Former Local Racing Official Charged With Sending Indecent Material To Minors

George DeCoster (Photo: Courtesy Chester (VT) Police)

George DeCoster, a former racing official at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, the Pomfret Speedway and with various local racing divisions, was arrested Saturday by police in Chester, Vt.

DeCoster, 21, of New London, was charged with disseminating indecent material to a minor outside the presence of the minor. 

In July 2019 the Chester Police Department and the Windsor (Vt.) County Special Investigations Unit received a complaint that DeCoster had sent indecent material to a minor via a social media app. 

According to a press release from the Chester Police Department: 

“During the investigation, several interviews were conducted and a search warrant was executed on a social media account of the accused. The investigation revealed that the accused frequented race tracks in the New London and Pomfret, CT area where he would meet juveniles and maintain further contact with them.”

According to the Chester Police, their investigation is ongoing and anyone who may have had inappropriate contact with DeCoster is urged to contact a local police agency. 

DeCoster began working as an official at the Speedbowl in 2014 and worked much of that time as a starter/flagger. Following the 2017 season track then track management honored DeCoster with their “Above and Beyond” Award. Current Speedbowl general manager Mike Serluca said DeCoster was fired from the track in late 2018 not long after he became GM.

DeCoster also worked in recent years with the Exit Realty Truck Series and Sportsman Series and with the youth karting program at Pomfret Speedway. 

DeCoster is scheduled to appear in court in White River Junction, Vt on Monday. 


  1. For all we know this is something that may have happened 3- 4 years ago. He may have been 18, and fooling around with a 17 year old. Something I’m sure most of us have done.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way defending this guy. If the actions are recent ones he should be prosecuted accordingly. Sexual predictors have only 1 place in society; jail. And most definitely have no place in our sport, which is a place where families should feel safe bringing their children. The article was somewhat vague on details and maybe we’ll learn more about the situation as time goes on. Just my opinion.

  2. I grew up with this kid, he was always like this sending inappropriate pictures of himself to people of all ages. When I saw this I was not surprised one bit, he will be going in and out of jail his whole life

  3. Rob P, it sounds like he was contacting minors who race at Pomfret and sending them stuff. I know he was a track official there this year, and if it’s true then he was around kids from 5 years old and up.

  4. just what the speedbowl doesn,t need

  5. Then throw the book at him. Hope he’s being held without right to bail

  6. Bill Realist says

    Rob p- Not in Vermont he’s not. They don’t do that up here anymore.

  7. Sharpie Fan says

    I don’t know the guy personally, but from my observations of him which go all the way back to when he was a kid and used to practice flagging in the grandstands, I would hope that he gets a psychological evaluation because he may suffer from some sort of developmental disorder.

  8. Just another sexual preditor, from the sound of things. Race tracks are supposed to be a safe place to bring your children. This kid is young, and still has time to turn his life around, but by his own doing will now be labeled a sex offender, and will have to register as one, once his trial is over and jail time (if any) is served. Racetracks should envoke a much stricter background check on the people they employ, and sex criminals pictures should be posted at the gates, restrooms and around the venues. Let’s face it, with the number of people attending races it wouldn’t be hard for an offender to slip through the cracks. But if their picture, and info was plastered around the venue, maybe a fan spots someone suspicious, who could be checked by law enforcement. We need to keep our kids safe, they depend on us to do that. The law has to get tougher on sex offenders too. The sentences they usually get are light, compared to the crimes commuted. Just my opinion.

  9. Love your passion Rob but you may be a tad off the rails. There’s the whole innocent until proven guilty thing and he’ll be evaluated like Sharpie said and adjudicated over the course of time. Might want to dial it back on the sex offender posters as well. Just a bit excessive don’t you think?

  10. Why is it the media always has to mention the speedbowl even if the accused watched a race there

  11. Don,
    The “accused” referenced in this article that you commented on worked for the Speedbowl for at least five years and was on the staff for the majority of the track’s most recent season operating. He did much more than “watched a race there”.

  12. Birnie Bro 2020 says

    That would be a great look for any local tack. Put up pictures of potential criminals all around the places. They should check to see if Chris Hanson is available too. Show me any race track in the country and I’ll show you plenty of weird, suspicious unsavory characters.

  13. Shawn my comment was not mentioned toward this individual but brought up because it seems the media will use any example to connect it to the demise of the car is ready to race at the bowl we need to support the track not trash it

  14. Don,
    By that explanation then your comment makes absolutely no sense at all. So your comment, which was: “Why is it the media always has to mention the speedbowl even if the accused watched a race there” had nothing to do with the subject of this story, but was left on a story about a former employee being arrested. So what does your comment even mean? What media outlet on this earth has written or broadcast any stories about someone accused of something who watched a race there? I think you’re being a little delusional Don. So you say “the media will use any example to connect it to the demise of the bowl?” Explain. What stories have the media reported about the Speedbowl or people working there or people associated with the track which were not true, but published just to “connect it to the demise of the bowl”? The media doesn’t make the news, the media reports the news. The media can’t control the people who own the place or the people that work there. You’re basically saying “the media” is making up stories about people to destroy the track, which is one billion percent untrue.

  15. The whole “the media” thing cracks me up.
    “The media” is comprised of thousands of outlets that come in a spectrum of sizes, styles, viewpoints, funding sources and degrees of qualifications that have all been condensed for convenience to “the media”. An easy to consume label that has been painted with negative connotations by people with ulterior motives and used when virtually any member of the thousands of news outlets or people employed by the outlets say something people with ulterior motives don’t like A generic nuthin muffin that is pulled out and thrown about like here. A guy has his car ready to race at a track and doesn’t want to see the name of the track linked to anything negative. So he unpacks “the media” label, a known purveyor of self interested lies and distortions and links it to RaceDayCt with no interest at all about the actual elements of truth in the story.
    An attack on truth, facts an information happened right here in the comment section. It happens thousands of times a day. Not based on any actual fact related elements to the story but just that pervasive notion that “the media” is somehow to blame for basically anything you want.

  16. Don super, you need convert your car to run at some other track. If you don’t, it’s your own fault you aren’t racing. The bowl has done it to itself. Nobody but the bowl is at fault for its failure to operate.

    If you don’t race, it’s your fault. If you will only race at the bowl, blame the folks running the bowl.

    The media just reports the facts. The facts are that the bowl is still not operating.

  17. If that accusations are true this guy was going after children as young as 5 years old, who races at pomfret. All too often sex offenders manage to skirt the laws. Racetracks are supposed to be a safe place to bring your kids. Basically the gate workers, and the few police officers are the only line if defense against these creeps. Maybe putting phormtis of them up, would curtail them, maybe not. Last September furring the Big E exposition, the county probation and parole officer went to the grounds on some days, looking for sex offenders who by law couldn’t be there. Arrests were made although details weren’t released because they didn’t want to panic oeople. Maybe having photos of these creeps posted will hinder them from showing up. It’s a drastic measures, I know, but how far should we go to protect our precious children? Soon the court case will play out, maybe the guy gets proven innocent, in which case, I’d consider him welcome. Time will tell. Just my opinion.

  18. IMO, y’all are reading way too much into Don’s comment. It’s really quite simple. Sensationalism. Any mention of The Bowl, and any and all race fans, and possibly even non fans, are gonna at least peak at the ensuing article. It’s just human nature. It’s ( anyone involved in the media… ) his job to get you to click.
    Bottom line, The Bowl is a victim of circumstance, set by precedent.

  19. Rob,
    Sensationalism? Really? You know it’s funny because I’ve heard for years about how reporting ANY criminal issues here involving those in local short track racing is just “sensationalism”? So where do we draw the line? When does reporting actual news backed up by real facts cross the line to just become “sensationalism in your view? Because basically what you’re saying is that when I report on a live racing event it’s just basically “sensationalism” right? I mean, reporting on a live racing event is just reporting on something that happened and sharing with the public the facts surrounding that particular event and hoping they read that story. So what’s the difference when it’s reporting somebody got arrested for a very heinous crime or reporting on the results of a race?
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, too many people in local racing today only want to see positive coverage. They want to see anything negative ignored, and think somehow that’s the right direction to go for the greater good of the sport. Not going to happen here.
    As reported in this story, the accused was preying on children through his activities at local race tracks, including the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. And news flash, this didn’t just happen last month. This allegedly has been taking place for numerous years. Again, this was an employee of a race track using his position at a race track to prey on children attending events at that race track. But yeah, just sensationalism in your opinion right? Just going out of our way to tie someone’s illicit personal behaviors to the racing facility just to make it look bad right? One has NOTHING to do with the other right? Come on now, really?
    And you say: “Bottom line, The Bowl is a victim of circumstance, set by precedent.” What does that even mean? And seriously, you portray a race track as a “victim” when complaining about a story about one of the track’s longtime employees actually victimizing children attending events at the track? Are you serious? “A victim of circumstance”? The owner of the track made choices in his personal life that have put the facility in the place that it is now. The track is not a “victim” and trying to blame the state of the track on the media for reporting facts is actually indirectly rationalizing the illicit and deviant behavior of those who have brought the negative attention through their actions.

  20. Rob Oompa wrote, “Bottom line, The Bowl is a victim of circumstance, set by precedent.”

    What does that mean? Victim? Circumstance? Precedent?

    Victim? Of what? Who did the attacking?

    What circumstance?

    What precedent?

  21. Rob Oompa, Don super, the FBI Ten Most Wanted postings in the Post Offices is a bad thing?

    I like articles like these. It acts like a deterrent and these types will stay away from a place I frequent. Very positive news.

  22. This just never gets old. The author provides a brief little story that’s more of a thumbnail of what happened with more to be known at a later date. That a guy bastardizes into something it never came close to being essentially accusing the author, that is providing the space to comment, of unprofessional and opportunist sensationalism. How is anything good going to come from that?
    Three organizations were mentioned in the story and the Speedbowl ends up being ground zero once again. It’s like cat nip in these here parts whether you’re for or agin it.
    If you are for it why not mention the fact the base for the pad appears to be in place with a proper concrete lego perimeter surrounding it. That the Facebook page indicates that rules will be forthcoming and they won’t be based on Thompson’s. Why not say that instead of pissing off the guy that will report on forward motion at the Speedbowl at some point in the future?
    There’s more dumbassism in play here then sensationalism.

  23. sour grapes of truth says

    don’t worry there are plenty or predators at Stafford, Thompson and Waterford .. probably single digits but one is too many.. scouts, sports (coaches) , clergy take your pick the world is a sick place. educate and watch your children .

  24. don super says

    shawn i will try one more time to make my point.i will use small words hoping you will understand.the media could easily find out where he shopped for grocerys,where he got gas for his car,where he ate breakfast and chose one of them as part of the headline.instead as usual they throw out another swipe at the bowl.yes i will support the bowl because if we dont it will go away and never be replaced as we have seen so many times

  25. Don,

    First, since you want to stoop to insulting my intelligence with the “small words” comment, I’ll just say this. If you’re going to crack jokes about someone’s intellect, it probably shouldn’t be done in a comment where you put on full display for the world your total disconnect with the simplest norms of writing in English. You know stuff like using capital letters, spelling words correctly, spaces in between sentences. You know, the stuff we all learned if we made through first grade.
    As for your point. This website covers racing. It doesn’t cover the grocery store industry, it doesn’t cover the gas station industry and it’s not even a general news source. I cover racing. This story involves racing. And as much as you want to rationalize that this doesn’t involve racing, you’re wrong. And on top of all that, it was specifically reported by the police that the arrested subject was alleged to have committed the crimes he did while participating in events at race tracks, including at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. It’s not a swipe at the Speedbowl to report this, it’s just reporting factually correct news. And if your answer is, just don’t report it because it makes the track look bad, well, that’s not going to happen here and shouldn’t happen with any media outlet that works within the boundaries of objective and simple journalistic standards. You’re more than welcome to start your own news covering site and set your own bar for what you think is acceptable, but you’re not going to decide what’s acceptable here and no amount of your blabbering on with nonsensical arguments is going to change that fact.
    That’s great that you’re going to support the Bowl, but that literally has nothing to do with me or the news I report. And nowhere ever in my coverage of anything that has happened at the Speedbowl in the last 20 years – or specifically over the last five years – have I ever suggested in any way that people shouldn’t support the Speedbowl. To even infer that I have is 100 percent untrue. Reporting news factually and transparently is in no way telling people not to support the Speedbowl. We all have decisions to make. I’m sure some people don’t want to support the current ownership of the track because of recent legal issues. I’m sure there might even be people that won’t support the track because of issues involving the subject of this article. And you know what, that’s their right. Just like it’s your right to support it. But it doesn’t mean facts should be hidden or ignored to influence the opinions of current or potential customers.
    And using the old tried and true, “If you don’t go it will go away” guilt trip on people isn’t fair. Don’t blame the demise or clouded future on people who choose not to go for their own personal reasons, namely if they don’t feel comfortable supporting the current ownership. The black cloud that was brought on the track is not on those people, it’s on the owner.

  26. Speaking of the bowl, just about two months until the traditional Blast Off weekend.

    Thank goodness for global warming, this has been a mild winter and very helpful for the construction industry.

    Can we assume the bowl construction is all done and Blast Off in early May 2020 is all set and ready to go?


  27. Based on the recent photos which have been posted, a mid-June opener at the Bowl appears to be possible. But, time will tell …

  28. I know I’m not the slightest bit confused between the intelligence of don super’s writings and those of the article’s author.
    Yes Rafter fan it is possible. If not June sometime in the summer. Regardless of where you fall on the Speedbowl dark cloud it’s an amazing story. A Phoenix rising from the ashes. If you digest all that has happened since the spring of 2017 to now at that track it’s just got to be one of the weirdest situations ever with any local track.

  29. Rafter fan wrote, “Based on the recent photos which have been posted, a mid-June opener at the Bowl appears to be possible. But, time will tell …”

    That would be mid-June of what year? 2021? 2022? 2023? 🗓

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