Spoiler: Doug Coby Victorious In Whelen Mod Tour Budweiser 150 At Thompson

Doug Coby celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Budweiser King of Beers 150 Thursday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – The rivalry that simmers between NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour drivers Doug Coby and Justin Bonsignore regularly proves to be highlight entertainment on social media for racing fans. 

As heated as the competition is between the two on the track, it’s a rivalry that overflows with fun-loving respect and some of the most awesome barbed daggers at each other on Twitter. 

So it comes as no shock that Coby’s celebration Wednesday at Thompson Speedway was just a little more sweeter than the average win for the Milford driver thanks to the spoiling it brought to Bonsignore. 

Bonsignore came to Thompson Wednesday looking to win his seventh consecutive Whelen Modified Tour event at the historic venue, dating back to the Icebreaker 150 in 2018. 

But it was Coby who went from fourth to the lead during a chaotic lap 143 restart and held on to win the Budweiser King of Beers 150 at Thompson Wednesday. 

Asked if there was any extra satisfaction that came from snapping Bonsignore’s streak Coby, a five-time series champion said: “Oh of course.” 

“He would probably rather have had anybody but me snap that streak,” Coby said. “It’s really impressive what his team did. They certainly had a great run and they still could have won tonight. … Traffic worked my way right there at the end.” 

Bonsignore, of Holtsville, N.Y., was second and Craig Lutz of Miller Place, N.Y. third. 

“We were prepared for it to happen,” said Bonsignore, the reigning series champion. “I’ve probably been more prepared as it’s gone on more and more, like ‘If it ends at this point it is what it is.’ … We lost to the best car this year. I’m disappointed but I’m so proud of my team and everything we’ve accomplished. That was the first time that car has lost here. It’s just unbelievable what [crew chief Ryan Stone] and the pit crew have done over this year and a half stretch.” 

It was the fourth victory of the season and 28thseries victory overall for Coby. And it proved a redemptive night for Coby. In the last series event on Aug. 2 at Stafford Motor Speedway five-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby was left seething after a dominating effort at the historic half-mile was doomed by a late caution and chaotic pit stop sequence. He had to settle for a sixth place finish in that event. 

“I’ve been racing on these grounds since 1987,” said Coby, who will turn 40 on Sunday. “The little track, the big track, the clubhouse, sitting on the hill … this is a special place for me and my family. What a great win tonight. My last Modified race in my 30’s and I won it. What a great decade it was for me and I hope 40’s are even better.” 

After winning the pole and dominated early, Coby fell off slightly after pitting on lap 87. Bobby Santos III went the lead past Lutz on lap 129 and looked to be cruising to victory before caution flew on lap 139. Coby was running fourth and ready to settle for that position. 

“We dominated early and [Bonsignore, Lutz and Santos] kind of had us covered at the end,” Coby said. “I’m going to admit that. We were struggling for grip.” 

Santos started on the outside for the lap 143 restart with Lutz in second and Bonsignore in third. At the green flag Lutz spun his tires. Coming to the starter’s stand Santos’ car didn’t go. Coby slammed hard into the back of Santos before darting hard left and threading through to take over the lead. Santos slowed on the track thanks to a broken shifter. 

Coby described the evasive move to avoid the front pack piling up like making an unexpected lane change on the highway without looking.

“It’s exactly like that when somebody messes up in front of you and hope you’ve got enough room and you crank it to the left and hope nobody is going to turn you,” Coby said. “That’s kind of what I did. [Lutz] spun the tires first and [Santos] I think missed the shift. It was just enough room in there and I had a really good run.” 

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  1. Well looks like Bonsignores streak is over. Congrats to Doug Coby and the #2 team. Good job

  2. Did the 51 even lead a lap?

  3. Yes 4 on two occasions according to the NASCAR stat summary.
    Too bad about the shifter in the 36. Not sure if he could have won but would have been nice to see him try.

  4. The race summary showed he led 4 laps. I was there and he was up front all night but I don’t remember seeing him leading. On the long runs the 2 and the 51 were the class of the field. It was them and then everyone else. The 46 stayed in the hunt and arguably was the best car after the pit stops. Strange ending to the race when with 3 to go on the restart, both front row cars faltered and the second row cars, the 2 and 51 got by to race for the win. Very fortuitous. At the time, many in the stands around me thought the second row caused the tire spin on the 46 and the shifter issue on the 36 by pushing the front row at the restart. Who knows? Overall, very entertaining race.

  5. Ken Latham says

    Shame for Santos and Sapienza. They had the car to beat.

  6. Crazy in NY says

    Bravo to Jon Mc Kennedy for finally answering the Blewett billiards game Jimmy insist on playing on the Tour. Got a taste of his own medicine for a change. Jon is one of the cleanest racers around these days but enough is enough. NASCAR continues to let this shi** crap go unpunished so it is what it is. Great job by Coby to preserver after his goof up at Stafford but as it’s well known the fastest car doesn’t always win (and didn’t last night). Gotta feel for the 36 team.

  7. wmass01013 says

    The 2 WAS the fastest car ALL NIGHT, the 7 only took 1 tire on the 1st stop to get the lead and was quickly taken over by the 51 who came out ahead of the 2 for a short time, the 46 did look good late until his restart issue but hew was getting caught by the 2.51 before the yellow flew, the 36 complained of a vibration 1/2 Way thru the race, he said same vibration as at NHMS but he was fast late and I don’t think would have been caught if the last yellow didn’t fly but Coby AND THE 51 DID both make great moves to get by the stalled 36 and 46 on the last restart, the 85 was off all night which kinda surprising, and the 16 got a top 5 and yes Jimmy Blewett does like to cause trouble most races.

  8. Fury sounds like absolute idiots claiming this win on their FB page. Chassis 47 purchased in 2015 with LFR decals all over it. What’s wrong with these people???
    Massa, your teaming is starting to show weakness. Oh, but your crew chief is selling parts. It takes a LOT of time to run a successful business and even MORE to run a successful race team. Wake up dude. Do you think Mike Smigs would let Phil be a dealer on the side? Come on man. Phil wouldn’t do it first off because he appreciates his job and position. Think about it. You have had ONE win with a Fury decal on your car and 9 with a LFR decal. When your team was focused on winning you won and LFR focused on sales. You can’t do both. Too much competition. The 46,36,2 were ALL better than you last night. All have LFR decals on. LFR focuses on support and sales and those men focus on their team. That’s the recipe for success that you displayed last year. You have some soul searching to do this year Mr Massa.
    ZERO Fury reps at the track so where is all this “track support” they speak of? Meanwhile Fuller was under 6 different cars and spoke to 20 teams offering support and advise. I was there and saw this! Can not believe that this 51 team can not figure this out.

  9. The 2 and 51 were seriously fast from the green and left the pack behind. Bonsignore just did not have enough grip low to get anything going. I think they were lapping cars in the top 10 by the lap 89 caution.

    It was good to see the 36 & 46 showing some late speed to contend for the win at Thompson. I can’t wait to see the TV coverage of the last few restarts. Santos had them licked if he had not broken the transmission. Watch out for the 36 team the rest of the way with Oswego, NH, Stafford and Thompson left I think they can put up a win at one of these.

    The 3 team was pretty upset about getting spun off of Turn 2. Losing track position late was a killer for them after working up to 3rd. 2 was running them up a bit, and not sure who ran into the back of Swanson.

  10. Hillary 2020 says

    Highlight of the night was when Mckennedy booted Blewett on the final turn. The crowd loved it. And talking about decals. Fifield now has a fury decal. She got rid of the LFR one. I could see the huge difference in performance.

  11. Fuller is God says

    Good point Rob, I mean Steve. I’m sure the casual fan on racedayct knows Doug’s chassis # and the year it was purchased. It’s amazing how much you like to talk about yourself. Get over it already

  12. So there is a Steve on FB blasting Fury. Same guy? Good points though. The chassis stamps are all on the car bars so everyone knows the numbers. Not hard to determine. Fuller is god might need to do some research.

  13. Fuller is god,
    This has ZERO to do with Fuller. I just do not appreciate when someone tries taking credit for something they have NOTHING to do with first. Second, I just spoke to a 2 car crew member and I was actually wrong, that car was purchased in 2016 I was just guessing at the time of the post, and lastly….are my comments incorrect? ALL the LFR chassis are stamped LFR chassis. Anyone at the track can see this. Not sure why you dragged Fuller into this. You must be a fan. Sorry if I upset you Ken.

  14. Fuller is god,

    Sorry but bad call. You need to check out Fury FB page if you are curious who Steve is. He’s a guy apparently using his own name unlike you.

  15. This whole Fury/LFR chassis dispute can be resolved very easy. Let the Car Owner/Crew Chief/Driver decide what they want to call their chassis.

  16. Fuller is God says

    I must be mistaken, sorry Rob. Oops I mean Steve, Garry and Julie

  17. I got Steve’s point, thought it was excellent and don’t understand how what the name/screen ID had to do with the validity of the point made.
    Just Me is not only right in theory he’s right in practice. That’s exactly what the teams are doing. It’s they that pay the bills,they that have to keep a relationship to whoever will help them most so it should be they that designate whom their loyalty is to on the car.
    One thing is for sure, no one will ever question who Blewett is loyal to.

  18. When someone posts using “Fuller is god” it may be time for that mental health check.

  19. Fury claiming victory of an LFR car is comical yet not inaccurate seeing as how they were a partner of LFR. But while claiming victory to a car they really didn’t build is comical its also sad because they have nothing else to show for thier company other than a race team switching badges on an LFR car and selling parts. Its not a fury chassis its an LFR. unless im clueless and need to be corrected.

    My second thought is, does fuller hold a patent on his chassis? Because if he does im not sure fury can claim any LFR as there own. Or maybe im wrong again. Im a man and im married so im used to it if i am.

  20. Well, honestly, what was more important to me than any chassis controversy last night, was the fact that it was a beautiful august night for racing. The place was full, the weather was awesome, and everyone around us was having a great time, while we pulled for our favorites. So for me, more importantly, it might have been the last modified mid week night race we all witnessed last night at thompson. I personally think the night races at that place are awesome. I’ll let the tour owners figure out who they want to support as far as the chassis and setups go, as they are paying the freight. I just want to see competitive modified racing, with storied rivalries and a good points race. Nothing better. No matter what it may say, or not say, on the side of the car.

  21. I don’t know of anyone who patents chassis By the time you get a patent, changes have already been made to the design. Too costly.

  22. Seeing Coby so happy in victory lane I couldn’t help think of the contrast with Stafford. It’s really easy to say all the right thinks when you win. Hard when there is a brutal disappointment. The best of the best are at their best when they handle adversity well. It was pass/fail and Coby failed. Only a footnote maybe but it may linger.
    All that aside when will Coby be hailed as one of the greats in NWMT history. When will his name be mentioned with the likes of Cook, Evans, Stefanik and Tony Hirschman? 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and maybe 2019. Will this put him over the top? If it doesn’t what’s the problem? Is it because he’s active? It’s not inconceivable that he ends his career with the most titles in the history of the series. Is it possible that right now we’re witnessing the greatest driver/team ever in asphalt modified history?

  23. to crazy, wmass, hillary and whoever else:

    that McKennedy last lap “move” on Showtime was bush league. anyone who applauds it is bush league.

  24. wmass01013 says

    Phil A. iffffffffff YOU watch the tape from fans choice you see JB DIVE BOMB as crazy likes to say past the 46 and INTO the 7NY, YES TOUCHING THE 7NY so yes on the last lap the 7NY did slide job JB a lil further UP THE TRACK on the last turn, BUSH LEAGUE maybe but I wouldn’t say anymore than what JB did to McKennedy, those 2 battled hard for many laps the last 10-15 SO I can see why the HARD racing to the last lap

  25. Doug – Coby is without argument among the best to ever drive in this division. Certainly, from a championships perspective, he is in the “legend” discission. But with shorter seasons, and fewer teams that can win any given week things have changed a bit. People don’t the competition he faces as quite as tough.

    To the contrary, I would say the current Coby/Smeriglio 2 team pulls off championships in tighter pts races than we used to see. Look the past 5-years points.

    However, legends solidify that status by crushing the competition. The 2 team is NOT the Beal/Bacon x6 of 1997/1998 when Stefanik put up 23 wins. THAT was the best team to ever compete in this division in the modern era.

  26. Crazy in NY says

    Phil A… Have you ever heard the phrase ” In battle the aggressor sets the rules of engagement “.
    Ever seen the Showtime show at Wall? Or Jon Mc off the Tour? He’s one of the cleanest guys around
    in my opinion. Heck some on here think I’m too aggressive and they fire back in kind. It’s natures way. At some point the schoolyard bully has to be faced if the teachers and/or principle won’t take control. And so it is on the Tour. For sure if you only watched the last two laps the “moves” by 7NY could be construed as “bush league” as you say but……. Everything has to be taken context and JB got what he deserved.

  27. i appreciate your responses crazy and wmass… good points made for sure! thank you

    an observation and a question..
    a) a huge shout out to Craig Lutz! he’s having a fantastic season! i look forward to applauding him when he gets a win!
    b) anyone know what happened (if anything?) to Blake Barney? his spin, unfortunately, cost Santos a win and gave it to the 2 car…

  28. Fast Eddie says

    I probably have 6-8 times on tape where Blewett was using side bars on McKennedy. He dumped Pitkat twice at Loudon. Reminds me of how he drove 10-12 years ago. Maybe he needs a reminder that he’s not at Wall Speedway. After his dirt experience I thought he improved a bunch as a driver on pavement, however that seems to be fading into the past. McKennedy doesn’t drive like that at all, but I could understand his frustration with Blewett.

  29. I will not let a Jimmy Blewett supporter off the hook when he is wrong. John Mckennedy is one of the smoothest and safest drivers on the Tour. If he has a fault, he is not aggressive enough. He is a great Racer, in the mold of Tony Hirshman. Mr Blewett is a pinball hitting whatever is in his way. Jimmy has not learned from his past. I remember a Sonoco Modified race Jimmy participated in a number of years ago at Thompson International Speedway. Fast Eddie is right.

  30. Phil Moran nails the setup again!!!

  31. There was an article the week before Loudon all about the 21 team getting an LFR car. Jimmy hyped up how great the car was ect… I’ve not noticed an improvement in performance. Maybe it is the driver after all.🙈🙉🙊

  32. wmass01013 says

    But again to show it takes more than 1 thing to WIN while the 2 was fastest for the 1st 120 laps I do not think he would have won if not for the 36’s tranny shifter breaking, the pit stops for the 2 did not help him, he got his lucky break paid back from Stafford, on to OSWEGO I assume the PEE DEE 60 will be there!

  33. Phil Moran is the head of the class of legendary Crew Chiefs. He can make any driver look good.

  34. wmass01013, I second your observation that the 2 was better early, but was not as good as other cars when it came to go time. But the 2 had luck on its side. The 36 was looking very good at go time, and the only thing that was going to beat it was itself, and that’s what happened.

    Lutz is looking good.

  35. knuckles mahoney says

    Phil A: JB is not even in the same league as JM. JM has 3 MRS titles and a super modified title. JB has nothing but bush league moves, wrecking cars, and other drivers cars. Whoever puts him in the seat really needs their head looked into.

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