited. If the management finds anything deviant, the car/driver/team/owner will be suspended with loss of points, purse, etc. The track does not owe an explanation to anyone, nor does it have to explain the testing or results to anyone. The decision of the track of final.

    JR, you can play your super sleuth read between the lines game all you want. Have fun.

  68. You have all contemned the decision from the track. It wouldn’t matter what Todd or Bryan said you guys wouldn’t believe them anyways. Todd was interviewed in the Journal Enquier by Matt Buckler and his side was fully told. This is absolutely insane by all that weren’t involved. I hope that you’re not ever accused of something you didn’t do. Explain how you would defend yourself. You guys should look in the mirror and say that you’re all right! Please!!!!

  69. You have all contemned the decision from the track. It wouldn’t matter what Todd or Bryan said you guys wouldn’t believe them anyways. Todd was interviewed in the Journal Enquier by Matt Buckler and his side was fully told. This is absolutely insane by all that weren’t involved. I hope that you’re not ever accused of something you didn’t do. Explain how you would defend yourself. You guys should look in the mirror and say that you’re all right! Please!!!!

  70. Amazing two different people ,and they said the exact same thing , what are the chances of that

  71. WOW some crazy stuff on here but some comments are just funny “talking about Mark St Hilaire cheating and removing him from his job well let’s look who’s running the show Terry Ames really just look down the road at the Speedbowl and the crap he did there and you people are OK with him running Thompson-REALLY…. Now Todd emphatically denying soaking tires everyone ever caught is emphatic in denying let’s look back when Ryan Possoco drove Marcy Kretchman’s car and was told their tires were soaked they went themselves all the way to Daytona emphatic enough for you people and were still told penalties stayed didn’t see Todd and Bryan heading south to appeal and Shawn may not like this part but let’s not forget Bryan’s mom Todd’s girlfriend works at Hoosier so where does that put her in all this?? Possibility of losing job as salesperson haven’t heard her mentioned here?? It’s not out of the question it’s a conflict of interest Hoosier may not on their side just saying. People say Bryan’s talent and other people’s inability to set up there cars that’s funny when most cars are setup by Keith Rocco Spafco and others yes their not getting the “Keith” setup but your calling out the crews when some people pay these cars to drive their cars like Keith and Ken their spafco and Rocco cars well if Bryan is so great put him in another car maybe even a competitor’s car yes really see how good he does now and NO not take car to Todd’s shop show up at track and drive if your that good you can drive any car like T.C. did. Just my opinion bring on the comments got to love “As RacedayCt” turns…. thanks Shawn.

  72. Apparently we can add “wait” and “Chere” to Insipid Sybil’s family of personalities.

  73. These days you don’t get penalized for soaking your tires. Instead there needs to be, at the track’s discretion, significant evidence of intent along with. Imagine that

  74. You had the choice DGF of saying something relevant and insightful on the topiic. Or making a completely unnecessary provocation based on a completely false assumption not related to anything and hoping to start a silly back and forth name calling food fight.
    Always and easy choice for you isn’t it. Take the low road.

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