Meghan Fuller Gets Fifth Street Stock Win At Stafford; Zack Robinson Grabs Title

Meghan Fuller celebrates victory in the Street Stock feature Saturday at the NAPA Fall Final at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – When Meghan Fuller got her second Street Stock win of the 2019 season back in July at Stafford Speedway the teenager from Auburn, Mass. was ecstatic by the fact that she doubled her win total from the 2018 season. 

Saturday she just kept on making that win total grow.  

Fuller held off the charges of Travis Hydar over the closing laps to win the 30-lap Street Stock feature. 

It was the fifth victory of the season for Fuller, tying her for the division lead for wins in 2019. 

“It’s beyond amazing that I won five races this year,” Fuller said. 

Hydar of Woodbury was second and Zack Robinson of Putnam third. 

“That’s definitely what we came out here to do today,” Fuller said. “My dad and I had a little pep talk today and he said ‘What’s your plan for today?’ and I said ‘To go out to win and not make any stupid moves. That’s exactly what I did.” 

Robinson’s third place finish gave him his first track championship. He finished the season with five victories, matching Fuller for the division lead for wins. 

“Coming into the season the plan wasn’t to win the championship,” Robinson said. “We came out here with the goal to win the most races. I think we got that title right now.” 

Zack Robinson celebrates winning the 2019 Street Stock championship Saturday at the NAPA Fall Final at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

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  1. A banner win and year for Megan. A chick fighting for the championship means more and encourages other women to buckle in. But the big prize goes to Robinson. Coming back from the embarrassing engine dust up. Taking a break from Stafford and now a champion. On the list of champions as long as Stafford is a race facility.
    No rules yet for the Streets for 2020 but other divisions including the LLM’s are set. Are changes afoot in the Street?
    Did you see the fields in the Lights? Insane. Up from last year. Look you guys and gals you’re not making a case for increasing the Light purse. SK’s and LM’s up from last year as well. Perfect weather. Unreal. Now if Lutz can get a win and Owen steal the SK championship from Williams the crowd would go wild.

  2. Hillary 2020 says

    Again with the chick thing Doug. How daaa you. That was my Greta impression for those that didn’t know.

  3. I think meg would do just fine in a LFR Sk light house car , I mean what are cousins for , maybe Polar on the side could help. Ok I thought it was a good idea. Hope they find away to move up the kid is smooth stays out of trouble and doesn’t cause any and still wins , some could learn from her ,you don’t need to drive over people

  4. We all have our crosses to bare Hillary 2020. Me showing my outdated if benign congenial sexism. You with that Hillary 2020 screen ID that gets more ridiculous as the epicenter of all things politics gets further and further into the rear view mirror.
    But we persevere with our lack of ability to move into the future don’t we.

  5. Hillary 2020 says

    Further into the rear view mirror? Where have you been Doug? Hillary is making the media rounds and is very excited about the prospect of impeachment. She says she lost an illegitimate election. Even ask that dafella fella. He knows….he knows.

  6. I don’t mind admitting I can’t keep up with your references Hillary. I don’t know what a Gretta is, don’t know what any Clinton has to do with the current impeachment or the next election and don know why you refer to another contributor here to make a point.. All I was saying is Hillary 2020 has a limited shelf life, it’s political and this is a racing site and it’s a chicks name and you are likely not a chick.. It’s like you went into a turn making it three wide thinking you could jump into the lead and maybe you did when you thought it up but didn’t think it through and ended up a DNF. But it’s distinctive for sure and if you like it then your vote is the only one that counts.
    I agree with elect. She’s a Fuller with a modifed champion dad. She’s destined to be in a modified. I read that’s the goal but money is an issue so they do what they can. Smooth, you bet. To me she’s “the natural”..I just know if they fielded an SK Light she would be a contender and for a woman that would be a first in that division. I know I’m going off the deep end but I think she’s special in that she has a very high ceiling with regard to what she can accomplish and blaze a new trail to a place no woman has gone is modifieds. I have no idea of how it could be done but if they could somehow get the backing of a woman owned business sponsor the imaging and a little success would be sublime.
    That’s right. Megan Fuller contending for the NWMT championship as the 2028 season rolls into Thompson. Only a few points behind veteran Doug Coby shooting for his record breaking 8th NWMT championship. That’s the future I can see Hillary 2020 and there is no Clinton in it.

  7. Hillary 2020 says

    How dare you not know who Greta is, how DARE you! If you don’t know then you’re clueless about current events. And I reference dafella because he is my hero. He is the smartest commenter on here. He knows absolutely everything there is to know about auto racing and Trump. Trump and auto racing are like peas and carrots. Why do you think he constantly brings up Trump almost every subject. And by the way there is absolutely no sarcasm in any of my posts. How daaaare you even think that.

  8. I looked Hillary. Can’t find any prominent person in racing name Greta. As far as your sarcasm goes,I got it and like it.

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