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As the calendar rolls closer to flipping to a new year, series operators of the Tri-Track Open Modified Series are busy preparing for some series changes for the 2020 season. 

Heat races have been a centerpiece of the action since the inception of the series in 2014 and next year series officials are expected to put an even greater emphasis on those qualifying events.  

Series operators will be adding cash bonuses for heat race winners in 2020 as part of a new awards program that will be rolled out. 

Tri-Track Open Modified Series management is expected to announce in the coming weeks a new relationship that will put title sponsorship branding from a nationally known company at the forefront for the new heat race payout format for the series. 

Real life or reality show?

Anyone else think they should just not actually have a victory lane ceremony immediately following the conclusion of the Snowball Derby? 

I mean, let’s be honest, that first victory lane ceremony is more than usually just a practice run before the real winner is declared after tech.  

Matt Swanson (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

Just because statistics are fun … Let’s just look at what happened in the second half of the 2019 season on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. 

Who was the best driver statistically in the final eight races of the season? It wasn’t actually 2019 series champion Doug Coby. 

Over the final eight races of the season it was 2018 series champion Justin Bonsignore who collected an eye-opening 43.375 points per event. 

Coby collected 40.375 points per event over the final eight races of the season. 

Craig Lutz, who ultimately finished fourth in the series standings, collected 39 points per race in the second half of the season. Ron Silk’s 36.5 points per race was fourth best in the second half. Silk ended up third in the overall standings. 

Maybe the most impressive leap of the second half was from Matt Swanson, who finished fifth in the final series standings. 

Swanson sat 12th in the standings after the first eight races of the season and then averaged 35.75 points per race in the final eight events to vault himself into the top-five of the final standings. 


#OfficiallySpeaking …

When the opening of a track’s “official statement” reads: “We have been overwhelmed with positive support from members of the racing community …” it kind of makes you stop and wonder if the track owner got arrested or contracted a terminal illness? 

The Irishman on Netflix … Ugh.

This had to be the biggest let down since Geraldo Rivera broke into Al Capone’s vault.

I mean, you have Martin Scorsese at the helm with a cast bigger and badder than the 1992 Olympic basketball Dream Team, and then it’s just a slogging slow painful walk through through three and a half hours. Just waiting and waiting and waiting for it to grab a hold and happen, and it just never did. Right to the bitter end, just brutal.

Feel like I have to watch Goodfellas and Casino about 28 times in a row just to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

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  1. Great news from the TriTrack series! Hopefully there is also a little something extra for the for the consi winner as well.
    I think Matt Swanson & #3 are a win waiting to happen. Hopefully this year they get one or more!

  2. LOL!!!! As I was into the second hour of The Irishman, I was thinking I would need to watch The Godfather to re-calibrate myself.

    As JBon said, he spotted Coby a bunch of points early in the season and had his work cut out for him. And Swanson had a great late season. Looking forward to more greatness from these two.

  3. Cynicism, I thought that was our thing.
    Spoiler alert! Dude, not cool! I was looking forward to The Irishman when I next check into Netflix and now I’m predisposed to be disappointed. Not really. Netflix is about quantity over quality frequently so expectations need to be kept in check. Making geezers look younger. I could use a little of that technological magic.
    ” it kind of makes you stop and wonder if the track owner got arrested or contracted a terminal illness? ”
    Thank you. I felt uncomfortable hearing a self serving bit from the track about all the people presumably willing to look past the charges and the process to determine if they are real of not.
    Was that giving Coby a good natured nudge on the back side as he leaves his elite ride status in the rear view mirror? If it is I’m good with that.
    A major sponsor, heat money, favorable schedule reviews, a talented young link to a new generation of race fans and a new web site on the horizon. So far so good for the new management team at the TTOMS.
    A bit of tongue in cheek scorn directed at the titanium fueled disqualification at the Snow Ball Derby? Sorry big guy but you missed the mark. The real scorn should be directed at any Florida track the uses anything connected with snow in in the title of a racing event. We’re the ones shoveling the stuff while they’re refreshing their tan during the day and getting bundled up at 50 degrees at night.. Oh the injustice.

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