Ryan Preece, Kevin Harvick Test Modifieds At Martinsville Speedway

(Press Release from NASCAR Integrated Marketing Communications)

Ryan Preece (lower left) and Kevin Harvick (right) during a test Tuesday at Martinsville Speedway (Photo: Cara Cooper/NASCAR)

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will return to Martinsville Speedway in May. Ryan Preece and Kevin Harvick used Tuesday as an opportunity to get a little test in before the big race.

Preece and Harvick tested the Modified that Preece will drive in May’s race. Preece, along with Ryan Newman, is one of two NASCAR Cup Series regulars expected to compete in the race, which will take place on a Friday night with the Cup Series race scheduled for Saturday, May 8.

For Harvick, it was a chance to get his first taste of driving a Modified.

Harvick, though, was driving a modified for the first time. He said Tuesday the test had been in the works with Preece for “two years probably.” He said he made the three-hour drive up from Charlotte because he has built a great relationship with Preece and Stafford Motor Speedway, a NASCAR-sanctioned track in Connecticut, and he felt safe and comfortable in Preece’s car knowing the amount of work Preece has put into it.

Other than a go-kart, Harvick said Tuesday was his first time in a race car since the Cup Series finale at Homestead-Miami in November.

“It’s his fault, that’s what I tell my wife, that all this happened today,” Harvick said with a laugh while pointing a Preece during a media session with the drivers. “We’ve been talking about just coming and seeing what driving one was like. So for me it was a great experience. Obviously it put a smile on my face. To get back in the car and to hear that power and see the tires moving and all the things that were so much different from my weekly view. It’s always fun to do something different.”

While Harvick has driven thousands of laps around Martinsville, it took him some adjusting to get used to the modified. The biggest difference, he said, was being able to see the front tire and driving it further into the corners than he would a Cup car.

Harvick said Preece’s advice was just to remember it was still a race car, and to just go out and drive.

“He told me that before I got in it,” Harvick said. “I think as I’ve gone through the years it’s just been a long time since I’ve gone and driven anything else that wasn’t at the Cup race or at the track. Even I haven’t even driven trucks in a number of years. It’s been a long time since. I’ve done something outside of my weekly racing routine. I like that because I think when you can challenge yourself and think about things that you don’t think about on a weekly basis, because for the most part I can get in a car on a Cup weekend and I can say, ‘Do this, this, and this.’ I’ve been to these track a million times, so you get into this and you go, ‘Okay, where do I start it? How do I put it into gear?’”

The good thing about Martinsville Speedway, Harvick said, was it is asphalt. It’s the dirt tracks where he’s felt the most discomfort in the past.

“That’s when I think I stepped out of bounds,” he said. “When they told me to push the clutch in to make the car go on the dirt tracks I was really confused and it did not go that well. So as long as it’s not on dirt I think I’m okay.”

With so much extra time for the offseason, Preece has put in more work to his modified to make sure it’s ready for May. He admits his last three races in a modified “weren’t very good,” but come May 8 he’ll be chasing another grandfather clock for his collection.

“With this car there was a slot of time I put into the shop to make sure it was right,” said Preece, who won the tour race at Martinsville in 2008. “Obviously having the time being the offseason right now, having that extra bit of time helps with preparation.”

Preece joked with Harvick that maybe one day he’ll be able to get his fellow Cup Series driver to actually run a race in the modified.

That jokes may not be too far off. While Harvick said during the season he likes being able to focus on his one car and be there as much as possible to be hands-on with the team, and also have time to spend with his family, he certainly has plans for other races in the future.

“I wouldn’t drive it if I didn’t want to race it,” Harvick said with a smile. “Let’s just make that clear.

“And we’ve talked about that. It was something that will definitely be on my bucket list to go do and I think I’d have fun. After driving it today. That really takes a little bit of pressure off of me mentally thinking, ‘Can you drive it? What’s it like? What’s it feel like?’ So there’s a lot of those things that just kind of check that box today and just say ‘O.K., I can do that.’”

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour season will kick off on March 21 for the WhosYourDriver.org 150 at Virginia’s South Boston Speedway. The day will also feature NASCAR Late Model Twin 75s. The season opener at South Boston and the modifieds race at Martinsville Speedway are the two stops in the south on the modifieds tour schedule for 2020.

The MAXPRO Window Films 200 at Martinsville will be the first track’s first tour Modified race since 2010. It will be the 36th NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race, and 117th modifieds race, the track has hosted in its more than 70 year history.

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  1. A Nascar press release linking Harvick who is really kind of a big deal with modifieds, Preece and Stafford Speedway. All great networking for Preece especially being close to one of the elder statesman Cup drivers and a guy with resources and connections.
    OK this is getting real confusing. How many cars does Preece have for Pete’s sake? Is this in addition to the New Smyrna car(s)?
    WWII bombers and tanks were give names. How about you guys start giving the cars in your stable names so we can keep them straight?

  2. Today was a good day for modified racing. May 8th will be absolutely outstanding. Maybe we see KH, maybe we don’t. Newman is entered for sure. Can’t wait for this one. We need more positive updates like this regarding the upcoming season to get the juices flowing again.

  3. Preece is a client of KHI Management, a marketing outfit.


    This is all about business.

  4. All true DaReal but like KH said, he didn’t drive 3 hrs yesterday if he didn’t intend to race the modified at some point. That’s all I care about.

  5. Interesting to me that Ty Dillon is a client of KHI as well. I thought that bridge burned.

  6. Yeah, surprising that Ty Dillon is a client. You’d think being the grandson of Richard Childress would be far more influential.

    Kevin drives a mod, signs more clients. Kevin is not doing this for the sport. Kevin is promoting his company, searching for more clients.

  7. “I wouldn’t drive it, if I didn’t want to race it” words straight out of Harvicks mouth. Yeah, there might be something to say about KHI maybe not. He could have sat in his living room and wrote a few checks out to help promote KHI. Who else in the cup series owns their own modified? No one that I know of, so Preece seems a logical choice. I for one would love to see Kevin in a modified. It would be even better if he showed up at Stafford to drive an SK, which maybe someday he will. But he took the first steps with Ryan Preece, at Martinsville. wonder what his lap times were compared to Preece. It also speaks allot that he felt safe in Ryan’s car, speaks allot to preparation. Anyway, all things said maybe it was a big promotional gig, maybe not. There are tracks allot closer to Charlotte to do a promotion at. I firmly believe in the near future we’ll see Kevin driving a modified in competition. Just my opinion

  8. JD, Harvick at Thompson in the night race on a beautiful New England night would be perfect.

  9. Dareal you’re one of the main reasons me and probably many others don’t post here anymore with all the negative stuff with tracks anymore interest in any way that has a chance to help and if he makes money so be it remember nothing is free only to Bernie.

  10. I can see that. Preece is heading toward Martinsville for the test sessions, Harvick calls says he’s working on Ryans contract, heated words are exchanged, Preece yells SHOW ME THE MONEY and next thing you know Harvick’s in his car heading to Martinsville to hold a clients hand. Sure NASCAR, two buddies shaking down a modified my foot. It’s about the money. Or is that a movie I saw?
    It is likely about money. Didn’t Preece just sign a new deal with JTG Daugherty? Don’t good agents spent time bonding with the guys that will be giving them part or their paycheck for representation. Maybe Harvick wanted to meet Max McLaughlin thinking he may be a future potential client. But for the Goobers, Gomers, Polyanna’s and myself could there be another more pressing reason?
    Preece likes to win. He hasn’t been doing much of it lately. It’s fine if he’s getting big bucks to come in 20th in the Cup series but really the modified effort has been pedestrian aside from the early race wins at New Smyrna and the Stafford. The four link experiment is performing like a troublesome child and what’s the point in racing a modified if you aren’t in front. It’s embarrassing.
    Harvick there to bond with a client and perhaps do a little prospecting. And that’s bad why? it’s not like he’s some guy in a suit that doesn’t know squat. It’s Harvick. Just being around him you can’t help but learn stuff. A relative newcomer to the big time spending time networking with a big time winner. Everyone wins.
    So it’s on to Martinsville to try some stuff, bond with his buddy/mentor/agent one Mr. Kevin Harvick and do what successful car owners do. Homework. A lot of studying, wrenching, trial and error…… homework.
    You’ll notice Ryan is not the guy talking to Harvick. He’s the guy on the ground……..working.
    It’s about money but it’s also about winning.

  11. Look at all the press KHI is getting from simply attending a test session. Well worth the drive. Great publicity.

    You guys have to stop thinking everything is always about you. It’s about the tracks, sanctioning bodies, series, sponsors, vendors, etc. and if they can make a buck off of you.

    Any word on Moran and Coby? Did they buy the MSR outfit?

  12. Because KH needs more PR? My guess he would have preferred no press but it’s exciting for mod fans and I’m sure it helps the track promote May 8th. Who knows, it may be three years before he actually enters a race. If he does, it won’t be in CT. It’s either Martinsville or NHMS. He ain’t flying up when he could do it on a cup weekend. Not sure how you turned it into a money thing. KH and Rowdy discussed this during a rain delay last year on TV. Im convinced this was nothing more than Preece getting ready for May and asking KH if he wanted to give it a whirl. Either way, you don’t want to miss this race. I hope the RaceDayCT board of directors can approve a travel budget for this one.

  13. Well, I’m looking forward to the road trip along I-81.

  14. Old Observer says

    Some of you guys drive me crazy, you complain(I want to use other words but don’t want to get censored) about lack of respect for the Mods & then 1 of the top cup drivers generates tons of positive publicity for us & you find ways to go negative on it. Start thinking about promoting the sport, not your ??? image.

    I’ve been around this sport longer then most of you & real racers like to try different things, Harvick did this to try something different without a lot of pressure and apparently he enjoyed it. Maybe it will create a desire to do more.
    Racers love to have fun & that is why I think Ryan keeps a modified around.

  15. Several years ago when Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards, Ryan Newman and maybe a couple other Cup guys ran a modified, there was uproar. There was bigly complaining that the Cup drivers were NOT good for the Tour. They were a distraction, stole points and purse from the Tour regulars, yadayadayada. Frankly, they never did much good. Many if not most wrecked out or DNFd. Ryan Newman was the only one with much “success”. Ryan Newman was “dominating” until NASCAR finally decided to stop looking like a bunch of stupididiotmorons and they tore into the motor and found out it was cheated up. Ryan Newman has not been a factor since then. I know the teams I worked with DID NOT LIKE the Cup guys invading the Modified Tour. Some fans may have liked it, but the Mod Tour teams DID NOT LIKE Cup guys running the Tour races, especially since the Cup guys ran the big money races.

    I used to rip NASCAR regularly for letting the Ryan Newman debacle go on. The way the 77 drove away, the reports from our driver and how he couldn’t touch the 77, and he couldn’t hold on to the 77 in a draft, the 77 just drove away at will. It was OBVIOUS the 77 was far from complying with the rules. It was poetic justice watching the Newman car impounded after the Loudon race, surrounded by NASCAR officials. Since then, Ryan Newman has been insignificant. It was so obvious, at Loudon, Ryan Newman slowed down to let certain Tour regular cars pass him so they could get the bonus points for leading a lap. Newman then blew by after the Tour regular got the bonus point. Ridiculous.

    The Cup guys invaded the premier Modified races with the big purses. For years Newman was snatching the big money with the cheated up motor. Very sad. NOT GOOD FOR THE MODIFIED TOUR OR THE REGULAR TOUR TEAMS. For the last few years, Newman has been the only Cup driver showing up for a Tour race. The stink from the Newman debacle still hangs, and that Cup drivers are just not welcome.

    Kevin Harvick runs KHI, a talent management company. He needs clients. This is about publicity and attracting new clients to KHI. The sun is setting on Kevin as a driver, he’s transitioning to his next chapter. Preece is clearly a favorite in a modified, and Harvick will get great publicity associating with Preece. Preece is a modified champion and standout before Harvick came into the picture.

    So years ago when numerous Cup drivers ran the Mod Tour, cherry picking the highest paying events, it was NOT welcome. Don’t see why it would be any different today. Cup drivers are not welcome on the Modified Tour by the Tour regulars. Fans might get excited about Cup drivers running the Tour, but the Tour regular PARTICIPANTS do not like it.

    For those of you that like to evade reality and want everything sugar coated, sorry, but not sorry.

  16. So is Preece not welcome or is KH not welcome? Listen, this race is big for the WMT but it’s also big for the track. Having a cup regular sells tickets. Larsen runs sprints 50 times a year. Those guys deal with it. He just won the chili bowl too. Agree to disagree I guess.

  17. JD, please don’t be silly. Is Preece coming from a Cup team that is a powerhouse like Stewart-Haas, Childress, Hendricks, Gibbs, et al.? No. Furthermore, Preece is the northeast’s Modified homeboy, only been in the Big Leagues a couple years. Preece is not yet a Gordon, Johnson, Harvick, Stewart, et al. Preece is not bringing the backing of a dominant Cup team and such an entity as ECR 🤣🤡🤣🤡 that provided the engines for Newman and the 77 Mod that wiped up the field wherever it ran.

    I don’t think having a name Cup driver in the NWMT race sells tickets. We shall soon see. But I doubt Harvick will run Martinsville this time.

    Someone that attended the last Martinsville race posted, when the 2020 Martinsville race was announced, that the stands were empty at the last NWMT race at Martinsville. No reason to believe it will be better this time, after all these years.

  18. Liz Cherokee says

    Dareal, can you pick me up at the airport in Roanoke? Maybe we can do some hundos on the way to the track!

  19. Sorry, a minute please……………..I’m feeling a little verklempt. OK so I was saying…..
    What’s Preece making these days? Mid six figures? Whatever it is it’s good money. He’s in the top tier of stock car racing with all it entails. Presenting an image of professionalism, courting sponsors, participating in sponsor events. What do we see here. On the ground checking tire pressures or whatever on a unicorn I think he should name Pegasus. After spending days in the garage and a ton of money no doubt. He doesn’t need to do any of this or be testing in the cold in January in Martinsville. Testing is tedious and flat out boring. It’s 98% physical and mental work a 2% fun and the 2% is being generous. Taking laps, making notes,making subtle changes, more laps, more notes and on and on. It’s not fun. It sucks. But you do it so when the green flag waives for real you have a better chance of running with the leaders and actually having fun.
    This is why Preece is a bit of a unicorn himself along with Pegasus. His commitment to racing and winning is just off that charts. I just love the guy to pieces because he’s groveling around on the floor turning wrenches like we average slobs.
    The whole Cup driver racing modifieds thing and guys like Newman and Harvick is above my pay grade. I think it’s great but support the consensus. Preece is not any of them. He’s a unicorn with dirty hands that can design and build modifieds and hopefully win with them that doesn’t even have to do it.
    Grateful is all I feel whenever I see the 6 and Preece’s smiling face.

  20. Liz, my itinerary does not allow.

    I’ll be visiting some moonshiners and other high society distilleries. You know, really exploring the roots of NASCAR.

  21. The last modified race there wasn’t a cup weekend. Martinsville fans are largely local and may not be familiar with WMT drivers. They do know Newman, Preee and KH. In this particular race I think it makes a difference. Much less so than NHMS where we care way less. Just the folks camping out there that weekend in May will greatly exceed the crowd from last time. This is also kicking off cup night racing.

  22. The Bristol NWMT race accompanied Trucks, xfinity and Cup weekends. The place was empty for YEARS for the Modified events even with the Truck or xfinity race the same evening. Let’s be real, the trucks and xfinity always play to an empty arena. You think the mods were going to be a bigger draw, or ADD to the draw of the trucks or the xfinity cars? Yeah, there were maybe three people from the northeast made the trip to see the Mods. I always found it stunning that the place was EMPTY for the Mod race, and the accompanying trucks or xfinity cars. And this was Bristol, the heart of NASCAR country. I went to numerous Bristol NWMT races, and it didn’t matter what national touring series were running that weekend, there was always NO CROWDS at the Modified races. A sprinkling of a few people. The parking lots were empty for the Mod race days. No crowds, very few concession stands were open, NO traffic leaving the facility. It was disturbing how few people were there ALL those YEARS.

    So for many YEARS, BRISTOL ran the Mods as an undercard for the National Touring series, and the Mods never got any respect in all those years. What makes you think this is suddenly gonna happen at Martinsville?

    The Mods and trucks couldn’t get the campers and locals away from the fire pits and beer kegs, and get them in the stands. Campgrounds are jam packed, so people are onsite. While the Mod race was going on, the party was in the campgrounds.

    There hasn’t been a Mod race at Martinsville in many years, out of sight, out of mind. Attendance was nil the last race. It will be pitiful attendance in May, unless they have some other compelling elements as part of the Friday night show that will draw people in. AND THEY PROMOTE AND ADVERTISE. Martinsville is in the heart of NASCAR country, South Boston is a short drive to the east, Bristol a little further to the west.

    This isn’t negative, this is real. If you want the stands full at Martinsville, put your keyboards away and haul your selves down to Martinsville.

  23. I know he knows all but it was the # 7 with Kevin manion as crew chief when he was DQed , just saying

  24. I can’t change your mind in January but there will be 60,000 fans there that weekend. My guess is Saturday will sell out. They’ve waited a long time for this night race deal. Lots of campers and what not. My expectations are 10,000 on Friday night. Even if most are there for Saturday. In my mind this is the perfect race date for modifieds.

    I was there in Nov 2018 and the Saturday truck crowd was decent. A lot of New Englanders even without the mods.

    Martinsville will be closer to NHMS than Bristol. You watch. And yes, I’ll be there.

  25. SELL OUT????? Not many, if any, Cup races have been selling out the last few years. Even tracks where plenty of seats/bleachers have been removed. I admire your optimism. Bristol Cup races used to have a wait list years long, now it can’t sell out. NHMS… same. The list goes on and on. All while ticket prices have fallen. I went to a NHMS Cup race about 18 years ago, had $100 each seats, and they were top row, probably the lowest priced back then. Now Cup tickets go for like $29 and the place is far from capacity.

    Mods don’t have a market down south. Remember the southern mod tour? The mods never made a mark at Bristol all those years. And the Mods were amazing on that high banked concrete. There will not be anywhere near 10,000 at the Friday night mod race. From the looks of Bristol, there were barely a thousand fans in the stands, and sitting on one side of the Coliseum. The teams were a large portion of the attendance.

    Bristol was given a long run, never attracted a crowd. Martinsville won’t do much better. Oh, and that is the heart of NASCAR country.

    There is certainly some cachet about Martinsville and the Mods, I’ll give you that. But Bristol would be far more exciting. Martinsville is a 0.526 paperclip, concrete, in the Thompson and Stafford class. But the attendance trends are all against you. Why go all the way to Martinsville to see a track kinda like Thompson and Stafford?

    Given all that, I’ll be there. Just about all New Englanders there will be teams, crew, and their family.

  26. wmass01013 says

    I do think the Martinsville race will be sold out, the 1 st Night race and the move from March TO early May on a Sat night is huge for weather in Va.!!! and the Mod race should have a great crowd under the lights as well. I was at the last Martinsville race with Busch North series that was EMPTY

  27. Geez, wmass, March in VA is like June in New England. You’d think there would be convoys from the north heading to these early season southern races. 🥶

  28. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Yes, OH REALLY. From the link you posted, please read this about the normal weather for Martinsville…

    “A high in the lower 60s and lows in the middle to upper 30s is more common this time of year.”

    and this…

    “Fans will need to bundle up at the speedway as the unusually chilly air for late March will continue in Martinsville,” Pydynowski said.”

    It gets chilly at night. All depends if it is unusual for you, or if you are from normally colder climes. Will the locals go out at night when it will be chilly? Chilly for someone from Martinsville is shorts and tee shirt weather up here in the northeast.

    Hey, what about the Thompson Oct race a few years ago that had snow blowing through? I was standing at the apex of T3/T4, wind and snow blowing at my back. People at Thompson were prepared and dressed appropriately.

  29. Darlington, Watkins Glen, Daytona 500, Phoenix and Homestead soldout in 2019. Most are vacation destinations for us northern folk but still. Martinsville will come close in 2020. They always have a big crowd regardless. It does happen being my only point. I don’t know why Bristol struggles so much. They have new dates as well this year.
    NHMS would be much fuller in Sept.

  30. Only 5 races sold out in 2019? And 2 of them were the Daytona 500 and Homestead? The Daytona 500 and Homestead had better sell out.

    Bristol Cup used to be a spectacle. The excitement in the announcers booth was electric. I knew people up here that went regularly, had season tickets or whatever. The place is just gorgeous. Very modern and maintained, clean. When I went to mod races, I just pulled up to the track, parked, went in, bought a ticket and sat anywhere. That simple. Most of the seating was closed off. No crowds at all. I’m just as baffled to see Bristol with so many empty seats for Cup events.

    The cars and trucks have to stop routing the exhaust to one side. At Bristol, it is so loud it hurts. No kidding. But to get the awesome sound of a V8, the exhausts need to be routed out both sides. When it is all routed out one side, the apparent frequency is much higher, and the low frequency awe is lost. The high frequency noise hurts. The mods sound awesome at Bristol, the trucks sound like a bunch of model airplane engines, weed-whackers, or pissed off hornets. This is also noticeable at NHMS.

    Anyways, glad to see Preece working on his mod for Martinsville, I hope it pays off.

  31. So far Preece hasn’t done badly in any races. He’s moving up to the number one car or at least that’s that way I’m thinking of it, there are rules changes, Martinsville is a Preece size track so hope springs eternal. Two days of Ryan back to back in different races is something to really look forward to.
    Less seats at the track so capacity for the Cup race is a lower goal tee hee. Capacity, near capacity, it’s all good. It’s about the weather.
    $159 for the Cup race and $25 for the modifieds. If you’re there for a Cup race is $25 an attractive price?
    If a race is scheduled in Martinsville, Jennerstown or Iowa is it up to New England fans to populate the stands? Should we feel guilty we aren’t there? If there are empty seats at Oswego should the fans of Bonsignor, Goodale, Sapienza and more on Long Island be made to feel guilty they are not driving hours to up State NY to fill the empty seats?
    Most racing is local. You’re not having a race in Virginia for Northeast or up State NY fans to travel to. You’re having it hoping the Virginia fans go to the race. Fingers crossed they do.
    That said there is a change in the landscape that many of we old timers aren’t tuned into but is important nonetheless. It’s pay per view content. Clearly you want people in the stands but it’s not the only criteria to measure success. Now instead of the people that are at the track, fans all across the country are seeing the NWMT produce racing action like at NHMS that by any standard is riveting. They spread the seeds with the freebee on fanschoice and now the follow up that we all knew was coming has ended up on NBC Sports Gold. Not delayed broadcast like on NBCSC but live. Netflix changed the way people view TV and movies and this is changing the way people consume racing. Expanding the base and that’s outstanding. Most importantly providing an additional revenue stream with contributions from across the country for formerly regional series.
    So how many subscriptions can the Grass Roots portion or the more broad Track Pass garner for the NWMT? Netflix has 158 million subscribers or so maybe 5 or 10 million. Is that too many? What are the goals of Nascar and NBC? Unknown.
    That Iowa deal seemed like a signal that NASCAR is looking for content to sell their accessibility. They know the NHMS races are dynamic as well as others, are looking for a repeat of that and sell subscriptions to a new region as well as seats.
    I fully admit this is all speculation except for the fact that content driven pay per view is real. Some day our media expert will research it all and write a very informative article on the topic when results of the new marketing direction start coming in. Now is too early but there will be a time.
    Banging the drum to attend a race is never bad. Maybe we should also bang the drum to buy the NBC Sports Gold Track pass or Roots Racing portion at the least. It’s cheap, gives you access with no fear of black outs, it’s revenue for the NWMT and it’s happening now.

  32. Who cares about what happened years ago. This article was about Kevin Harvick, and Ryan Preece testing Ryan’s modified at Martinsville. When asked ,Harvick said “I wouldn’t have driven it if I didn’t intend to race it” maybe not those exact words. PR stunt? Don’t think so. Not many, if any, NWMT drivers hiring managers. If he was trying to promote his business, he’d have driven a Sprint car, or a late model, because that’s where the talent is coming from these days. Plus he wouldn’t have driven 3 hours north to Virginia, when there are plenty of tracks in the Charlotte metro area. Sometimes things are what they appear to be. In this case, Kevin and Ryan, who are friends off track, testing Ryan’s modified at Martinsville, where Ryan will be racing it in May. Just my opinion

  33. Dareal, the Cup and Xfinity cars are mandated by Nascar to run right side exhaust pipes only. The trucks can have pipes out both sides for some reason and many of them use an Xpipe configuration which give them that odd weed wacker sound you mentioned.

  34. Paul, do you know why the Cup & xfinity cars are required to have all exhaust go out the right side of the car? I think that rule came into play with the COT. So why the rule? Many years ago, the exhaust used to go out both sides. Even the Cup & xfinity cars sound like angry R/C model plane engines.

    I park out back at NHMS, and the sound back there is like a bunch of angry hornets since they went to the right side only exhaust. It’s annoying, too high frequency and it hurts. The mods sound so much better.

  35. 1) I believe the Gen 7 Cup car will have exhaust out both sides. Maybe that will eventually filter down to Xfinity and Trucks.

    2) If Harvick was only looking to promote his business, he would have been at the Chili Bowl, not at a deserted track for a private test in January.

  36. Dareal, I believe Nascar wanted the exhaust pipes routed opposite the fuel filler.. Jeff Hammond explained it on FOX several years ago. I did notice the new car that was tested had the traditional left and right exhaust pipes though………FULL AGREEMENT, MODS SOUND THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Andrew B., the media coverage of this Preece test session with Harvick there has gotten wonderful media exposure. Number of people not at the track didn’t matter. It was a test session, not a race, therefore that the track was otherwise deserted means nothing. I mean, it’s on the NASCAR website, here, and we are all reading and discussing it, yet we were never there. Shrewd move. Great promotion opportunity.

  38. Why can’t it be fun and good business. In fact isn’t that an ideal in life. Taking something you have a passion for and making money at it.
    This testing was not just for Martinsville it’s for New Smyra as well and speaking of New Smyrna.
    35 tour modifieds. Most of any division. Is that in record territory if they show up?

  39. Yep, looks like Gen 7 car has dual exhaust!!!!

    Happy days are here again!!!!

  40. The Gen 7 car is allot like a Gtd car. Forged stud drive wheels, low profile tires, synchronous tranny, independent rear suspension ECT… Possibly to be powered by an LS based engine. I miss the good ole days

  41. Wonder if the Gen. 7 car will use a composite body. Hopefully something changes to get away from these cookie cutter cars.

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