Pit Box: Doug Coby, Justin Bonsignore To Battle For Whelen Mod Tour Title At Thompson

(Press Release from NASCAR Integrated Marketing Communications)

Doug Coby (left) and Justin Bonsignore (right)

Title time.

After eight months of battling up and down the east coast, the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion will be crowned on Sunday at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Connecticut. Thompson’s high-banks will end the season for the 13th consecutive year.




Each of the two championship contenders are no strangers to success, either at Thompson, or in the championship battle.

Doug Coby, who has five Whelen Modified Tour championships, is a six-time Thompson winner, including the Bud 150 in August. Justin Bonsignore, the defending Whelen Modified Tour champion, is an 11-time Thompson winner, including six of the last seven, and two this year.

RACING-REFERENCE: Coby at Thompson | Bonsignore at Thompson

World Series Logo

Both of them are set to clash in Sunday’s 57th annual Sunoco World Series season finale. As part of a weekend that includes 20 different divisions from across New England, including the five NASCAR Whelen All-American Series track classes, the Whelen Modified Tour takes the spotlight as the final race of the weekend.

If Coby earns the title, it will be his sixth in eight years, which would push him past Tony Hirschman, and into second all-time for Whelen Modified Tour titles in the modern era. The only driver ahead of both modified greats is the late Mike Stefanik, who had seven titles. Coby’s season includes four victories in 15 races, with 10 top five finishes, and eight Mayhew Tools Dominator pole awards.

RACING-REFERENCE: Coby in 2019 | Bonsignore in 2019

Bonsignore, who walked away with the title last year, enters the finale looking to gain on some lost ground. His two DNF’s early in the season, combined with a finish outside the top 10 in the season-opener at Myrtle Beach Speedway, have him coming from behind. However, the Holtsville, New York, driver leads the series with five wins this season and also has nine top-five runs.

Outside of the title battle, the race for third in the championship standings is tight, with Ron Silk leading Craig Lutz by just four. Lutz is coming off his first career Whelen Modified Tour victory in the NAPA Fall Final at Stafford Motor Speedway, while Silk has three wins driving for Kevin Stuart Motorsports.

At the bottom of the top five, Matt Swanson leads a group of five drivers separated by just 10 points in the battle for fifth.

RACING-REFERENCE: Whelen Modified Tour Championship Standings


PLACEThompson Speedway Motorsports Park, Thompson, Connecticut
DATESunday, October 13
TIME3:30 p.m. ET (approx.)
TELEVISIONNBCSN, Thursday, October 17, 7 p.m. — FansChoice.TV (Live Broadcast) — 3:30 p.m. (approx.)
TRACK LAYOUT.625-mile banked oval
2018 WINNERJustin Bonsignore
2018 POLERonnie Williams
EVENT SCHEDULERACEDAY SCHEDULE: Saturday: Garage Opens: 8 a.m., Practice: 11:15-12 p.m., Final Practice: 12:30-1:15 p.m., Group Qualifying: 4 p.m.Sunday: Garage Opens: 10 a.m., Autograph Session: 2:15-2:45 p.m., Sunoco World Series 150: 3:30 p.m. (approx.)
TWITTER@ThompsonSpdwy, @NASCARHomeTrack
HASHTAG#SunocoWorldSeries, #NWMT



The starting field for the Sunoco World Series 150 is 36 starters, including provisional positions. The first 30 drivers will secure starting positions through the qualifying process. The remaining six positions will be awarded through the provisional process.

NASCAR group qualifying is in place for this event. Qualifying order will be determined by each vehicle’s fastest single lap from the official practice session(s). The number of groups for qualifying will be determined by NASCAR. Each group qualifying session will be five (5) minutes in duration and the fastest single lap speed of each vehicle will determine starting positions 1st through 30th. Adjustments or repairs may not be made on a vehicle after the vehicle enters the track to begin the qualifying session. Vehicles may not return to the track or make any further qualifying laps unless directed to do so by a NASCAR Official or in the event of a caution. Once a vehicle’s qualifying attempt is complete, the vehicle must proceed directly to the designated impound area once it enters pit road.

The maximum tire allotment available for this event is eleven (11) tires per team. Four (4) tires must be used for qualifying and to begin the race. The tire change rule is four (4) tires, any position.

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  1. Phil Moran gets another championship.

    The biggest risk to Phil getting another championship looks like Eric Goodale.

    Phil needs to make sure the car gets the extra special flux capacitor so Coby can get away from other cars and stay safe.

  2. I wonder how much toe they run in their cars? There may be a story here!

  3. Just look at the headers Earl.
    Sure, sure, sure the big battle is the two front runners but there is another story afoot. It’s a Riverhead invasion. Kyle Soper, Tom Rogers, John Beatty, Dylan Slepian. 1, 2, 4 and 5 in the final Riverhead standings looking to mix it up with the top dogs on the big track. Add in the Riverhead graduates like Solomito, Lutz, Goodale, Bonsignor and it’s like a Riverhead reunion.
    My question would be how different is the tow out at Riverhead compared to Thompson?

  4. Earl, it’s a YUGE BIGLY SECRET. After thousands of cars, millions of laps from all those cars, decades of laps, the 2 car finally found the toe setting that works. /s 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Doug wrote, “My question would be how different is the tow out at Riverhead compared to Thompson?”

    Depends on where you are towing from.

  6. I hope this does not create a s~*t storm however, I don’t get enthusiastic about debaiting the difference in the toe setting on a modified based on track size. The championship will come down to the 7 P’s with a sprinkle of luck.

  7. Keep at it Earl, at some point you’ll say something about an actual race. In the mean time since you like DGF so much how about his theory on cornering circa 2016.

    ” Rolling the turns comes from handling, not power. These cars have far more power to overpower the handling capability in a turn.
    Art, they are coasting through a turn, foot is not in the throttle in a turn. The better the car turns, the faster it can coast. But they are clearly not in the throttle in a turn, not usually until late apex or exit. Some very fast cars aren’t getting back into the throttle till darn near onto the straight. Watch the exhaust… the engines are after firing as shown by the flames coming out the exhaust. That tells the driver is off the throttle. That starts on the end of the straight until some time after the apex, usually. Pay close attention during qual when there is one car at a time on the track, you can hear when the throttle is on or off. Pay close attention to ALL the cars. Huge differences.
    It is important to not lose speed in a turn, obviously. Because lost speed results in acceleration load that the engine has to overcome to get the car back up to speed in the straight. Smooth is fast, and coasting smooth through the turns while losing as little speed is fast. And uses less gas.”

    Coasting in the turns. Interesting theory. Maybe Henry Ford coasted in the turns since early motors didn’t have a whole lot of compression. Otherwise I never experienced nor have I heard of any race car ever coasting in a turn unless there was a mechanical failure.
    Mockery is the lifeblood of the uncurious. I will get the answer on toe in and toe out which you two clearly are uncurious about.
    In the mean time since you are such experts at racing try saying something about a race, any race.

  8. While DGF, Earl and myself are in the first fraternity posturing and mocking each other over in the thread about the Haunted Hundred the guys in the second fraternity are demonstrating the ideal. JD and Bob asking a timely question and Mr. Schaefer responding.
    That’s the comment section at it’s best. Not this crap.

  9. Insipid Sybil = 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 ⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈

    Discussing toe in any way is not worth the breath or keystrokes. Think about it… who nailed the toe setting? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    After toe setting, Doug will conduct an inquisition on the optimal location of contingency sponsor decal locations.

  10. This will be fun. See if or how much the final points standings change after this race.

  11. Darealgoodfella, AKA DaFella, AKA Daidiot, AKA Dajerk, AKA Da Stupid, AKA longwindedfella, AKA darealidiot,AKA peterperfect,AKA Darealmoron, AKA Duh Real, AKA DareFakeFella, AKA DaDope, AKA Da Dumb Dumb, AKA, darealtripboy, AKA darealboogermaker, AKA boydareal, AKA darealisnotsafefromhisownstupidmistakes.

    Got the answer on toe and from a recently successful team owner and all round good guy.
    I had said that the toe we used at Riverside and Stafford for Streets ranged from a quarter to a half inch toe out. Top heavy cars in a permanent state of over steer require toe out.
    Lighter, low center of gravity modifieds on even short tracks work in a range of 1/16 th of an inch.. Can be in or out depending on what the car is doing. In a long race you may see a crew member reach under the front and change the toe as a means of compensating for an under steer or ever steer condition. The part about reaching under the car in the front is an assumption on my part but is consistent with articles I’ve read on mid race adjustments.
    1/16th of an inch. Amazing how one element with very tight parameters of the set up that is only one part of hundreds of elements can have such a big impact. All the more reason to respect what these people do to get the results they do.

  12. Crazy in NY says

    The reaching under the front of the car Doug may be a team tweaking the sway bar. It’s free play is
    critical in the overall handling scheme. I won’t say a team wouldn’t ever tune with a toe adjustment
    but of all the race cars I’ve worked on (mostly Mods) we set toe in the shop and only fool with it at the track if the front wheels get wrecked or jammed hard during competition. Mike Loescher once calculated the that an eight inch of toe on a half mile track was shoving the tire near 100 ft laterally .
    Hard to believe it’s that much but who am I do disagree with him. He’s an advocate of zero toe.
    Why scrub speed off unnecessarily? Ackerman is far more important IMHO.

  13. Sybil, when you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.

    The left front tire is only in play on braking and entry. The left front is barely loaded and practically skimming the track when the car is in the throttle and carrying the left front. And once the car is in the throttle in a turn, there is very little load on the LF. Hence, this is why the LF tire is rarely changed in a race. Our driver tells us he can see the LF of cars in front of him lift off the track in a turn when they hit the throttle.

  14. Crazy, we were like you guys, set the toe at the shop as part of the final set up and never touch it again unless we have to. We typically kept it the same or very close no matter where we went as the last thing you need to do is scrubb of any speed in the straights. Ackerman absolutely and our guys spent a lot of time on roll center and camber gain as well. Too many calculations for me, made my brain hurt but they spent god knows how many hours every week on the final set up, all part of the 7 P’s I talk about.

  15. Darealgoodfella, AKA DaFella, AKA Daidiot, AKA Dajerk, AKA Da Stupid, AKA longwindedfella, AKA darealidiot,AKA peterperfect,AKA Darealmoron, AKA Duh Real, AKA DareFakeFella, AKA DaDope, AKA Da Dumb Dumb, AKA, darealtripboy, AKA darealboogermaker, AKA boydareal, AKA darealisnotsafefromhisownstupidmistakes.

    Sure in 1965 the left front was routinely off the ground in the corner.
    While the left front does obviously wear least it is nonetheless incrementally critical to the handling of the car as is toe.
    I’d put that comment in the category of your coasting in the corner theory. Utter nonsense.

  16. Why scrub off speed, indeed. All racing set ups are a compromise balancing different, many times competing priorities. Proper toe helps cornering, hurts straight away speed. On smaller tracks where a greater percentage of the surface is corner more toe. Longer track, less toe.
    To a fan in the stands not knowledgeable in car sets ups it seems so trivial. After all how could such a small thing be so important. It is, along with hundreds of other little details which is exactly why racing is so freakin hard to get a GRIP on. It’s like golf, intricate and maddeningly frustrating because it is always changing.
    Are such trivialities the folly of geeks and nerds? All I can say is if you race today you better have a nerd or geek on your team because racing is all detail at any level.

  17. Back in my late model days, we’d set to in the shop, and not touch it at the track unless ew wrecked. And your right Crazy, there are allot of adjustments that can be made setting the car up, way too many to list. But taking the hours upon hours of time spent in the shop, it paid off at the track as wins.

  18. Not all racing tiers are created equal. The Hirschmans, Fearns, Rocco’s and Narducci’s of the racing world may roll off the trailer confident they are in the ball park. However there is a reason to have practices. If you’ve raced you know the drill. It’s burned in your brain by repetition. Bring it in, get it on jacks and get to work. Checking the stagger, making adjustments to tire pressure, changing tires if necessary or springs, jacking bolt wedge adjustments and getting pyrometer readings. All the data needed to make incremental changes at the race or save for bigger changes in the shop the following week. Especially those pyrometer readings. And yes, maybe after you drop the car back down checking the toe you set at the shop.
    Then practice, see if you’ve made improvements, bring it in and do it all again. All racing is, is endless, tedious work punctuated by brief intense, adrenaline pumping exhilaration. It’s mostly hard mental and physical work.

  19. Crazy in NY says

    ” On smaller tracks where a greater percentage of the surface is corner more toe. Longer track, less toe.”
    That I have to say is a new one on me. I’ve never heard that before. I’d like that theory explained to me by someone. As I’ve said I never been with a team that set toe different for different tracks.

  20. I don’t know what your pre-race preparation was or how you did it but ours was on a level concrete floor or set up pad every week located in the same spot on the floor. The weekly final adjustments were made to the geometry derived from the chassis builders recommendations, copious notes taken during the final set up at the shop the previous week and during the previous weeks race event. Where exactly are you going to find a level spot in the pits that is even remotely close to your set up area and make a significant adjustment to the geometry (and yes even toe and sway bar), log the data and know if you are even close to achieving what you desire?

    We ran the same toe setting at every track we visited.

  21. I’ve made it abundantly clear I do not have current racing experience. What I do know without a doubt is I have enough racing experience to know what I don’t know and an interest to find out.
    You all are mostly talking about modifieds whereas I’m talking about racing in general. In modifieds Ackerman indeed is more critical then toe although the toe needs to be spot on to get the most out of the Ackerman you set up in the shop from what I’ve read.. With regard to Ackerman and track distance this is what Longacre has to say about that.
    “On 3/8 mile and under tracks more Ackerman is usually more desirable. On 1/2 mile tracks and above less is generally needed. Just like with rear stagger, too much Ackerman will make the car loose on turn exit or will cause premature tire wear. Too much Ackerman can over heat the left front so that it will not perform on the long run. The amount you run depends on your set up and the track. Some tracks like more and others less. ”
    For divisions where the rules do not allow adjustments for Ackerman that are heavier cars toe out is one way to compensate for divisions with cars that have over steer built in. When you spend more time cornering, loss of straight speed is not as critical.
    We did it long ago in the Streets because we were fortunate enough to be able to run Riverside in third and Stafford and Thompson in 4th. Now with the rules and cars not crossing over I don’t even think that’s and issue now since cars are more track specific. However were a Street to run Waterford and Stafford I would imagine they would adjust for toe.
    Bottom line is if what I said about toe and track size was interpreted as applying to modifieds I neither intended to imply that nor is there any way I could know. I do think there are adjustments that are pertinent to the steering geometry based on track distance in addition to stagger. What I have read here is the many times teams mentioned the time it takes to set a car up when they go from say Lee to Stafford. I would assume for some, adjusting the Ackerman would be a part of that process but I’m sure I’ll hear if it isn’t..
    If you are saying Earl all teams across all divisions do not check toe at the track because of irregular surfaces I would not agree with that being a universal truth. I believe that because modifieds work within such tight tolerances irregular surfaces could be an issue.

  22. Doug, you made the following comment to me “If you are saying Earl all teams across all divisions do not check toe at the track because of irregular surfaces I would not agree with that being a universal truth”.

    Please explain to me based on that comment and your theory what the correct location is for a race car to be parked to set the toe given every racing facility is irregular in both the pits and on the track? Makes no difference the type or class of race car, toe is toe, where should I park the car to set the toe?

    And I know what ackerman is, how it works and how it applies given the differences in tracks.

  23. How about this Earl. Whatever you say is OK with me. You say everyone sets the toe at the shop and never checks it at the track everywhere in asphalt circle track racing in all divisions………I don’t know it’s not true and at this stage I could care less.
    Go Pats!

  24. Hey doug! You and i spoke on and off all season, where i expressed my dismay that blewitt was named to the 21. (Even before the first race when he was named) As you remember, i though that it was a mistake to put him in the car, and i thought that williams was a much better choice. As this is just monday morning quarterback arm chair racing talk, it’s a forgone conclusion in my opinion, as to how the championship shakes out this weekend. Sure lightning can strike, but im not counting on it.
    For me, one of the more intriguing stories this weekend, will be to see how blewitt does in the car, after the relatively robust runs that hossfeld has given the car recently. Im not a blewitt basher, i just think his better days are behind him is all. While there are a bunch of story lines, and jockeying for points in most all positions this weekend, i think for me, the biggest weekend story interest, is if this is blewitts last ride in the 21 no matter what (short of winning maybe). So to finish our season long discussion on the 21, what do you think? Im thinking no matter what, he’s out. (Ill exclude anything medical that may be an issue)
    Gotta say this about 2019 season. Great to see great car counts and interest. Hard to judge musket 250 viability as the place is so big, even with a good crowd, looks empty. Looking forward to next years schedule. Interested in over/under on blewitt!

  25. I’ve made no secret of the fact I love your comments Bob. You nailed it on Blewett so all I’m going to do is listen to you on the 21. I can say I share your opinion on the season. It’s just been outstanding. Sure we all look at the front of the field but the action through the field and the watching the rookies has been outstanding. Coby getting a nail in the tire in the opener having had a similar situation at New Smyrna and coming from scratch to win. Amy C appearing at three events this year was outstanding. Three Catalano’s in two NWMT races was unreal. Wreck fests, Coby’s record run at Stafford only to lose, the shortened race at the NHMS and the 36 and 46 getting first wins. I’m hyperventilating.
    Oh ya, not related but the Pat’s win last night with the defense being not only a league leading defense but a pretty good offense as well. Sheesh.
    Crowd at the Musket? Do we really know how important that is? Or is TV money, clicks on YouTube and the hunger for content trump all that? Mr.Courchesne as I recall said it’s a done deal for next year. Maybe crowd is not the primary consideration.
    Going to put you on the spot Bob. Who do you think gets the ride next year in the 21? Williams will be a Bryant as I recall so school year races may be problematic. I think Blewett brought not only driving but money to the 21. Is money an important factor on who drives? Could Hossfeld a successful businessman who has sold his operation as has been reported bring money. Do you think Lutz can overtake Silk for 3rd place? Swanson, Goodale,Solomito, Emerling, Pasteryak separated by 10 points. Not fair but what do you think the final standings with be for that group?

  26. Cheers to you too doug!
    So as long as we are just Monday morning quarterbacking, as i have no inside information, just a forever fan observation, here goes.
    (My apologies for being windy here)
    2 and 51 pretty obvious. So i won’t touch that.
    As for your list of swanson, goodale, emerling, solimito and pateryak, tough call. I think chris is a little too far behind, even though its inches, to gain ground. Between swanson and goodale? Even money on that, 1 point between them and i like both their chances.
    Solimito and emerling? Geez, i was hoping timmy & co could turn it around this year. Just don’t know what happened to magic of a few years ago. Emerling for me, is more intriguing. Here is a kid that was a part timer on the tour for a while, and then last year, looked like a real top 4 or 5 contender on the full schedule, in my eyes. What a difference a year makes. Either the competition up front has gotten much better ( and who could argue with lutz and silk having a stout year here) or the 07 lost a little something from last year. But if emerling stays out of trouble sunday, i think he edges timmy and chris.
    Can lutz catch silk? Hey, very few markers between them. All it takes is a little bad luck, and that can happen at thompson (or anywhere). Case in point, lutz’s last 2 finishes at thompson were 3rds. Last time out at thompson for silk, 19th. So sure, lutz can catch him.
    As for the 21 doug, you and i both know money talks. Look at preeces xfinity rides from a couple of years ago with gibbs. Hell ya, driver brings money and thats a huge consideration. Has to be.
    But money aside, i’m not sure if hossfeld wants to run a full season, even if the equipment is not his. Thats a question only he could answer. And as far as i know, he hasn’t been offered the job. Yet.
    So for me, There are 2 fantasy ideas, and I’d like to see either one of these.
    Im not sure if dowling is staying with 82 next year, but he would be my first choice. The “lfr” factor i think would be huge for that team
    Second choice would be bobby santos. Now I’m not sure if thats even doable. Last year, the tinio team said they were taking a year off to re eval, or something like that. So if the 44 doesn’t run next year, and bobby could make his busy schedule work, a fantasy pick for that would be mr santos.
    A few crazy, or maybe not so crazy, in no particular order would be max zachem, (and if he were allowed in nascar tommy barrett)
    Maybe kyle soper due to l.i. connection? He was on a tear at riverhead for a while this year.
    A real wildcard, and im sure this will get a lot of bashing, but sam remeau. Yeah. I know. I get it. But that kid can flat out drive, and i think with his small body of work on the tour, he is showing some raw talent at times, hanging with the boys.
    Well doug, sorry too be so long here, but its fun to speculate (and thats just all it was) and just talk about racing. Im sure ill be taken to school, but, hey, it don’t matter. Long as I’m breathing and can enjoy a race, thats really all that counts.
    Btw, i did not realize this. But while looking at stats, i was surprised to see who had the highest points finish for a female driver on the tour for a given year. Unless i misread it, which is entirely possible. Who knew!

  27. Now that’s some thinking outside the box. Why would Rameau be so far fetched. Blewett was a family operation wasn’t it that rolled over to the 21. Rameau is a familly operation that could roll over in the same way with big time resources. He was in the VMRS championship last year until “the incident”.. Will be rookie of the year. They’re all long shots but wasn’t the Blewett deal? Good speculation. My outside the box favorite of yours was Soper. Bull rings are trial by fire and forge good drivers as the LI connection has proven.
    Rene Dupuis, 115 starts, 2 top tens. Fifield highest in final points standings 15th in 2017.. Amy C would blow it all away if she could run the tour and had the families best equipment but she is a mom first so she gets the 18 degree engine and the boys get the specs. I guess the popular view is the Fifield’s record is hollow but hey, you can’t come in 15th if you don’t produce the car that passes tech at all the races and finish a few.
    Geeking out on the close races I took the best two results of the three races so far at Thompson and factoring in the current spreads reckon this.
    Lutz overtakes Silk for third.
    Goodale rises to 5th, Emerling in a squeaker barely edges Swanson for 6th, Swanson 7th, Solomito drops to 8th and Pasteryak stays at 9.
    That’s strictly by the numbers and of course means nothing.
    Thanks for playing Bob.
    Live long and prosper.

  28. Anytime doug. Was fun.
    For the sake of disclosure, this will be the first world series Ive missed in 25 + or – years. Family obligation up north. And its such that i dont think the timing is right where ill catch it on fans choice. Bummer. But what are u gonna do?
    So I will have no right to comment on last race. Enjoy.

  29. Doug & Bob, great comments and an enjoyable read! If I may barge in to a couple of your prognostications, if the Tinios don’t race next year, how about Santos in the 21? I think Soper would be more likely, also due to the LI connection. Spot on comments about the 16 and 07, my sentiments exactly. In the race, something tells me the 85 will be there in the end, but Santos is my pick. I think he got robbed by the broken shifter last time at Thompson.

  30. There’s so many moving parts to owner/driver pairings. Is it a ride based on driver talent or an alliance combining resources to get through a season? Santos is kind of the pick for any team isn’t he? Problem is do we even know if he would want to commit to an entire season and if so what’s he bring to the table in terms of sponsorship if that’s what the team is looking for. Santos in the 21 would be stellar. Then again how about Santos in the 36 and Sapienza who as is turns out is one heck of a crew chief calls it a driving career.
    Seriously couldn’t Sapienza compete for a championship if he and a top driver that qualifies cars better then he as he’s admitted team up.
    Did the numbers for Blewett and they are not pretty. 11 races with an average finish of 13.8. And it started out so good with thirds in the first two racing then proceeded to erode. Hossfeld in 4 races has an average finish of 6.75. 6,4 and 4 in the last three. The sampling might be a touch light for Hossfeld but the difference is stark. Who knows what will happen but my hope is Bertuccio/Hossfeld are a team next year looking to crack the top tier.
    Chase, Chase, Chase. What the heck are you doing? Going down south I would assume to learn more about LM’s. Back up North with spotty duty in the NWMT, Stafford Opens, VMRS and TTOMS. 82, 99, 00, 31SK. Helping teams with setups and freelancing. The money issue aside I’d think he’d be the number 1 pick for any ride outside of Santos. He’ll make the 82 better but it seems he should be in a car that can contend for wins.
    Will the Stuart team stick with the TA3 or have they fixed the Fury they rolled out at the NHMS. Hard to say 6th is bad at the Fall Final but I gotta believe they were hoping to contend for the win. Could be a team frayed at the edges at the worst possible time.

  31. Fast Eddie
    I forgot about the shifter. If memory serves, thats another race where bobby kind of hung mid pack, did an adjustment and was all of a sudden up front for position when it counted. (Sound familiar?) Then the restart and shifter issue if memory serves. Agreed, he sure would have contended for win.
    Man, I hope they all dont take each other out and they are all there at the end. If so, the possibilities are endless for you guys to see a fantastic race. 2,51,46,36,85, and all the mid pack jockeying. My long shot- maybe chase dials in the 82? Id consider that something that would turn heads! Wish i could be there.

  32. Crazy in NY says

    Thank God for P starts . At the risk of being sexist I’d like this discrepancy explained
    38 Wade Cole 33 Ford 19.876 113.202
    39 Melissa Fifield 01 Chevrolet 21.276 105.753

    1.4 seconds between 38th and 39th?? !!!!! Are you kidding me?
    and who was sent home because of the mighty P ?

  33. ” At the risk of being sexist I’d like this discrepancy explained”
    What risk? You nailed it.

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