JB Fortin Racing And Storage Guardian Team Up For Whelen Mod Tour For 2020

(Press release from JB Fortin Racing)

Long Island based JB Fortin Racing JB Fortin Racing and Storage Guardian are proud to announce a partnership for the 2020 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

Storage Guardian is a private company specializing in backing up critical data on a “pay-as-you-go” basis to a secure off-site location.

Storage Guardian’s remote backup service is the culmination of a decade of intense research and software development. Storage Guardian provides an innovative self-provisioning tool for the Veeam backup solution which helps their customerโ€™s stream line and manage data storage quotas and ensure data protection.

โ€œWe are super excited to welcome Storage Guardian to the JB Fortin Racing family for the 2020 season. Partners like Storage Guardian are going to be a key part to our success for 2020โ€ said team driver JB

JB Fortin will be back on the track for the 2020 Whelen Modified Tour season opener on March 21st 2020, at the South Boston Speedway in South Boston VA.


  1. Great news!!!! We need more competitive cars!!!!

  2. Have to somewhat agree, Fortin will be a welcome addition to the tour. It’s been confirmed that at least 2 teams will not be returning, the 2&16, so new additions are welcome. It’s only November 24th, who knows what good or bad news is yet to come. Hopefully Coby and Solomito end up securing rides soon. Doug certainly has an advantage in the form of secured sponsorship from Mayhew. It takes allot of money to be a successful modified tour car owner, knowing that you’ll never get a profitable return on your investment, and given the insecurities present in today’s economy, it doesn’t seem realistic that many new teams will form anytime soon. Best of luck to any driver seeking a quality ride.although we hate to admit it the political landscape does affect this sport we love. The Outlook for 2020 is bleek right now, hopefully it changes soon.

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