Perfect Day: Teddy Hodgdon IV Gets SK Light Mod Win, Championship At Stafford NAPA Fall Final

Teddy Hodgdon IV celebrates victory and the SK Light Modified championship Sunday at the NAPA Fall Final at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Teddy Hodgdon IV made sure there were no complicated championship scenario math problems to work through Sunday at the NAPA Fall Final at Stafford Speedway. 

Hodgdon, of Danbury, came into the season finale holding a 10-point lead over second place Steven Chapman and a 24-point advantage over third place Alexander Pearl. 

In the end Hodgdon gave nobody the chance to even close on him by winning the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Sunday at Stafford. 

It was the second consecutive victory for Hodgdon and his fifth win of the season. It gave Hodgdon his first career SK Light Modified title at Stafford. 

Hodgdon passed Joey Ferrigno for the lead on lap 19. 

“I was in second there with two [laps] to go I knew I had to win,” Hodgdon said. “I knew in front of all these fans and all my family and friends that came today. It’s just an unbelievable feeling.” 

Pearl, of Salem, was second and Nick Anglace of Ansonia third. Chapman ended up fifth. 

It was hardly a day devoid of drama on the track for Hodgdon. On  lap nine he nearly got caught up in a multi-car wreck in turn four while running 12th

“When I got in that tangle … I went down to press down the clutch and shift to third and there was nothing there,” Hodgdon said. “So I had to start in fourth [gear] the whole race. Luckily we got good enough restarts to challenge.” 

Hodgdon clawed his way through the field and was up to second by lap 16. He was quickly sizing up Ferrigno out front. 

“He got a bad run out of turn [two] and I knew I had to go for it there,” Hodgdon said. “It’s a racer’s instinct to go for the lead when you have a shot to do it. I knew I had championship hopes on the line. That’s a racer, you’ve got do what you’ve got to do.” 


  1. Hillary 2020 says

    How many cars did Narducci wreck, just that one? He’s got one more chance for more at Thompson.

  2. Hillary 2020 says

    And I see he got dq’d also. Shocking.

  3. Changing Gears says

    Narducci did his normal thing,then hid is his trailer and had mommy do his fighting for him.He monster trucked the 87.Kid is terrible.

  4. Congratulations to Teddy and crew on win number five and on winning the SK Light Modified Title. A great driver who stays out of the ‘drama’ in the division and takes what he can get each week knowing that it won’t be his night every race. Great family always taking the time to talk with a stranger who is hanging around their pit.

    It’s been a blast cheering him and his family on all season.

  5. They shouldn’t have stopped Ferrigno from marching across infield , it might have done a lot of good to teach him a lesson , it will only keep up till someone lets him know there is a price to pay

  6. What did we expect going in. Narducci was clearly the favorite. Maybe Hodgdon and Bakaj in the hunt as will for the championship. Ferrigno said he found some things wrong with his car over the winter so maybe he was a possibility to recapture his old magic. Chapman a rookie to keep an eye on with a very organized and well funded team in a division where a rookie can excel.
    What we got is a pretty good race actually by drivers we might not have expected. Hodgdon is just terrific. Really smart picking his spots. Got his share of wins, top 5’s and 10’s and limited DNF’s. Chapman finishes an astounding 19 out of 20 races in the top 10. Pearl also impressive finishing 17 races in the top 10 and a couple of wins as well. Most improved driver by my score card.
    OK you Narducci fans you can say the 8 wins and some timely moves makes him one of the best drivers out there. My view with three disqualifications for rough riding at two tracks and another for weight dropping from 4th to 5th in the final standings at Stafford is a bloody disaster. If you’re going to go to the trouble of racing all 20 events why not drive in a manner that gives you a chance to be immortalized in the list of champions. No one will remember 8 wins.
    What is the deal with Bloxsom? 19 races in the Lights, 1 in an SK and has appeared in the VMRS. Instead of spreading mediocrity around why not focus on one thing and try to improve in the one thing before branching out.
    2 wins for Bakaj and one really unlikely in a new ride not known for running up front. Puleo the best car not to win always knocking on the door with 8 top 5’s but never getting the big one. Korner hot on occasion with 2 wins but at other times not so much finishing 11th. I really thought Flynn would get a win but it was not to be.
    If Chris Mathews races next year look out. With that new found Chassis Pro speed he’ll spend more time contending.
    Honorable mention to West and Anderson coming in 15th and 16th. How do I say it delicately. There are special challenges for women racing against all those crazy young guys looking to prove themselves and at times not using the best judgement. These two women showed up and gave as well as they got on most occasions.
    Kind of a shame that the 01 sucked up all the oxygen this season when there was a pretty good points battle going on in spite of the drama.
    18 cars in two consi’s at the Fall Final. 47 cars appeared this year in at least 1 race. Perhaps one of the most successful and under appreciated divisions ever at Stafford. Under appreciated in the respect it’s really the second division and doesn’t pay well at all. That as it turns out may not be a problem since cars show up anyway.
    Thank you to all for a great season.

  7. Congrats to Teddy and the Hodgdon family. You guys are all class acts and great representatives for the sport and the division. That kid in the 01 should have stuck to full body cars because if I had a dollar for every car he’s taken out , driven over the LF or dumped since he stepped foot in a open wheel car, I’d have enough to pay for my admission into next years Sizzler. Certainly hope to see Teddy in an SK next year at some point because he can drive.

  8. Narducci, fair game. Narducci’s mom considering her roll in racing fair game. Owen’s roll building the car for the 01 and mentoring Bryan fair game. Bringing the relationship between two people into the conversation and taking a cheap shot……..about as uncool as it gets.

  9. Changing Gears says

    Doug: Dont understand where you are coming from,am i missing something?

  10. Changing Gears,
    My fault. Doug commented on another comment that had been posted and has since been removed. It was a comment that made reference to a personal relationship. It slipped through upon my first glance, but upon further review it was removed.

  11. Has Narducci ever been on probation for his actions this year? You would think that he should be suspended by now. I think he is a very talented driver and i really like to watch him but he has become a weapon lately and if his parents and grandfather can’t calm him down then the only option is suspend him for a couple of weeks . Get him where it hurts

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