Bryan Narducci Wins Second NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division III National Championship

Bryan Narducci celebrates one of his eight victories in the SK Light Modified division at Stafford Speedway this season (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Bryan Narducci’s racing weekend didn’t quite go as he had hoped.

The Colchester 18-year old got caught up in a wreck in Friday’s 20-lap SK Light Modified feature at Stafford Motor Speedway and was relegated to a 26thplace finish in the 28-car field.

But it didn’t mean the weekend wasn’t without some celebration for Narducci. 

Sunday marked the final day for events to count in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series short track national standings. 

With the close of competition Narducci got to celebrate capturing his second consecutive NASCAR Whelen All-American Series  Division National Championship. Narducci was also the Division III national champion as an SK Light Modified division rookie in 2017. 

“It’s pretty amazing to be able to accomplish winning a national championship two years in a row,” Narducci said. “I never would have imagined winning one never mind winning two straight. It’s pretty cool. It just shows how much that work in the shop and getting the cars ready and all the teamwork that goes into it is what makes us be able to do stuff like this. It’s amazing.” 

Narducci left the competition in his wake in the standings. The Division III championship is decided on the best 14 finishes a driver has in NASCAR Whelen All-American Series sanctioned events. 

Narducci runs full-time in the SK Light Modified divisions at both Stafford and Thompson Speedway. At Stafford he has eight victories in 19 starts this year and sits fourth in the standings. At Thompson he has six victories in nine starts and has already clinched the division championship with one event remaining. 

“I never imagined we could do this,” Narducci said. “We won five last year at Stafford and three at Thompson and I thought that was an unbelievable year. This year going out and winning eight at Stafford and six at Thompson with still one race left at each track, that’s pretty amazing that we were able to do something like that. Hopefully we can cap off the year with two more wins and try to make it 16, that would be real cool.” 

NASCAR is expected to announce Narducci’s national championship officially later this week. Going into the final weekend Narducci held a virtually insurmountable 54 point lead on second place Josh Frye from Berlin Raceway in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Narducci will be celebrated for his achievement as an honored guest at the NASCAR Home Tracks Champions Awards ceremony Charlotte on Nov. 23 

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division I drivers are ranked by their best 18 NASCAR points finishes in series-sanctioned events. Drivers receive two points for every car they finish ahead of – up to 18 cars – and three points for a win, with an additional two points available if the driver starts 10th or lower. Division II through Division V – and the UNOH Youth Achievement Award – are determined by a driver’s best 14 NASCAR points finishes.

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  1. where are all the HATERS, NOW
    Congrats CHASSIS PRO on Division 3 CHAMPION

  2. CONGRATS to Brian Narducci, car owner Todd Owen and the #01 team along with Butch Shea and Chassis Pro. Division 3 National champion for the second year in a row. That’s a great accomplishment. Great job, and best of luck going forward.

  3. James Osterhoudt says

    Bryan really should move up, he is too good for the SK Lite class!

  4. You just had to do it didn’t you Frank. Folks being respectful and you just had to stick your finger in their face and say see, take that.
    So far all the emotion around Bryan has included words like “haters, cheater, abomination and monster”. They’re all so ugly and have no place in racing let alone to describe a young person. I reject it all while at the same time calling into question the success of this season for the 01.
    I’ve mentioned all the different events that have swirled around the team too many times already. Suffice it to say if you take all the events at Thompson that culminated in the last race there with a DNF. Add to it all the events at Stafford that culminated in the 01 now fighting for a 4th place finish in the points. I question how successful the season has been even with this award that is based on the best 18 finishes.
    More importantly is a question I don’t have the answer to. For a young person racing is entertainment, it’s not life. Is it giving you a valuable life lesson or providing a distraction while you are making your way through some pretty tough formative years. Are you garnering the respect of those you work and recreate with or is the opposite true. Are you working and playing well with others or strutting around in a very small pond developing some bad habits that won’t be helpful in life.. All the many very young drivers these days that never have even had a job deal with this question.
    The off season is almost upon us. It’s a great time to assess and process the season and set goals for next year. I don’t think this season has been a unqualified success for the 01 nor do I think there is no room for improvement. Stafford’s list of champions does not include Bryan’s name last year and it’s won’t this year either. As nice a trophy this is for the home display case in 20 years no one will remember the person that in 2018 and 2019 came in 2nd and 4th.
    Many have said they think it’s time for Narducci to move up to the SK’s. I don’t agree. I’d like to see him run another year in the division and win it. Thompson’s part time gig with smaller fields is nice but the bigger test is Stafford’s full fields and 20 race grind. Be a more responsible driver and make better decisions. Checkers, wreckers and black flags is all very dramatic but now it’s time to mature as a driver. While you’re doing it also learn more from the master builders at Chassis Pro and pursue your education because one day you might have to do it on your own and what you don’t want is for this to be as good as it gets.

  5. As far as Narducci moving up. He has the equipment, he’s having fun, winning races and championships both track and national. Why move up?

  6. Doug, that was as well said as any post about this kid on this board period! No one will care 20 years from now about the 7 car fields he beat up, time to grow up kid be a little humble, look at the big picture, A very good wheel, getting good advice from Todd but not listening! There are plenty of good people around him he has to start listening because if he drives an Sk like that well, he’ll find out quick they won’t put up with the crap.


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