Smooth Move: Ron Silk Uses Late Blast To Win Whelen Mod Tour Stafford 150

Ron Silk celebrates victory in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Stafford 150 at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – It’s the trend of late on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. Ron Silk is elated, Doug Coby is angry. 

For the second consecutive Whelen Modified Tour it was Ron Silk celebrating and Doug Coby seething Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway. 

Coby looked to be cruising to a thoroughly dominating victory in the Stafford 150 Friday, but in the end a unique pit stop rule at Stafford played perfectly into the hands of Silk. 

Silk used a three-wide move on a green-wide-checkered restart to win the Stafford 150 Friday at Stafford Speedway. 

It was the second consecutive series win for Silk, who was victorious on July 20 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in another event that ended in confusing fashion. Overall it was the third series victory of the season for Silk, the 2011 series champion. 

“Things have been going great,” Silk said. “I hope we can keep it going. It seems like when you can get on a roll like this, not that things are an easier, but they feel a little easier. Things just seem to go right. So we’re going to hope we can keep it going for as long as we can.” 

Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, Mass. was second and Coby, of Milford, third. The race was extended to 159 laps because of the only caution of the race, which flew on lap 147. 

Coby started on the pole and left the field in his wake. He was leading then second place Justin Bonsignore by 4.5 seconds when the lone caution flew for a spinning Joey Cipriano. 

In 2017 a rule was instituted at Stafford Speedway for Whelen Modified Tour events that teams are only allowed to change one tire per pit stop. Teams also cannot refuel and change a tire during a single stop. 

When the caution flew six cars remained on the lead lap and all headed to pit road for multiple pit stops. 

When all the pit stop cycling had completed it was Matt Swanson, who took two tires, leading the race with Bonsignore in second. Silk, was took three tires, was third. Coby, who took three tires and made a fuel stop, was sixth for the restart. 

On the restart Swanson drifted up the track, pushing Bonsignore up through turns one and two. Silk pounced on the open low lane to take over the lead off turn two. McKennedy followed to second. Coby got embroiled in a three-wide battle coming to the white flag to snag third. 

“The seas kind of parted for me down there in [turns] one and two,” Silk said. “We had a good car all day, rode around fourth most of the race. Just glad it worked out there at the end. Pumped for my guys. Been working really hard. To get them two wins in a row is great. We just need to keep building off this and try to get the next one too.

“We’re continuously putting ourselves up toward the front in position to have things happen like what happened tonight. A lot of times you make your own luck. My team has improved dramatically. The guys are all doing a great job. I’m just pumped for them that we’re having success. It feels really good.” 

Both Silk and Coby agreed that they don’t like the tire rule at Stafford, though Coby’s anger was much more on display after the race. It was the second consecutive event Coby was left angered. On July 20 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Coby was upset after NASCAR officials ended the Whelen Modified Tour race because of schedule constraints before an expected green-white-checkered restart. Coby was second to Silk at the time. 

After the event in Loudon Coby joked that a long walk from his garage area to the infield media center cooled him down enough to not lose his temper in his post race interview. That wasn’t the case Friday at Stafford. Coby seethed on pit road during victory lane ceremonies immediately following the race. When a track announcer mentioned Coby coming up short at the end over the public address system Coby said: “I don’t get heartbroken, I get [expletive] pissed off.”

Later Coby called out the issues with the tire rules at Stafford, a topic he’s been a vocal opponent of since its introduction. 

“I just hate humans tinkering with stuff,” Coby said. “… I know nobody wants to see one guy win lead all 150 laps and win by a straightaway. I get it. So they got a finish that they wanted to see. But it’s like doctored in a weird way. We know the rules. … We all know what we have to do. But like, [the Monster Energy Cup Series] guys don’t come in and take one tire per stop. Neither do the Xfinity [Series] guys or the Truck [Series] guys. It seems like at this level we’re better than that. If we had just come in and taken three tires like the Modified Tour did for almost 30 years we would have come on pit road five seconds ahead of everybody with lapped cars in between and we would have come off first and restarted first and drove away. … I just don’t like when people come up with rules like this. It’s weird to me. Just let us race. If there’s a dominant car that wins there’s a dominant car that wins. 

“I get it. It didn’t work our way so I’m going to sound like a crybaby like everybody thinks I am. But put yourself in my shoes, my team’s shoes, my sponsor’s shoes. The whole point of racing is to be better than everybody else and to be dominant.” 

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  1. Spot on Doug! You sound like a total crybaby!

  2. I used to be a fan , you all play by the same rules ,you don’t just sound like a cry baby , you should be embarrassed,and your sponsors should be to , you want to be treated like big time you should try acting and speaking that way

  3. Bill Realist says

    Everybody raced by the same rules. You got beat and I absolutely love it after hearing those comments.

  4. Congrats to Ron Silk and the #85 team. 2 for 2 with that new TA-3. Just goes to show how good preparation pays off.

  5. sour grapes of whine says

    NEVER after 40 plus years of watching racing have I seen such a blunder.. worst call ever. so who decides driver or crew chief.. multi time champ drops the f bomb.. keep it classy san diego.. loser !!!!!
    do you talk to your clients that way ??? you were so far ahead of the pack.. (faster) 2 / 3 tenths ??? don’t say you had to come in your the leader ..stay out dummy.. yours to lose and you did colossal embarrassment.

  6. I’m imagining a fan in Iowa tuning into the race knowing they will be at their track next year and want to see what these cars with no fenders and huge tires are all about. They see a follow the leader affair that moved along at a snappy pace almost to the end. Followed by the same cars performing endless pit stops. Followed by a scrum that was pretty entertaining for all of two laps and the guy leading the points with a potty mouth on a nationally streamed event.
    Hmmm, what’s the big deal.
    Shame on you Doug! Proper pit strategy is part of racing isn’t it. Why continue to pit until you have all the gas and fresh tires to win but not enough laps to get to the front.

  7. I agree the tire rule sucks, but everyone had the same rule. Regardless, you should think before you open your mouth with people of all ages listening. Lots of kids and adults look up to you, and you have to talk like that on the microphone? Come on man! The announcer did an excellent job of walking away.

  8. Congratulations to Ron Silk. He’s said it over and over again. You have to be there at the end to win. He’s been lucky for the last two races. But you can’t be lucky unless you have a ton of skill to be in the position to take advantage of it when it happens.
    The whole Amy Catalano deal was a disappointment in my view. Were I cynical I’d say the boys club at NASCAR sought to cross every T and dot every I of the rules to keep a women that could compete out of the race.
    I’m not saying that.
    They missed an opportunity. I’m sure they followed ever arcane rule they have to the letter. She failed to make the cut at 25 cars. But the visual was the fact they let it 7 slower cars on provisionals based of past support of the series I’m sure.
    Come on man. Sanctioning bodies and promoters can do anything they want can’t they? I can’t be the only one that wanted to see her compete.
    Missed opportunity.

  9. wmass01013 says

    Well let me start by saying I am Not a DOUG COBY fan and I recall a race about 3 or 4 years ago when he was called for jumping a restart against Chase Dowling at Thompson the ‘ THIS IS MY LAST WMT RACE EVER, I’M DONE, and last week at NHMS, Denny Hamlin says the S word when being interviewed on National TV on Pit road, I get when u put a microphone in these guys faces 5 mins after a race you GET RAW EMOTION, my guess that Mr. Coby WILL get a fine or something for that remark def with the big crowd reaction when he said it.
    Now the rule, I also get that these are NOT CUP series pit crews and some teams Wade Cole or as Stated about The Catalano’ s, 3 cars and 3 guys to crew all 3 teams do not have HOT PIT STOP abilities BUT watching teams come down pit road, do 1 thing, go back out and repeating 3 or 4 times while NASCAR waits for allllll the stops to be done IS KINDA STUPID, if u wanna be a CHAMPIONSHIP team, get some guys and make a HOT PIT STOP 1 time per caution, do the work u want 1 tire, 3 ttires, gas, wedge, tire pressure, whatever u chose that way different ideas teams have allow the race to go back to green instead of go 10 laps under caution while we watch teams do the in and out 4 times for work, there were 6 teams left on the lead lap when the caution flew, it would have been fun to see who did what ON 1 LIVE PIT STOP and the results of that as we go back to green maybe in 4 or 5 laps instead of 10.

  10. knuckles Mahoney says

    Silk should be ecstatic. He was about to get lapped, then wins the race. I think the one who really is ready, but gets no props is Lutz. That car gets around. Their win will be soon, and as soon as it is, he’s gonna be tough. And sly, please look for a seat change. That car, and that driver is going nowhere. Lapped on lap 90. Embarrassing for that kind of equipment. Call your buddy to go in the seat next year. Melissa, why do you even show up?? Lapped on lap 10, go in the pits, come out on lap 17, run til lap 20, then go in for good. Are you serious? And what happened to Amy Catalano? Her times were good enough to get in the show, and then she’s not there???

  11. Do you really need 3 new tires for what was a green white checker with such a dominate car? He should thank Nascar for allowing all those cautions laps when the track was ready to go. He disrespected the Fans of Stafford with his foul language and should be fined.

  12. Doug is more than happy to celebrate when things have gone his way that shouldn’t. Karma bites eventually!

  13. Myrtle Beach was not kind to Silk. Silk left Myrtle Beach with a 27 point deficit to Coby. Silk is currently 24 points behind to tie Coby. Coby can’t afford a mistake, Silk is right there. The #2 tested at Myrtle Beach.

    Dougie, if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck. Ergo, you must be a crybaby.

    Don’t matter how many laps you lead, it’s the last one that matters.

    Everyone had the same rules. Rules are to level the playing field. You depend on a car that can drive away at will, keep you out of traffic, but if there aren’t enough laps to do so, and you have to drive in traffic, you are in bigly trouble. You were on equal footing. Need a good pit crew too, they didn’t get it done. You went from first to sixth. There’s only so much a flux capacitor, Phil Moran, and shocks can do. A driver is supposed to drive, not just ride around. Phil Moran did a great job.

    The racing was rather subdued last night, all divisions. Perhaps after all the stupid that has been going on, the idiots were dragged into the Principal’s office for a lecture. Maybe triple secret probations were issued. There were very few yellow flags last night.

  14. Crazy in NY says

    I hope Silk buys Matt Swanson a dinner at least. OMG how big did Ronnie’s eyes get when the 3 took the 51 to the popcorn stand off turn 2? That little GWC action saved what was one BORING race otherwise.
    Gas and right sides likely would have been enough for the 2 but they got greedy with 4 stops on that yellow. 147 laps without a caution….hard to believe.

  15. Kenneth Latham says

    First off, I think it was a good race. I was SO impressed with Coby’s dominance. He was on rails for 146 laps, and was about to lap the 5th place car. Awesome run. Now as far as the pit strategy, he was in a no win situation. If he only took one or two tires, the REST of the field would have taken two, and PROBABLY win. At least if I were the crew chief it would have been my call. Take 1 tire and hope. Swanson just washed up being he only took two ( I thought 1) tire. Great move by Silk

  16. wmass01013 says

    I was listening to the 2 radio when the caution flew, Moran wanted to do 2 rears and Coby was adamant he wanted 3 tires, plus Moran was telling him to save gas the last 50 laps.
    That’s why I say OPEN pit rules , so 1 stop nobody knows what the others are gonna do, u take yur best guess and go for it.

  17. Kenneth,
    Coby was actually closing on the sixth place car when the caution came out.

  18. Kenneth Latham says

    No lucky dog then I guess Sorry

  19. Kenneth Latham says

    If the wmass is right, then Coby has no one to blame but himself.

  20. RaceDayNH says

    Shawn, how come a lucky dog didn’t make 7 cars on the lead lap after the caution?

  21. RaceDayNH,
    I think because the car that would have been the lucky dog – Joey Cipriano running seventh at the time – was the car that brought out the caution.

  22. Ken Latham says

    That makes sense then. It was such a blur, wasn’t sure who was who after top 5 though i thought Cipriano was ahead of Swanson, but I could be wrong.

  23. RaceDayNH says

    I believe you are correct Shawn and that’s the impression I had when I saw it. But I thought that it should go to the next lapped car which I believe was the 75 (but he was falling off quickly so maybe it was someone else)… who knows, I usually can keep everything straight under caution, but it does get really muddled with cars coming back down 4 separate times along with the lapped cars… just thought there would have been 7 lead lap cars after the dust settled. Not that anyone really cares about that with how this race ended

  24. 2 team should never had taken 3 tires; should have been right sides only, not two rears; preserve the track position, make them try and pass you on a GWC. If you get beat on the track, you get beat. Crazy in NY nailed it.

    I did not think anyone else took 3 tires; I thought that 4th stop / 3rd tire change by Coby/Moran was was put them back to 6th on the GWC restart, and how the other 5 gained track position. Silk started 4th on the GWC and I’m pretty sure he only changed two tires.

    On a separate note, I watched it on, and Ian’s much as I appreciate what Ben Dodge has done for the sport, he is absolutely terrible to listen to calling a race. I counted no less than 7 consecutive times where the first words out of his mouth were “No question about it…”. So annoying I had to mute the audio.

    Get John Spence in there with Matt, or call up Mike Massaro, because Ben is AWFUL in the booth.

  25. They really need to put someone else in that 1 car. Yes, I saw they had a broken spring they fixed before the race but still, Jeff Rocco and George Brunnhoelzl are so overrated and have done nothing on the tour. It’s time to ask Todd Szegedy, Ronnie Williams, Eric Berndt, Glen Reen or even Steve Masse to drive it because, right now, the 1 is doing nothing but under perform.

  26. Dramabaga says

    Congratulations to Ron Silk and the entire Stuarts Automotive Nº 85 team. I was watching the battle between the 85 and 7NY pretty much the entire race. Nice job, well deserved!

  27. Dramabaga says

    Also, congrats to Jon McKennedy for hanging on to 2nd place finish! Then there’s Doug Coby… I can see being frustrated but you still make the podium and then, during your interview, drop the “F” bomb over the loudspeaker at a family event. Lots of class Doug… lots of class.

  28. I have never been a coby fan I like Phil Moran and think he is one of the best I was impressed with coby when people say he can’t pass he was putting on a clinic then he opens his mouth now I know why I cannot stand him

  29. No question about it JR , in the course of a Friday night I’ll bet we here it 500 times ,but I guess it’s still better than a Doug Coby interview

  30. Coby pitted 4 times – 1 for gas and 3 for tires. Did the other 5 lead lap cars each stop just 3 times? If so, which ones didn’t need gas, and which took just 2 tires? The article suggests Swanson took 2 tires (and gas?) and Silk didn’t need gas – is that correct?

  31. Rafter Fan,
    Correct on your comment.

  32. Excellent analysis. A couple observations.
    Is the one tire rule a bad rule or one that got exposed for it’s weakness in an extraordinary circumstance?
    At NHMS there was a once in a blue moon event and the chatter was about limiting the field to those that qualify. This race they pulled out a basket full of provisionals and it is no longer a topic of interest.
    A blue moon event happens on Friday and the chatter is about the weakness of a unique rule. Not exclusively but a focal point. A topic of the day or one that has legs. 10 cautions which is typical and this isn’t a big deal is it?
    Defending Ben Dodge. Why would that even be necessary. Forget he was inducted into the
    New England Racing Hall of Fame and his voice is synonymous with New England modified racing. What’s he done lately.
    True he repeats “making magic” , “no question about it” , and many other stock phrases that get really tedious at times. Buckler annoys some for his endless comparisons of distances to bizarre nonsense that come in his head like Q Tips or dragons tails. They all feel they have to fill every second with chatter. I miss the days when there were gaps and the action spoke for itself.
    That said when it comes to framing what you will see, introducing the drivers and teams and what they bring to the race there is none better then the Dodge/Buckler duo. They get bored in lesser races and revert to stock bits that drive me nuts but in big races they are at their best. Dodge especially. If you listen to him carefully he will tell you what to look for and share lap times that will give you an inkling of who to watch. This race at Stafford was easy to follow, most NWMT races at Stafford aren’t. Dodge can keep you informed on the status of who is in the pits, track position and who may be coming in like no other.
    We’ve heard a number of announcers on these Fanschoice deals. Seems like the Buckler/Dodge team ranks right up there.

  33. Tyler. Agreed. After all the success down south with the 1 and Andy Suess, the only decent run I’ve seen with that car, was at the Icebreaker this spring. Burt Myers gave the car a good run and put it in a 6th place finish after an 8th place start. Other than that, the car has not looked good. I know George B has been away a while and may be a bit rusty. Never a Jeff Rocco fan. Not sure if a driver issue or organizational issue. Out of your mentions, I’d love to see Williams or Zachem in the car. Was disappointed when the 21 went with Blewett. Even before they ran the first race, I thought Williams was the better fit. Been schooled by others on this site that Williams may have had school commitments. So he may not have been available for the 1 even if he was asked. But I agree. The 1 is not getting it done, for all it’s past accomplishments. Just not looking competitive.

  34. Ronnie Williams needs to be in any number of cars; the 1, or a TS Haulers car (the 12?) or the 19….too much talent to not be in a WMT car; money can be found…right Ben Dodge? “No question about it…”

  35. First 3 races actually with the 1 coming in 7, 5 and 6 with Myers. Races 4,5 and 6 DNF. Last 4 races 15,15,15 and 16. So far 4 drivers including Bohn at Wall.. Maybe Harvey doesn’t want 1 driver. Maybe each driver brings something they need and/or money to help make the race. Owner standing is 14 with some stout teams in front of it. Where should it be in the standings?

  36. wmass01013 says

    Well Harvey and everyone should know Burt Myers is 1000% committed to Bowman Gray on Saturday nights, will he be back in the car for Thompson, Oswego or Riverhead?
    The competition is tough on the WMT not only with the 2.51,85 but many teams running good, 58,3, 7ny, 46, 75,07. 36, and even consider the 16, 82,64 and 99 when they run. add the newcomers and averaging 30 cars a race is tough to run upfront a lot.
    Sorry but I like Dodge and Buckler, yes they are old and set in their dialogue’s but how much do you really hear if yur really paying attention to the racing even on Fans choice!
    Like Beatty at Riverhead choosing the outside and the 51 sending him to the popcorn stand, its a tough call just as Stafford was, again the racing is so tight they all though NOT pitting even with only 6 lead lap cars was a no win call!

  37. Obviously a yawner of a race until the end. Does anyone have a accurate account of number of tires taken by the top six? I lost track. Some are saying Swanson took one, some say two. Same thing with Silk. 2 or 3? Obviously Doug’s P.A. comment was inappropriate, but could the interviewer have given him a couple minutes to cool off? You knew he was upset so to stick a microphone in his face that quick was a recipe for disaster. Any thoughts?

  38. Yes thoughts is he’s a crybaby Ronnie silk would never have done that if the shoe was on the other foot that is a fact.

  39. MazdaJ, that was Doug being Doug. He’s as incomprehensible and incoherent as bloviating supremely narcissistic Trump at a rally, or any other time. No other choice but to depend on explicatives to look tough. Please don’t try to blame the interviewer. This was Doug and all Doug. Was Doug forced to say that? No amount of time would cool him off, there’s no such thing as cooling off a hothead. Have you listened to him over the years? Read in print? The fans can’t stay and wait to accommodate a hothead. Nobody should ever accommodate a hothead. There’s only so much Phil Moran can do as Crew Chief. Clearly, Doug doesn’t get it, and he appears to double down as normal operating procedure.

    It takes a total package to move up. Preece moved up. What’s Doug missing?

  40. My father always told me if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything. Maybe Coby should try that approach especially in front of a mixed audience.

    The crew chief had a plan, but the driver wanted what he wanted. How did that work out for you Doug? Don’t hate the player hate the game, you made a bad decision so get over it, you lost.

    I am not really happy about some of the cars that were send home that were faster than what was allowed to race due to provisionals. Especially one particular car that lasted what 20 laps and dropped out. What was the official reason for that, does anyone know?

    I guess I will eat my crow as Amy did not make the show even though she was about 1 second faster that the 01. Her practice times were faster than 10 other cars. Her time trial was I believe faster than 6 others, not bad for her first attempt. Maybe NASCAR should revisit their qualifying rules especially when they are looking to grow the series and send faster cars home to favor provisionals that are slower. Why bother to show if you are playing against a stacked deck?

  41. Coby took it to the next level!!!

  42. Mod fan 4 life says

    Personally I didn’t have a problem with Coby dropping the F bomb. Frankly the question and statement asked was stupid. How the hell do you think he feels. Coby was honest. It was a typical Dave Burns type of question. Should he have said it ? Probably not, but he told how he truly felt. For the record I’m not a fan of Doug coby at all. I regret not going to the race. Silk is the man!

  43. wmass01013 says

    Earl, top top 25 on time made the show with 6 provisional spots, Amy was 26h in qualifying and since 0 previous starts all the other teams were eligible for provisional s before Amy as they go by points.

  44. Coby moving up: probably a couple things working against him.

    1) Age; like in many other sports, NASCAR is looking for that young 18-25 demographic to be the next generation of drivers, and has for a while; look at the “NASCARNext” drivers, and you’ ll see what I mean.

    2) Money: drivers have to bring “substantial financial funds” to the party; not necessarily full sponsorship pkgs – though that helps a lot – but enough to help with a sizable portion of the costs, especial in the K&N series. Preece’s family and a couple close supporters have funds (Mohawk, Falmouth).

    So, yes, unfortunately driving talent and wins is not enough these days to move up.

    Dodge: I like Ben as a person, and he’s does frame it up well; i guess I would rather be some time where I could just see and hear the sights and sounds with much less “filler” talk.

    Dead air is ok at Stafford!

  45. Less “filler talk”. Agree completely. Every now and then let the racing speak for itself.

  46. Well said jr I have no problems bashing nascar when appropriate in this case I think they do it for two reasons one if you have a problem in qualifying or practice and your in the points I hate to see cars go home my opinion the 01 doesn’t want to be there her father does just my thoughts

  47. Fast Eddie says

    I never would have thought there would ever be 146 laps without a caution. Despite being in the heat of the moment, all people being interviewed should remember who is listening; kids, potential new fans & sponsors, along with the long time fans.
    Despite any very minor shortcomings, Ben Dodge and Matt Buckler are two of the most knowledgeable announcers out there; let them do their thing!! So sometimes a phrase is mentioned too many times or a corny analogy might be made; SO WHAT?!? That’s part of their character and personality! They are calling things as they see it as it happens. It’s not like they had a chance to see it first or rehearse beforehand. Can any of the critics take the mic and do better? I doubt it!
    Suggestions to NASCAR:
    How about allowing only two stops per caution? Cautions overall would be shorter, and more pit strategy added to the mix.
    Too bad Amy couldn’t get in. How about a “track provisional” to go along with all the others? OR, how about no provisionals? If you’re fast enough, you’re in, period.

  48. Liz Cherokee says

    Crazy race! I definitely enjoyed it 🥃🍺🥃🍺🥃🍺🍺🍺 despite Melissa having issues with her steering rack. Doug has a potty mouth! Is he a truck driver by day?
    Special thanks to my Uber Black driver Randy–he was both fine and dandy!

  49. Has Mike Smeriglio Racing issued an apology yet?

    Say something like it was just locker room talk.

    Or just deny it ever happened.

  50. JR, in order to get the sponsorship 💵 💰, the driver must be salable. Listen to Coby. Ain’t no major sponsor is gonna have that as a representative.

    Pay attention to the obnoxious drivers of the Cup series, and how they have been extremely muted these last couple seasons. Kyle Busch and Harvick are two that come to mind. I have to think they have been to the Principal’s office numerous times, and sent to charm school a couple times. Perhaps the sponsors have had something to do with making those boys behave less schmuck-like, and a little more maturely and adult-like.

  51. So 25 through time with 6 provisionals. Is that the case every race, every track?

    FastEd, my vote is to go back to the way it was, either qualify based on the predetermined number of spots dictated by the track/race or go home. Enough of the pity spots commonly know as provisionals. It will force each and every team/driver to step up their game if they want to pee with the big dogs.

  52. Kind of a bummer that Amy Catalano didn’t get in.

    What is better for the fans and racing product: Amy or Melissa?

    The provisionals are a mess. They award participation. Amy would have done more for the show than Melissa’s few laps. The provisionals freeze out cars that might want to try running the Tour, cars that could be more competitive, and that’s just wrong. The provisionals award consistent participation, even when it is non-competitive, over performance.

  53. Coby complained they don’t get the respect they deserve after the N.H. fiasco, I guess he just gave us the answer why , it’s to bad everyone else gets grouped together

  54. wmass01013 says

    It changes every race, depending on track size. after all the negative remarks about NHMS starting all the cars a few weeks ago I am sure Stafford was a lil hesitant to start them all even though at NHMS they have started 40 or more cars over 30 times with the high of 43 in 1992. here are some examples.

    The starting field for the Stafford 150 is limited to 31 starters, including provisional positions. The first 25 drivers will secure starting positions through the qualifying process. The remaining six positions will be awarded through the provisional process.
    The starting field for the Seekonk 150 is limited to 28 starters, including provisional positions. The first 22 drivers will secure starting positions through the qualifying process. The remaining six positions will be awarded through the provisional process.

    The starting field for the NAPA Spring Sizzler 200 is limited to 33 starters, including provisional positions. The first 27 drivers will secure starting positions based on the group qualifying process. The remaining six positions will be awarded through the provisional process

    The starting field for the Eastern Propane & Oil 100 is 36 starters, including provisional positions.The first 30 drivers will secure starting positions through the qualifying process. The remaining six positions will be awarded through the provisional process.

  55. Elect, you mentioned a NH fiasco… which one?

  56. Now that Elect was a dagger and it was awesome because it contained more then a kernel of truth. Bravo!
    My vote is wmass is the most knowledgeable NWMT fan in this forum. Thankyou.

  57. So when faster cars go home to make room for the slower provisionals how exactly does that make for better racing for the fans who pay the price for admission.

    Am I missing something here?

  58. Frank Franklin says

    Imagine if a top 10 runner, say Chase Dowling, got a flat tire or broke a shock in time trials and posted a slow time. Would you not want him in the show just because his time was 32nd fastest?
    This situation with Amy Catalono would be more easily averted if the WMT gave out less provisionals and ran heat races and a B-main. While the far too vain WMT elitists dispise such races to the point of calling them ‘hooligan races’ they surely help eliminate the scenario that evolved on Friday night.

  59. A couple things gleaned from Nicole LaRose pit interviews. Amy C’s engine was not a spec engine. The boys in the points hunt got the good engines. The 3 took 1 tire and made no mention of taking Bonsignor out of the hunt. McKennedy, Swanson, Lutz and Silk interviewed. No JB or Coby. Not sure if that means anything but there it is. Swanson and Lutz upbeat. Silk and McKennedy surprisingly low key.

  60. Provisional spots should only be given to past champions, and the defending race winner, and should be limited to 3 spots. What criteria did Melissa meet to earn a provisional? Although I’m all for the ” little guy” this is exactly what’s wrong with NASCAR. Many of their stupidest rules are aimed at making racing “affordable” for the “little guy”. When you get to this level of racing, affordable should not be in the equation, maybe you should race an SK. I remember the days when engines cost
    $60,000.00, and teams changed 4 tires at a time, and affordable was not a known word.

  61. I’m looking forward to Silk at Thompson. That team is looking very solid.

  62. I can’t wait to see the 01 get another provisional, run in the back, go laps down and only gain positions through others misfortunes. That’s only if she does not drop out with mechanical issues.

  63. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    Watched the race last night.

    Totally laughable. Watching Coby feign victimization of the rules was so totally laughable.

    Ray Evernham was constantly stressing the importance of track position all night. Then Coby gets 3 tires while the others got 2. Coby did it to himself, that one additional tire cost him more track position than any advantage the additional tire was going to give him over two laps.

    Coby made a really bad call. It cost him precious track position. Phil Moran is good, but not THAT good.

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