Burt Myers Disqualified From North-South Shootout Tour Type Modified Victory

Burt Myers (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

A week removed from soaking up the celebration of victory, Burt Myers was apologetic on a video he posted Saturday on Facebook after being informed he had been disqualified from victory in last week’s North-South Shootout at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, N.C. for tire issues.

“I know that in life God’s in control,” Myers said. “I know that everything happens for a reason. But I also know that god give’s us enough power to make our own decisions. In the last race, I made a bad decision that ultimately cost us the win. In racing, there is extreme pressure to win and be successful, and I cracked. As owner and driver, I want to accept sole responsibility for the actions of my team. I want to apologize to my family, my crew, my sponsors and my fans.”

The Nov. 9 at event at Hickory was organized by PRA Tours. There was no official announcement concerning the disqualification from PRA Tours through email or their social media channels, though Renee Hackett, who heads the promotional group, confirmed the disqualification to Speed51

According to Speed51, Myers’ tires failed a laboratory inspection this week. 

The disqualification gives the victory in the event to Andy Seuss of Hampstead, N.H.

Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, Mass. was moved to second place and Andy Jankowiak of Tonawanda, N.Y. was moved to third.

According to the Speed51 report, the tires of Myers, Seuss and McKennedy were all laboratory tested. 

“Moving forward into this offseason we’ll take this time to refocus, rebuild and deal with this disappointment,” Myers said. “I want to end by saying, congratulations to Eddie Harvey and his team on their win in the North-South Shootout.” 


  1. Unfortunate situation. That being said, it’s nice seeing an organization tech ties, make a ruling, driver owns it and it’s over. Unlike the cluster at Thompson this summer.

  2. The devil made me do it.


  3. Crazy in NY says

    Dirty South eh?. Yep I guess. Only sullys himself. Pressure to win he says like that’s an excuse.
    PRA and Renee Hacket are the big winners here in my view. Good for them.

  4. Soaking tires, it’s been done before and will happen again. Good to see Burt own up to it, gained more respect for him (like it matters). Congrats to Andy Seuss and team for the victory. North 1,2,3.

  5. Wonder how many of his Bowman Gray wins have been on soakers. Once a soaker, always a soaker. It’s great…till you get caught.

  6. God’s in control, free will…..it’s all so confusing.
    Some of those southern guys sure do wear The Good Lord on their sleeve.
    Corinthian’s 10:13
    “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”
    The way I read it soaking tires in a common sin of man. God gave Myers a test and he failed. The good news is he can be redeemed and would assume the video is part of it.
    Cheating is lying, lying is a sin so I have to ask. Would he have admitted it and done penance were he not to have been caught Still a sin caught or not caught. Are would it revert to the God’s will deal?
    Yah know Burt you might want to save the Almighty for things a little more important then tire soaking.

  7. It doesn’t surprise me that someone got caught treating tires. What does surprise me is that the promoter bothered to check.

  8. The holy roller from the Bible Belt… gets caught cheating. He also claims his driving ability is a gift from God. Looks like God told him to soak the tires. Tire soaking compound must be a gift from God.

    Hey Burt, get your butt to confession.


    Great job by the track and promoter.

    And the northern boys sweep the podium. Must be the way God wanted it.

  9. We need more promoter’s like that.

  10. People are acting like he is the only one to do this, It has gone on for years by front runners and back markers and will continue to go on. Let alone all the things that make it through tech that does not get caught.

  11. In racing, whenever a new rule is made, teams work hard to find ways around it. Tire soaking has gone on for decades. Teams figured out a long time ago that store bought chemicals changed the compound of the tires. Eventually specific products were produced just for that purpose. Nowadays with modern technology, even “untraceable” compounds can be determined. Why anyone would risk using the stuff is beyond me, especially someone like Burt, who is supposed to be a front running professional. He’s not the first to get caught, and won’t be the last. More tracks and promoter’s should check tires, the results could prove to be interesting. How do you spot a soaker? Easy, look at the cars as they exit the track (when the tires are hot) the tires should be black, not purple, or greenish.

  12. Well, after Newman was caught with the cheater engine, and after he was dominant on the NWMT with that cheater engine, he has been a regular car. Let’s see what happens to Good ol’ Burt now that he’ll be, hopefully, watched considerably closer. God willing.

  13. Bernie 2020 Free Soaked Tires for ALL! says

    It’s not the first time for him. Remember when he was DQ’d from a win at Martinsville and suspended for a race because of some questionable wiring coming out of his MSD box.

  14. If GOD intended for tires to be soaked, they’d be prepped before sold or you’d get a can of “balls” when you bought them. There is no plausible excuse, it’s just plain cheating and I’m glad he was caught.

  15. I’ve got it. Burt must have been hand mounting his tires and sprayed starting fluid around the bead to seat it. Ya, that must be it, after all no God fearing man would cheat.

  16. They are just sorry they were caught. Soaking has been around and used for years by MANY of the stars of the sport. On a similar offense so has traction control, also very common and prevalent. Just keep in mind ,”It Is Only Cheating if you GET CAUGHT”

  17. Maybe that is the Fury magic that is the 01 needs to reach the next level. Of course is she was caught it would be a sexist At least they took the three top drivers tires and kind of an interesting one, two northern drivers Suess an Makenedy but southern teams, and Suess would really have to be considered a southern driver at this point. Also Andy J starting to make his presence felt here and in tri track, he has been getting better and better.

  18. See your point Rich O. But can hold my head high every win, every championship 100% legal. You just feel better when you beat them honestly.

  19. Rob p. wrote, “You just feel better when you beat them honestly.”

    Yeah, like the joy of watching holy rollers get taken down for fraud, financial irregularities, child abuse, slavery, caught with prostitutes, etc. The list is long.

  20. Through out my tenure in racing, we always showed up at the track with a 100% legal car. We won races, and championships. Some of our competitors spent huge amounts of money on those “special” parts, and it always was a rush beating them. In 2001 we ran Penske shocks, because they were rebuildable. For ’02 they outlawed them so we switched to QA-1 shocks, and won the championship again. For 03 they went to the current shock rule. Although some questioned us using Penke’s, they were good because you can change the valving easily and for a small investment you had shocks you could valve to optimize their performance, which in the end saved money.

  21. This guy has cheated so many times it’s actually funny. Ryan Preece’s first win in a tour race in the 3 car was cause Bert was disqualified.lol.Think Ryan was 17. Not to mention the time he tried getting his own back up car disqualified to help his own points. Look it up all true. Not a real racer!!!

  22. Slapnuts… and how many times he wasn’t caught.

  23. Does it really matter how many times a cheater is caught? I’d hope that racing was ubove that. If you have to cheat to win is it really a win? Or should that win be marked with an * ?

  24. There’s different levels of cheating. Tire soaking is pretty bad. Kind of stupid too exposing yourself to all those carcinogens to get better lap times. Then there;s the cheating where you bump up against the rules and go a bit too far. Being underweight is cheating too but not intentional in every case.
    Then there are the blatant cheaters that cheat their brains out and it does absolutely no good because no one cares about sucking a little bit less. That would have been my racing career in a nutshell.
    Good cheating is an art form. The best of the best do it and are so smart they get away with it and you never know it happened. In fact we probably cheer them for appearing to be straight arrows cause after all it isn’t cheating unless you get caught.

  25. “Good cheating is an art form”

    “Good” cheating is usually not really cheating. It’s often simply discovering something that isn’t published as illegal in the book, but is an advantage on the track. These findings are often made illegal in future seasons. It’s usually when a team member says “It doesn’t say we CAN’T do this…”

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