Opening Drama: Anthony Nocella Holds Off Matt Hirschman In Tour Type Mod Thriller At New Smyrna

Anthony Nocella celebrates victory in the first Tour Type Modified division feature of the week at the New Smyrna World Series (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

It’s been a few months since the big dogs of Tour Type Modified racing have had the chance to let it all hang out. 

But Monday night at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway, it was Anthony Nocella and Matt Hirschman proving they were quick to thaw from the Northeast winter chill upon arrival in Florida.

Nocella held off a charging Hirschman at the checkered to win the 50-lap Tour Type Modified division feature Monday at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway. 

“I knew we had a pretty good car, but I know he’s always fast here and I knew he’d be there at the end,” Nocella said. “He’s probably one of the best at saving his tires until the end and making a run. … I just figured if I could keep him behind me I’d have a shot there at the end.” 

It was the first career victory at the New Smyrna World Series for the Woburn, Mass. driver.

It was the first of five consecutive nights of Tour Type Modified features this week at New Smyrna. 

Hirschman, of Northampton, Pa., was second by inches in the side-by-side run to the checkered. Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y. was third. 

Nocella went by Craig Lutz for the lead on lap 13 and easily held the field at bay for most of the event. 

But on lap 43 Hirschman got by Emerling for second and set sail for Nocella. 

Hirschman spent the last four laps stalking Nocella’s bumper before going to the outside in turns three and four on the final lap. Hirschman wrangled in a sliding car off of turn four to get to Nocella’s side for the drag race to the checkered. 

“I just ran out of time,” Hirschman said. “But no excuses. … Exciting finish and it’s Monday night. I’m happy with where we’re at. I’d like to win, but I’d like to win every race. That’s just not going to happen. We’ve got four ahead of us coming up. It was a good show. These Modifieds put on a better show than any fendered class any day of the week.” 

NASCAR Cup Series driver Ryan Preece of Berlin was fourth and Craig Lutz of Miller Place, N.Y. fifth.

The Tour Type Modifieds will run a 35-lap feature on Tuesday night.

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  1. Congratulations to Anthony, Team and Raceworks!!! Thank you NBCsports for the great show.

  2. Raceworks????????? RACEWWORKS??????????? 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

    Gotta love it!!! Wait for it, here we go…

    Congratulations Team Nocella!!!!! 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 When is Showtime going to put on a show????? That 🇷🇺 TrumpWagon 🇷🇺 was a Conestoga wagon. Qualified terrible. It’s about time that Showtime produces results, no more excuses. He presents as if he’s in the class of legendary modified drivers, yet produces mediocre at best results.

    Who set up that 🇷🇺 TrumpWagon 🇷🇺 ??? WHERE’S THE BEEF?????

    Overall, a decent race. Look for some excitement tonight with the shorter race.

  3. Congrats to Anthony, and the #92 team. Great win. Congrats to Ed at Raceworks, that dog hunted good. As far as the #21 Trump wagon, as long as they fly that banner, hope the bad luck continues What a loser. Just my opinion.

  4. How pathetic do you have to be in order to wish someone bad luck over a political sign on the back on their car?

  5. Great to see the 92 take the win, even better to see a non LFR/TFR, CD car in victory lane. Go RaceWorks!

  6. I’m looking forward to racing this week. I hope attrition does not play a factor and the car count stays healthy. There was rather well behaved racing last night. I like the pressure of having to save the cars to keep the racing sane. And of course, let’s have the great weather. Most importantly, always be safe.

    Um, how pathetic is a President of the United States of America when he solicits and enjoins the Governments of corrupt, decrepit countries like Russia, Ukraine and Venezuela to interfere with our election process for his benefit? It’s simple guilty by association. You might as well wave the 🇷🇺. (By the way, Russian flags are given out at Trump rallies and the fans happily wave them. In their defense, they have no idea!!!! Hehehehe!!). I’m loving the continuing and robust Obama recovery and economy.

    So far, New Smyrna is doing a great job. The stands were packed. The customer is always right!!! And the customer showed appreciation. 👍

    Any more cars showing up?

  7. Hey Shawn, can Racedayct live updates get the aromavision working? I miss the wonderful scent of racing gasoline and burning rubber.

  8. Didn’t we have an agreement? I believe it’s called sub rosa. Not written or formalized but there nonetheless. Racing is entertainment. A kind of fantasy world to escape. Sometimes with heroes and villains but ideally with great competition as the focus. Don’t we agree to keep politics out for the most part?
    Yet there it is on Jimmy Blewetts car. Support for his candidate complete with a foul word. That makes the claim that Trump is a truth teller and whether you support him or not I doubt many would associate the guy with truth. Nonetheless it’s not there to change any ones mind because it is not about policies or positions. It’s an in your face declaration. Some would say patriotic, energized and proud to be a supporter. The other side may say white, male, divisive and an intrusion.
    My opinion is it’s an unnecessary and cheap shot. It’s a reality we are divided on this and that opinions are not changing. The vast majority of us have very strong opinions on this but the grace to set it aside in the sport we love. Promoting products is a racing tradition. Putting political ads on cars is something that teams have avoided since the sport got started mainly because it is divisive and a loser. Putting profanity on the car says trashy, not classy and sets a horrible precedent.
    What Blewett and the 21 team have done is remind us of something that many of us want to take refuge from on occasion. Relief from the fire hose of bickering, name calling and finger pointing that now defines American politics.
    Shame on you Jimmy Blewett for opening a can of worms better left sealed

  9. That happened at CPAC in 2017 and the flags were handed out as a prank by a liberal group.
    Leave it to a fake news liberal to not post the real story.

  10. Like they said when trump was campaigning 4 years ago , his biggest supporters were the uneducated and uninformed and now we have more proof how right they were

  11. Didn’t Woody Pitkat have a prominent Trump sticker on his car a while back?

  12. I have nothing again Hirschman but was on the edge of my seat hoping Nocella would hang on so good for him.
    Preece said it in a podcast that Hirschman just has something figured out on the setup that no one else has that helps him with tire wear. That track is tough on tires. Nocella, Emerling, Lutz, Preece you could just see trying to hang on while Matt was relentless.
    Except for the drama of Hirschmans making up ground and the ending wasn’t the race a tad bit mundane? Tonight in a 35 lap sprint should be better. We’re third in line with Supers at 50 and Pro’s at 35 first. It’s now or never Ryan. Love the monochrome paint scheme. Starting a fund to hire a hypnotist to put Ben Dodge under and remove “making magic” from his vocabulary. Love Roots racing.

  13. Doug, sponsorship/advertising in our sport is fair game. We had/have cigarettes, dick pills, beer, hard liquor, etc. And the porn website that was on the back of a car a few years ago.

    Yeah, Woody had Trump on his car. Look how it worked out for him. Woody who?

    So is Blewett doing free advertising for Trump or is it paid sponsorship?


    Thayes53, the people at the CPAC were too stupid to know they were Russian flags. The pics of the staunch conservatives waving the Russian flags was priceless. Only idiots could be duped so easily. 😝 I do believe it happened again after that CPAC, 2017 sounds too long ago.

  14. Lutz had really good practice times today. Let’s see how that works out.

  15. Sad to see so many so called fans butthurt by a sticker on the back of a car. Get over it, he’s your President, he was acquitted and stands a good chance at being re-elected. Can we just get back to enjoying the sport and supporting our local teams?

  16. How many flags can you identify without looking it up on Google? My guess is probably the Soviet flag only because it’s the one under your “Feel the Bern” sticker on your Prius.

  17. Birnie Bro 2020 says

    The 21 car triggers me and I need to find the nearest safe space.

  18. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.
    While the Trump faithful here break out their stock array of unthinking taunts like butthurt, liberal, safe space the fact is the horizon isn’t as rosy as the stock market and low unemployment rate would suggest. Sure Trump can win and likely will but do you want that? The tax cuts were a complete bust with manufacturing in recession and the good paying jobs the cuts were meant to spur never happened. The consumer is propping up the economy by borrowing way too much to buy products not made in the USA. The stock market is fiction. A hubris of optimism based on massive liquidity pumped into the system by the Fed and companies buying back their own stock in part with tax cuts savings that were supposed to go to building factories with good paying jobs. The wealth gap is worse then ever and health care continues to be a ticking time bomb as Trump erodes what meager access to health insurance there is for people not lucky enough to work for a company providing it.. Except for Medicare. That is going broke. Guys like Jimmy Spencer and our own Shawn C should be mad at that because there’s no way what we have now will be there for them at the time they need it most. Finally the deficit. That shouldn’t be going up in good economic times but is because of the reckless tax cuts and spending that Republicans cared about under Obama but could care less now with a white guy in the White House. As the GDP descends to Obama like levels but now the government has less weapons to fight a 2007 like crash as the party rages on for now.
    On the other side it’s a freak show of candidates with either ridiculously expensive plans to give everything away for free that have absolutely no chance of ever being enacted lead by candidates that are older then dirt. Or moderates that can’t draw fleas because their plans aren’t sexy and revolutionary enough for a Trump hating Democratic Party The young folks like Sanders for sure and why wouldn’t they he’s giving them everything for free and is a fighter. He’s been saying the same thing for decades while getting almost nothing done in Congress. Biden’s a great guy but looks like he just has no fight left in him and mentioning Obama every other sentence won’t fix it. Warren has the fight and covets the presidency but a liberal from Mass that also loves giving stuff away isn’t going to be winning over Independents in battle ground States. A gay guy with thread bare experience? Seriously. Bloomberg another guy older then dirt with the strategy of inundating all of America with ad buys to put his name in our heads without even appearing in a debate so far to lay out his agenda. Meanwhile younger, capable and attractive candidates with experience go completely unnoticed.
    The right points their fingers and says Socialist but won’t utter one word against social programs like Social Security, Medicare and the VA that even Republicans adore. The left points their finger and says autocrat, puppet and neo fascist but is mostly flummoxed by white middle America that line up in the rain for hours to see Trump rant and rave for reasons they can’t begin to fathom let alone attack.
    In a country of 330 million people this is the best we can come up with. Trump, Warren, Bloomberg, Biden, Sanders and the really smart gay guy that was a mayor that black people have a hard time voting for.
    I don’t think it’s too much to ask for Jimmy Blewett or Pitkat or any other driver or team owner to keep their political beliefs off the sides of their cars No matter who you support there’s not a whole lot to crow about as I see it. Mostly both sides are whistling past the grave yard, rooting for your team and being completely oblivious to the real challenges while cheering for geezers from both parties that won’t be around when the bill for the reckless decisions comes due.

  19. How’d the 21 TrumpWagon do last night? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪

    Who is this latest Doug guy? A year or so ago we had a Doug that supported a predatory sex offender, and now we have this one ^^ that seems to have cognitive ability. All these different Dougs gets me so confused.

    We are still living the Obama recovery and economy. After eight years of Bill Clinton, we had a strong surplus budget. Now keep in mind that Clinton recovered the economy from the Reagan/GHW Bush disaster and depression. Then after the brilliant Bill Clinton recovery, the GW Bush/Cheney regime goes looking for imaginary WMDs and tanks the economy AGAIN!!!!!! Went from a surplus to another Depression and massive deficits. Then Obama comes along and recovers the economy, and the economy is humming along due to Obama. Trump has no idea what’s going on. It’s a miracle the economy has survived Trump this long. The deficit is skyrocketing with the spending and tax cuts for corporations and the uber wealthy elite. (You reading this are not elite.) Trump thinks he can declare bankruptcy again and walk away from it, stiffing the lenders. Doesn’t work that way on a global scale. Interest rates have been low and therefore are not available to prop up a recession if/when it happens. By the way, Trump loves debt, leverages debt, and therefore needs low interest rates, for his personal gain of course.

    So try as you might, the Trump show is just that, all smoke, mirrors, orange make up and camera angles. Unless Trump is dethroned, this is gonna implode in the worst way, and take down many around the world. This is gonna end up like Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump Water, Trump: The Game, Trump Casinos, Trump Magazine, Trump Mortgage, Trump Travel Co., Trump Comms (telephone company), Trump Tower Tampa, Trump University, Trump marriages, Trump Vodka, and all the losses he is incurring because he has been exposed and nobody wants to be associated with him. His golf resorts are imploding, buildings are removing the Trump name/brand. He is looking to unload the Postal building lease in DC. The list goes on and on.

    And let me remind you again that conservatives were waving 🇷🇺Russian🇷🇺 flags at their conference.
    🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺😜🤑🤡🤪🤣. It’s the right colors, right? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sure would like to see forensic accountants go over his financials for the last couple decades. He promised to release his financials, has he kept that promise?

    BTW, I lived in NYC for a long time, and was exposed to this 🍊 🗣 twerp for decades.

    Looking forward to the longer length race tonight, although it might be a bit of a snoozer as they save rubber. It has been interesting seeing how many cars just haven’t found a set up that works, many cars do not have the grip and slide/wiggle around. Let’s see how racy they are at the end of this race. The 60 will probably hang around 5th place until about 5-10 laps to go.

    Let’s see if that 21 🇷🇺Trump🇷🇺 Wagon can live up to the billings. 🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪

  20. What I’m for DGF is to not see any political stuff on race cars from either side. Now you’ve chosen to single me out for an unrelated personal attack that isn’t true so you know where this is going.
    No one will stop you from going on your political jags that have no place here and lord knows I’m not going to try. As for saying I at one time supported a predatory sex offender that is the worst kind of personal attack that never ends well. Copy and paste the quote. I’ve always supported the process and innocent until proven guilty and you are welcome to attack that. Copy and paste anything I say and ask me to defend it and I’ll be happy to stand by it or apologize for it if I’m wrong. To simply make things up and say I actively supported the conduct Bemer was convicted of is despicable.
    I think I made a valid point on this and one I’d hope race fans could support as being a good thing regardless of their political positions. After all, why should any of us pay for content or go to a race and be held captive to someones political messaging when we are there to escape it. You want to see signs go to a rally….it’s free and virtually everyone will agree with you.
    You’re personal attack is a distraction DGF that if anything simply shows that while you seem to dislike the president you share his lack of discipline. Your last post is a pure Trump stream on consciousness that meanders to and fro with no real point. You’re simply unable to focus on an issue without reverting to unrelated smears and trolling..
    Got it. You don’t have any respect for anything I say and you think Trump is a threat to the Republic. Do you have a position on political endorsements appearing on race cars leading up to the election and should tracks and organizing bodies take a position on it or is that an infringement on free speech. Is profanity on race cars an infringement of free speech?

  21. Shawn why do you allow this pollical garbage to go on here that has absolutely nothing to do with racing? Cant even go on a racing page without these same people yelling about this crap.

  22. Todd,
    I allow for a fairly open dialogue here, I think as everyone knows. I’m not a big fan of the political chatter, but that said, it began because a well known Modified driver has brought the topic to the forefront with a pretty loud statement on the back of a car. So if you want to take issue with political arguing being thrust into a Modified racing story I think first you have to bring it up with Jimmy Blewett and the Gershow Recycling team.

  23. Should be a good race tonight. Good distance. Let’s see if Blewett can live up to his namesake. His name is really all he has. His stats aren’t that great. He’s been in great equipment, drove for Ed Partridge for a couple seasons. Six wins in 17 seasons over 19 years, 140 races, 31 T5s, 55 T10s. meh. He is the king of Wall, but not much elsewhere.

    Doug, you are your own victim. You indeed encouraged people to support the bowl to increase the wealth of the owner to increase what would be available to the victims in the civil suits. That was bizarre. That was supporting a sex offender. You say crazy stuff, get called out, then go crying when you are called out, claim you are being attacked, overplaying the victim card again. Whichever Doug you are that day. Or Sybil, Cybil, or any of your other identities. Crazy in NY called you out for it repeatedly… you get yourself in trouble, then complain about getting caught. Like Trump… his illegal activities get reported, and he complains about being covered by the Free Press, calling it fake news, making like he’s being singled out and calling it unfair. What is “unfair”? He denied it was him on the infamous “Entertainment Tonight” “grabbing” video. So when someone does not agree with you, it does not mean you are being attacked. When you are presented with your past, don’t deny it. You should be used to it by now.

  24. So here we are once again. You make some unrelated attack on me based on something that’s been floating around that empty head of yours for literally years that you can’t produce nor has any context. Then to that add vague references to other wrongs I’ve committed that also have no relevance to anything here and have only your word that it even happened. This is the sleazy game scum bags like you play. Throwing out accusations then expecting your victim to waste time defending against your lies and distortions. Tell you one thing buddy boy no one would ever accuse me of supporting a sex offender to my face cause if they did and didn’t apologize one or both of us would end up in the hospital. I admit it would be comical seeing old men come to blows but believe I could give a good account of myself. But that’s the beauty of these forums isn’t it? Cowards like you can cast that stuff around with no consequences.
    One of your favorite words in cognitive ability like it’s your place to bestow or deny it. Problem is if cognition’s basic component is learning you never demonstrate it. You say the same things over and over and over again like a broken record and never change opinion based on new information.
    I don’t care what you say on virtually anything. I don’t respond to what you say, don’t think you have an once of credibility nor are you interesting. You’re mean spirited, childish and tediously predictable. I only respond when you engage in these completely unnecessary attacks. If you had an once of discipline or self respect you’d ignore me as well. Obviously that ship has sailed.
    You, Birnie Bro 2020, Thayes53, Spencer .you’re all the same. You aren’t interested in issues, challenges to Americans, areas of meaningful compromise or anything productive. You’re a series of petty gotcha’s directed at the other side that they will not listen to or care about at all nor will you listen to them. This isn’t the place for it, you’re not bright enough or well intended enough to make a case to vote for or against anyone and you have the focus and attention of a flea.
    I have taken no political side and have only mentioned the futility of what is going on in both parties this election season as a reason to keep it off of race cars. I’m advocating for only one thing. No political endorsements on race cars this racing season. It’s not our tradition, it creates barriers to the advertisement of products and services that appear on cars programming people to prejudge the legitimacy of what is being advertised. At a time when it’s hard enough to get fans to come to the track it seems like it would be fool hearty to bring the political stuff into the facility that I guarantee will stop people from coming back if they perceive a common belief by drivers they don’t share.
    If you don’t have any regard for anything I say DGF just ignore me. I don’t accept you as having any credibility or chops to call anybody out on anything because you’re a petty, disingenuous scum bag. Go on your anti Trump tirades, lie about anything you like. Lecture and talk down to anyone you like or exchange gotcha’s. Make up stories about your experience being the guru of circle track racing or repeat your Bristol stories for the umpteenth time. I sure won’t bother you because I’ve heard it all and it’s boring.

  25. Thayes 53 , just want to remind you O J was acquitted also ,bet you think he was innocent too

  26. Bruce Brown, Grassroots Racing Central Facebook
    “It’s very obvious that we all like Racing or we wouldn’t of joined and I suggest that whoever monitors this site delete any post that’s up now or any in the future that has to do with politics or we’ll just be at each others throat about politics and Racing will become secondary.”


    TRU DAT ALL IT DOES IS DIVIDE and most of us love racing more than anything else!

    I’m sure other than loving racing, we came to join this site to get away from the everyday crap in the news.

    I, for one, have left sites that will not delete political posts when they have nothing to do with the site!

    Yes I totally get what you are saying. I don’t want politics on the racing group


    Spot on!!!

    Yep yep I concur, this is my escape

    1 Policy is to be nice! Political posts start getting mean!

    Well said Bruce. I agree 100%

    I SO agree!!! I am SICK of politics everywhere I turn!! NOT HERE PLEASE!! Boogity Boogity
    Boogity–let’s just RACE!!!!

    Many, many more saying the same thing.
    This pertains to posts injecting politics into the Grassroots Racing web page but the message is clear. KEEP POLITICS OUT OF RACING AND THAT INCLUDES THE CARS ON THE TRACK.

  27. People can argue forever over sponsors like Pepsi vs Coke vs RC, the beer wagons, Miller vs Bud vs Coors, Marlboro vs Winston vs Pall Mall, the hard liquors, Sprint vs Verizon vs AT&T, Liberty University (you really wanna bring religion into this?????), etc. And remember that this is promoted as a family activity sport. Get those kids inculcated and started early on demagoguery, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol.

    But when your Orange Oracle has exposure with profanity on a car in a NASCAR race gets his self constantly raked through the coals, you go crying? 🤡 🤪 😜 🗣



    Hey Doug, are you threatening to leave again? Promise? Will you break your promise again?

    You people are such DRAMA QUEENS!!!! You like to throw the shots but when you get replies that overwhelm and destroy your position, you go crying to the principal. 👶 🍼 People should have been complaining about something like that on a car, not about commentary regarding the driver and subject of the panel. You should be complaining about that on the car, not the ensuing and consequential discussion. But if you thought you are going to put something like that on a car and then oppress any discussion, you thought wrong. Allowing the oppression and suppression of any discussion of the panel on the car is a very dangerous path to take. Do you really want to acquiesce to the bullies?

    Putting that on a car is just begging for discussion and commentary. Silencing such discussion is unAmerican and against the fundamental principles of democracy. You don’t want your Orange Oracle getting heat, don’t put him in the faces of others.

    That many would want to put something like that out there and then suppress, oppress and threaten when the attention it gets goes sideways just shows what is wrong with putting stuff like that on a car in the first place. Don’t want the attention, don’t draw the attention. If you are getting attention you don’t want, stop doing what you are doing to draw that attention. DO NOT ATTACK OR THREATEN THE SOURCES OF THE ATTENTION YOU ARE ATTRACTING TO YOURSELF. You might make things worse for yourself.

    If you really thought that a message like that on a car was going to get away unscathed, you were clearly very wrong. It was begging for response and got it. 🤯 😭. It’s like speeding. You are clearly speeding, 30 MPH the limit, and get pulled over. Then you complain about getting caught like it’s the police officer’s fault.

    That it is on a car that has a driver that is writing checks his talent can’t cash is just making it way too easy. Also known as a target rich environment. Two birds with one stone.

  28. No one is going to confuse a comment section with the finest traditions of politics and journalism. But this was a smear. By you DGF bringing up something years old that there was absolutely no reason to bring up, that served no purpose other then to entertain that sick mind of yours. And you did it because you’re a scum bag.

  29. Since 2017 there are other people that have posted in these pages who have actually made excuses for Bemer. Making it sound like it was no big deal and saying it even after the conviction.
    But it’s my words from over two years ago you can’t produce but somehow you remember vividly. Using it as a cudgel numerous times on any occasion since you’re sick, petty mind views me as an adversary you must torment. Even when I ignore you.
    The trolling and name calling you are known for is one thing. This crosses the line. This is an accusation you do deserve to be confronted with and demand an apology or risk a punch in the nose. In this case a physical punch in the nose is not an option since you’re a craven coward so insecure you won’t even disclose your location. But a rhetorical punch in the nose is definitely going to be happening. Every single time you pull this stuff. You could of course just move on, talk about racing topics and be a man but you won’t. You’re a pathetic petulant child playing games because you’re a person without substance.

  30. You scum bag and Trump are the same. Trump has the full resources of the American government to say the most despicable personal things about people that are lies. You do the exact same thing and have the safety of anonymity protected you. Both of you are craven cowards. Both of you could use a punch in the nose to introduce you to consequences for bad personal conduct. Nothing life threatening. Just a nice shot to the nose and a little blood. Bet you two would think first before shooting off your mouths with lies about people.

  31. 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 Trigger alert!!!! Doug et al. are majorly severely bigly triggered.

    Doug, you promised to leave. You promised to leave several times. Then you came back, although you never really left. And dropping most of your other screen names does not count as leaving. So disappointing. Whenever you got upset and triggered, you threatened to leave. Never kept your promises.

    And you are right, it is your words that stick with me. It was just bizarre, disingenuous and selfish of you to try to convince people to support the track for the sake of the victims after all that went on.

    Geez Doug, I’m using your own words against you and you are playing the victim. You just don’t get it.

    Trigger on!!!! 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨

    Doug, airfare to Orlando is dirt cheap. You should go to the Richie Evans Memorial race tomorrow.

  32. Shawn, I understand that a political statement on a race car is what started a political fire storm from these two egotistical blowhards but it’s now turned into a old man fight at the nursing home that no one wants to see or hear!!! If it’s not about racing please stop these fools who refuse to control there hate from posting.Any wisdom that you two may have about racing is entertaining but the he said crap and continually playing the victim is for children!!!!!

  33. If you want to conclude equivalency Racer between the scum bag and myself you’re free to do so but you’re not paying attention. He is the one that accused me of supporting a sex offender. Not in the context of any conversation but just out of the blue for his own perverted pleasure. Based on nothing he could identify I ever said. Were it said about you I trust you might take offense as well.Were a person to say it to your face I suspect you might react the same way and consider what I have.
    So here you are Racer not saying anything interesting or insightful on any of the great racing action going on at New Smyrna in this or any other thread. Not commenting on political ads appearing on race cars that is a real issue happening now. No you’re here simply to whine and enable the scum bags behavior.
    There is no equivalency. I don’t purposely seek to torment anyone in this forum with irrelevant attacks based on lies. DGF the scum bag does it routinely. I don’t even address anything he says unless he’s doing exactly what he has here. If you were a person of substance Racer and paying attention you’d be advocating for that sort of behavior to be banned, not me refusing to put up with it.

  34. It was a tough day yesterday. After a tenant complained of a clogged shower stall drain I spent the morning dissecting old drain pipe in this old house that included copper, PVC and galvanized pipe. Not a difficult job but always nasty very much like DGF’s attacks on me that are a staple here. I was successful in extracting the offending section that was not surprisingly galvanized pipe. When I threw it out the back door a big of glob of slime came out consisting of hair, soap scum, rust and goodness knows what else and all I could think of was DGF. Metaphorically speaking a glob of scum that is an impediment to a functioning system. Just sitting there backing up good conversation about racing with his personal attacks and lies that have absolutely no function other then to back up the system.
    I don’t have the power to extract the scum bag DGF in this system but I’m not going to ignore it’s there either.

  35. OK, we went from racing to politics to sex offenders to physical threats of fistfights to plumbing. I understand some of the political comments due to the signage on a racecar, but all the rest? I feel like I’m reading the script from a Jerry Springer Show! Shawn, please correct me if I’m wrong but this still is a racing site, right? I can’t wait until April when there will be racing here in the Northeast to hopefully help better occupy our minds and guide the conversations!

  36. Doug wrote, “He is the one that accused me of supporting a sex offender. Not in the context of any conversation but just out of the blue for his own perverted pleasure. Based on nothing he could identify I ever said.”

    Doug, for the record, please confirm or deny:

    1. That you wrote that people should support the bowl, which implicitly supported Bemer, for as you wrote, for the benefit of his victims.

    2. That you admitted to writing that folks need to support the bowl per #1 above.

    Please simply confirm or deny the above #1 and #2.

    Thanks in advance.

  37. You as well Fast Eddie. As much as I respect you you’re missing the point by a mile here and enabling the very thing you say you don’t care for.
    It should be obvious by now that if you have an objection to this squabble by a couple wordy geezers that whining in the forum will only make it worse. You should be sending Mr Courchesne a personal email detailing your objection and if there are enough he may consider rejecting the offensive entries.

    That’s fine with me because I simply don’t do what the scum bag does which is this sort of thing.

    “ A year or so ago we had a Doug that supported a predatory sex offender, and now we have this one ^^ that seems to have cognitive ability.”

    Case solved. Reject that sort of entry and this entire problem goes away.

    This isn’t about any of the things you mentioned. This is about decorum, respect and right and wrong. Just because it’s not directed at you Eddy doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

  38. Doug, please refresh your memory with his thread:

    In particular, this post from April 11, 2019 at 11:53 am:

    darealgoodfella posted: “Hey Doug, remember when this all started a couple years ago and you advised that folks should support the track so Bemer could have more money available to the victims?”

    And then the reply from Doug on April 11, 2019 at 12:36 pm:

    Doug posted: “Why yes I do DGF. I also remember dozens of other things I’ve said that have been wrong, ignorant, disingenuous and/or ill conceived. So what’s your point?”

    So Doug, please confirm or deny that you wrote that folks should support the bowl so Bemer would have more money available for the victims.

    Is your memory refreshed?

  39. At least dareal keeps it about racing bro. And he doesn’t call people scum bags. Wassup?

  40. Doug,well I didn’t have to dig very hard to find that you did in fact say that,supporting the speedbowl is putting more money in Bemers account for the victims recovery. Just last year on Aug. 11th dareal called you out on it and you admitted it and also stated you’ve been wrong many times so what.So what??? Still playing the victim and denying you said it huh. It’s your own statements. I get the fact that you meant to support the track and dareal is twisting it for his own use but bottom line is you did say it. The reason this tread is even continuing to snowball into negativity is your refusal to acknowledge that fact with a reply and move on not play the victim 15 times all while name calling and repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!

  41. So where’s the original quote. It supposedly happened in 2017. Where is it?
    Were a person to have suggested that NOT boycotting Bemer businesses could be the right course of action over time that person would have proven to be pretty smart. While the scum bag was running around with a rope and noose since 2017 looking for a tree to lynch Bemer and anyone associated with the Speedbowl the system did it’s job. I supported that process. He’s convicted and will lose his freedom and most of his wealth in civil suits. Reports indicate he has HIV and he’s old. Meanwhile people still have jobs at the businesses that he’ll not be able to enjoy the fruits of any more and there is money it appears to get the Speedbowl up and running. That all happens after victims are paid. That’s not supporting a sex offender that’s predicting justice will be done and getting a just ending to the sordid affair. Meanwhile if the scum bag were to have had his way the entire empire would have gone to legal fees, his businesses bankrupt,victims settlements in question, people out of jobs and the Speedbowl a weed farm.
    Get the quote. I’d say that was one of the few things I got right.

  42. Same thread but naturally you’re not going to highlight this nor any of the other myriad comments I’ve made condemning the behavior.
    “The employees of all the Bemer businesses are victims as well and have been victims for two years. Not of the justice system. They are victims of a selfish man with no moral compass that routinely put their livelihoods at risk. So self absorbed he passed on the opportunity to take a plea deal that would have put a large percentage of this mess in the rear view mirror. Would have let him move on to settling with the victims. Would have given the situation a chance to stabilize and start the sorting out process over a year ago. Passed it all up and decided to keep everyone including employees, race teams and most importantly people he used in turmoil on the chance he could escape it all on a technicality.
    A good employer? You’ve go to be kidding!”

    Does that sound like this:
    “ A year or so ago we had a Doug that supported a predatory sex offender, and now we have this one ^^ that seems to have cognitive ability.”

    That’s what the scum bag does cherry pick with no context.
    While the scum bag and I would assume you Racer and TJ were also running around with a rope and noose looking for a tree I was saying let the system play out. Not being in favor of lynchings and empty headed boycotts that punish innocent people along with the evil doer is not saying this:

    “ A year or so ago we had a Doug that supported a predatory sex offender, and now we have this one ^^ that seems to have cognitive ability.”

    Any more enablers of the scum bags lies and personal attacks want to weigh in?

  43. The scum bag keeps it about racing and doesn’t call people names.That’s interesting TJ. Are you new to the forum. Try actually reading his comments. Like say over several years and being the first and most aggressive person injecting Trump into threads. Keeps it to racing indeed………bro.

  44. So to sum up TJ in so many words says the scum bag does not call people names nor has he ever diverted conversations to politics.
    Racer says it’s OK to provoke people by attacking them with unrelated topics as long as they are accurate. And accuracy for Racer goes something like this.
    “Hey Doug, remember when this all started a couple years ago and you advised that folks should support the track so Bemer could have more money available to the victims?”
    To this
    “ A year or so ago we had a Doug that supported a predatory sex offender, and now we have this one ^^ that seems to have cognitive ability.”

    Hmm, supporting money for victims equivalent to support and acquittal of a predatory sex offender.
    Nope not seeing it. The scum bag is a lying opportunist that deliberately provokes me based on lies and distortions.
    I’m guessing my comment in 2017 was a long one and developed an argument to not punish the Speedbowl fans and competitors and Bemer victims with ill advised boycotts. To let the system determine and meet out justice. The scum bag condensed a nuanced line of thinking that in retrospect actually played out to a one line gotcha and you two accept it hook, line and sinker.

  45. Doug, to presume to even know me would be a bad mistake. As like you I have had multiple names on this forum so I’m not a newbie. I do not generally agree with dareal and by no means am I a Trump supporter. Only time I comment on a non racing subject is when you two get going on insults and name calling. Your lucky that Shawn has given this particular thread some serious leeway as so far name calling and threatening to bloody someone’s nose is very childish at best.Not to mention a whole post on fixing pipes with mature references for another poster.Guys like you live in a glass house under a hidden identity and talk tough when in reality you probably have trouble getting out of the Enjoy this thread till you’re posts finally cross the line and your done Doug. What are you going to do then???

  46. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨



    Like the banner on the back of the 21 🇷🇺Trump🇷🇺Wagon🇷🇺 says, “NO MORE 🐂 💩”


  47. The scum bags statement is this:

    “ A year or so ago we had a Doug that supported a predatory sex offender, and now we have this one ^^ that seems to have cognitive ability.”

    it wasn’t a year ago a reference to it was about a year ago, April 2019 actually. One that he has repeated incessantly for the simple purpose of provoking what we have now. One that he never could even identify which I now will. The original thread that set the scum bag off was this.

    Go ahead and check the comments.
    I clearly never diminished the seriousness of the charges or hinted in any way Bemer should escape the full force of justice. Others did, I never did.
    DGF is a lying scum bag the purposely diverts threads making purposely provocative accusation because he has a grudge against me even though I neither care nor address anything he says.

  48. So Doug, please confirm or deny that you wrote that folks should support the bowl so Bemer would have more money available for the victims.

    Confirm or deny.

  49. Doug, to presume to even know me would be a bad mistake. (OTHER THEN RESPONDING TO THINGS YOU SAID HOW DID I IMPLY IN ANY WAY I KNOW YOU?.) As like you I have had multiple names on this forum so I’m not a newbie.(HOW DOES MULTIPLE NAMES HAVE ANY RELEVANCE TO ANYTHING AND WHEN DID i SUGGEST YOU WERE A NEWBIE. ) I do not generally agree with dareal and by no means am I a Trump supporter. (IRRELEVANT, DON’T CARE AT ALL OTHER THEN PROVIDE COVER FOR A GUY THAT PROVOKES YOU SAID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT INVOLVING POLITICS IN RACING OR ANY OTHER THING MEANINGFUL. YOU’RE HERE TO WHINE) Only time I comment on a non racing subject is when you two get going on insults and name calling. (THAT COULD ALL BE AVOIDED IF PEOPLE LIKE YOU WOULD MAN UP AND TELL THE SCUM BAG TO STOP THE PROVOKING INSTEAD OF MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM) Your lucky that Shawn has given this particular thread some serious leeway as so far name calling and threatening to bloody someone’s nose is very childish at best (THE SCUM BAG IS LUCKY THE MODERATOR ALLOWS HIM TO PROVOKE PEOPLE WITH UNRELATED LIES AND AS AN ENABLER OF THE SCUM BAG YOU’D BE THE LAST TO GRASP THE BLOODY NOSE METAPHOR) .Not to mention a whole post on fixing pipes with mature references for another poster ( AN ENTERTAINING CONNECTION THAT AGAIN AS AN ENABLER YOU’D BE THE LAST TO GRASP.).Guys like you live in a glass house under a hidden identity and talk tough when in reality you probably have trouble getting out of the OK THIS IS A GOOD ONE. YOU SAY I SHOULD NOT PRESUME I KNOW YOU BUT HERE YOU ARE PRESUMING YOU KNOW ME. AND HOW IS IT IF I IDENTIFY AS A GEEZER AND SAY THE IMAGERY OF TWO GEEZER FIGHTING IS COMICAL IS THAT “TOUGH TALK”? ) Enjoy this thread till you’re posts finally cross the line and your done Doug.(I’M RIGHT. I DON’T PROVOKE PEOPLE WITH UNRELATED LIES AND STANDING UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT IS NEVER WRONG. IF YOU’D PAID ATTENTION, WHEN NOT PROVOKED BY THE SCUM BAG MY COMMENTS ARE LOADED WITH STATS, GOOD WILL AND SUPPORT FOR THE RACING COMMUNITY) What are you going to do then??? (HOPEFULLY NOT HAVE TO FEND OFF ENABLERS OF THE SCUM BAG LIKE YOU )
    That was simply pathetic Racer.

  50. Doug, stop diverting and distracting. You made like you never made comments and as if I was making it up about you telling folks to support the track, which is the same as supporting Bemer, for the alleged benefit of the victims. You challenged me to show you. I showed you with your own posts that you indeed did so and admitted to doing so. At least once. 😊

    So when are you going to confirm? 😝

    NO MORE 🐂💩!!!!!!!!


    I interpret all your evasion as admission and confirmation.

  51. Wow, WeldingWonders is 🚨triggered🚨 like never before. Or is it Insipid Cybil? Or one of the other screen names. So honorable and trustworthy to use so many other identities, like Trump does.


    Oh wait, this is Doug that is going ballistic 🚨, evading the issue. Divert, distract, attack, repeat.

    Doug, I showed you where you posted that folks should support Bemer Bowl. Own it. I didn’t make it up. I used your posts against you. You did it to yourself. Again. hehehe. 🤭 😂

    NO MORE 🐂💩!!!!

    Triggered 🚨 TO THE MAX!!!!!


  52. I’m guessing that the simpletons and holier then thou crowd lead by the scum bag would say any person that supported the Speedbowl, it’s competitors and fans or any person that worked in or patronized Bemer Petroleum or any other Bemer business would be supporting a predatory sex offender. That’s the scum bags implication.
    I don’t need to mention all the prominent people that raced there post indictment or anyone else that saw a race there or purchased Bemer Petroleum products. It’s a long list. And thank goodness they did so the businesses can provide jobs, the victims get their court verdicts fulfilled and perhaps we’ll get lucky and get the Speedbowl back and eventually under a new management. All with the owner looking at jail time, advanced age, poor health and more civil suit judgments. A satisfactory ending to an unsatisfactory situation that the scum bag being the disingenuous clod he is will never admit or grasp.
    What he will do is lie, provoke and destroy threads with his personal attacks using irrelevant distorted and simplistic gotcha’s and perpetuate his disgusting behavior.:
    “A year or so ago we had a Doug that supported a predatory sex offender,”
    Read the thread from 2017 that started it all. The one thats going on three years later the scum bag is still bringing up and decide for yourselves if the scum bag has a case.

  53. What Doug says… ^ ^

    What people hear, “blah🤮blah🤮blah🤮 “

  54. May 24, 2017 was a difficult time with the news of Bemer’s indictment fresh and the entire racing community trying to process the announcement that a 2017 season that was supposed to be on was again off. Teams ready, money spent and no track to race at. Very emotional.

    At the time the scum bag was saying the track would never open, the teams that spent money weren’t victims, that the Speedbowl would and should not open again until a new owner purchased the track. The scum bag insisted that punishment for Bemer should start immediately regardless of the judicial process and was seeking blood be extracted right from the start and sacrifice from everyone associated with the track. And the scum bag could take that inflexible position because it was not his track and he had nothing to lose.
    At the time I presented an alternate view that was far less blood thirsty and actually very fair minded. One that said let the judicial process play out. That Bemer’s life for all intents and purposes was over. That the idea that he would reap and be able to enjoy the financial advantages of a Speedbowl season was not realistic because there simply was never a lot of money even in the best times running the Speedbowl. I was singularly committed to seeing the track open as a link to the future and still am no matter how problematic the current management structure is.
    In the May 2017 thread the scum bag became incensed at my contention that seeing the Speedbowl continue would not benefit the owner in light of his circumstance but could benefit the victims long term. The scum bag has a simple mind that can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and he couldn’t process the idea that you can have adjudication and punishment without laying waste to everyone associated with the accused in the process. To the scum bag it was simple. If you’re not helping destroy Bemers financial interest you’re supporting a predatory sex offender.
    The May 2017 thread is the origin of this particular attack in the scum bags vendetta against me that has gone on far too long.
    Fast forward to April 2019. A story about how dire the situation was as the Speedbowl post Bemer conviction and the reaction from the racing community. Into that conversation the scum bag injected the attack he would not let die from two years previously. April 2019 wasn’t me admitting anything it was yet another attack on me from the scum bag in continuing vendetta using a gotcha with no context.
    Fast forward to this thread and out of the blue, not related to anything I’m accused yet again for supporting a predatory sex offender for a comment whose origins go back ALMOST THREE YEARS.

    “A year or so ago we had a Doug that supported a predatory sex offender,”

    Racer says I’m lucky to be able to use such strong language and imagery attacking the scum bag in this thread. I don’t see myself as lucky at all. I see a demented, sick person with a vendetta against me using lies and distortions and interpreting well intended and even handed observations into gotchas with origins GOING BACK ALMOST THREE YEARS.
    What I was able to refresh myself on in reading the old comments is how wrong the scum bag has been on the Speedbowl from the start. From saying that the track could never open. Saying Bemer would get a mere slap on the wrist. Saying the stands would prevent opening. Saying that new stands would never be built. While all the time saying he was correct from the start.
    I’m proud I was not as blood thirsty as the scum bag after looking back. Happy that I had the humility to freely admit I didn’t have all the answers while at the same time understanding the longer term consequences to people lives caught up in Bemer despicable deeds.
    Proud I was never part of the scum bags lynching party that failed miserably.
    On July 17, 2017 the Speedbowl opened to racing action post Bemer indictment an event the scum bag insisted repeatedly would not happen. Rocco won the SK feature followed by 16 other drivers including Todd Owen, Izzo, James Galko and more. The following week Rocco once again won the race followed by Ted Christopher, Kyle James, Owen and Janivic. In spite of the scum bags thirst for blood I’m glad these guys and other raced at the Speedbowl and all those that raced there over the rest of the season and the next. I’m glad in spite of the scum bags thirst for blood parents brought their children to Smacktoberfest and other events at the Speedbowl. I’m glad RaceDayCT could reconcile with the track and continue to provide coverage of the action there as we all look to the future in hopes the renovations are completed, the track once again becomes viable and new ownership attracted fingers crossed. All except the scum bag that is who continues to make pathetic observations about the progress he said would never happen hoping to bend reality to is boneheaded predictions.
    Most of all I’m glad that the viscous reactionaries like the scum bag were rejected. That the judicial system acted as it should not only determining guilt and punishment but providing a stable oversight that continues to this day so as not to punish the innocent and most importantly Bemers victims.
    I do not believe I should be considered supporting a predatory sex offender any more or less then anyone else that has supported the track or any other Bemer business post Bemer indictment. Nonetheless the actions of the scum bag in dredging this up for GOING ON THREE YEARS is sick. His continuing vendetta against me is epic and I am the very definition of a victim for continuing to be singled out with these out of the blue attacks based on lies and distortions using comments GOING BACK ALMOST THREE YEARS.
    Apologies to RaceDayCt and the forum. One thing is for sure. If the scum bag continues these attacks you can bet there will be a rhetorical punch in the nose directing his way to the extent the moderator allows it. I will never be the one provoking the scum bag.

  55. What Doug writes, ^ ^

    What people read, “Blah 🤮 blah 🤮 blah 🤮”

    “NO MORE 🐂💩”

    🤣 🤣 🤣

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