PSR Racing And Jeremy Gerstner Ready to Take On Florida Speedweeks

(Press release from PSR Products)

Jeremy Gerstner (Photo: Courtesy PSR Products)

The 2020 Florida Speedweeks action has been circled on PSR Racing team’s calendar for months. Countless hours have been spent turning a revolutionary PSR chassis design from concept to track ready. A new look has been put on the finished product. A new driver to the team, Jeremy Gerstner, has shaken down the new car on track to a point where confidence in the PSR shop is at an all-time high.

Now, it’s time to put that hard work and anticipation to the test in Florida.

In just a few days, the curtain lifts on the PSR team’s season at Bronson Speedway’s “Kickoff to Speedweeks” event on February 8 th . Then, it’s a trek to Florida’s eastern shoreline to New Smyrna Speedway for five nights of Modified action February 10 th through 14 th .

“The test went great. The car was fast right out of the box,” said Gerstner, a two-time Southern Modified Racing Series champion. “The car had great straightaway speed the slight adjustments we made reacted really well.

“That just shows the excellence that this PSR team has. They build their own cars and their own motors with quality workmanship. Plus, they go to the track to win. That’s the same mentality I always have. If I can’t win, I don’t want to even be in the car. But the way this car was in the test and with the hard work the guys have put into it in the shop, I know this Speedweeks will be better than anything we’ve experienced before.”

The 2020 World Series events at New Smyrna mark the fourth-straight season that the PSR team has competed during the month of February at the Florida half-mile. This time around, the anticipation for the start of the season has never been as high going into the Speedweeks action.

“We’ve been down to New Smyrna before, but we’ve never been down there with a driver who has the number of laps around that place that Jeremy has,” said PSR Racing team owner Phil Stefanelli. “It’s a phenomenal field of Modifieds going down there and to Bronson, but we’ve got a driver who knows both tracks extremely well and we’ve put a lot of what we’ve learned, plus a lot of new engineering and research, into this new chassis that we’re bringing. We want to turn heads and showcase that the PSR chassis and components that we make in-house are second-to-none and I think we’ve got what we need to do just that.”

PSR Racing, Jeremy Gerstner and the No. 17 car are proud to receive the support of PSR Products, Dean and Josh Lowder of Lowder Construction, and Kevin Dunn of KD Construction for the 2020 Florida Speedweeks action.


  1. Smart move PSR Products partnering with RacedayCT. You sure weren’t on my radar and no I’ll never buy any of your products as a fan but the splashy appearance here will be noticed by race teams all across the Northeast to refresh their awareness of your offerings.
    Just trying to get the lay of the land here. Gerstner drove for the Shady Grady race team on the 9 race Southern Modified Racing Series and came in first in 2017 and 2018 and second in 2019. DNF in the 2019 North South Shootout but that happens. Southern modified racing wise no one has to show him where victory lane is. PSR Products as I understand it can do chassis’s and chassis repairs on any brand but mainly they are a component manufacturer and supplier that has built this car as a one off R&D special as well as the engine that with propel it. Did I get that right?
    So here we have yet another sub plot to follow starting this weekend but cranking up for 5 days next week. More of a unique creation then even Preece’s unicorn seeing as how it’s PSR powered. And a press release that if you read it twice is loaded with more expectations and hubris then I can pretty much ever recall even from LFR or Fury so the pressure is on.
    That field down there is going to be loaded and I’m not thinking you need to win races although finishing well would be nice. But you darned well better run some quick lap times because you’ve said in no uncertain terms that’s what you expect. Last year with Bobby Measmer I’m seeing three races with two DNF’s and one respectable finish and pedestrian lap times. Best of luck improving that this year.

  2. Driver quit…..never ran in top 10……put another driver in and blew engine. Back to the drawing board boys. I wish we could have a pre race and post race release to compare the expectations with actual results.

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