Like A Champ: Doug Coby Rallies For Sixth Whelen Mod Tour Title; Justin Bonsignore Wins Sunoco World Series 150

Doug Coby celebrates his sixth Whelen Modified Tour championship Sunday following the Sunoco World Series 150 at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – It was a day in which Justin Bonsignore did everything he could possibly do to win a second consecutive NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship. 

Bonsignore even got his pre-race wish, to see points leader Doug Coby get involved in some drama behind him. 

Unfortunately for Bonsignore, Coby was able to overcome his early race demons, well, literally like a champion. 

Coby, of Milford, used a seventh place finish in the Sunoco World Series 150 Sunday at Thompson Speedway to capture his sixth Whelen Modified Tour championship. 

Bonsignore, of Holtsville, N.Y., came into the event trailing Coby by 19 points in the standings. Bonsignore, who led 140 of 150 laps on the way to his sixth win of the season, ended up eight points behind Coby in the final standings. 

Ron Silk of Norwalk was second and Matt Swanson of Woburn, Mass. third. 

“It’s hard to put into words,” said the 40-year old Coby, who has been racing with the series since 2002. “We try to come out here to win every race. That’s what we all do right? Then you come out to try to have the best season than anybody, and that’s what we all do. It’s just man, our team just finds a way to do it. I don’t talk about numbers, think about the numbers. I’ve got a long way to go in my career and this could be it. I always try to remember that my last win could be my last win and my last championship could be my last championship. Nothing is given in this sport. Well earned by my team.” 

Coby won his first series title driving for Wayne Darling in 2012. He then won four consecutive titles from 2014-2017 driving for his current team, Mike Smeriglio Racing. Bonsignore snapped Coby’s record championship streak in 2018. 

“Every championship I’m like, ‘We’re the team that doesn’t quit, we don’t give up,’” Coby said. “And we proved that by losing and then coming back and winning. … When you lose one the response is really neat to see.” 

Coby joined the late Mike Stefanik as the only driver in series history with six or more series titles. Stefanik, Coby and Tony Hirschman (five championships) are the only drivers with more than two series titles since the inception of the division in 1985. 

“It’s a special feeling to win a race on this tour, and to win a championship, let alone six,” Coby said. “It’s a humbling feeling to know that all these people believe in me so much.” 

Coby said it’s not time yet to talk about chasing Stefanik’s record for series championships. 

“I’ll talk about that when it happens,” Coby said. “… The seventh could never happen. It could be a storyline that you guys never get to write. We’ll never know that. I’ll talk about six.” 

Justin Bonsignore celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Sunoco World Series 150 at Thompson Speedway Sunday (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

It was the sixth win of the season for Bonsignore and his seventh victory in the last eight series events at Thompson. 

“We spotted them way too many points in the beginning of the year and they’re way too good of a team to give that big of a lead,” Bonsignore said. “… We didn’t get the championship but we backed up eight wins from last year with six again this year. I’m really proud of my whole team. I just love coming to Thompson. We knew we had to dominate today and that’s probably as close to dominating as you can get here.” 

Coby, while running sixth, found he had a flat left rear tire while under caution on lap 15. 

“I saw he had the flat in the beginning and I thought ‘Ah, maybe. 40 cars, maybe he’ll get caught up in something’” Bonsignore said. “But he’s smart. He knows what to do.” 

Coby restarted in 27th after the flat then clawed his way up to 12th. He remained near the back end of the top-10 until all the cars on the lead lap went to the pits under caution on lap 104. Coby went to the pits in 13th and came out in 11th

“I hope nobody thought that was easy,” Coby said. “This is tough to begin with. Then we had the problem with the flat left rear tire. Of course Justin goes out and takes care of business and leads the most laps and wins, which we all said he was probably going to do.” 

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  1. CONGRATS to Doug Coby, and the #2 NWMT team on your sixth championship. Also Congrats to Rob Fuller, and the team at LFR on your sixth straight championship as a chassis builder. Great job guys. Shows how important preparation is.

  2. Well, the sun has set on the 2019 racing season. Wishing all the teams at all the tracks happy holidays. Don’t worry, the 2020 season will be here before too long.

  3. Smart, very smart. Looks like they set the car up to run on the bottom to stay out of harms way as much as possible.
    It was the day to honor the current GOAT of modern era modified racing and maybe see the future GOAT take yet another step toward overtaking Stefanik. Coby is a terrific champion. That interview he did with Coss hit all the right notes in a calm and measured way. Recognizing what the championships mean but not in an arrogant way and placing credit with his team for accomplishing it. Props to his fellow competitors, appreciation to all fans no matter who they support, Thompson, and the strength of the NWMT in general. It’s gonna be a great look on NBCSC.
    Thanks to NASCAR, the NWMT teams, Fanschoice and RaceDAyCt for provided unprecedented coverage while still getting great crowds and providing great competition. The modified force was strong this year from the paddock to the number of eyeballs viewing the races.

  4. The end result was as expected. No surprises despite a little drama from the 2 car. 51 wins the battle, the 2 wins the war.

    Coby is a great champion but he is not the Goat. Not even remotely close.

    I guess we are onto 2020. Plenty of good drivers without rides. Should be a fun silly season. Will SAP return to driving,? Will the 44 return? Where will Tim and Chuck end up?

    40 tour cars raced yesterday. 40!! Plenty of owners there to take the baton and move this tour forward.

  5. “Smart, very smart. Looks like they set the car up to run on the bottom to stay out of harms way as much as possible”???????????????

  6. Crazy in NY says

    Easy Earl…That line caught my eyes too. 51 was smart…Had to win and did. 2 had to finish in the top 14 and did. Didn’t need to win or even press the issue..only finish decent ( he did). That used to be called stroking but for one race anybody would have done it. He raced back into the position he needed .
    Now this will get me in trouble but I’ll say it anyway. Doug is good and even if (when) he wins that 7th to tie Stefanik it won’t be the same . Mike owned/ built/ drove his own creations and did it at time when there were more potential winners and arguably better competition. Someone was looking for an icon in this sport. Mike Stefanik sure as hell qualifies for that. JD did you watch the broadcast? The interviews with Dave Sap and others? 16 is out and silly season is in. It would a stretch to say 40 cars raced. 40 started to be sure but there were guys that don’t belong there and one that is an embarresment .

    Tid bits… Fury customer coming in next year (another Troyer bites the dust)
    Andy J lucky lucky lucky after his close call. What did NASCAR find in the impound after?
    Looking forward to Martinsville, Iowa and another Musket . Come on Spring LOL.

  7. Ho hum… As expected.

    Not much of a shake up in the final standings. The stumble by the 2 added a little drama.

    Lots of attrition. Many cars out and out early. There were many non-regulars, so that was expected.

    The persistent and wrong belief that at any race some 15 cars can win is again proven to be mythical. The standings rank the talent, as it always has. It is indeed a very weighted ranking per the number of races run by each team. Only 6 different winners all season. Thirteen wins owned by 3 drivers, ten wins owned by 2 drivers. The top talent is concentrated in just a handful of teams. Other teams run the same equipment and still can’t compete.

    The 51 spotted the 2 early in the season just couldn’t make it up. The 51 was shy some 61 laps and 35 miles on the season, and that hurt. I firmly believe that if the 51 did not have those hiccups, the 2 would have been sucking hard to catch up all season. As I lectured earlier, it comes down to whoever runs closer to flawless. This proves it, again.

    It was a great day to close out the NWMT season, beautiful weather.

    A few TT mod races left, Seekonk should be a hoot!

  8. Coby is not a GOAT 🐐 , will never be a GOAT 🐐, no matter how many championship teams he rides for.

    He’s an unrecognized champion. He’s just not in the class of drivers like Evans, Stefanik, Spencer, Bodine, Tony Hirschman, Ruggerio, and Christopher. (Christopher was a far better driver than Coby. Sure TC bounced off plenty cars along the way, but he DROVE the car. And when he didn’t wreck, he did rather well. If TC did not cause all the carnage along the way, he could very well have won numerous championships. But TC was a far better driver than Coby.)

    There are plenty of GREAT drivers that never won a championship, or very few championships. Some drivers may win plenty of championships, but that does not put them in the class of the greats.

    These DRIVERS are GOATS 🐐:


    Take those top 10 🐐 listed in the above link, put them on the same track with Coby, and Coby would never register any placings, significance, or recognition. Not even close.

  9. Earl, who was Sybil talking about… Coby or JBon. Sybil is very cunning and clever about being ambiguous. Likes to create an out whenever he can.

    But the 51 had to go all out, win with total domination for every bonus point, or bust while hoping the 2 has a disaster. The 51 had second place in the standings locked, all he had to lose was the championship and the race, it’s called GO FOR IT. The high line at Thompson is faster, lets the motor spin a little faster, keeps momentum, helps the exit and subsequent straightaway speed. The SPEC does not have the low end torque, hence exits from the low line are not preferred. Unless there is the GWC, the leader always picks the outside on a restart for that reason. On a GWC, the leader picks the inside and uses 8 wheels instead of 4, if you know what I mean. All is fair in love, war and a GWC.

    And Coby said he was going for the bottom for protection, so that was no secret. Sybil likes to regurgitate.

  10. Me clever. thanks Darealgoodfella, AKA DaFella, AKA Daidiot, AKA Dajerk, AKA Da Stupid, AKA longwindedfella, AKA darealidiot,AKA peterperfect,AKA Darealmoron, AKA Duh Real, AKA DareFakeFella, AKA DaDope, AKA Da Dumb Dumb, AKA, darealtripboy, AKA darealboogermaker, AKA boydareal, AKA darealisnotsafefromhisownstupidmistakes.

  11. Lets see. DGF berating up a storm. Let me refer to my hand DGF Pocket Organizer of recurring themes.

    A) Troyer was the one true chassis builder of quality equipment and Rob Fuller is a no talent bum that wrecked cars as a driver and LFR is over rated..
    B) Political comments centering on Trump can appear at any time. The constant is that everything associated with Trump is bad and if you support him you are not smart enough to understand how bad he is.
    C) Everything and everyone connected to the Speedbowl is bad, the track is dead, the season will never start, the stands will never be demolished, the stands will never be built and he predicted it all.
    D) Theories on everything from coasting in the corners to the importance of talent, tire management, cookie cutter chassis’s, crate like spec engines and chassis geometry. DGF get’s it you probably will not.
    E) Coby won with a cheater carb that became a flux capacitor or proxy for cheater carb. No one likes Coby, he’s won because he’s on a talented team and he‘s been lucky not having to overcome any adversity this season especially.
    F) Hirschman can only win at bull rings, Hirschman is not talented enough to race a full NWMT schedule, Hirschman in not in the same class as the NWMT front runners, etc, etc, etc.
    G) Doug, AKA Sybil, Insipid Sybil, RickyinMass. WeldingWonders has zero credulity, doesn’t go to the right races or enough of them, isn’t in the right place for the ones he goes to and doesn’t know what he’s seeing when he’s there.
    H) It’s always a zero sum game, there must be a loser for him to win. No debate, not gray area, no compromise. What DGF knows is the way it is and if you don’t get it you’re not bright enough to understand.
    OK then (E), (G) and (H).
    DGF=Ground Hog Day (the movie)

  12. I said modern era and “maybe”. Coby and his team earned the maybe with all those championships.Fact is many of us will be dead by the time he wraps up his career and no one can know the future. My view he could be in the conversation by 2030 or so depending on what happens. Hopefully at that time it will be a good natured debate and not the bitter exchanges by nasty old men that have all the answers before a career plays out.

  13. Crazy you must be crazy. Who is buying a Fury? They have zero track support, no RnD and no common sense with all the SM drama they stir up. They’re days are limited. A company with that payroll will not succeed with 10 modified customers. They have 4-5 now so even if they double their presence in the mods they still don’t have 10 customers. 144 modifieds were at Thompson. 4 were Fury. They have a ways to go. Kyle Busch is now in the market with supers. My buddy works there and they have 21 cars on order currently. Not good for fury. If Fuller is not helping you at the track you have no chance. Ask the 58 team. Still running 10th after the “magic chassis” was purchased. Troyers new Chassis will be a game changer next season. Emerling, Baldwin, Catalano, Carol and others will be raising their game with Fuller/Troyer.

  14. Earl, who was Sybil talking about… Coby or JBon. Sybil is very cunning and clever about being ambiguous. Likes to create an out whenever he can.( IF YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT THE FUTURE YOU CAN’T BE ANYTHING BUT AMBIGUOUS UNLESS YOU’RE DGF OF COURSE)

    But the 51 had to go all out, win with total domination for every bonus point, or bust while hoping the 2 has a disaster. (SO WHAT, BONSIGNOR AND COBY HAD TWO DIFFERENT GOALS) The 51 had second place in the standings locked, all he had to lose was the championship and the race, it’s called GO FOR IT. (SO WHAT) The high line at Thompson is faster, lets the motor spin a little faster, keeps momentum, helps the exit and subsequent straightaway speed. (GEEZE YA THINK?) The SPEC does not have the low end torque, hence exits from the low line are not preferred. (HENCE ITS THE TRACK KNUCKLEHEAD. ALL MODIFIED DIVISIONS HAVE THAT SAME CHALLENGE.) Unless there is the GWC, the leader always picks the outside on a restart for that reason. (CAPTAIN OBVIOUS STIKES AGAIN) On a GWC, the leader picks the inside and uses 8 wheels instead of 4, ( NO HE DOESN’T THAT IS ILLEGAL) if you know what I mean. (ALL THE PEOPLE THAT GAVE YOU THOSE INSULTING NAMES KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN AND IT USUALLY ENDS UP WITH YOU GETTING ALL THOSE INSULTING NAMES) All is fair in love, war and a GWC. (THAT IS A FAN GENERALIZATION AND NOT A TERRIBLY BRIGHT FAN AT THAT)

    And Coby said he was going for the bottom for protection, so that was no secret. Sybil likes to regurgitate.(WHEN EXACTLY DID HE SAY THAT. WHEN DID YOU AS RESIDENT KNOW IT ALL PREDICT IT IN ALL THOSE INSULTS YOU LEVELED AT COBY GOING INTO THIS RACE INCLUDING LIKENING HIM TO A MONKEE).

  15. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Sybil is triggered again. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

    What a widdle, delicate ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️.

  16. Steve,

    Good points but TBR has a LFR car on order. I was at TFR this week and saw their chassis list hanging on the wall. 11 cars on order and TBR is one. TA4 chassis will be a game changer for sure with Fuller behind it.

  17. DGF. What was the stumble by the 2 he had a flat tire on most of the restarts he was in the bottom groove not his fault he restated 29th had to deal with all those other driver jockeying for position and ran a conservative race to finish 7th an win the championship

  18. DGF another question why do you call coby a rider and not a driver

  19. Seriously Moonglum? You sound sincere. Problem is Coby has 3 more championships since this knucklehead started this nonsense about Coby so extracting a bit of respect is never happening.

    DGF before the race.
    Phil Moran has done an excellent job this year, producing cars that a monkey can drive and prevail.(A MONKEE, REALLY. ) JBON is going to HAVE to run hard to get out front and run the most lead laps. (OR QUALIFY AT THE FRONT LIKE HE USUALLY DOES AND STAY OUT FRONT LIKE HE USUALLY DOES AT THOMPSON) Coby should not want to compete with that, and stay back where he can run a conservative lap, stay safe, keeping JBon within a few places.(DGF IS AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS. REALLY DID ANYONE ELSE FIGURE THIS OUT/) That means Coby will have to be in traffic, where he does not do well. (REALLY, DOESN’T DO WELL IN TRAFFIC. AN OBSERVATION SO MIND NUMBINGLY ABSURD IT HAS EARNED YOU ALL THOSE INSULTING NICKNAMES.) He will be in traffic, cars that will be slicing and dicing for position, points, and movement in the final point$ $tanding$. (HMM, HEY GENIUS. WHERE’S THE OBSERVATION ABOUT COBY STAYING LOW? IT WAS SO OBVIOUS YOU SAID AFTER THE RACE AND YET BEFORE……CRICKETS) The pack has lots of competition this year, and they are not going to give Coby any respect. (THE ONLY PERSON NOT GIVING COBY RESPECT AND DOING IT FOR YEARS IS YOU. AN ANONYMOUS NOBODY) Coby is going to have to respect many, many cars in the field at Thompson, for many, many cars are running for season final points standings. ( WHO KNEW. OTHER CARS LOOKING TO IMPROVE THEIR STANDINGS IN THE POINTS. HOW IS YOU FIGURE THIS STUFF OUT AND NO ONE ELSE) Coby ain’t gonna get any respect. (FROM YOU OBVIOUSLY AND THE MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS THAT ARE ADDED LESS AND LESS RESPECT FROM YOU)

    Doug said:
    “Smart, very smart. Looks like they set the car up to run on the bottom to stay out of harms way as much as possible.”

    And yet that one little sentence that neither offended or insulted anyone, that may even have been obvious lights up the nasty old men. None of who as it turns out predicted it would be a major strategy in the race seeing as how driving low at Thompson is so difficult. Least of whom was the resident know it all DGF that unfailingly finds his genius after the fact and not before.

  20. When you’re in the middle of a pretty remarkable record being established not remotely near completion and a bunch of nasty old men that know everything are vaguely recollecting things in their past, productive observations can be sparse. Especially when the tribe of old men are posturing like it somehow is tied to their value in life in general.
    Evans, Cook are in the Hall of Fame, did not make their bones in the current series and are not part of this comparison. Stefanik is really the only one in play in the modern era. Stefanik is the GOAT in the current era in my view.
    It is true the Stefanik was not only a great driver but a master builder and innovator as well. It is also true that he detoured to other series at a time when he could have knocked out one or two more modified championships so theres that as well.
    It was a different time when the nature of teams was completely different from now. A lot of drivers built and worked on their own cars. It was a time where individual skill and creativity played a larger roll. No one can say it was affordable but it was surely more affordable then now. Sponsorships important but not necessarily the one critical factor for a car getting on the track as it is now. An owner could be a guy with a good job, a strong skill set, hard worker and put a car on the track to compete and fairly nicely in some cases.
    Now it’s all different. Like everything evolves it has in modified racing. Highly specialized with every component on the car supplied by a highly specialized suppliers. Owners hoping to compete at the highest level need to be people of real substance as a rule with vast resources. They need to have successful businesses of their own that can pay the bills or have strong relationships with sponsors committed to the teams season. Networking, marketing, personal relationships are critical.
    It is more specialized now. The nasty old men will mock that fact and drivers that don’t create what they drive with their own hands are inferior and therefore can’t be as great as the hero’s they grew up with. I’d argue that the skill sets are different now but every bit as hard to master. That the standardization has reduced the windows cars compete in so tightly that competing now is as challenging or more then when individual innovation could get multiple wins before the other teams figured it out.
    What the 2 team and Coby have accomplished that we are smack in the middle of is extraordinary. They’ve assembled a team that’s met all the challenges of competing for the better part of a decade. They have not broken down because of money issues, personality conflicts or the loss of a key sponsor. They kept the band together and won. For his part Coby has demonstrated he has the skill, intelligence and personal charisma to be the one guy that this great team wants to be the point of the spear and win.
    To all the nasty old men out there with more memory then fact that think history stops with them I’d remind them of this. Stefanik won his last championship in 2006 at 48. Coby is around 40. Coby has 6 championships and 5 in the last 6 years. No one can know what success the 2 team will have in the future or if they will even exist. I do know however that if more championships are added to the 6 there will be comparisons and conversations at that time about who is the greatest and Coby may very well have a stronger resume when that happens.
    Doug Said:
    “It was the day to honor the current GOAT of modern era modified racing and maybe see the future GOAT take yet another step toward overtaking Stefanik.”
    And yet that simple sentence that is relatively benign, that insults no one and respects a future we cannot know light’s up the nasty old men as if I’d kicked them in the nads, insulted their wives and called Stefanik a bum all at the same time.

  21. Crazy in NY says

    Crazy you must be crazy
    Indeed but I didn’t write this> ” If Fuller is not helping you at the track you have no chance”
    Let’s go ask the 51 team about that statement.
    You think the last shoe has dropped on the LFR/Fury thing? Hahaha…..

  22. Doug I agree with you on DGF never game coby any respect as a driver it was always an illegal car from the shaker table to the flux capacitor. the same with fuller won’t give him any respect either all fuller was to DGF was a has been driver/ fabricator but yet look at the championships his car design has won

  23. Crazy, you better stay low bud as Doug is locked, loaded and on the war path!

  24. Hillary 2020 says

    It would be interesting to find out what happened to the 55. It’s a new team, second race I believe. Is it also a brand new car? I was reading that the fuel cell may have been compromised but also that Andy J may have injured his collar bone. Freak thing maybe?

  25. Crazy in NY says

    Hillary 2020 (god forbid) Ah..yes it is a new team and yes it was the second race. First one at Stafford
    Matt Galko drove. This was Andy’s debut on the Tour. An older Troyer. (sorry Doug don’t know the exact age). As to what happened to it and Andy I’ll let the car owner or Andy himself disseminate that info.
    It’s not my place and yes it is/was serious.

  26. Steve scribbled, ” If Fuller is not helping you at the track you have no chance.”


    That’s the funniest thing ever presented on the internet!!!! 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡

    Yeah, ask Phil Moran. I really doubt the 2, 51, and 85 are getting productive consulting and expertise from Fuller that puts them at the top and keeps them from falling out of the top, running mid-pack like the 75. Fuller hangs around the top teams, makes it look like he’s helping them. 🤣🤣🤣

    Looks like only 16 cars ran the entire schedule. And of that, only a couple had top talent teams.

    Steve needs to understand that the 2 and Phil Moran had a LFR chassis running competitively while Fuller was driving and wrecking his own R&D technology demonstrator, for a few years at that. Just go look at the published statistics. It still didn’t do well when he had hired guns, Szegedy & Silk, driving the 15. The only time the LFR Marketing car, aka: R&D car, aka: 15, was competitive was when Kopcik and Dowling ran it.

    Where is that all important R&D car?

    And what makes one chassis any better or different from another? The technical details please. I have been asking for months and months.

    Lap times are not getting faster. Wannabe teams are still wannabe, nobody has elevated their performance, and the standings are still owned by the two or three top talented teams. Same as always.

    Listening to these 🤡s selling their latest and greatest miracle chassis is like QVC seeing ugly people sell beauty creams.

    The cream of the crop teams would still be at the top of the standings if Fuller had never been born. The NWMT standings would be the same had Fuller never been born. The standings are as expected, the best talent is at the top. And here’s the amazing thing… they all use Hoosier tires.

    M-I-N-D B-L-O-W-N 🤯🤯🤯

    Nothing has changed.

  27. And let’s give some respect to the #3 team, Ole’ Blue, finishing 5th in points. Here’s a very young kid, just a couple years in, previous rookie of the year, rolling a top 5 in an old school home made car. Finished ahead of so many of those big dollar, high funded, double stacker hauler, allegedly Next Level contraptions.

    Let that sink in.

  28. Dareal,
    You keep hopping on the same stuff all the time, get over it…..
    Doesn’t matter what Fuller did as a driver. Have you been in the pits and follow Fuller around. I have and he’s everywhere supporting people with advise on shocks, springs, set-up etc…

    The 36 was the new LFR Gen II that was just finished on Wednesday of last week. Not bad running up front with no testing time. As far a R&D car, he won’t have one that the company will actually own. There’s a deal in the making for someone else to own, crew, etc a R&D car which Fuler will support with parts and support.

    You keep on asking for details and I’ll say again, call Fuller yourself if you want to know the details. Therer must be something there if people (#21, #2, #46 and others) are ordering new chassis’s from him.

    You also keep on saying lap times aren’t faster and you’re right for the most part but name me a track that has been resurfaced in the last 5 years. Surface wear and tear takes away any chance of faster times.

  29. I was at TFR and I saw that LFR and LFR II were working with Troyer Manufacturing and Troyer Dirt so that they could come up with a TD5 gen 3 car. I also saw the start of the new TA4, 5 and 6 that will also have gen 3 updates. Rumor has it that troyer machine might also be moving to the new TFR location so that they can work closely with the development of the LFR 3 car that should be out by the end of build season. If the gen 3 update doesn’t work on the TD5 it is said that they will move directly to the TD5 gen 6 concept. All gens have been run through computer simulation by trained engineers and have been tested on K&C rigs.

  30. Crazy and Dareal…. The 51 got cars and a crew chief from Fuller so yes they did have help from him. The 85 and 58 have a Fuller design chassis so they got help as well. The ignorance reeks.

  31. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

    Just Me, you are a hoot!!! Listening to you and others yap it up about Gen this and Gen that is hilarious. It sounds like Trump saying he’s a stable genius, he knows all the best words, and he’s the only person that can fix anything.

    The 36 was the Gen II????? Isn’t that an ‘old’ design? From the sounds of things, the latest is up to Gen MCLXXXXVII. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The Fuller/LFR 15 was a joke, completely laughable until Kopcik and Dowling ran it. Look it up. How many years did the 15 flounder and wreck with Fuller driving, running it, crew chief, etc.? Even when he had others drive, before Kopcik/Dowling, it was not competitive. So if Fuller couldn’t get his own cars competitive, how do you expect any advice from Fuller to help anyone else? That’s like asking Trump for advice on how to run a casino. And realize this, he’s probably giving the same advice to all his customers. Guys like Phil Moran are not listening. Remember, the 2 team had an LFR running competitively years before Kopcik/Dowling ran the 15 competitively. Think about that. Just remember, last season, the 15 ran competitively because of Kopcik and Dowling. Prior to Kopcik/Dowling, the 15 sucked. What credibility did/does Fuller have to be walking around giving out advice, when his own car wasn’t competitive? The only cars running well now are those with the talent that always run at the top.

    Garry wrote, “All gens have been run through computer simulation by trained engineers and have been tested on K&C rigs.”

    What is Fuller’s highest level of formal education? I think I saw high school. He can’t be an engineer or a designer. High school does not provide the math and other basic science education needed to be an engineer or designer. Any kind of technical capacity requires many, many years of academic education beyond high school.

    Garry, when you say “trained engineers”, what do you mean? Lots of people call themselves engineers even though they do not have the education and credentials to use the title of engineer in any way. A computer operator is not an engineer. Only degreed and credentialed engineers can run a simulation, direct a test rig, and properly UNDERSTAND the results. You think anybody can do a heart transplant, double lung transplant, liver transplant? Engineering is not that simple at all.

    So what is a Gen this, Gen that, TD this, TD that? What are the design features that make them unique?


    We are going to be overwhelmed with Gen this and Gen that, another new and inexplainable Gen, one after another, and the more things change, the more things will stay the same.

  32. Victor, are you also going to assert that Fuller is responsible for all of Troyer’s success the last few decades?


  33. 2 days after Thompson and the smack talk has already started. It’s gonna be a long winter!

  34. You guys here and Fuller and Coby have DaDope so wound up it’s really hilarious lol I thought he lost it when I schooled him he can double talk it all he wants but Coby and Fuller are winning the championships poles and races.

  35. DGF lecturing Garry:
    “Garry, when you say “trained engineers”, what do you mean? Lots of people call themselves engineers even though they do not have the education and credentials to use the title of engineer in any way. ”

    DGF 11/14/2017 “Cause Of Plane Crash That Killed Ted Christopher Still Under Investigation”
    “Folks, don’t try to make more out of the little bits of information that have been let out. The NTSB will do a thorough investigation and report. It will take time.
    As an engineer that has been involved in these sort things, my advice is do not speculate, just wait for the report. ”

    Agreed, a lot of people call themselves engineers

  36. Congratulations to Phil Moran!!!!!

    Thanks for preparing such a robust car that was the most consistent and most flawless. The car handled the bumps like no other. Great job getting the nose into the track.

    Congratulation, Phil.

  37. Racer, Phil Moran is winning the races. Ryan Stone is winning the races. Kenny Stuart is winning the races. Thirteen of sixteen races won by those Crew Chiefs. Hey, Captain Obvious, is that too obvious for you?

    Just like it was Kopcik and Dowling that finally got the LFR 15 competitive. Kopcik and Dowling got the 15 competitive and got the 15 caught up with the other top talent Crew Chief/Driver combos. It took years to get the LFR 15 competitive with other LFR cars. Can’t ignore that. I’ll remind you.

    So where is the all important LFR R&D car?

    What’s the next Next Level? 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  38. Why run a house car? There was a time for it now that is in the past. Fuller basically won. Now the biggest challenge I should think is not getting orders as he seems to be having little problem getting those. He’s a tech guy that loves the nuances of design so a constant stream of innovation won’t be a problem one would think. The problem is managing an organization that has got to be at least twice as big with twice the headaches and a bunch of debt I would assume. It’s a business and he’s no longer the plucky outsider. He ate the whale. It’s one big spicy meat ball to run. He’s got a tiger by the tail. I’ve run out of metaphors or simile’s or whatever it is.

  39. Excuse me, EXCUSE ME!


    Here’s the quote, “That is so important in this business,” explained Fuller. “You have to keep a house car on the track not only to stay up on the ever-changing dynamic of the sport, but to also show customers you know and understand your product. ”

    Sooooooooooo, where’s that all important house car? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. With so many customer cars on the track this year, and the merger with his main competitor coupled with computer technology I don’t think a “house” car is needed. He may be experimenting race to race via his customers to find out what works and what doesn’t. A day or two of track rental goes a long way too.

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