Burt Myers Wins Tour Type Modified Feature At North-South Shootout

Burt Myers (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Burt Myers made sure the North-South Shootout celebration was for the South.

Myers, of Walnut Cove, N.C., drove to victory in the 150-lap Tour Type Modified feature at the 17th North-South Shootout Saturday at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, N.C.

It was the third career North-South Shootout victory for Myers.

Andy Seuss of Hampstead, N.H. was second and Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, Mass. third.

Meriden native James Civali topped the field in the 50-lap 602 Modified feature. Myers ended up fourth in that feature.

Josh Berry of Hendersonville, Tenn. was victorious in the 150-lap Super Late Model feature. Cory Casagrande of Stafford was fifth in the event.

Tour Type Modified Feature Results


  1. 28 cars! I had no idea the North South Shootout was that strong these days. It looks like a good mix of North v South drivers too. Perhaps they found a home for this race at Hickory. I seem to remember them moving this race all around to the point I lost track if it was still being run or where it was being held. I hope it was a good show.

  2. Love opens. That put drivers on our radar that might not normally ever got noticed.
    Austin Kochenash made the haul up from Danielsville, Pa to appear in the July Open at Stafford and didn’t fair so well coming in 19th. Now we see he had sterling finish here coming in 5th against a really tough field of cars so congratulations to the 66. Hope to see you next year at Stafford.
    Unabashedly doing a 180 to mention something that I;m sure is on race fans radar is the movie that just came out Ford vs Ferrari. I’m sure most of us of a certain age will enjoy the heck out of it but the story of Carroll Shelby has to be that of one of the most intriguing personalities in all of American culture. I hope Mr. Courchesne sees this as a pertinent topic and pass through an article about the movie so we have a chance to exchange remembrances of the era, event and people involved.

  3. Yikes!!!!! A Fury in Victory Lane!!!!!

    What’s up with MH, 9th place?

    Pretty good turnout. Would like to see this event up north, say Thompson next year. Only fair.

  4. Yep. A Fury that was designed and manufactured by LFR.

  5. Gotta give it to you dareal, I never thought of that.
    A North-South shootout up North. I only remember something similar at Thompson, when the Southern guys ran, (Masse robbed on that one, I was there right at the cones and he did not jump in any way imo) the Northern guys ran, then the shootout. 2 years in a row in September if I remember correctly @ Thompson. I really enjoyed that and sorry to see it did not last, a great day of racing.
    I think a Year in South, a year in North would be great, providing weather holds. I’d go. But up here in November? Probably weather logistics. Could be quite a crap shoot, in November.

  6. Promoters live in the south, so the race will stay here. But it would be cool to have a northern promoter do one as well. Doubt you would ever get southern drivers and teams to come north, so having it in the south is the only true way to have a north-south shootout.

  7. What David said. The North South shootout isn’t a home and home college football agreement. Its a promotional tool for a traditional race at the end of the year in the South.. That includes other divisions that are regional specific. AND it gives our guys a chance to go where it’s warmer and enjoy that great Southern hospitality and have an adventure.
    40ish here yesterday, Where would you rather be?

  8. Why reinvent the wheel, leave the N/S shoot out right where it is. Great race, congrats Burt Meyers!

  9. Frank, according to Burt himself, on the TV show Bowman Gray, the car is a new FURY car built for the 2018 season. But, it’s still basically an LFR, as Rob Fuller did design it.

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