New England Short Track Showdown At NHMS Put On Hold for 2020 Season

(Press release from North East Mini Stock Tour)

Ronnie Williams uncorks the champagne in celebration of his Valenti Modified Racing Series victory in June at the New England Short Track Showdown at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

After three seasons of moving forward, the New England Short Track Showdown at New Hampshire Motor Speedway has been put into park for the 2020 season.  

Event promoter Bob Guptill cites high costs and high risks for the decision to put the event on hiatus. 

“In 2019, we had a perfect event in a lot of ways,” said Guptill.  “The support from the competitors was incredible, the weather was good and having Dave Dion go above and beyond in his role as the Grand Marshall is a memory that we will always treasure.  It ended up being profitable too, but it was a tough way to make a paycheck. Had anything gone less than perfect with the weather, scheduling or any number of things, it could have been a devastating loss.

“This is a family-promoted event and we just cannot gamble like that.  We gave the race a three year commitment when we first announced it and many people said it would never happen at all.  We proved those critics wrong and made some great memories over three seasons, but just could not make it as commercially viable as we needed to.”

The Guptill family mulled over the decision on the fate of the event for 2020 and explored sponsorship possibilities, but nothing materialized in time to properly plan the race for next year.

“The different tours involved are all getting ready to release their schedules for 2020, so a decision needed to be made,” said Guptill.  “Given the right support, this is an event that could come back in the future, but for now we are taking a break.”

The New England Short Track Showdown has been built around four cornerstones of New England short track racing.  Super Late Models competed in the event under the Granite State Pro Stock Series banner in 2017 and 2018 before switching sanction to the Pro All Star Series in 2019. 

The Tour-type Modifieds of the Modified Racing Series took part in all three Showdowns as did the grassroots level North East Mini Stock Tour and Street Stock Showdown Series. 

Guptill is the promoter of both the NEMST and SSSS divisions and is exploring other options where those tours might be able to compete at NHMS in 2020. Further announcements may be forthcoming. 



  1. Given that NHMS already announced it was only having two short track events in 2020 I thought this was a given. Probably a good decision to not loose your shirt on a gamble like this.

    Yet another loss for MRS. No NHMS, No Stafford, No Waterford. The hits keep coming.

    Please don’t add any mini bombers to my modified races at Loudon.

  2. Surprisingly, the mini stocks run really well at the NH mile. I went to this event a couple of times and was thinking mini stocks would be horrible there and could not have been more wrong. I am sad to see this event go as it was usually the only event I would go to at NHMS.

    MRS also lost Valenti as series sponsor which makes sense since the series has less and less of a presence in CT. I am really curious what MRS comes up with next year. Monadnock seems to have gone with Tri track for 2 races next year. MRS had 3 races there last year. Claremont cancelled their last MRS race last season and is now operated by the promoter of Granite State Pro Stocks. They announced the 3 race series at Beechridge. Probably 2 at Thompson. Maybe 2 or 3 at Lee. Pure speculation, maybe they get into White Mtn and Thunderroad if that bullring bash is dead. They haven’t been to Star or Seekonk in awhile, perhaps a show there. MRS banquet is next weekend, they should announce something then.

  3. MRS isn’t welcome at Star due to shaddy scheduling conflicts in the past. Aint going to happen.

    CSG, can I ask you a question? With All of the historic races at Loudon why would you only go to mini stock races there.

  4. I learned that there was a poor turnout this year, my soul reason for not going had to do with the weather it was hot I have COPD just cant be in stifling heat what’s wrong with June it can’t be that difficult. Look at the stands at any other track a lot of us old folks with money in our pockets.

  5. I went to the one last year, the only one I was able to see. Overall it was one of the better races I went to. I think if they had the ability to promote it more to get more people in the stands, it could continue. Easier said then done, I’m sure. Highly recommended if it ever returns.

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