Chase Dowling Tops Field In Tri-Track Open Modified Series At Monadnock

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)

Chase Dowling celebrates victory in the Tri-Track Open Modified Series event Sunday at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Chase Dowling of Roxbury, CT, who started deep in the field of the Monadnock 100, capitalized on patience and some late race drama to score the Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS) victory at Monadnock Speedway on Sunday afternoon. The race was held a day later due to inclement weather but still delivered all the excitement as expected.  

“Today I was more patient in a race car than I have ever been,” said a smiling Dowling from victory lane. “I did not let the race get to me and I knew that we were going to be good at the end.”

Richard Savary of Canton, MA, who qualified through the consi, turned his luck around in 2019 with a solid runner-up finish. Jacob Perry of Pawcatuck, CT, brought out a mid-race caution but recovered to score a podium finish. Matt Galko of Meriden, CT, had a season-high finish of fourth. Hometown favorite Alexander of W. Swanzey, NH, completed the top five.

Tommy Barrett of Millis, MA, Anthony Sesely of Matawan, NJ, Austin Kochenash of Danielsville, PA, Woody Pitkat of Bellingham, MA, and Dylan Izzo of Munroe, CT, completed the top ten. 

After the redraw, Ben Byrne from Greenfield, MA, a regular in Monadnock’s Sportsman Modified division, started on the pole of the 26-car field; sharing the front row with Les Hinckley of Windsor Locks, CT. Byrne jumped to the early lead with Hinckley in tow. On lap 13, Hinckley drifted high allowing Ron Silk of Norwalk, CT, and Ronnie Williams of Ellington, CT, to take over second and third, respectively. With 20 laps down, driver settled into a single file run with Byrne still at the point and enjoying a comfortable margin over Silk. 

The first caution of the event flew on lap 30 when one of the favorites to win, Todd Patnode of W. Swanzey, NH, stalled on the front stretch. Another local favorite and contender, Russ Hersey of Swanzey, pitted during the caution.

Once back to green, Williams used the bottom groove to pass Silk for second. Pitkat got up alongside Silk to challenge for position as well. He took the spot on lap 36. Dowling was beginning to make his charge to the front.  At the head of the field, Byrne and Williams had extended their lead in a two-car break away.

The bid for the win ended for Williams ended on lap 46 when his car slowed to bring out the second yellow. Under the caution, Cam McDermott of Canterbury, CT, hobbled down pit road with mechanical woes. Several other cars pitted while the leaders elected to stay out. 

On the ensuing restart, Pitkat made a bid at the lead but Byrne was able to retain the top spot. At halfway, Byrne was pulling away from the field. The third caution waved on lap 61 for debris on the speedway. During the caution, Williams rejoined the field several laps down while several other drivers took the opportunity to pit. The lead duo of Byrne and Pitkat remained on track as did Joe Kendall from Winchendon, MA.

When racing went back green, Kendall was able to take second away from Pitkat. Deeper in the pack, contact between Matt Swanson of Acton, MA, and Perry saw both cars spinning and the fourth caution flag of the event flying on lap 64. 

After only three laps of green flag racing, the fifth caution was displayed when Pitkat spun as a result of a flat tire. At the time of the caution, Byrne was still the leader followed by Kendall, Savary, Galko, Alexander and Silk. Up for the challenge on the restart, Byrne maintained his lead. Savary was able to get by Kendall for second. Having trouble getting going, the sixth caution flew on lap 68 for a spin by Barrett. 

The complexion of the race changed on lap 70 when the leader Byrne slowed coming out of turn three to send cars scattering and the caution flying. Under caution, Byrne and Kendall both pitted. 

Savary was the new leader when the race went back to green. Alexander took chase in second. Other drivers began making their move toward the front as the laps began to wind down. With 20 laps to go, Hinckley passed for position four; making it Savary, Alexander, Silk, Hinckley and Galko inside the top five. 

The eighth caution of the event waved on lap 88 for a spin by Joey Jarvis of Ascutney, VT. On the ensuing restart, Silk and Hinckley made contact. Silk spun in front of the field in turn one to bring out the caution. No other cars were collected. Hinckley pitted with a left front flat as Silk went to the rear of the field. The restart pitted leader Savary against Dowling, who had inherited second as a result of the incident. Dowling wasted no time getting by Savary and into the lead. 

With 8 laps left to go, the tenth and final caution occurred on lap 92 when Brian Robie of Sunapee, NH, went around in turn three.  On the final restart of the event, Dowling was able to maintain his lead. Savary would have to settle for second ahead of Perry, Galko and Alexander.

Dowling crossed the start/finish line taking the checkers and capturing the “Monadnock 100” for car owner Jimmy Paige. 

“I came in for a pit stop about halfway through and put on a rear tire and made a few adjustments,” stated Dowling. “I knew that we were good.”

“It was an aggressive race at the end with guys giving it their all. That is why these Tri-Track races put on a good show. It is a lot of hard races with a lot of money on the line. And, we all do what we have to do to win.”

Thanks to generous support from Ron Bouchard’s Auto Stores and the Bouchard Family, the family of the late Ricky Miller and Kathy Maffei-Thompson, each competitor who took the green for the Monadnock 100 received $1,100.

Heat race victories went to Patnode, Pitkat and Hinckley. Savary won the consolation race. 

Matt Hirschman of Northampton, PA, a two-time TTOMS winner in 2019, was not present for Sunday’s Monadnock 100. Hirschman made the difficult decision to go to Lancaster, NY, for a Race of Champions event. He is in the hunt for the series’ championship as the points’ leader.

The next race for the Tri-Track Open Modified Series will be the Haunted Hundred at Seekonk Speedway on Saturday, October 26, 2019.

Tri-Track Open Modified -Monadnock 100 Official Finish – September 15, 2019 – Monadnock Speedway – Winchester, NH: 1. Chase Dowling, Roxbury, CT; 2. Richard Savary, Canton, MA; 3. Jacob Perry, Pawcatuck, CT; 4. Matt Galko, Meriden, CT; 5. Kirk Alexander, West Swanzey, NH; 6. Tommy Barrett, Millis, MA; 7. Anthony Sesely, Matawan, NJ; 8. Austin Kochenash, Danielsville, PA; 9. Woody Pitkat, Bellingham, MA; 10. Dylan Izzo, Monroe, CT; 11. Les Hinckley, Windsor Locks, CT; 12. Dana Dimatteo, Farmington, CT; 13. Matt Swanson, Acton MA; 14. Ron Silk, Norwalk, CT; 15. Joey Jarvis, Ascutney, VT; 16. Andrew Molleur, Shelton, CT; 17. Calvin Carroll, Andover, NJ; 18. Brian Robie, Sunapee, NH; 19. Ronnie Williams, Ellington, CT; 20. Ben Byrne, Greenfield, MA; 21. Joe Kendall, Winchendon, MA; 22. Cameron Sontag, Sterling, MA; 23. Cam McDermott, Canterbury, CT; 24. Mike Holdridge, Madison, CT; 25. Russ Hersey, Swanzey, NH; 26. Todd Patnode, Swanzey, NH. DNQ: Andrew Charron, East Greenwich, RI; TJ Bleau, Troy, NH; Rob Janovic, Jr., Waterford, CT; Geoff Rollins, Groton, MA; George Sherman, Framingham, MA. 

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  1. just goes to show you that 604 engine is really a good option – just not sure on the Tri Track rules for using that combination – is there a weight break – does it have to be sealed?? Can you run it on the other tours?

  2. Just a race fan says

    Jim Schaefer, any chance you could post the payouts and the current point standings?

  3. Is it Big Money Chase or Chase Can Race. Ok the VMRS race at Stafford isn’t big money but he done good winning it. Now this. That’s a lot of cars on a short track. Great race in Lancester as well. Too bad they had to fall on the same day.
    I wish Mr. Schaefer would follow through on an attempt to list the engines these guys are using. There’s a story there seems to me. Such diversity or at least I think there is.
    Matt Galko very disappointing year in the Stafford SK’s. Pretty good year with the open modified. Guess that’s the basket they’re putting their eggs in. The one that can hold more money maybe.

  4. Congrats to Chase and the whole #00 team for the win.

  5. Great job by Dylan Izzo and 04 crew for 10th place finish congrats

  6. Great run Dylan Izzo and 04 crew 10th place finish congrats

  7. “I wish Mr. Schaefer would follow through on an attempt to list the engines these guys are using. There’s a story there seems to me. Such diversity or at least I think there is”.

    Mr. Schaefer, would you also make an attempt to let us know what chassis they are running, SPAFCO, Chassis Pro, LRF, CD, Troyer and if it is a Troyer TA1, TA2, TA3? What shocks they are using Genesis, Pro, JRI etc.? What they are using for a rear suspension package, 3 or 4 link, L/R panhard bar? What are they using for a differential, QC/Non-QC/gear ratio, pinion angle? Oh, and how about front-end geometry? There’s a story there seems to me. Such diversity or at least I think there is.

    Jim, seriously only kidding LOL.

    Doug, you answered you own question when you said diversity. Racing is a package and it takes a multitude of components, infinite adjustments and the driver to win. It is not just about the engine especially on the smaller tracks where handling is key.

    Do yourself a favor, get out from behind the keyboard, venture down to the Seekonk race next month, purchase a pit pass and spend some time looking and asking questions, you will probably find your answers. I am sure Mr. Schaefer has better things to do other that spend his valuable time satisfying your curiosity when you can do that yourself.

    Jim, great job with this series, keep up the great work and I look forward to a stellar 2020!

  8. Mike 8/26
    “Can anyone give a breakdown of the different engine combos each car has? It seems no or very few cars running the spec motor? Is one combo out performing others?”
    Mr. Schaefer 8/26
    I”’ll see what I can find on that Mike. I do know we’ve had e different winners in four different cars ( Hirschman has won two races with two different cars. The first one at Claremont was in the Pee Dee Motorsports 60 with a Spec motor.)”

    Same answer as before Earl. I don’t think it’s my place to tell other people what races to attend nor think it’s yours to tell me.
    Now if you’re trying to provoke a meaningless tug of war while demonstrating you don’t pay attention to what was said before then mission accomplished.

  9. Earl. very porcupine of you with the above. Sensibilities being what they are it was kind of rough.
    If he won’t make that short blast up 91 to the Dog to take a peek I doubt he’ll go “all” the way to Seekonk.

  10. Jim probably isn’t all that motivated to hunt down answers for a guy who doesn’t ever buy a ticket to TTOMS events. You could could easily ask the drivers yourself at Seekonk Oct 26th.

  11. Curious George says

    Is Hirschman still eligible for the champoinship if he skipped a race? I may be mistaken, but I thought you had to attempt to run all six races…
    Crazy in NY, why did Hirschman choose ROC at Lancaster versus Tri-track at Monadnock? Was it a case of travel time or does the ROC actually pay more?

  12. James Schaefer says

    $41,000 purse + – at Monadnock Sunday, Sept 15

    1 – 6000 – Dowling + 220 lap money
    2 – 3500 – Savary + 440 lap money
    3 – 2700 – J Perry
    4 – 2200 Galko
    5 – 1750 Alexander (+ 500 from Maurice Ent. who showed up at track and said let’s add 500 to 5th place!)
    6 – 1500 – Barrett
    7 – 1450 – Sesely
    8 – 1400 – Kochenash
    9 – 1350 – Pitkat
    10- 1300 – Izzo
    11- 1250- Hinckley + 500 Bouchard Challenge Cup
    12- 1200 – Dimatteo
    13- 1100 – Swanson
    14- 1100 – Silk
    15- 1100 – J. Jarvis
    16- 1100 – Molleur
    17- 1100 – Carroll
    18- 1100 – Robie
    19- 1000 – Williams
    20- 1100- Byrne + 1420 lap money
    21- 1100 – Kendall
    22- 1100- Sontag
    23- 1100 – McDermott
    24- 1100 – Holdridge
    25- 1100 – Hersey
    26- 1100 – Patnode

    Charron – 700
    Rollins – 700
    Sherman – 700
    Bleau – 500
    Janovic – 500

    1. Ronnie Williams, Ellington, CT; 44 + 50 = 94 +46 = 140+46= 186+21=207
    2. Matt Hirschman, Northampton, PA; 50 + 42 = 92 + 42 = 134 +50 =184+10=194
    3. Matt Swanson, Acton, MA; 38 + 44 = 82 + 44 = 126+26=152+27=179
    4. Woody Pitkat, Stafford Springs, CT; 26 + 38 = 64 +32 = 96+32=128+32=160
    5. Tommy Barrett, Millis, MA; 34 + 46 = 80 + 22 = 102+18=120+38=158
    6. Les Hinckley, Windsor Locks, CT; 46 + 24 = 70 + 21 = 91+38=129+29=158
    7. Calvin Carroll, Andover, NJ; 32 + 34 = 66 + 25 = 91+34=125+23=148
    8. Anthony Sesely, Matawah, NJ; 36 + 28 = 64 +29 = 93+17=110+36=146
    9. Ron Silk, Norwalk, CT; 17 + 32 = 49 + 50 = 99+16=115+26=141
    10. Brian Robie, Sunapee, NH; 30 + 17 = 47 + 30 = 77+40=117+22+139
    11. Richard Savary, Canton, MA; 23 + 10 = 33 +38 = 71+14+85+46=131
    12. Russ Hersey, Swanzey, NH; 40 + 27 = 67 + 28 = 95+19=114+15=129
    13. Kirk Alexander, W. Swanzey, NH; 16 + 15 = 31 +19 = 50+30=80+40=120
    14. Matt Galko, Meriden, CT. 14 + 10 = 24 +26 = 50+27=77+42=119
    15. Mike Holdridge, Madison, CT; 15 + 25 += 40 + 25 = 65+23=88+16=104
    16. Geoff Rollins, Groton, MA; 20 + 22 += 42 + 10 = 52+22=74 + 10 = 84
    17 Andrew Charron, E. Greenwich, RI; 10 + 21 = 31 + 10 = 41+10=51+10=61

    I asked around a little, and pretty sure no one has a spec motor at tri track except when Hirschman showed up once at Claremont with the Pee Dee 60 and when Coby showed up last year. I think most are 18 degree chevys. Not my area of expertise.

  13. The way I view this forum is that it’s a place to share. Different people from all over the Northeast and beyond. Each with familiarity with different tracks, different divisions and interests. Some with current experience in racing others with past experience and many with no experience. Some that are loyal to one track and others that travel long distances to see the best races. Each sharing what they know, answering questions, filling in blanks and expanding the knowledge and hopefully audience of racing in general. It’s the ideal anyway in my view.
    On the other side of conversation there’s the guys that know what they know, believe you should know it and if you don’t shut up or find out. The presumption being no one has any right to comment or ask a question on anything unless they are an in person attendee. Of the regular contributors engaging in the mockery and taunts I don’t see any following that rule they seem to set for others. More importantly this isn’t about one person the conversation is about an audience. One that if you encourage more viewpoints you can engage more people, hopefully peak their interest and over time build a larger fan base for the TTOMS and racing in general. This notion of proving your worthiness to some anonymous person in parts unknown using arbitrary standards they set is short sighted, small minded and arrogant. No one can stop you from being confrontational and mocking those you don’t think are worthy but in the end it stifles potential contributors and discourages people from participating.
    Now we have a good indication that spec engines aren’t even a factor in the series thanks to Mr. Schaefer. Were mike in August to never have asked the question or it revisited here we would still not know.
    Now the question is who is running the SK package besides the 6 and why has the spec been abandoned if that is the case. Are teams universally gravitating to VMRS type engine to qualify for more opens.? Specs are legal in the ROC but are teams moving away from them there as well? What”s up with that Sportsman modified division in the ROC. Not a crate, not a full tour engine. Hows that working out? Steve also raised an interesting question about the 604 engine that someone might want to chime in on.
    I guess if I was smart I’d drop it. But I’m not so plan on more questions over the winter.

  14. Specs are legal in the ROC but are teams moving away from them there as well?
    When you write such a question it infers people were running them there but are not now.
    Well that means you’re not really paying attention to the ROC so why ask? But..since you may care
    no one runs a spec there on a regular basis but that’s not to say someone hasn’t tried them.
    Unofficially they are not welcome but they could run if the car weighed 2700# and ran 55% leftside.
    All this information can be ascertained by viewing the ROC rulebook which is available on line.
    Matt won at Claremont in the Pee Dee 60 because it was available while his own 60 was not fully shopped from a prior race. Even with the handicap he was able to achieve balance in the car and the motor was not a factor, The race played out in our favor as well.
    The ROC Sportsman ? What do you mean hows is that working out? They fall between a Ct SK and a crate. The car counts are not good ( side bar: they suck everywhere in NY…whole other conversation)

    For open wheel weekly race cars SMS is by far the best thing going right now ( Until Waterford reopens my opin) Now can I ask questions? How come you can’t venture out from the shadow of Stafford? Ct is a small state and most adults I wouldn’t think be intimidated by the driving. I think you might find racing a bit more satisfying if you took it in.
    Now..before you get all lathered up by my directness ask yourself what other crew guys ever respond to you. Something to think about.

  15. I was told Matt Hirchman ran the roc race because his whole family was up there with a car waiting for him. Original plan was run tri track Saturday and roc sunday.. I think that takes him out of the tri track points as it says you have to run each race to be eligible. Now from what I hear he was there saturday, so does that count and make him eligible for points. That I don’t know. I would argue it should. He must have been up there in points going into the weekend. Seekonk should be a good show.

  16. James Schaefer says

    Since Tri Track started, every team has been given both points and money if they show up. We appreciate the efforts that every team makes in order to race with us. However, no money was given to Richardi and Hirschman at this race because they did not actually purchase tires for the event.

  17. Crazy, best post ever. A+. He is just talking to talk. He has a bunch of questions for this winter already?? Need more evidence than that? That’s an unbalanced person. Doug has never asked a question that can’t be answered by simply walking the pits. If you never go to ROC or TTOMS events then why ask a million questions that nobody ever answers for you. Maybe support the sport you yap about excessively before you foul up what was a good racing site. Just one man’s opinion of course.

  18. Points indicate Hirschman credited with Monadnock appearance so he’s in.

    Mary Poppins used a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down. You porcupine always require a spoon full of bitterness before you spoon out your sugar. It’s your way and at this point it’s kind of endearing.
    So your question is what crew members respond to my questions other then you. Well not that I know you are crew member being anonymous and all and making quite a few claims over the years. I would guess a goodly number have but they’re anonymous so how would I know. Maybe Tire guy being the last. Don’t know. I can confirm drivers and known active team members have including Tony Membrino, Geoff Nooney, Stuart Fearn and Ryan Fearn have over the years. I’ve exchanged emails with Rob Fuller and Stan Mertz. Surprisingly they aren’t as guarded and insulting as you are nor do they ask my credentials when answering questions. Ask a good question and they answer. And get this porcupine, they do it with no personal attacks, judgements or insults. Go figure.
    Anyway thank you for the information. Pretty good actually after I wend my way through all your judgy nonsense.
    So in spite of the grumpy old men of the North and header watchers a picture is emerging. The rules in the ROC and TTOMS have pretty much discouraged the use of the spec. Hirschman did win with one but it was under special circumstances and viewed as overcoming the disadvantages of the spec. Maybe everyone in RaceDayct nation knew that except me but I kind of doubt it. Kind of makes Staffords decision on excluding the spec in their opens pretty smart in retrospect seeing the trend emerging. Kind of bodes well for Staffords opens going forward I should think.
    Now what about the 604? Is that the future or is the future here? Used in Late Models and Supers is it the starting point for modified engines now?
    Looks like I’ll be receiving a lot of incoming on that one as well but like I said. Not that bright.

  19. Best quote yet; “I guess if I was smart I’d drop it. But I’m not so plan on more questions over the winter”.

    That’s called creating your own drama and you want to know why? I was told by a very smart individual that knowledge is power but I guess when you have it some like to criticize you rather than getting some of their own through research.

  20. WOW, I guess I am not the only porcupine here with the same opinion!

  21. First Earl if I ever referred to you as the porcupine it was a mistake. There’s only one and you aren’t him.
    I can’t help but notice that why you and others are making your snide asides the information train has passed you by. Including contributions from the actual porcupine.
    Twood appear your efforts to block the flow of interesting information while you had your eye on headers and low hanging fruit failed miserably.

  22. Hirschman did win with one but it was under special circumstances and viewed as overcoming the disadvantages of the spec. Maybe everyone in RaceDayct nation knew that except me but I kind of doubt it. Kind of makes Staffords decision on excluding the spec in their opens pretty smart in retrospect seeing the trend emerging. Kind of bodes well for Staffords opens going forward I should think.
    Good God what does all this gobbley gook mean? special circumstances? disadvantages of the spec?
    trend emerging ? jezz are you over thinking every thing? Stafford’s opens wil continue to be home grown unless they can come up with a TTOM style purse. Meaning good money all the way thru the field.
    Matt showed the spec even with the handicap can be competitive on a bullring. Nothing more.
    Has nothing to do with showing Stafford the way……. ( hope this wasn’t too rough for you)

  23. “Matt won at Claremont in the Pee Dee 60 because it was available while his own 60 was not fully shopped from a prior race.”
    Sorry, it sounded like a special circumstance.
    I’ll drop it and give you time to collect yourself. We’ll chat later.

  24. Sunday I witnessed another outstanding Tri-Track event on Sunday at Monadnock on a beautiful late summer day. Pay out to the competitors was way above average as can be seen in an earlier post by James Schafer. The stands were pretty empty for such a nice day with an outstanding field. Dick Williams and James Schafer put a huge effort in making these races special for the racer and the fan. If these events are not attended by the fans they will cease to exist. We modified fans need to SUPPORT these events before it is too late.

  25. Great post Rich, So true. Those that don’t attend TT cheat only themselves. Reading about how good a race was sure isn’t as satisfying as seeing one. It will be a sad day indeed if TTOM goes away for lack of support. Wow..a Modified race was run without the names Hirschman, Preece, Bonsignor or Coby and it was entertaining without the “names” there. Whoda thunk it?

  26. Doug wrote: “The way I view this forum is that it’s a place to share.”

    Doug, you and your plethora of other screen names are black holes, vacuums, that do nothing other than take in, and have nothing to share. Your regurgitating of contributions from others, and your thoughts, have no value.

    Like Crazy said a while back, peel off a few and go into the pits, see for yourself. But in order to get into the pits, you actually have to go to a track.

  27. Another A++ post by DaReal. (See what Im doing here? Sound familiar?)

    The TTOMS series events have seen great crowds. You can’t judge them on a rainout makeup date. Once they were forced to run on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, against the NFL they were cooked. Just bad fortune. TTOMS is a Saturday Night Tour. As was seen at Star, Oxford and Seekonk.

  28. That was a wonderful comment by Rich Oloff and who could disagree. That provides such vivid contrast to the short sighted entries that followed and in DGF’s case typically irrelevant, confrontational and petty.
    Here’s a view from the bleachers at Stafford.
    Over half the teams and or drivers in this race appeared at Stafford Opens or the VMRS event. Stafford, TTOMS, VMRS or any other offerings that come along all share a common interest. Giving teams more opportunity to spread their expenditure over more events hopefully paying more money. Support one, you support them all. I believe that in supporting the Stafford tour type offerings we that do so are supporting teams that will go to TTOMS events that you guys can enjoy. It’s all linked in my view.
    I’m pretty sure Cam McDermott didn’t put his program together for the Stafford opens alone. Galko either. Savory seems to be enjoying Stafford and TTOMS events. More teams form to go to more races, more fans going to attend those races is the hope.
    This year we are seeing a turnover in the cars attending the open events. A lot of new blood. A few have complained about the lack of big names but overall it’s been more different then bad. Would there be as many new teams going to TTOMS events if Stafford opens didn’t exist. We don’t know do we but my guess is no.
    If Monadnock had a bad day it is football season after all, it was a rain date and going head to head with Lancaster couldn’t have helped. But seriously does anyone think the Haunted Hundred will be a repeat. Do you think TTOMS races are not well attended? I don’t think so.
    Stafford, TTOMS and whatever future events that may be on the drawing board are all linked. They all depend on the strength of the potential pool of modifieds that is available and that is linked to each of our support for the different products available. Simply put if I support Galko, Nocella, Dowling, Savary, Williams etc,’ etc, etc etc at Stafford then in a way I’m sitting right next to you at Monadnock as they compete in the Tri Track race. Or in the beer line as the case may be. Grateful as well to you for attending TTOMS events that help provide a greater base of cars to potentially compete at Stafford events.

  29. Nothing wins against the NFL. The NFL stands for Not For Long if you want to try to compete against it.

    I think its a pretty big reach to say the support of Staffords Opens are supporting the Tri Track series. you are supporting Stafford with your time and money. Tri track doesn’t see any benefit from you walking through Staffords gates for one of their opens.

    There is a much more direct way to support Tri Track. Go to one of their races. There is going to be a good one at Seekonk Next month. They’re selling tix for $30 and it includes 150 lap pass PS SLM race and 50 lap open late model race at a pretty racey little track located in Seekonk MA. Check it out then you can say you supported Tri track. Its probably going against a yard sale at Stafford though, so you would have to miss that.

    In my opinion the two series have a completely different mindset even though they share some of the same cars and drivers. Tri track is run more like a non profit meant to benefit the drivers while Stafford has more of a for profit motive generating revenue for the track. Stafford pays less purse compared to Tri Track (approx. 10-15k less.) Tri Track has a points fund, Stafford does not. Tri track has open rules allowing really any engine combination to run while Stafford opens have restrictions. Stafford Opens charge the same or more for GA compared to Tri Track races. The only thing Stafford really has on tri track is location.

    Stafford already has most of the drivers already there for their SK’s, so they are going to get a descent field paying a nominal purse. They can cut out the sanctioning Fees for a tour and run the show themselves, collect entry fees, charge the same amount to get in, and hopefully put the difference back into the purse for the drivers or keep it for themselves.

    I honestly don’t know how the opens compare to MRS purse wise. I have no idea what MRS pays, I think I remember Stafford Opens was about 25k when it started not sure if they bumped it up. Anyone have good figures on MRS VS Stafford Open Purse structure?

  30. Of course it’s a reach. . I think there is a kernel of truth to it. After all if the TTOMS was the only tour type modified product out there having seen Staffords opens and the VMRS go bust in an alternate reality would we see strong fields for the TTOMS? I would argue no.
    Agreed it is more of a symbolic argument based on our shared interest that clearly is not going to gain traction here. And yes, buying a ticket to an event is always a greater show of support.
    Yes I agree that the Haunted Hundred will be an outstanding event at a great track and my hope is it is well attended which I’m sure it will be.
    No I don’t agree that mindset or profit structure has anything to do with why and when fans and/or teams go to races. It’s about entertainment value, purses and proximity. Moreover if you are saying none of the tracks make any money off of TTOMS events I suspect that would be incorrect.
    No I don’t agree that the rules are that different in practice for Stafford vs the TTOMS. I thought they were but the one real piece of information we learned here is they have more in common then not.
    No I don’t agree that the only thing Stafford has is location. Aside from that being demeaning to the other tracks it’s incorrect. Stafford offers all their regular divisions including the very popular SK’s and SK Lights that for modified lovers is perhaps a little added spice. They combined Modifiedz Nite for the Lights at one open and the TC13 for another.
    No I don’t agree that Staffords SK drivers that chose to field tour modified cars is some kind of automatic advantage. The notion that guys are building tour type cars because they are already there and are doing it only for Stafford is ridiculous. Hence the link to the TTOMS.
    No I don’t agree that Stafford has “most” of the drivers already there. In the July race 8 out of 26 were Stafford regulars. And of those Stafford regulars most have appeared at TTOMS events. Hence the link.
    No I don’t agree with the theme of your entry that somehow the Stafford Opens were a completely no risk, catching fish in a barrel type of deal.
    No I don’t accept the crux of your argument that that the sum of all the differences in the various tour type offerings negates the strength they derive from their shared interests. I believe the the VMRS, Stafford Opens, TTOMS and just maybe Riverheads tour type modifieds all benefit from each other and that we as fans have more in common then the tribal instincts you seems to like to retreat to.
    Other then that good comment.

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