Registration For 2020 Modified Open 80 Events At Stafford Speedway Now Open

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

Ryan Preece celebrates victory in the Twisted Tea Open Modified 80 last June at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

For the 3rd consecutive season Stafford Speedway will host Modified Open 80 events. New for 2020, Stafford will play host to 4 Modified Open events running once per month in May, June, July, and August. Registration for 2020 Modified Open 80 events is now open with registration available online at or by contacting the track office. Team’s registering early and for all four Modified Open 80 events will be given a registration discount. 

“Each of our Modified Open events in 2019 were great races,” explained Stafford CEO Mark Arute. “We put this deal together back in 2018 to provide a better on track product for race fans and a better experience for teams and drivers. We’ve added a fourth Modified Open event in 2020 which puts us at one per month.”

To date 5 Modified Open 80 events have been held at the half-mile since the first in June of 2018. In 5 events, 5 different winners have broke into NAPA Victory Lane including Tommy Barrett, Eric Goodale, Keith Rocco, Ryan Preece, and Ronnie Williams. The event has become a battle of Stafford regulars vs. Stafford invaders which many fans and drivers have come to enjoy.

“We’ve had a good mix of Stafford regulars and Stafford invaders,” continued Arute. “Our race fans like to see guys like Eric Goodale, Tommy Barrett and Jeff Gallup come out and try and best the local favorites like Keith Rocco, Ronnie Williams, and Todd Owen. We’re looking forward to another season of great racing in each of the 80 lap events.”

The first race of the season for the Open Modifieds is slated for Friday, May 15th with the 3rd Annual Twisted Tea Open 80 scheduled just under a month later on Friday, June 12th. The fan favorite Bud Light Open 80 returns Friday, July 10th, and the final event of the season for the Open Modifieds, the Lincoln Tech 80, will be held Friday, August 21st.

Rules, registration, and additional information can be found online at Teams and drivers are encouraged to contact the track office by phone (860-684-2783), via email ([email protected]), or on social media with any questions.

Modified Open Registration

Modified Open 80 Rulebook

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  1. Crazy in NY says

    “We put this deal together back in 2018 to provide a better on track product for race fans and a better experience for teams and drivers. ”

    Ok better than what? I went to the Stafford site looing for a purse or a payout. Didn’t see one.
    Is that coming at a later date?

  2. Not exactly on topic but interesting to Stafford fans may be the fact that Bryan Narducci has actually moved up to the SK’s. Now tell me that won’t be an interesting wrinkle for the new season? Mikey Flynn as well is making the move so the steady flow from the Lights continues exactly as it was designed to do.
    It’s amazing the banquet is just completed and already the steady flow of team listings is already fairly robust.

  3. We put this open modified series together because it is cheaper to put on the show ourselves than pay an outside tour. The fans will pay the same amount and we can keep the difference. It has worked out so well we decided not to bring in the tour anymore. Feel free to preregister 6 months in advance. we will give you a discount and use your name to attract fans to the event. Don’t worry about the purse there will be one. Trust us.

    Got to love Stafford. The only track I have ever heard of that starts selling season tickets before they release the schedule. Buy this but you cant see what you are getting. Here is a little tease of whats coming. Thankfully they release the sched before the discount expires. Only have until middle of December to get those season ticket orders in for the big discount. Don’t worry they will have a press release a week before to remind you.. I just find it comical they allow you to buy a season pass or register for an event without information on the schedule or event. Oh by the way no refunds if you are unhappy with the schedule or purse.

  4. Wow csg, why all the doom and gloom? I would bet given Stafford’s record and reputation would suggest the open mod purse to be at least equal to last year. Hopefully with their marketing prowess they can bring in some sponsor $$ to add to it. What you view as premature sales pitches is just one part of why Stafford is so successful. Thanks to there success, we have a venue where some of the best Modified racing takes place EVERY WEEK they are running. Because of that, fans like me will take extra time and fight more traffic rather than go to a much closer track in my area. What they are doing works!

  5. jeeez someone doesn’t like Stafford. Enjoy Waterford CSG. Top 5 dumbest posts i’ve ever seen on here. You’re complaining about discount season passes and the track trying to sell tickets.

  6. Crazy in NY says

    The early schedule release that Stafford does is a good thing. It helps other organization that are trying to set up their own dates to keep conflicts at a minimum. Whether it’s right or wrong SMS is
    the lead dog in Modified racing circles and non Tour teams need as much advance notice as possible.
    The purse though is the real info that is needed to make a final determination as to where to race and when.

  7. Might be work to do on the Opens. Attracting a sponsor for the May event. Lining up bonus money. Rules have to be established for the Super Late Model Open. Lots to still do. Money to be lined up for when it’s really important to attract teams.
    It’s early and grasping but in the weeds there’s interesting things to be gleaned down the race card even though it not even Thanksgiving yet.
    As mentioned Narducci and Flynn are moving to the SK’s that have well over 20 cars registered already. The Christopher clan has two cars registered but no chassis attribution which is interesting. No 50 so far but Williams reserved the 59. Todd Patnode reserved the 42 so that’s new. Avery registered the 10 but no 17 yet. No Hirschman either who may not race at Stafford but is usually very prompt in reserving his number keeping hope alive he may indeed inter a race one day.
    Street Stocker George Bessett had a good run going in his Fall Final SK Light race and he’ll be a favorite for Rookie of the Year in the Lights. Travis Hydar as well has registered a number in the Lights but is also in the Streets so maybe he’s dipping his toe in this year for a full move next year. No Meg Fuller yet but in a Thompson banquet interview the implication was another year in the Streets but that may have just been an assumption the interviewer made. Would love to see a Fuller in a mod again. Did Owen and company build a new shop yet because it seems they are going to need it. Sears in the 8, Carey’s 69 and Owen himself registering the 56 in his name. Add in the guys like Mathews that may depend on Chassis Pro for Narducci like lightning in a bottle, Narducci, Arute and Owen SK cars as well as the CP’s tour modifieds and it’s going to be a demanding year for that bunch. John & Maina Rufrano fielding Rocco and Rufrano’s cars but no Gervais so far.
    Registrations lagging in the LM and LLM divsions but it’s early. Duane Provost moving up to the LM’s. Good for the LM’s, bad for the fragile LLM division.
    Lot’s of Streets and new faces. Champ Zack Robinson registers his own 14 and no driver in the 89 he drove to a championship.
    Still awaiting rules for the Super Late Model Open and early registrations for the Open 80’s will be fun to watch.
    Yupper, early for sure but very strong activity so far especially in the Modifieds.

  8. After reading my post, perhaps that did come off a little more negative then I meant it too. I just find it interesting that they will sell you something without telling you what you are getting in return. If you do go every week the season pass is a no brainer. Recent years, I pick and chose a few shows at the beginning of the season and if I am entertained I keep going until I am not entertained. So the season pass doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

    I like Stafford and what they are doing with the SK lights which have proven to be a good feeder system for the SK’s. I will say they have the best Nascar weekly division that I have seen with the SKs and the talent in that division is great. Some of the full fender fields have gotten better recently after struggling for a few years. Their car counts are just as good or better than most pavement tracks around. I am looking forward to the super late model race. I am hoping they hacw show good enough to substantiate having a couple more SLM races the next year. I just don’t know if they picked the right night to give that show a good chance of being successful. I applaud them for trying it. I really liked the pro stocks at Stafford back in the 90’s. Overall I think Stafford is doing more things right than wrong.

    Maybe I am slightly more jaded having seen what Dirt track racing has to offer with the pricing and purse structure compared to asphalt racing. You would think it costs more to maintain a dirt track than a pavement track yet the pavement track costs more than the dirt track for fans and competitors. Maybe its an apples to oranges type of comparison and you shouldn’t compare dirt to asphalt racing. Its not just Stafford it seems like the pavement tracks are more expensive than the dirt tracks, I am not sure why.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for this forum in which we can share opinions whether right or wrong in a nice moderated dialogue. I certainly enjoy the comments and different opinions expressed here. I am also Thankful we still have local tracks to talk about. I think everyone here wants to see local racing thrive. Sometimes constructive criticism comes across too negative. I know I am guilty of it at times. I hope everyone has safe and happy holiday season, Now where are those Thompson and Seekonk schedules. I feel like they should be out soon. Does Waterford dare come out with a schedule?

  9. The purse was at the top of was at the top of the Mod Open below rules link in the article above: on another note there is a Deere 345G sitting in the parking lot at the bowl today .Looks like it was just unloaded

  10. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!

    Schedules are nice.

    Purse info is way better.


  11. “The only track I have ever heard of that starts selling season tickets before they release the schedule.”

    FWIW, Lime Rock does the same… In fact, this year people I know were talking about how the total of all tickets to major events didn’t add up to a season pass. In time, LRP announced an added major weekend and the ticket now makes sense.

    That said, I buy my Stafford season pass before the schedule comes out simply because I know I’ll get my money’s worth. I look forward to every weekend’s event. Most years I save money, some years it rains, other years personal conflicts prevent me from attending as many events as I’d like. To me, it’s still all good, as I’m supporting a facility I love.

  12. Ahhhh yes the Stafford opens according to their rules limited to what they allow. So how does one consider that an “open”? Not for me.

    Now the TTOMS is a true open series and has my attention. Great car counts, great purse, great competition, I will be there!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  13. I’m guessing competitor season passes are the bulk of the early purchases. If you’re running a full schedule or even most events it’s a complete automatic no matter what the schedule contains.
    It may be counter productive but should you decide to offer an Open season ticket package or special races package at a deep discount that would be an automatic for me.

  14. I guess you could ask what track in the Northeast has more events, more divisions, more cars in the divisions and pays out more money to more teams including bonuses across all the divisions and series than any other track excluding the NHMS. I don’t know. Maybe a dirt track somewhere. But I’d bet Stafford is right at the top of the list if not THE top track.
    Somebody already said it. Stafford Opens aren’t competing with any Open. They are companion events to a full race card including the strongest multi divisional modified offerings around. They need to offer more money but don’t have to nor would they even want to compete with the most money. That debate was two years ago, the results are in and 5 money making events later it’s no longer an issue.

  15. “Ahhhh yes the Stafford opens according to their rules limited to what they allow. So how does one consider that an “open”? Not for me.”

    This is dumb. The only thing Stafford isnt allowing is the spec engine. Youre all pissy and arent going to attend b/c of that? Sounds like another Stafford hater. It’s their event, they can call it whatever they want. If you’re mad about naming why are you a tri track fan. They run at more then 3 (TRI) tracks….

    Ive been to all 5 “open” (or whatever the hell you want to call them) events and they all have been great races. Stafford is on pace to be the only track left, support them.

  16. “It may be counter productive but should you decide to offer an Open season ticket package or special races package at a deep discount that would be an automatic for me.”

    Maybe you should suggest that to the track via email or social media. Lime Rock Park has offered a “Majors” package for race day only admission to the national events. These were discounted, but not deeply, yet beefed up with adders like reserved parking, meet and greets, tours, and/or hospitality tent access. The more expensive season pass included full weekend passes, with some of the adders.

  17. Best comment of all time by racefan
    “If you’re mad about naming why are you a tri track fan. They run at more then 3 (TRI) tracks….”

  18. In the article “Holiday Special: Ryan Preece Ready To Get Back To Modified For Turkey Derby At Wall Stadium” the following comments were posted about the Stafford Open;

    “Billed as a CD special last year at New Smyrna it did well. Appeared at a Stafford Open with a cast iron block engine and won. Not so good pretty much anywhere else where the competition was first rate”.

    “His appearance and win at the Stafford Open was one of my greatest memories ever. But that was B level competition”.

    So from a consumers prospective how does that make the Stafford Opens sound? Competition not first rate, B level competition?

  19. “consumer prospective”.
    I don’t understand. Consumers aren’t looking forward to an event they don’t know. It’s been two years of successful shows. Even if you meant consumer perspective the product doesn’t sound like anything. It’s a historical record of moderate success at this point and continuing to expand.
    Now on January 3,2018 when they were announced potential consumer reaction was in full flower with 98 comments and a lively discussion. Sorry you missed it Earl.

  20. I may have not used the proper grammar, should have payed closer attention to auto spell but those comments that I quoted were yours my friend. Go back to the article and look. Oh thats right, you are posting on so many articles you must forget what you post. And I hope some of the participants chime in on you calling them and others “not first rate” or “B level competition”. I am certain they will show you copious amounts of love.

    Oh BTW, nice job avoiding the conversation on the comments. Let’s see how you shuck/jive and your golden tongue gets you out of this one.

  21. It was a stupid comment Earl. You took two sentences from two different articles, stripped each of context, cobbled them together to create your own self serving conclusion and disingenuously presented it as some kind of third issue it was never intended to be. Cable news couldn’t have done a better job creating controversy where none exists.
    I can’t and won’t respond seriously to your completely disingenuous, thinly veiled trolling expeditions that are designed solely to perpetuate your nasty, scorn laden views on certain issues, the Stafford Opens being your target here.

  22. Stupid comment? Doug, again I will remind you, same article that both comments were stated by you, one on November 28, 2019 at 9:00 am and one on November 29, 2019 at 8:25 am. What do you mean two sentences from two different articles? Thinly veiled trolling expedition? Nope, just the facts. You can run but you can’t hide and your golden tongue will not get you out of this one. Cable news creating controversy where none exists? You said it, man up and take ownership for what you said.

  23. You’ll notice Earl with regard to you I stay in my lane. I neither troll you nor care much about what you say.. You clearly seem like a guy that sees the topic, looks at your crouch for inspiration then starts typing. No thought, no research, no insight………..pure gut reaction.
    In this thread you made it clear you aren’t a fan of Stafford Opens. You also said you have an objection about the use of the title open. I clearly don’t agree but I don’t pester you about it.
    If you have a problem with the number of posts I make simply stay in you lane, make your comments, stop trolling and I won’t have to take up so much space responding to a fool..

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